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This article delivers details on Rajvi Stock Demat account & Rajvi Stock trading account.

Rajvi Stock offers impeccable Demat account services to its customers. With these services, customers of Rajvi Stock can safeguard their stock. The company also offers dematerialization services to its customers.

Rajvi Stock is a corporate member of reputed stock exchanges such as Bomb stock exchange, National Stock Exchange, MCX stock exchange. The company is highly dedicated to provide constant customer services.

The customized brokerage plans offered by the company enable them to satisfy customer expectations.

Rajvi Stock offers

Rajvi Stock Demat Account

Some of the exemplary Rajvi Stock demat account benefits are written below:-

  • The easiest approach to track the investment and securities on the internet
  • Demat account can be opened with either single or joint name
  • Securities purchased gets credited in the demat account which enables the traders to save their records electronically
  • With one single demat account, trading can be initiated in all the investments alternatives
  • Zero demat account annual maintenance charges
  • Moderate brokerage charges
  • High leverage exposure offered to the traders
  • A simpler approach to withhold the securities online
  • No use of paperwork, as demat account, can be opened online
  • Innovative and user-friendly trading software on desktop, web, and mobile
  • Flexible brokerage plans
  • Demat account can be opened both online and offline
  • Dedicated 24 hours customer support

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    How to Open an Rajvi Stock Demat Account?

    Rajvi Stock demat account service enables the traders to safeguard their securities in an electronic form, With the help of the demat account, traders can even buy and sell securities of almost all the renowned company and those shares purchased will be credited in traders demat account.

    Here are the steps to be followed to open Rajvi Stock demat account:-

    • Click on below button “open demat account”
    • A demat account form will be displayed on the screen as you will click on the link
    • Fill all the necessary information accurately asked in the form
    • Your details mentioned will be sent for the verification
    • Post the successful verification of your details, you will be asked to upload the important KYC documents.
    • Documents sent by you will be verified
    • Post the successful verification of your documents, your account will be accessed soon
    • You can explore your trading just by mentioning your login id and password.

    Documents you will be asked to upload in order to open your demat account with Rajvi Stock are:

    • Address proof
    • DOB proof
    • Pan char
    • Aadhar card
    • Passport size photos
    • Bank account details

    Rajvi Stock Demat Account Charges

    Rajvi Stock Demat Charges
    Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening Charges Rs.499
    Demat AMC Free
    Trading AMC Free
    Margin Required Minimum Rs.10,000
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    Rajvi Stock demat account charges are cost-effective. Demat account opening charges is a single payment which is to be paid by the customers while opening their demat account. Here is the detail of the Rajvi Stock account opening charges.

    The demat account opening charges of Rajvi Stocks is Rs.499. The trading account opening charges of Rajvi Stocks is Free. Dematerialization service is also available through Rajvi Stock

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    Rajvi Stock AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    Rajvi Stock demat AMC are paid by the customers in an effort to maintain their both demat and trading account. This is also a single payment which is to be paid prior.

    The Rajvi Stock demat annual maintenance charges are Free. Rajvi Stock trading account annual maintenance charges are Free.

    Rajvi Stock Trading Account

    Some of the exemplary Rajvi Stock trading account benefits are written below:

    • Trading account annual maintenance charge( AMC) are Free
    • Rajvi Stock trading account opening charges are also free.
    • The customers can trade-in equity and debt by opening Rajvi Stock trading account with affordable brokerage rates
    • Trading platforms are quite easy to operate and technically upgraded with multiple company graphs and indicators.
    • The brokerage company offers a range of Financial and trading instruments to trade with.
    • Customized brokerage plans offered by the Rajvi Stock help the customers to satisfy their requirements.
    • Minimum brokerage and transaction fees are imposed on traders.
    • Impeccable trading offers are facilitated to both new and existing customers
    • Stock tips are also offered to the customers free of cost
    • Research reports available by the broking company enable them to take the most optimum decisions
    • Both online and offline advisory services are available
    • Dedicated relationship manager to support the customer’s requirements.

    Rajvi Stock Demat Account – Conclusion

    Rajvi Stock demat account service is a reliable approach to withhold the securities online. Traders can hassle-free initiate their trading activities as advance and user-friendly trading software are available to the clients on web, mobile and desktop.

    Along with the advanced technology trading platforms, the broking company also offers a range of investment-related products and services. The trading of shares can be initiated on the first-rate trading platforms such as Lease Line, V-Sat, Dial-up connections coupled with ODIN technology.

    The SMS services are constantly available to the customers holding demat and trading account right from the beginning trading activities have initiated until the trade has been executed. Thus this company is the best option to prefer their demat and trading account service.

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