If you are planning to invest in cryptocurrency, then you need to follow this guide on Best Cryptocurrency to Invest.

Here you can find the list of Top 10 Cryptocurrencies for Investment, which you must invest in current financial year.

Best Cryptocurrency to InvestFor quite some time now, cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of popularity. From a global perspective, the year 2020 was quite challenging for every one of us. 

A plethora of investors started investing in them, thanks to massive global pandemic fear, lockdowns, and global recession.

People say cryptocurrencies are one of the best possible alternatives to typical financial assets or to hedge against some huge financial threats.

So, as we can see that this year is an year full of promises, it seems cryptocurrency is going to strive in the financial market.

Additionally, traders can say that crypto expect a massive change in the financial system. The main point here as an asset class is to open its complete potential.

Back in 2009, the first cryptocurrency was launched, and as it was just the beginning, not many people knew about it. But today, it is not the case as the crypto market is enormous.

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest – List of Top 10 Cryptocurrencies

There are a plethora of things that people say about cryptocurrencies as some feel cryptocurrencies might not last long, while some say they are here to stay. 

Blockchain technology is the only reason why crypto are growing today.

Here are the list of Best Cryptocurrency for Investment –

RankCrypto for Trading
7Bitcoin Cash

Now, lets have a detailed understanding of these 10 best cryptocurrencies for investment.

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    Bitcoin – Best Cryptocurrency for Investment

    Well, this cryptocurrency doesn’t need any special introduction for sure. Back in 2011, Satoshi Nakamoto developed this bitcoin.

    No doubt, many cryptocurrencies come and go, but bitcoin is a crypto that is here to stay. You can say it is an evergreen currency.

    But Bitcoin surprised everyone in 2020 by reaching an all-time high at $19,857, and yet again extending to 177%.

    Additionally, rising inflation and an increase in institutional demand are some of the significant factors which drive Bitcoin in 2021.

    Eventually, bitcoin will break through $100,000. That’s what experts believe in.

    Etherum – Top Cryptocurrency to Invest

    You can say that Ethereum is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies in 2021, and it had also performed excellently in 2020.

    As per December stats, the crypto has a market capitalization of $68,127bn. The only reason it is one of the best cryptocurrencies is that it is open-source blockchain technology.

    Traders say it is one of the fastest-growing trends which can easily change loans, insurance, and savings schemes.

    It will make all the financial programs independent of the financial institutions. Additionally, you can say Defi has undoubtedly reached new heights.

    Ripple – Top 10 Cryptocurrency to Invest

    Besides being an alternative to the financial systems, the main aim of creating ripple was to do both transform and facilitate cross border payments. Additionally, they also aim to make it safe at 100%.

    Currently, ripple claims to expand its services into lending, cross border financing, and allow low cost. Customers can use this service on-demand liquidity on the rippling net.

    A plethora of investors say that global transition is imminent on a blockchain. On an institutional level, ripple offers to facilitate growth.

    After seeing the tremendous potential, more and more companies plan to join ripple.

    Litecoin – Best Cryptocurrency to Invest

    Currently, Litecoin is fluctuating somewhere around $87, and it is the only reason why it is quite reasonable. The market capitalization for Litecoin stands at $5,792bn.

    2021 is no exception for sure because Litecoin always stands in the list of top ten cryptocurrencies. But at the same time, we can’t also say that Litecoin is going to be the best performing cryptocurrency.

    Some analyst also believes that Litecoin will grow significantly in the coming years. The best part about Bitcoin is that it gives excellent usability, and it is four times faster than Bitcoin.

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    TRON – Top Cryptocurrencies for Investment

    Ideally, TRON was launched on the Ethreum network. But now you can say that TRON is a peer to peer network which aims to revolutionize the entertainment niche and also democratize the content sector.

    You can say that the network works as a content sharing network. With the rise of the app, the TRON can contribute it significantly.

    Basic Attention Token or BAT – Top 10 Cryptocurrencies to Invest

    The cryptocurrency reached its all-time popularity back in 2018. Well, in 2021, also it has a plethora of nice things to offer.

    You can say that the coin is quite famous with content writers, PR, marketing, and web developers.

    The co-founder of  Mozilla Firefox developed this cryptocurrency, and it has a tremendous amount of respect in insider circles.

    Bitcoin Cash or BCH – Best Cryptocurrency to Invest

    A few years back, there was a big debate in the Bitcoin community around the scalability topic, and ideally, it led to a new blockchain-based protocol.

    To enhance the number of transactions on the ledger, the blockchain most likely increases in size. Today people address the latest blockchain and cryptocurrency as Bitcoin cash.

    After the split, Bitcoin cash has gained a lot of prominence among all types of crypto traders.

    With a market capitalization of $4.72bn, it is the fifth-largest biggest cryptocurrency available. From 2021, experts expect that it will reach to $500, and it is excellent news for investors for sure.

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    Chainlink or $LINK – Top Cryptocurrency to Invest

    The cryptocurrency is ideal for you if you want to get access to DON, which allows trustless data streams. Additionally, it helps in triggering smart contacts. 

    Basically, smart contracts are nothing but agreements between two parties where the transactions are recorded on the ledger.

    The main issue here is that you need to use real-world data to meet specific conditions.

    To ensure the validity of the data, the chainlink has come up with a great system that pays the data providers. Basically, the main agenda is to trigger smart contracts.

    Zcash – Top 10 Cryptocurrency for Investment

    The cryptocurrency is highly inspired by Bitcoin’s codebase. Back in 2016, it was launched as a privacy token.

    In simple words, you can say it is a cryptocurrency that tends to mask transactions from outside parties.  After spikes in 2021, majority of the experts expect the price to fall in few years down the line.

    Hence, if you are planning to get into this asset, then you need to know that this one holds a lot of potentials.

    If you are a seasoned operator, then this is your best bet. Besides its robust privacy features, the crypto is somewhat the same as others.

    Cardona – Best Cryptocurrency to Invest

    The project was announced back in 2014, but you can say it is one of the most reputable cryptocurrencies in the market.

    Two standard features of the project include speed and reliability, and these features tend to ensure that the scheme stands apart. The cryptocurrency mainly depends on tech-oriented developers.

    Additionally, the network here is layered, so mainly app developers find it attractive. The best part here is that traders can easily update it as it is quite flexible.

    Best Cryptocurrency for Investment – Conclusion

    Well, one thing is for sure that 2021 is going to be a fantastic year for cryptocurrencies for sure. You can say crypto payments are a matter of time. 

    With the top cryptocurrencies available, you can choose any as per your preference and make the trade.

    Hence, you can invest easily with the help of this guide as, you can see and know of all the crypto here.

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    Best Cryptocurrency To Invest 

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