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Anvil Wealth PMS is a well-known PMS provider. They have a strong belief in serving well. In fact, they emphasize on integrity, research and dedicated support.

Beside, advisory they offer their clients diverse financial solutions. And, they have memberships of NSE and BSE for that.

Anyway, today, we’ll lay a detailed review of Anvil Wealth Portfolio Management Services. And, our review will consist of the following: –

  • Hints about their origin. In fact, we’ll describe in detail about their beginning. It’ll cover the info about the place and year of their inception. It’ll even brief about their founder.
  • We’ll describe about the types of PMS they offer.
  • We’ll tell you about their fund managers. This part will include information about their experience. This’ll even tell you about the net worth of assets they manage.
  • In this Article, We’ll tell you about the strategies they use. And, we’re referring to the ones that make money.
  • We’ll tell you about the returns you may expect. It’ll include a detailed chart. It’ll even have an explanation for returns different on investment terms.
  • We’ll describe about all the investment plans they offer. This part will explain the existing difference in plans. It’ll even describe about the factors leading to different plans.
  • We’ll discuss their commission structure in detail. This part will establish the various commission plans.
  • Here, We’ll discuss in detail about their prepaid commission plan.
  • We’ll describe their volume% commission plan.
  • We’ll even describe about their profit-sharing commission plan.
  • And more

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Anvil Wealth PMS – Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Find ratings of Anvil Wealth Portfolio Management Services –

Returns Performance 3.5 / 5
Services 3.3 / 5
Charges 3.4 / 5
Experience 3.3 / 5
Strategies 3.6 / 5
Client Support 3.4 / 5
Overall Ratings 3.4 / 5
Star Ratings ★★★★★

Overview of Anvil Wealth Portfolio Management Services

Find a detailed overview of the Anvil Wealth portfolio management service in the table given below-

Company Type Private
Registered Location Mumbai, Maharashtra
Leadership Mr. Anuj Sheth
Yr. of Establishment 1997

Anvil Wealth PMS started off in 1997, Mumbai. Their opening was supported by the efforts of their founder Anuj Shethi. Mr. Shethi put in a lot of efforts to ensure their inception.

And, ever since their beginning, they’ve catered to a diversified clientele. At present, they’re one of the few companies providing advisory services to NRI clients.

And, this is just one of their strong attributes. They even provide custom investment plans. And, they pride themselves over this fact. Perhaps, this has been the main reason for their long sustenance.

Now, we will have a discussion about Anvil Wealth portfolio management service company review, its PMS returns, PMS charges and more.

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    Types of Anvil Wealth PMS

    There are 2 types of Anvil Wealth Portfolio Management Services –

    Types of PMS
    Discretionary Yes
    Non-Discretionary Yes

    Anvil Wealth PMS is all about making their clients happy. And, they use all their resources to do so. As far as PMS is considered, they provide two kinds of support.

    We’re referring to Discretionary and Non-Discretionary PMS. Discretionary PMS allows the fund manager to act without restrictions. This includes deciding portfolio alterations on clients’ behalf.

    Non-Discretionary PMS, however, acts in another way. It requires active participation of the clients. Simply putting, the company provides clients with advisory and then seeks their permission. This means that the fund manager is bound by some means.

    Anvil Wealth PMS Fund Managers Details

    The table given below is providing the entire details about the fund manager of Anvil Wealth PMS company.

    Fund Manager’s Details
    Name Kaushal Chandrana
    Experience 7yrs
    Highest Qualification CA
    AUM (in Cr.) 580 Cr.
    Number of Clients 360
    Investment Tenure 3yrs

    At present, Kaushal Chandrana is the leading fund manager for Anvil. And, being a CA, he has more than apt knowledge for the job. He even has an experience of 7 years.

    And, he’s managing over 580 Cr. of assets for 360 clients. And, you must abide by some rules to seek his expertise. Take the investment term for starters. You must invest for a minimum of 3 years to get him onboard.

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    Anvil Wealth PMS Strategies

    The below table is providing details about the Anvil Wealth portfolio management service strategies-

    Large Cap Strategy Yes
    Diversified Strategy Yes
    Small – Midcap Strategy Yes

    Anvil is smart about their strategies. They like to stir things up bit. In fact, they prefer using all the resources at their disposal. And, that’s why they invest in all three portfolio categories.

    We’re referring to small, mid and large-cap portfolios. However, they prefer investing as per their clients’ true needs. This includes a lot of market research. And, they have two specific strategies for this:-

    Portfolio Management Service (HNI Clients):

    This is a discretionary PMS provided to the HNI Clients. It includes the company performing a severe research. They use real time data and many tools for this research.

    And, the research includes risk profiling the client. Once, this gets done, the company creates a custom PMS strategy. And, that’s when the real work begins.

    The research is further used for client feedback. In short, this strategy seeks for one to three years of investments.

    Portfolio Management Service (NRI Clients)

    This is another worthy strategy from the company. However, it’s only specific to NRI Clients. In short, it’s a discretionary PMS with advisory for NRI clients.

    This includes the creation of a custom PMS based on the clients’ status. And by status, we mean risk profile. The company uses HDFC Bank for reporting in this case.

    The bank serves best with its license enabling NRI Investments, in this case. The company provides monthly reports of the clients’ portfolio. They even report clients’ dividend details, transaction details and DP holdings.

    Anvil Wealth PMS Returns / Performance

    The below table is giving details about Anvil Wealth PMS returns and performance-

    Returns (CAGR)
    3 Year 8.9%
    5 Year 8.4%
    7 Year 9.2%
    10 Year 10.3%
    11 Year Plus 11.2%

    The table above explains about the returns you may expect from the company. It shows the CAGR for various investment terms. And, by CAGR, we mean compound annual growth rate.

    Do understand, that the company is strict about this part. They even do not allow aa much as a flinch in this case. Simply putting, they believe in delivering what they promise.

    So, they provide 8.9% CAGR for 3-year investments. They give 8.4% return on 5-year investment. All the 7-year investments get 9.2% CAGR.

    All 10-year investments get 10.3% CAGR. And, the investments for more than 11 years get 11.2% CAGR.

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    Anvil Wealth PMS Investment Plans

    Below the given table is providing details about the Anvil Wealth portfolio management service investment plans.

    Investment Plans
    Bronze (25L – 50L) Yes
    Silver (50L – 1 Cr.) Yes
    Gold (1 Cr. – 5 Cr.) Yes
    Platinum (5 Cr. Plus) Yes

    The company has four investment categories. The first lies between 25L-50L and is called Bronze Plan. The second is Silver Plan with 50L-1Cr. investment. Third is the Gold Plan with 1Cr.-5Cr. investment. And, the Platinum Plan has investments more than 5Cr.

    Anvil Wealth PMS Fee Structure or Commission Slabs

    Find the details about the types of commission models or fees structure offered by Anvil Wealth PMS house are as follows-

    Commission / Fees Structure
    Prepaid Commission Yes
    Volume% Commission Yes
    Profit Sharing% Commission Yes

    The company grants three commission paying schemes to the clients. We’re talking about the Prepaid, Volume% and the Profit-Sharing plans.

    Anvil Wealth PMS Prepaid Commission

    Prepaid Commission (Yearly)
    Investment – 25L – 50L 1.29% of Investment
    Investment  – 50L – 1 Cr. 1.19% of Investment
    Investment – 1 Cr. – 5 Cr. 0.99% of Investment
    Investment – 5 Cr. Plus 0.79% of Investment

    As the name goes, this requires paying the commission in advance. And, Anvil has devised several categories for this scheme. In fact, they use the investment models as the deciding parameter.

    The clients pay 1.29% of investment for Bronze Plan. They pay 1.19% of investment for Silver Plan. 0.99% of investment is incurred for Gold Plan. And, the Platinum Plan holders must pay 0.79% of the investment.

    Anvil Wealth PMS Volume% Commission

    Volume% Commission (Yearly)
    Transaction Volume – 25L – 50L 0.122% of Total Transaction Volume
    Transaction Volume – 50L – 1 Cr. 0.115% of Total Transaction Volume
    Transaction Volume – 1 Cr. – 5 Cr. 0.105% of Total Transaction Volume
    Transaction Volume – 5 Cr. Plus 0.090% of Total Transaction Volume

    This requires the clients to pay on per transaction basis. And, these are the transactions made by the fund manager. Even this scheme categorizes commission as per investment plan.

    So, the clients must 0.112% of total transaction volume for Bronze plan. The commission for Silver plan is 0.115% of transaction volume.

    The clients must pay 0.105% of transaction volume for Gold plan. And, the Platinum plan bearers must pay .0.090% commission rate.

    Anvil Wealth PMS Profit Sharing% Commission

    The table given below is showing details about profit sharing% commission model-

    Profit Sharing% Commission (Yearly)
    Profit Amount – 2.5L – 5L 21.3% of Profit
    Profit Amount – 5L – 10L 19.3% of Profit
    Profit Amount – 10L – 50L 17.3% of Profit
    Profit Amount – 50L Plus 15.3% of Profit

    Most popular commission scheme till date is the Profit-Sharing Scheme. The clients don’t pay anything in advance in this. In fact, the commission is paid after realizing the profit.

    So, Bronze plan bearers must pay 21.3% of their profits. The Silver plan bearers must pay 19.3% of their profits. Gold plan bearers enjoy a 17.3% commission rate. And, the Platinum Plan bearers must pay 15.3% of their profits.

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    Anvil Wealth PMS Charges

    The below-given table is giving information about Anvil Wealth Portfolio Management Service Charges-

    Management Fees As per commission model
    Upfront Fees 0.67% – 0.97% of Asset Value
    Brokerage Charges 0.008% – 0.038% of Total Transaction Value
    Custodian Charges 0.19% – 0.41% of Asset Value
    Depository Charges 0.18% – 0.38% of Asset Value
    Exit Load – within 12 months 0.80% – 1.20% of Withdrawal Value
    Exit Load – post 12 months Free

    Anvil raises many other charges beside the commission rates. And, we’re talking about the ones based on PMS. It’s a must for every client to pay this. And, the list includes: –

    • Paying an up-front fee based on asset value. This lies between 0.67-0.97%.
    • Paying a management fee as per commission model.
    • Paying the brokerage fee per transaction value. This lies between 0.008-0.038%.
    • Paying a custodian fee based on asset value. This lies between 0.19-0.41%.
    • Paying the depository charge based on asset value. This lies between 0.18-0.38%.
    • Paying for the exit load based on withdrawal value. This lies at 0.80-1.12% of withdrawal value. This must be paid in case of a withdrawal within 12 months of investment.

    Anvil Wealth PMS Benefits

    Find the details about Anvil Wealth PMS advantages in the table given below-

    Benefits / Advantages
    Top-up Facility Yes
    Back office Reports Yes
    Email Update Yes
    SMS Update Yes
    Watsapp Update No
    Portfolio View Yes
    Detailed View Yes
    Flexible Commission Model Yes
    Flexible Investment Plans Yes
    Massive Experience Yes

    You’ll not be wrong to expect benefits from investing with Anvil. In fact Anvil Wealth PMS grants these all: –

    • They offer flexibility of Investment and Commission model.
    • Anvil Wealth offers real time updates through SMS, email and WhatsApp.
    • They grant the provision for top up.
    • They have detailed reporting plans. This includes Back-Office reports, Detailed View and Portfolio View.

    Anvil Wealth PMS Customer Care

    The table given below is showing a detailed view of Anvil Wealth PMS Customer Care.

    Customer Care
    Call Support Yes
    Email Support Yes
    Chat Support No
    Watsapp Support No
    Relationship Manager Support Yes
    Call to Fund Manager Yes – 8 to 9 Times a month
    Issue Resolving TAT 16 working days

    Anvil Wealth PMS has a brilliant customer care. In fact, they provide several supports like: –

    • Permission to call the fund manager 8-9 times a month.
    • Active issue resolution time of 16 working days.
    • Instant support over call and email.
    • Provision of a dedicated relationship manager.

    Anvil Wealth PMS Conclusion

    There isn’t much to be said about Anvil Wealth PMS. In fact, they’re doing pretty great out there. And, one of their strongest attributes is the provision for custom PMS.

    In short, we deem them as the perfect company to trust your investments on.

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