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BOB Share Price - Find performance of BOB Today Share Price

Last Updated Date - Feb 17, 2023

BOB Share Price will help you analyze todays & historical price of the Brand. It will include BOB Today Share Price, Charts description, Historical Performance, Financial Statements & more.

BOB Stock Price Details - Find BOB Live Share Price

Find BOB Live Share Price in NSE & BSE here. It includes BOB Stock Price Details like live share price, day's high & low, 6 month & 1 year return & more.

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PE Ratio

Is the price-earnings ratio for valuing a company that measures its current share price relative to its earnings per share.


The earnings per share ratio is a portion of company's net profit allocated for each outstanding share. It is calculated by deducting preferred stock divided from the net income of the company divided by the number of outstanding shares.


MCAP SALES is used to compared the company's current market price with its mcap sales value.


These are the acutal number of shares that are traded on delivery based, meaning transfered from one person to another during the day's trade.


Dividend Yield measures the quantum of cash dividends paid to shareholders in a financial year relative to the market value of the per share.


BOB Share Price / Stock Price

Looking towards India’s third-largest public sector bank, Bank of Baroda, we aim to help retail investors decide investment over Bank of Baroda Share Price, information is discussed. Formulating strategies with the company’s vast historical data is a good thought, and you can use our Bank of Baroda Stock Price charts.

Why Invest in BOB Shares?

A big name, fame or wide-scale recognition can be a reason to make investment profits. Apart from this, there is a lot of things that need to be considered. We have listed a few points in favour of Bank of Baroda Shares below:

  • The bank is backed up with a strong management team that looks into the affair of the company. They are the ones who have played a vital role in the bank’s growth.
  • The bank has immense experience in the sector and shows stability, potential, etc. With an experience of over 100 years, the longevity speaks enough.
  • Investors that have shown faith in the past have been heavily rewarded in forms of profits and dividends.
  • The company has strong financial support, a large no of branches and facilities of the best type. Revenue has never been a challenge to the company.
  • Bank of Baroda has a lot of brand value attached to it. It has PAN India presence and future growth is expected.
  • The bank has various modes and platforms to help its customers, be it mobile banking or net banking. Being technologically updated is its strong point and an add on for future prospects of the bank and BOB Share Price.

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How to Invest in Bank of Baroda Ltd. Stocks?

Investing nowadays has become everyone’s cup of tea. With growing interest in the stock market, BOB Stocks are amongst the top picks of investors, given present BOB Share Price. With the carefully crafted data, you can make profitable trades. Let’s see how you can start investing.

  1. Open a Demat account with one of the brokers in the market. Make sure to check out the best plan offered. Select a plan that will get you more benefits at less cost.
  2. Apart from a Demat account, you will also need a trading account. You will get one when you open a Demat account. Specific fees will be charged for it.
  3. A Demat account will let you store shares electronically. A trading account will let you conduct trade of purchase sale.
  4. Next, you need to login to the brokers trading platform. You can choose from the list of platforms given. Use the credential provided to you to login. Create a watchlist for yourself and add Bank of Baroda Scrip to it.
  5. Monitor the movement of the stock in the watchlist. Enter a trade once the stock reaches a desirable rate you want.
  6. Place an order specifying the number of shares and the price. Once the trade is executed, your shares will reflect in your Demat account.

About Bank of Baroda Ltd.

BOB Share PriceBank of Baroda is a well-established bank in the Indian banking industry.

It has been seen as tough competitors by other market players. It was established in 1908 by Sayajirao Gaekwad III. The company has been ranked at 1145 on the Forbes 2000 list.

They have a huge network of branches and ATMs throughout the country. An enormous trusted client base has been the pillar of its success.

It is one of the banks that has taken banking to the next level. With its innovative Mobile Banking and other top edge services, Bank of Baroda today is among the finest. It is the second-largest bank in India in terms of its assets. The bank has its headquarters in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Bank of Baroda Shares has been a top pick in the banking sector by many specialists. Recently, the bank has even grown due to the merger. Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank have been merged with Bank of Baroda. The merger came into effect from April 2019. The government of India has the largest stake in the company i.e. 81.60%.

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Products or Services offered by BOB

The areas of expertise are something you must consider for BOB Products. The bank is a favourite among commoners. BOB Services is something that has kept customers from looming away in this competitive market. Let’s pay little attention to the major offerings of the bank:

Corporate/Wholesale Banking

The company has a wide clientele in the corporate sector. Big manufacturing companies have an account in Bank of Baroda for the various benefits they receive. All the basic needs like working capital funds, transactional services, cash management are fulfilled. The bank provides top quality services at the ease of the corporates.

Treasury Market

The bank has strong footprints in the treasury market. Not only in India, but they also have presence abroad. All the forex treasuries are managed by highly efficient staff. They have branches that deal in international currencies like USD, Yen, Euro, etc. They provide services like Currency Swaps, Forward Covers, and many more.

Retail Banking 

The retail banking sector is among the one that generates the most revenue. Being a 100-year-old bank, it has well defined retail service area. It offers various deposit benefits like Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits. Apart from it getting a loan is fairly an easy process. They offer Savings account, Current account, and overdraft basic banking services in the best way.

BOB Shares – Conclusion

We hope that this article will help you save a lot of time. It will reduce your web search to a great extent. When you decide to put your money in this stock after through study and research, this article will be of support. We wish for you to make an informed decision and earn profits.

Don’t miss out on detailed self-analysis keeping this article on BOB Share Price as a base. We did our best to provide you all that will be needed before you invest. We have drafted this article with extensive research and all our findings have been put in the paragraphs above.

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