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SS Corporate is a hub of professionals who offer financial services to individual investors, since 1994, the year it was emerged.

It has come a long way as of now, as it is among the leading members of NSE. The products it provides, SS Corporate Demat Account belongs to the category of most sought after services.

With the two decades of experience, the company has managed to reach high levels of quality, embedded with high rated technology. The SS Corporate Trading Account caters and monitors client’s portfolio, where the goals of the clients can be reached.

SS Corporate offers

SS Corporate Demat Account

Course of action chosen by you will be an end result of the benefits you will find with SS Corporate Demat Account, of course. In order to give you some strong reasons to hold onto the decision to choose SS Corporate and it’s demat account, here are some points.

  • Showcasing their concern and care for the clients, they have made everything accessible online and also the process to create a demat account, which is as well discussed below.
  • Brokerage fees are just at par with what you will expect, and will definitely be within your budget, so you do not feel caught up and burdened.
  • Everything will be disclosed to you, including the rules, policies, charges and fees ensuring you do not feel exploited by uninformed charge.
  • Technology is deployed by the company in many ways, giving your couple of platforms you can choose from to trade.
  • Investing need not be related to a few of the categories with this demat account, as you can invest in equities, derivatives, currency, options and a lot more.
  • Supervision is always provided to people who are in need of through expert assistance, where reports and trending list of investment options are featured.

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    How to Open an SS Corporate Demat Account?

    Queues and offline process are just not the trend, and the stock broking companies have definitely surpassed them all, and have adopted technology to invite customers at their doorsteps.

    If you wish to be a customer with SS Corporate and Open SS Corporate Demat Account here is what you need to do:

    1. Click on “Open Demat account” button on in this page, and when you find it, click on it. This shall direct you to a pop up which will ask you for your contact details.
    2. Just when the details will reach to the concerned authority, the personnel will dial you up in order to discuss your wants and what they offer, followed by the process of EKYC, where a link will be shared with you.
    3. Link needs to be thoroughly checked and then filled with appropriate information, such as the identity details through Aadhaar number, PAN number and your date of birth.
    4. It will be followed by your bank information and precisely the Account number and the IFSC code.
    5. Proof of the details will also be provided and for the identity proof, you will have to upload the scanned copies of Aadhaar card, PAN card and a passport size photo. For the bank proof, they will ask a copy of cancelled cheque.
    6. Get past the verification by signing in the document, which is to be done through Aadhaar card and if not, you will have to do the same physically.
    7. The executive will then call you again and confirm if everything is done precisely and will also inform if you are short on anything which needs to be promptly done.
    8. Your account will finally be ready in a day time and so will you be able to commence trading after that.

    SS Corporate Demat Account Charges

    SS Corporate Demat Charges
    Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening Charges Rs.100
    Demat AMC Free
    Trading AMC Rs.299 per Annum
    Margin Required Minimum Rs.3,100
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    Following up with the SS Corporate Demat Account Charges is necessary so you can draw out the entire scenario of expense and follow up on a budget. It also includes checking on the perks the company provides, such as waiving off charges for a thing or two.

    Starting with the SS Corporate Account Opening Charges, you will have to pay a small, one time charge of Rs.100. Being a depository participant with CDSL and NSDL, you will have double benefits.

    A minimum amount of Rs.3100 is to be kept in account along the duration you hold the account and it is not as much as other companies charges and is therefore affordable.

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    SS Corporate AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    Coming up to the SS Corporate AMC, the figures of both demat and trading accounts differ. The trading amount will cost you a sum of Rs.299 in a year, whereas the demat account charge is waived off.

    This is a fine balance attained by the company, which make it fair enough for the company as well as the users.

    The demat account also comes with a facility of dematerialization, where the company converts your offline document to online for you. Also, the trading account maintenance charge being a once in a year charge will not be too much to accommodate.

    SS Corporate Trading Account

    Now referring to the SS Corporate Trading Account, you will also be entitled to a lot of perks here. In fact having a trading account alongside a demat account, will double your chance at availing the benefits offered by the company SS Corporate.

    • Platforms offered by the company have been made as flawless as they can get, ensuring you get the best of services and technology embedded tools. Buying, selling and cancelling order is available to you for quick implementation.
    • Alter and change all of you investment options as per your choice.
    • Also invest in mutual funds with the assistance of the auto-investor.
    • Follow up on the activities you perform, through the backoffice feature.

    SS Corporate Demat Account – Conclusion

    You have all the benefits presented by the company as well as the charges they demand from you in this article, clear cut. This shall be enough for you to go through the decision making process of which stock broking house to opt for.

    Well devised plan will take you through the SS Corporate Demat Account, and will make investment efficient for you. Make sure you do refer to step by step process of account creation if you are pleased by the company and its operation.

    Open SS Corporate Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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