Just Trade Demat Account – Find Opening Process, Charges, AMC & more

Just Trade is a prominent brokerage house which provides facilities like Just Trade Demat Account to its customers so that they supervised their trading through the market efficiently.

Just Trade Trading Account has wonderful advantages like top-notch security in its transaction window and expert strategic decisions which are profound and increase the chances of returns for the client.

The various details like brokerage charges, facilities and the provisions are mentioned briefly in here.

Just Trade offers

Just Trade Demat Account

Just Trade Demat Account is the very initial step which starts the aligning of interests between the client and the brokerage firm. There are multiple pros to opening an account and those are listed in bullets below:

  • The process of account opening is entirely paperless and occurs online this ensures less permission is taken.
  • The online platform of the account allows the practice of trading and investing from anywhere.
  • Company’s Demat account collaborates all of the enterprises equities and shares under a single place which makes everything easier and less arduous.
  • The charges which are demanded by the brokerage house are reasonable when harbouring the plus points it gives.
  • Having a Demat account is pretty much essential for any trading process as it holds all the debt and equity factors.
  • The process of trading and the payment is instant and secure. The risks pertained are much lowered.
  • A lot of communication is needed to be done in the dealing process and is fast and through online notifications.

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How to Open an Just Trade Demat Account?

The opening of a demat account is nothing profound and complex but simple and easy and generally guided entirely by the officials.

The following are the steps to be followed to Open Just Trade Demat Account:

  1. Filling the pop up form under the option of “Open Demat account” in this webpage.
  2. The executive from the firm call or contact the trader for eKYC.
  3. While filling the form, the details for ID proof through Aadhar and Pan card and passport sizes photographs are essential. Fill the information as asked.
  4. The details of the bank which is to be joined by the Demat account will be required to be disclosed. So, enter your bank account number, IFSC Code.
  5. Now is time to provide the scanned images of all the documents as stated before. You will also need to upload images of your passport size photo and cancelled cheque.
  6. Once the confirmation is done by the brokerage house the account will be open for trading on entering the details like login ID and password. The log in details will be forwarded to your registered email address.

Just Trade Demat Account Charges

Just Trade Demat Charges
Depository ParticipantCDSL & NSDL
Account Opening ChargesRs.710
Demat AMCRs.280 per Annum
Trading AMCFree
Margin RequiredRs.10,000
Dematerialization AvailableNo

The Just Trade Account Opening Charges are not quite reasonable as you are required to pay a fee of Rs.710 and the same is for keeping the account open too.

Just Trade Demat Account Charges is Rs.280 per annum but the trading AMC is free. A margin charge is required to be maintained throughout the time trading occurs for insurance purposes that amount to Rs.10000. The depository partners are trusted and widely acknowledged CDSL and NSDL.

Just Trade AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

Just Trade AMC is a minimal charge which is to be paid every year for keeping the record and account open under the brokering firm. The price which is demanded is Rs.280 and is quite low when the faculties provided and made available are accounted for.

The facility to dematerialise the funds is not available for the customers trading with Just Trade.

The customers get additional security and trust as the participants used by the dorm of deposits is none other than the NSDL and CDSL ensuring insurance and protection of the client’s money and finances.

Just Trade Trading Account

Just Trade Trading Account has many benefits adjoined with its opening. The maintenance and opening charges for the same are also nil. The edge any trader gets by opening a trading account is described in the following section:

  • The opening of trading account makes the investment, be it IPO or mutual funds, a whole level of easier.
  • The process which is undertaken becomes entirely paperless thus the need to maintain the photocopies of various documents is reduced.
  • The usage of the trading account and the platform it brings for the deals are secure and the online method of transaction eases the ordeal significantly.
  • The brokerages are low and reimbursement plans are multiple to choose. Any form of hidden penalties is not charged and only legible fees laid in the agreement are to be levied.

Just Trade Demat Account – Conclusion

Just trade is an excellent institution to make a deal with for any trader who is looking to invest in various types of derivatives and assets functioning in the shares market.

The Just Trade Demat Account gives an edge to any investor as the implied benefits are many which not only are budget-friendly but promises favourable performance of shares in the market.

The strategies and secure safe pathway designed and constantly conditioned by the company for its customers leads to trading which becomes nothing more than a breeze to-follow up.

Open Just Trade Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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