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Moneylicious Capital is viewed as one of the ultimate and dependable brokerage houses in the country. Moneylicious Capital Demat Account has a lot of focal centres joined to it and has a bounty of strategy choices and affiliations constituted in the firm which gives facilities to the customers.

The details for the available services with Moneylicious Capital, which includes the Moneylicious Capital Demat Account and the essential Moneylicious Capital Trading Account are discussed below along with its affiliated uses and ratified charges.

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Moneylicious Capital Demat Account

There is a distinctive sort of facility, which comes in the adage of Moneylicious Capital policies for the traders who have Demat account with them and utilize their platforms.

The Moneylicious Capital  Demat Account has an unmistakable course of action and promising affinities which the customers can gather and use for their own deals and purposes. Here we touch some of the essential Moneylicious Capital Demat Account benefits:

  • Since the trading account is provided through an online platform, the reach and Networking facilities made available to the client is appreciable as the need to travel long distances is completely eliminated.
  • The pivotal point is the distinct security features available by the firm for its patrons, so that they can trade without worrying about any major threat of trespassing.
  • The affordable brokerage charge encourages the investors to engage in investing and the budget-friendly plans allow easy estimation of them.
  • There are no charges which are not basic business charges as mention earlier. There are some conventional tolls which are necessary to be paid and they are mentioned in the contract beforehand.
  • The single account allows the effortless management of every undertaken asset.

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    How to Open an Moneylicious Capital Demat Account?

    Opening a Demat account is probably the most basic step each trader or potential investor engages in when receiving the services of any brokerage houses.

    The very simple steps to Open Moneylicious Capital Demat Account are given in an orderly fashion below.

    1. Tap over the “Open Demat Account” button menu in this webpage, and fill in the pop up application form which appears.
    2. After the filling and submission, an executive calls the applicant regarding the procedure and guides them further.
    3. The client will need an Aadhar card, Pan card and other ID proofs to showcase them as a legal citizen of India.
    4. Other details such as the bank account number, IFSC code etc. will be needed for the eKYC process. It is assumed to be kept in utmost safety with the brokerage firm.
    5. Using the Aadhar card can reduce the complications as it connects all other important details in one wing.
    6. Now, you will be directed to upload the scanned images of the documents, along with the passport size photo and cancelled cheque. This is purely for the verification process.
    7. After the verification from the firm is completed, the client will again be contacted by the company officials. And, the details of the now opened account will be shared.
    8. After this one can go and start investing. Also, keep track of their financed equities through the account upon entering the ID and unique password.

    Moneylicious Capital Demat Account Charges

    Moneylicious Capital Demat Charges
    Depository ParticipantCDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening ChargesRs.500
    Demat AMCFree or Rs.400 per Annum
    Trading AMCFree
    Margin RequiredZero Margin
    Dematerialization AvailableNo

    The Moneylicious Capital Account Opening charges are actually Rs.500 for opening the accounts of both the Demat and Trading account.

    The Moneylicious Capital Demat Account Charges is among the most fundamental charges which are levied and is Rs. 400 per annum or free of cost. The Demat account is connected with the vault-like the CDSL & NSDL – depositories of India.

    It also gives the allowance of the dematerialization of the physical shares and this gives the entire control in the hand of the trader.

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    Moneylicious Capital AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    The Moneylicious Capital AMC or the yearly upkeep charges are unfathomable low considering the first-class brokerage facilities enabled to the users. The trading account maintenance is free of cost. The Demat account can either be free or will need Rs.400 per year according to the contract laid.

    There is absolutely no demand of any balance money for trader. So, the investment can be done even if you maintain zero margins, which is extremely profiting for the clients with low capital.

    Moneylicious Capital Trading Account

    There are many benefits which can be up taken by a client using the Moneylicious Capital Trading Account. The opening and maintenance of the same are entirely free and the same is analysed below briefly.

    • Almost every type of instruments can be undertaken, starting from options to assets and commodities to even mutual funds using this one single account.
    • The assistance provided by the Moneylicious Capital is really practical and comes in a lot of instances to help the client.
    • Paperless work is encouraged and the complications and steps to process and take are significantly reduced.
    • The investments in IPOs can be made along with on-point speculation which can return favourable tides for the investor.

    Moneylicious Capital Demat Account – Conclusion

    The company is amongst the most acclaimed regulator and provider of Moneylicious Capital Demat Account and other faculties in the market at such reasonable and affordable rates.

    The extraordinary and trustworthy company provides such multifarious advantages to the customer venturing in the stocks and shares market that it bounds others to conjoin with its services retaining to the fact of its exponentially increasing customer base.

    Open Moneylicious Capital Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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