If you are up for the broking company who promises to deliver you great quality investment opportunities but at high facilities then no others can fulfill your demand other than the Navia markets.

It is a ground-breaking attribute that the company does not charge any fees for having the Navia markets Demat Account.

The highly robust trading exposures combined with basic trading technologies and other high- end parameters are bound to give the best consequence, no doubt.

Thus, you should know that it is convenient to have the Demat Account and the Navia markets Trading Account at the same time.

Navia Markets offers

Navia Markets Demat Account

Demat account is quite much in demand among the openers because it’s hassle-free and devoid of any kind of paper trouble.

But in that case, you need to keep one thing in mind that the dealing should be through an authentic company and its services like the Navia markets Demat Account.

  • Confident back office: Opening a demat account is not an easy task, it requires lots of understanding especially of the process. But the confidante back-office professionals make sure that they can handle all your queries with any kind of dilemma and without any flaw at all.
  • Easy mutual fund investment: You should like to know that investors can easily invest in mutual funds without paying any fees for the transaction. The best Side of the investment in the mutual fund is that you can earn at the most 1.5% on the additional return.

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    How to Open an Navia Markets Demat Account?

    Investors, as well as traders, need to be very cautious when they decide to Open Navia markets Demat account because they have to follow the written steps very seriously:

    1. Firstly, click on the “Open a Demat Account” button available below.
    2. Then you need to fill in the details where you have to input the details like your name, email, and mobile no.
    3. Then tick mark the boxes given
    4. Once done just register, following which an executive will get in touch with you and share a link to KYC.
    5. In the middle of this don’t forget to update with the KYC information which is all together a 2-minute process.
    6. So, start with entering the details of your Aadhaar number, PAN number and date of birth, and then proceed to enter the bank details such as Account number and IFSC code.
    7. According to this, you have to upload your address as well as the identification proofs which include the Aadhaar card as well as the Pan Card. In some cases you need to submit the voter’s id as well as the cancelled cheque from the bank as well, in the form of scanned images.
    8. Signing is the end process where you will have to do it using Aadhaar card and if you do not have it, do it offline.
    9. The company from their end will clarify the whole thing.
    10. If the documents submitted are fine, then the company will allow you to have your Demat account.

    Navia Markets Demat Account Charges

    Navia Markets Demat Charges
    Depository ParticipantCDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening ChargesFree
    Demat AMCRs.300 per Annum
    Trading AMCFree
    Margin RequiredZero Margin
    Dematerialization AvailableYes

    The company that holds the title of being the depository participant and is a contributor to the CDSL, as well as the NSDL, is definitely transparent, no doubt.

    The best thing to note is that the company with lots of securities from their end is definitely reasonable while fixing their Navia markets Demat Account charges.

    For example, Navia markets Account Opening charges are free, which is certainly not a pinching amount is at all. Other than that, the company also mindfully decided the other charges as well.

    Although the company made a distinguished footing with all its outstanding effort so far, the company is too flexible with its primary ceiling amount, because for that the investors have to pay nothing at all.

    Now talking about the physical shares which actually make most of the investors ponder upon, the company allows converting the solid shares into the electronic forms, in other words you can say that Navia markets allow dematerialization.

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    Navia Markets AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    Everything is chargeable in this broking world. But, it again depends on the company norms how much they are going to charge from you. In case of the Navia markets AMC, it is chargeable and the company requests Rs.300 for the Demat account.

    But, again on the best side is that this amount is charged on yearly duration. Now, it is high time to bring the annual maintenance charge of the trading account in the limelight. According to the company rules and regulations, the AMC for the trading account is entirely free.

    Navia Markets Trading Account

    Traders always seek the ultimate security and that is possible when you intend to trade with reliable trading companies. In that case you can explore a bit about the Navia markets Trading Account:

    • Inclusive trading solution: The singular company is exquisite in the heart of the traders because of its standing out inclusive trading results. Experiencing the highly profiled both web and EXE based platforms of the Navia is an enriching feelings for the traders. On top of that, it is supported with all types of top-class features and cutting edge tools for analyzing.
    • Easy trade in NSE: Traders should easily unwind because the Navia offers a secured platform which makes trading an easy deal on the fields of the Bombay stock exchange as well as the Nationals stock exchange.

    Navia Markets Demat Account – Conclusion

    Navia is not only the name in the broking world but a reliable source that you can trust cent percent.

    Therefore, Navia knows well that it is their honesty, transparency and lots of commitment towards the clients urges people to open the Navia markets Demat account.

    Apart from that, it is shining in the sky of fame and vanity because of its amazing technological hacks that somehow have eased the trading and investing work.

    It has exhibited astounding brilliance in diverse segments of the broking world ranging from the mutual fund to the commodity trading.

    Open Navia Markets Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

      Fill Your Details Here

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