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Safal Capital is the largest and finest stock broking company that offers excellent Demat and trading account services to its customers. Safal Capital demat account and trading account services are beyond comparable.

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The Safal Capital is a Depository Participant of CDSL & NSDL offering a range of services to its customers with the highest efficiency and effectiveness. Safal Capital also retains corporate membership of both NSE and BSE stock exchanges.

The aim of writing this article is to deliver comprehensive information about Safal Capital company, and everything associated with it’s demat account and the Safal Capital trading account.

Safal Capital Demat Account

Here you can see the comprehensive details about Safal Capital demat account benefits:

  • Demat account can be accessed instantly after submitting the documents and filling up the demat account form.
  • Enables to transfer the securities in an electronic mode.
  • Convenient and secure approach to hold the securities online.
  • An immediate and fast approach to settle and transfer the securities.
  • Minimum transaction charges.
  • Elimination of paperwork.
  • The Demat account opened with Safal Capital enable the users to be updated about the latest market news.
  • Timely notification and alerts will be sent to the customers holding Safal Capital demat account.

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    How to Open an Safal Capital Demat Account?

    If you find the Safal Capital as an excellent broking company, then you can approach them to open your trading and demat account. You can open your demat account with Safal Capital just by following simple steps mentioned below:

    Read up the online procedure to open Safal Capital demat account:

    1. Click on the button here stating open demat account form.
    2. As you will click on the link, a demat account form will pop on your screen consisting multiple questions related to your details such as your name, address, marital status etc, following which an executive from the company will call you to share a link of EKYC.
    3. Read the entire demat account form thoroughly and fill up the details asked about you to mention, especially the information mandatory to fill. The details required would be Aadhaar card, PAN card, date of birth, bank account number and its IFSC code.
    4. After reading the demat form thoroughly and filling up the details, your details will be verified and you will be asked to submit all your important KYC documents given below. This will enable the broking company to clarify your age, address and contact details and are listed below.
    5. On the end note, you need to sign the form using your Aadhaar card or otherwise offline.
    6. Once your documents will be submitted, you will receive a call for confirmation of your demat account activation.
    7. Your Safal Capital demat account will be activated after 1-2 days.

    Documents Wealth Securities ask from their customers to upload for the sake of opening their demat account:

    • Address proof
    • DOB proof
    • Pan card
    • Aadhar card
    • Passport size photos
    • Bank account details or a cancelled cheque

    Safal Capital Demat Account Charges

    Demat account opening charges are asked by the Safal Capital when you approach them with a concern to open your demat account. The demat account opening charges are paid only once and you can access your demat account lifetime just by paying the amount once.

    Safal Capital Demat Account Charges
    Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening Charges Rs.280
    Demat AMC Rs.280 per Annum
    Trading AMC Free
    Margin Required Minimum Rs.10,000
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    The Safal Capital account opening charges are Rs.280 per annum. The Safal Capital trading account opening charges are Zero and the Safal Capital is associated with the Depository Participant organization namely CDSL & NSDL.

    The margin money of minimum Rs.10,000 is asked by the customers of Safal Capital to maintain.

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    Safal Capital AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    Here you can see the comprehensive details about Safal Capital AMC on demat account and trading account annual maintenance charges:

    Apart from demat and trading account opening charges, the Safal Capital even levies demat account annual maintenance charges on the customers.

    A sum of Rs.280 per annun has to be paid by the customers for the sake of maintaining their demat account by the Safal Capital.

    Safal Capital does not levy any charges on the customers for the maintenance of their trading account. The Safal Capital trading account annual maintenance charges are Zero.

    Safal Capital Trading Account

    Follow up on the comprehensive details about Safal Capital trading account benefits.

    • User-friendly trading platform provided by Safal Capital enables the traders to carry out their trading trouble-free.
    • Numerous trading related tools will be displayed on one single screen.
    • Ability to access all the trading platform available by the Safal Capital with a low internet speed.
    • Withdraw and transfer of funds and stock with a few clicks.
    • Safal Capital is associated with the numerous business partners which show the competency of their profession.
    • Trading account annual maintenance charges of Safal Capital is free.
    • The traders are not compelled to pay any amount if they wish to open their trading account with Safal Capital.
    • Broad-range of trading and investment-related products are available to the customers of Safal Capital.
    • Flexible brokerage plans with a discount on brokerage services are also offered to the customers of Safal Capital.
    • Free stock tips are offered to the traders.
    • Both online and offline advisory service is available for the customers of Safal Capital.

    Safal Capital Demat Account Conclusion

    Holding the Safal Capital Demat account and trading account service is an excellent approach. With the free stock tips available by the broking company, traders will be able to effectively invest in the most profitable stocks.

    Demat and trading account opening and maintaining charges are quite low in comparison with other broking company.

    Traders with Safal Capital trading platforms will be facilitated with the multiple trading tools which enable them to initiate their trading smoothly. Hence, Holding the Safal Capital Demat and trading account service is productive.

    Open Safal Capital Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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