Know about Trading Solution for Rule Based Traders here & How Angel Broking’s SmartAPI Solution is helping Traders in Algo Trading.

Rule-based trading or Algo Trading has earned a rather infamous reputation amongst the non-technical and technical traders and investors alike in India. And not for the wrong reasons.

Until now, only a few dared to venture into rule-based trading, and those that did had to rely on more than four parties to put their entire system together.

Moreover, making the pieces work in tandem was an even greater challenge – so rule-based trading was limited to those who had built these systems for some of the top finance companies in the world.

Trading Solution for Rule Based Traders or Retail Investors

Rule based Traders who attempted setting rule-based trading upon their own had to find a reliable data provider that would feed real-time market data to their systems.

They will also package their programs, leverage another partner to bridge them to the stock market, and yet another to patch this system to their own accounts.

Angel Broking One Stop Trading SolutionThe average retail investor couldn’t even dream of putting such a system together.

And how would they? rule-based trading was made for the likes of high-tech professionals that had worked at leading financial companies of the world. Not anymore.

Today, rule-based trading has become accessible to anyone who is well, just adventurous enough.

If that looks like an exaggeration, let us tell you that this isn’t: rule-based trading can now be set up by anyone who has at least written a simple computer program, and traded or invested in the stock market!

With Angel Broking’s SmartAPI, this has become a reality. SmartAPI has not just made this a reality. It has made rule-based trading both smarter and more elegant – which adds up to doable, and fast.

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    Trading Solution for Rules Based Traders – SmartAPI

    So what exactly is SmartAPI? In very simple words, it’s almost all you will need in order to set up your own rule-based trading desk and to run it over your account.

    If you are an advisor, SmartAPI will be the only thing you’ll need to push orders to your clients’ accounts.

    You can do this by automating the very strategies that you use to manually push the best trades to your clients digitally.

    And if you are a startup, SmartAPI will help you set up your smart trading application within a matter of a few days.

    Before we delve further into what SmartAPI does, take a minute to understand what SmartAPI really is.

    About SmartAPI – Trading Solution for Algo Traders

    SmartAPI is basically a bundle of pre-packaged code that you can use and reuse in more than five programming languages – including Python, R, NodeJS, and so on.

    If you have done some coding before, you will be familiar with the idea of libraries.

    SmartAPI is a library too – and it consists of objects and functions that let you set up your rule-based trading routines without having to code everything from the ground up.

    Now check out what SmartAPI does functionally. The first thing you’ll need in a rule-based trading setup is the ability to obtain the market data feed into your coding environment in real-time.

    This is basically what your algorithms will scan to identify the right trading signals and trigger them. In SmartAPI, this functionality is available under the market feed API.

    Next, when you write an algorithm that automates a strategy, you will need to test how this strategy would have performed in the market in the past.

    Again, you will need to access historical market data, and run simulations to make sure that your strategy is worth executing.

    The good news is that SmartAPI supports back-testing, and lets you rigorously run tests to ensure that your strategy behaves exactly the way you want it to.

    Once you have ensured that everything is watertight, you will ultimately need to execute orders into your account.

    For this, you will make use of a trading API that sends buy and sell signals to the stock exchange. And secondly, you will need to pipeline these orders through and into your account.

    How SmartAPI helps Rule Based Traders?

    SmartAPI lets you do all of these things, and in addition, provides solid user management capabilities in case you want to set up a rule-based trading desk that runs on your clients’ accounts too.

    In other words, it can help you develop a fully functional digital wealth management solution for your clientele if you dream big enough.

    Now, if you are wondering as to how your trades actually get executed, this is where the magic of API-based trading lies.

    Basically, Angel Broking exposes a subset of functionalities of its trade execution engine to you through its SmartAPI – therefore, when you execute a trade using SmartAPI.

    It is essentially Angel broking’s trading environment that conveys the trade to the stock exchange. It is reliable, it’s fast and it’s trustworthy.

    So SmartAPI is basically all that you will need for your rule-based trading needs – of course, in addition to your trading strategies, your methodologies, your creativity, and some coding knowledge.

    But even if you are missing some or any of these, you can still try your hands at SmartAPI – because if you are confused about anything, you can always throw a question at our teams, or at a lively community of developers and traders who are doing exactly what you are.

    SmartAPI is not just an open-ended solution – we close the loop by providing you with all the support you need as a rule-based trader, with production-friendly documentation, and more.

    All that’s left, is for you to go check out SmartAPI – log on to, and kickstart your rule-based trading journey today with the best in the game!

    Trading Solution for Rule Based Traders – Conclusion

    Like what you see? These are just some of the many reasons to choose Angel Broking, which is fast becoming one of the most preferred broking partners in India.

    If you’d like to open an account with Angel Broking, it’s simple! Click here to get started.

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