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Saaketa Consultants is the leading financial service Broking Company of Hyderabad, which intends to deliver exemplary Saaketa Consultants Demat account and trading account services to its customers.

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The broking house carries out its operations as a member of both NSE and BSE stock exchanges. This varied services offered by the Saaketa Consultants are equities, mutual funds, derivatives, commodities, mobile trading, DP services, and NRI services to their customers.

Saaketa Consultants is a Depository Participant with both NDSL and CDSL. We decided to enlist every other minute detail about the Saaketa Consultants trading account and demat account in this article.

Saaketa Consultants Demat Account

Keep up with the points we have formed about Saaketa Consultants Demat account. This would let you know of the reasons as to why you must invest with them.

  • The customers of Saaketa Consultants will constantly receive Demat account statements and details.
  • Securities can be transferred rapidly and safely.
  • Minimization of loss and theft risk.
  • Default deliveries will be minimized.
  • TDS will not be reduced for Demat securities.
  • There will not be any mismatch between bank details and address.
  • Bulk size buy and sell orders can be placed instantly.
  • Shares will be automatically transferred in users Demat account.
  • Late settlements risk will be minimized.
  • Minimal set of account opening charges and account maintenance charges are demanded by the company which reduces the expense burden to be borne by the account holders.

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    How to Open a Saaketa Consultants Demat Account?

    There are two alternatives for opening the Demat account with renowned and reputed stock broking company Saaketa Consultants.

    The first alternative to open Saaketa Consultants Demat account is to meet the company representative personally by visiting their office and ask them to open your Demat account. The second way to open Demat account with them is to go by the online method.

    We have further explained the procedure in detail.

    1. Please open the green button below to fill a quick pop up form of contact details.
    2. You need to fill in the contact details to get a call back from the company.
    3. The representative who calls you, will tell you all the details and then share the link to EKYC form.
    4. EKYC form shows multiple questions regarding the user’s personal information, i.e. the Aadhaar card, Pan card, Date of birth, bank account number and the IFSC code.
    5. Users are requested to read the entire form carefully and fill the accurate details inquired in the Demat account form.
    6. The details specified by the users will be cross-checked and validated.
    7. After the validation of the details specified by the customers, they will be asked to upload the important KYC documents which are given below.
    8. After the KYC documents have been uploaded, you need to sign the form digitally using your Aadhaar card. It will even be cross-checked and validated.
    9. After the verification process is completed, you would be able to operate your Demat account in one single day.
    10. You can freely access your Demat account after entering the login id and passwords offered by Saaketa Consultants.

    The following documents should be uploaded for opening your Demat account with Saaketa Consultants.

    • Address proof
    • DOB proof
    • Pan card
    • Aadhaar card
    • Passport size photos
    • Bank account details

    Saaketa Consultants Demat Account Charges

    The following details specify about Saaketa Consultants Demat account charges.

    Saaketa Consultants Demat Account Charges
    Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening Charges Rs.300
    Demat AMC Rs.339 per Annum
    Trading AMC Free
    Margin Required Minimum Rs.5,000
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    The traders are requested to pay Rs.300 for opening their Demat account with Saaketa Consultant. No amount will be asked from the traders for opening their trading account with Saaketa Consultants.

    This amount will be paid only once at the time of opening their Demat account with Saaketa Consultants. Dematerialization Available is ceaselessly offered to the customers. Minimum margin money of Rs.5,000 is necessary to be maintained

    Saaketa Consultants is a member of both Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL

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    Saaketa Consultants AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    Demat and trading account annual maintenance charges is an amount to be paid once in a year for maintaining the customers Demat and trading account. The customers are requested to pay Rs.339 for maintaining their Demat account with Saaketa Consultant.

    The customers will not be asked any amount to be paid for maintaining their trading account with the company, thereby availing for a lifetime free trading account.

    Saaketa Consultants Trading Account

    The following bullet points specify about Saaketa Consultants Trading account. They are basically the benefits of owning the account.

    • User-friendly and hassle-free mobile, desktop and web trading platform offered to the traders.
    • Demat Account can be activated within one single day.
    • Net Banking services are offered to the customers holding the Trading account.
    • Saaketa Consultants has the most renowned broking offers a comprehensive range of products and services to their customers.
    • Exemplary 24 hours customer care service is available to the customers.
    • Trading can be done on a range of products such as equity, currency, derivatives, and commodities on one single platform.
    • Trading can be initiated on almost all the trading platforms offered by the company.
    • No amount will be asked from the customers for opening their trading account with Saaketa Consultants.
    • No amount will be asked from the customers for maintaining  their Demat account with Saaketa Consultants.
    • Extensively low brokerage charges are imposed on the customers.

    Saaketa Consultants Demat Account Conclusion

    This company is the renowned and reputed stock broking company and intends to deliver comprehensive financial and depository participants services to their customers. Saaketa Consultants offers multiple benefits on the customer’s Demat and trading account.

    Trading account with Saaketa Consultants can be opened freely and even its maintenance can be done free of cost. If you finally decide to invest with Saaketa Consultants demat account, we assure you, it will be a worthy investment.

    Open Saaketa Consultants Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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