Trading and investing in a stock market is an adventure, a lot of us have already embraced, while the rest yearn for it. Beginners generally find it difficult as they often have no idea where to start from.

The first thing you should do is, find a reliable broker. If you feel Beeline is the one, Beeline Broking Demat Account would becomes the next target.

Not only the demat account, but getting a Beeline Broking Trading Account is important if you wish to have hold of your trading and dealing.

Beeline Broking offers

Beeline Broking Demat Account

With so much of competition and so many stockbrokers entering the industry, if becomes difficult to choose one. Holding onto a company makes you question everything, and so, here are your reasons to invest in Beeline Broking Demat Account:

  • Transparency is endorsed by the company, which means, everything relating to the terms, conditions, expenses etc are mentioned to you in advance, at the time of contract formation.
  • You aren’t exposed to pay yearly occurring account maintenance charge, and it cuts on your expenses list for the year.
  • They have a strong hold of technology, and so, creating an account and trading process further can be undertaken entirely online.
  • You will have the option of investing with a lot of assets classes if you get a demat account with Beeline Broking
  • The company also provides expert assistance, which makes it easy for investors to make ensured profits and not losses.

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    How to Open an Beeline Broking Demat Account?

    If you already made up your mind, or are in the process, here is the easiest way to Open Beeline Broking Demat Account. We wanted to lend you a hand, where you can easily obtain a demat account ownership, and so here is a step on instruction.

    1. First and foremost thing you need to do is, look at the bottom of this page, to find “Open a Demat Account” button. Click on it as soon as you find it.
    2. Now, a quick pop up will arise when you click on the account. It will ask you some contact details; fill in the necessary details and submit it.
    3. The executives of the company will now call you back and share a link to EKYC, which is your responsibility to fill.
    4. The basic information you will be asked in EKYC is Aadhaar number, PAN number and date of birth. Enter all the details and proceed.
    5. When you provide identity details, you will be asked for your bank account details, next. So, keep your Account number and IFSC code handy.
    6. Next step is to provide a well scanned image of all the documents – Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport size photo and a Cancelled cheque.
    7. Select send when done, and the executives will follow up on you again.
    8. Scanned images are to verify the authenticity of the application and so, when the documents are verified, you will receive your activated account in a day or two.

    Beeline Broking Demat Account Charges

    Beeline Broking Demat Charges
    Depository ParticipantCDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening ChargesRs.876
    Demat AMCFree
    Trading AMCFree
    Margin RequiredZero Margin
    Dematerialization AvailableNo

    No matter which company you choose to trade with, if they ask you to pay certain charges, you are liable to pay them. The difference lies upon the concerned company’s structure, and Beeline Broking Demat Account Charges are economically constructed, we believe.

    Starting with the Beeline Broking Account Opening Charges, it is Rs.876. actually, when compared with other companies, this fee is pretty high, as there are companies who charge as less as Rs.100.

    But, given other waived off charge, it seems fair enough. Also, this fee is a one-time pay, and is only required to be paid once, at the time of account opening.

    This company has both CDSL & NSDL as its Depository participant, which is an add on. Lastly, the company does not provide dematerialization facility.

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    Beeline Broking AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    We are sure you must be wondering about the Beeline Broking AMC for the next thing. We wish to put you at relief if you haven’t already peaked into the table. There are absolutely no charges tagged as demat AMC or trading AMC. So, you are free from any kind of yearly payment commitment.

    On the plus side, there is no margin requirement as set by the company. This is great for all kind of investors, as one is not obligated to maintain any amount in the account as minimum balance.

    Beeline Broking Trading Account

    Trading account might as well put you in a fix, if you have no idea of its need. Apart from rendering the basic need, the Beeline Broking Trading Account is profitable in a lot more ways than you can imagine. Here are some of the benefits streamlined.

    • You get the option of investing in mutual fund as well here, apart from the basic equity, currency and commodity investment.
    • Each and every online platform they provide for trading, is well stuffed with advanced tools. You can seamlessly invest and earn huge returns, with access to all kind of research tips and tools.
    • You can invest in all kind of asset segments, and monitor them in one place altogether.
    • Customer service is always at your service, and you can reach out to them easily. Back office would be your go to place for all kind of insights.

    Beeline Broking Demat Account – Conclusion

    Speaking of the obvious, based on all the information we provided, you can see Beeline Broking Demat Account is profitable. Take your time and think over your investment needs, including the returns you wish to fetch. We assure you, the company accommodated to all of your needs.

    Based on your risk profile and needs, the company experts will even guide you on the perfect investment plan. Do your part of research and keep the trading game going.

    Open Beeline Broking Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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