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Ratnakar Securities is the leading broking house company and investment advisers in India who offer a one-stop-shop for all the Demat and trading account services to its customers. They have their customized and brilliantly crafted Ratnakar Securities Demat Account.

Ratnakar Securities offers

The customers of Ratanakar Securities can trade through multiple trading platforms such as mobile, online or their multiple branches. The customers can enhance trading experience seamlessly and comfy.

Ratnakar Securities helps its customers to track their investment through efficient ways to maximize their returns. Here is a detailed insight of the Ratanakar Securities trading account, demat account and every other detail about them.

Ratnakar Securities Demat Account

Below mentioned are some of the detail of the crucial points about Ratanakar Securities Demat account benefits:

  • With the Demat account, Ratanakar Securities customers will get an opportunity to transfer their physical shares in an electronic format.
  • The customers of Ratanakar Securities will get an opportunity to maintain their Demat account with depository participants of NDSL and CDSL.
  • Demat account is similar to bank account and ensures to maintain and transfer investor securities electronically.
  • Dedicated relationship manager helps the investors to resolve their queries related to their Demat account.
  • Ratnakar Securities Demat account opening charges levies on the customers are economical and so are the AMC economical.
  • 24 customer care services are offered to the customers of Ratanakar Securities.
  • Comprehensive research reports, transactions and holding are offered to the customers timely.
  • Portfolio valuation of the customers’ holdings Ratanakar Securities stocks will also be done accordingly on time.

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    How to Open an Ratnakar Securities Demat Account?

    If you are looking to open your Demat account then Ratanakar Securities offers you exemplary services associated with the Demat account. You can freely open Ratanakar Securities Demat account either by adopting online procedures or by attending either of the company branch office located in various cities.

    Check out the below mentioned bullets, for the Ratanakar Securities Demat account online procedure

    1. The most important point which is to be followed is to click on the green “Open Demat Account” button.
    2. As you will click on the link, the Demat account pop up form will be seen on your screen. Put the necessary details into it and then press submit. Following this an executive will call you through the phone number you provide in the form, to share an EKYC link.
    3. Few important questions will be asked by you to mention and they are basically related to your identity and your bank account. That is, Aadhaar number, PAN number, date of birth, bank account number and its IFSC code.
    4. Your details entered by you will be verified by the executives of the company.
    5. After verification of the details entered by you, some of the notable KYC documents will be requested to you to deposit to the executives of the company, in scanned copy format. They are Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport size photo and a cancelled cheque.
    6. The documents uploaded by you will even be further sent for the verification, after you sign the form digitally and then submit it.
    7. Instantly after the verification of the documents, your Demat account will be activated within 1-2 days.

    Ratnakar Securities Demat Account Charges

    This table here, is a sneak peak into the Ratnakar Securities Demat Account Charges.

    Ratnakar Securities Demat Account Charges
    Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening Charges Rs.299
    Demat AMC Rs.150 per Annum
    Trading AMC Free
    Margin Required Minimum Rs.1,500
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    Ratnakar Securities Account Opening Charges are Rs.299. This is to be paid once in a lifetime. Whereas, the Ratnakar Securities Trading Account Opening Charge is Free.

    Dematerialization facility is offered to the clients holding Ratanakar Securities Demat and Trading Account. The company is also a Depository participant with both the authorities, i.e. the CDSL and NSDL.

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    Ratnakar Securities AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    The description written below is about Ratanakar Securities AMC for both Demat account and trading account.

    Ratnakar Securities trading account annual maintenance charges are 100% free. Whereas, the Demat account annual maintenance charges are minimum Rs.299 per annum. The minimum Maintenance of the margin requirement for the customers of Ratanakar Securities is Rs.1500.

    Ratnakar Securities Trading Account

    The crucial points about Ratanakar Securities Trading account benefits are as following:

    • Individualized focused in been given to customers for their trading account issues. This is because the help desk is open for the account holders at all time.
    • An expert research team of the Ratnakar Securities delivers advice to the traders about which company shares should be purchased or sold.
    • Research reports offered to the customers of Ratanakar Securities enable them to invest in the most profitable company.
    • Traders associated with Ratanakar Securities will get an opportunity to access advanced trading platforms.
    • Ratnakar Securities trading account opening charges levies on the customers are significantly one time charge.
    • Ratnakar Securities customers’ investments will be tracked to maximize their returns.
    • A comprehensive range of trading and investment products and services are offered to the customers of Ratanakar Securities.
    • Ratnakar Securities assures to make their customers commodity trading simple and easier.
    • The backoffice of the company keeps in store all the activities of the account. It also prepares the financial statement of the transactions for the holders to keep track of.

    Ratnakar Securities Demat Account Conclusion

    Ratnakar Securities with more than 20 years of experience offers feasible financial planning solutions, diversified range of investment and financial products and services.

    There are multiple reasons to opt for Ratanakar Securities Demat Account as they offer a one-stop solution for the customer’s investments, traders can seamlessly trade through innumerable channels.

    Traders can track their investments like Pro, and they get a chance to receive the support of dedicated relationship manager. Hence, at last, it is concluded that Ratanakar Securities is a worthy and leading stock broking company to trust with.

    Open Ratnakar Securities Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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