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In this article, we will dig in detail about Angel broking SmartBuzz Platform. This is a new initiative by Angel broking where you will find Share Market News.

If someone wanted to read some news about the markets right now, they could probably find hundreds of sources instantly and read anything on the current market events right away.

Angel Broking Market NewsIn fact, there is no shortage of news, there’s just too much of it, isn’t that right? Perhaps that is the problem.

Because in this explosion of news about the markets, is the real story that one cannot afford to miss. So how does one tune out of the noise, and tune in on what really matters?

What complicates things further, is when someone is low on time – for instance, when they are a trader who is looking for the most important news to start their day with, right before the market bells ring. So what do they do in such a situation?

And more importantly, how do they focus on the purpose that that news serves to them, rather than focusing on how and where to catch up to the information that every other informed trader is working with while placing their bets?

About Angel SmartBuzz

This is precisely the ideology behind which SmartBuzz was created. Because when it comes to important market news, there are two things – first, market news includes more than just stories.

It also includes how companies are doing in real-time, and how their performance has changed over time.

The second important thing is that this news is meant for people who have larger things to focus on.

Naturally, their window of attention is small for this, but they must still walk away with some solid takeaways.

As they say, time is money – well, in terms of stock markets, this saying perhaps couldn’t be truer than anywhere else.

SmartBuzz is essentially an app that recognizes all of these things. It understands who you are, why you are there, and exactly how much time you will have.

SmartBuzz is designed to fit snugly in a life between the bells, and it is more than just an app – well, both literally and figuratively.

Literally, because SmartBuzz is available on a web browser, and an iOS or an Android smartphone. Alright, that’s the generic stuff about SmartBuzz. Time to see how it justifies its own name.

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    Why choose Angel Broking

    Angel Broking SmartBuzz – Top Features

    There are three things about SmartBuzz that will make it hard for a trader to imagine their life without. Check them out!

    Market news and performance tied into one

    For the savvy trader and investor, market news and stock performance are not two different things. In fact, such a trader is constantly analyzing as she or he goes through the market news.

    More importantly, the more news they read about a certain industry sector or a company, the more information they have to accurately forecast what is actually explaining the movements in the market.

    So why keep stock tickers out of a news reporting app?

    In fact, apart from all the news that is there to absorb in the readable form, those price movements that are so critical for a trader, that those movements are THE news that they need to have constant access to.

    And because everyone trades seamlessly on multiple devices, so should this news seamlessly switch between those devices.

    That’s what makes SmartBuzz the only app that a trader or investor would need for keeping up with the latest that’s happening in the market.

    News are Decluttered

    A trader will seldom have the time to filter what’s important enough for them to keep in mind, and what’s not.

    And what about those filler paragraphs that are just designed to keep people engaged with an app for longer?

    SmartBuzz does away with all of that. It cuts the chase and delivers precisely what is needed to be known, in short, consumable bites.

    Sure, trading and investing is a game of precision and analysis. But so is the news. We recognize it and keep it that way.

    But what’s more important, is that SmartBuzz recognizes how much time a trader actually has to spend on a story.

    In this age of smartphone apps, SmartBuzz takes a minute out of the 24 hours to deliver value to the trading and investing experience.

    In addition, SmartBuzz eliminates the need to keep multiple tabs open on the web browser, or multiple apps on a smartphone. Now that’s digital decluttering at its peak!

    SmartBuzz is absolutely free

    Because the information is what makes the stock markets a fair and square affair.

    But fair doesn’t stop at free, right? Fair stands for accessible – that’s why SmartBuzz is available in any language of your choice.

    This truly makes SmartBuzz the only market news app a trader will ever need – no matter what language they speak.

    One last thing to remember

    SmartBuzz is not made just for traders. In fact, it is also made for business owners or people who just like to call themselves market enthusiasts.

    Actually, some of the best traders were market enthusiasts before they actually started trading. And like they say, knowledge never goes to waste.

    Who knows, maybe you will end up picking on some of the best signals in the market simply by making the best use of that one minute that you have got to review the markets.

    So what’s stopping you? Log on to smartbuzz.angelbroking.com, and reinvent the way you experience your market news. And just to remind you again – it’s absolutely free!

    Angel Broking SmartBuzz – Conclusion

    Like what you see? These are just some of the many reasons to choose Angel Broking, which is fast becoming one of the most preferred broking partners in India.

    If you’d like to open an account with Angel Broking, it’s simple! Click here to get started.

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