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Crescita Investment PMS renders its best service in Portfolio Management Services (PMS) to the customers, and they are orthodox in the field of stock house.

The PMS of this company has a renowned service team and equipped with the best-skilled professionals, who minutely check all the marketing strategies to give the best return to you.

In this article, you will get comprehensive details about Crescita Investment Portfolio Management Services, which includes all their strategies, commission models and annual returns.

PMS Offer

Crescita Investment PMS – Customer Ratings & Review

Find Client ratings of Crescita Investment Portfolio Management Services –

Returns Performance3.3 / 5
Services3.2 / 5
Charges3.4 / 5
Experience3.3 / 5
Strategies3.2 / 5
Client Support3.0 / 5
Overall Ratings3.3 / 5
Star Ratings★★★★★

Overview of Crescita Investment Portfolio Management Services

Find a detailed overview of the Crescita Investment portfolio management service in the table given below-

Company TypePrivate
Registered LocationMumbai, Maharashtra
LeadershipVijay Sarda
Yr. of Establishment2015

Crescita Investment is a professional broker house, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

They first commenced their service in the year 2015, and within a short time, gained popularity due to superior returns and a firm hold in the market.

The company runs under the leadership of Vijay Sarda, whose expertise in the field of brokers had led the company to a new realm. The returns of the company cherished the customer to a level that you cannot think of.

The broker house is best known for PMS, though it provides other services also. Having a team consisting of highly-skilled professionals gives a compatible service to the customers all year round.

The systematic workings of the company keep the business transparent, helping the investors to understand the doings.

Now, we will have a discussion about Crescita Investment portfolio management service company review, its PMS returns, PMS charges and more.

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    Types of Crescita Investment PMS

    There are 2 types of Crescita Investment Portfolio Management Services –

    Types of PMS

    There are two types of PMS offered by the company to its investors. Discretionary being mostly opted by the customers as the pros of the company inspects it diligently lowering the risk.

    However, a small customer base also chooses the non-discretionary process for their investment.

    Crescita Investment PMS Fund Managers Details

    The table given below is providing the entire details about the fund manager of Crescita Investment PMS company.

    Fund Manager’s Details
    NameVijay Sarda
    Experience13 Years
    Highest QualificationMBA
    AUM (in Cr.)23 Cr.
    Number of Clients37
    Investment Tenure2-3yrs

    The table shows the detail of the Crescita Investment PMS fund manager

    A team of skilled professionals manages this famous broker house, who looks after the PMS closely.

    Vijay Sarda, a prolific manager, leads the company with an experience of 13 years in the stock market, with undying care for the investors as well as the company. He has a qualification of an MBA in his bag to back his profession.

    The fund manager himself is managing more than 37 clients and hold a consistent pressure of Rs. 23 cr as AUM. The company provides a minimum tenure of 2 to 3 years to the customers.

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    Crescita Investment PMS Strategies

    The below table is providing details about the Crescita Investment portfolio management service strategies-

    Large Cap StrategyYes
    Diversified StrategyYes
    Small – Midcap StrategyYes

    The customers have three different strategies provided by Crescita Investment PMS namely-Large Cap strategy, Diversified Strategy, Small – Midcap Strategy in the list. Now, being an investor, you have to choose among these strategies to advance in your investment process.

    The company mostly suggests large Cap Strategy to the investors as it diminishes the market risk of them. The below features give a basic view of the market analysis regarding PMS.

    • Searching stocks that generate income and long term capital to the investors.
    • Advising investors to invest in stocks that would give possible returns.
    • They follow market financing and benchmark skeptic to invest in the market financing spectrum.

    Crescita Investment PMS Returns / Performance

    The below table is giving details about Crescita Investment PMS returns and performance-

    Returns (CAGR)
    3 Year9.8%
    5 Year8.3%
    7 Year7.6%
    10 Year8.9%
    11 Year Plus8.5%

    The above stats show the beneficial return rates obtained by the company in the given years. Many renowned broker houses and banks cannot provide such return rates.

    It makes Crescita Investment PMS highly accessible in the field of brokers, across the nation where the 11 years plus boasts a return of 8.5 percent in the long run.

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    Crescita Investment PMS Investment Plans

    Below the given table is providing details about the Crescita Investment portfolio management service investment plans.

    Investment Plans
    Bronze (25L – 50L)Yes
    Silver (50L – 1 Cr.)Yes
    Gold (1 Cr. – 5 Cr.)Yes
    Platinum (5 Cr. Plus)Yes

    You can select your investment plans out of these fours presented in the table above. Beginning with the Bronze plan where a minimum of 25l to 50L can be invested.

    In the Silver plan, you can invest an amount ranging from 50L to 1Cr. Similarly, the Gold plan limits between 1Cr to 5Cr, and finally, the Platinum plan has no limit, starting from 5Cr and above.

    With high investment comes high facilities, if you progress with a high investment plan, the brokerage rates are low, and the investors can enjoy the ace facility of the company.

    Crescita Investment PMS Fee Structure or Commission Slabs

    Find the details about the types of commission models or fees structure offered by Crescita Investment PMS house are as follows-

    Commission / Fees Structure
    Prepaid CommissionYes
    Volume% CommissionYes
    Profit Sharing% CommissionYes

    From the table above, you can know the fee structure and the commission slabs of the company. It illustrates the Prepaid Commission, Volume% Commission, the Profit Sharing % Commission as the fee slabs.

    Crescita Investment PMS Prepaid Commission

    Prepaid Commission (Yearly)
    Investment – 25L – 50L1.09% of Investment
    Investment  – 50L – 1 Cr.1.04% of Investment
    Investment – 1 Cr. – 5 Cr.0.99% of Investment
    Investment – 5 Cr. Plus0.89% of Investment

    In this prepaid commission, you need to transfer the commission of the funds in advance, which is before the period of investment.

    For an investment slab of 25L to 50L, 1.09% of the investment is charged. In the investment of 50L to 1Cr, 1.04% is transferred to the company, from 1Cr to 5Cr, the company would get 0.99%. In the same way for 5Cr plus, 0.89% is deposited in the company fund.

    Crescita Investment PMS Volume% Commission

    Volume% Commission (Yearly)
    Transaction Volume – 25L – 50L0.123% of Total Transaction Volume
    Transaction Volume – 50L – 1 Cr.0.113% of Total Transaction Volume
    Transaction Volume – 1 Cr. – 5 Cr.0.100% of Total Transaction Volume
    Transaction Volume – 5 Cr. Plus0.085% of Total Transaction Volume

    The volume percent commission depends on the up and downs of the market, but it mostly depends on the volume of transactions done by the fund manager of the company.

    The transaction volume percent commission depends on the amount of investment made by the investors. If your transaction volume is between 25L to 50L the percent of the commission comes up with 0.123% of the total transaction volume.

    The company charges 0.113%, for 50L to 1Cr transaction, in a transaction of 1Cr to 5Cr, 0.100% is needed to be given to the company. Only 0.085% commission is charged on a transaction volume of 5Cr plus.

    Crescita Investment PMS Profit Sharing% Commission

    The table given below is showing details about profit sharing% commission model-

    Profit Sharing% Commission (Yearly)
    Profit Amount – 2.5L – 5L22.5% of Profit
    Profit Amount – 5L – 10L20.9% of Profit
    Profit Amount – 10L – 50L18.5% of Profit
    Profit Amount – 50L Plus15.9% of Profit

    The chart shows that if you incur a profit amount on 2.5L to 5L, the broker house takes 22.5% of the profit, it demands 20.9% of the profit on an amount of 5L to 10L.

    For a profit of 10L to 50L, 18.5% is levied. Lastly, if you get a profit of 50L plus, the company charges 15.9%. If you distinguish between the profit percent with most of the brokerage house in the country, the amount is coherent.

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    Crescita Investment PMS Charges

    The below-given table is giving information about Crescita Investment Portfolio Management Service Charges-

    Management FeesAs per commission model
    Upfront Fees0.58% – 0.78% of Asset Value
    Brokerage Charges0.006% – 0.026% of Total Transaction Value
    Custodian Charges0.19% – 0.29% of Asset Value
    Depository Charges0.12% – 0.28% of Asset Value
    Exit Load – within 12 months0.85% – 1.05% of Withdrawal Value
    Exit Load – post 12 monthsFree

    Just as it shows, the management fee collected is as per the commission model. Upfront fees, as shown in the chart, limits between 0.58% to 0.78%, of the asset value of the investment.

    0.006% to 0.26% of the total transaction value is being taken as Custodian charges. You will be charged with 0.85% to 1.05% on the withdrawal value, if the exit load is within 12 months, and post 12 months the exit load is free. A minimum of 0.12% to 0.28% of the depository is charged.

    Crescita Investment PMS Benefits

    Find the details about Crescita Investment PMS advantages in the table given below-

    Benefits / Advantages
    Top-up FacilityYes
    Back office ReportsYes
    Email UpdateYes
    SMS UpdateYes
    Watsapp UpdateNo
    Portfolio ViewYes
    Detailed ViewYes
    Flexible Commission ModelYes
    Flexible Investment PlansYes
    Massive ExperienceYes
    • The top-up facility is provided for an easy transaction by the investors
    • You can also check the back office reports as it is rendered by them
    • Update over e-mail and SMS are given to the customers
    • The fund manager has a massive experience in this field, who also provide flexible investment plans and commission model for you.

    Crescita Investment PMS Customer Care

    The table given below is showing a detailed view of Crescita Investment PMS Customer Care.

    Customer Care
    Call SupportYes
    Email SupportYes
    Chat SupportNo
    Watsapp SupportNo
    Relationship Manager SupportYes
    Call to Fund ManagerYes – 6 to 8 Times a month
    Issue Resolving TAT12 working days

    The company has the best measures to ensure that its customers do lag behind. A team of skilled professionals is always ready to help you and give technical support whenever necessary.

    Crescita Investment PMS Conclusion

    Need of a trusted PMS? This broker house is matchless in the field of stocks. With methodical plans, it brings out the best from your investment in the market. It is highly recommended.

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