Check out Best Cryptocurrency Broker here. Find out the list of Top 10 Cryptocurrency Broker available for Investment.

The year 2020 saw an exponential price rise of cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin. Investors around the world are quite optimistic about the future of Cryptocurrency.

Best Cryptocurrency BrokerHowever, the risk involved with crypto-investment is huge that needs to be mitigated well.

The first step towards risk mitigation is proper planning and proper planning involves choosing the right broker for your investment.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 brokers in this cryptocurrency space. They are facilitating the clients to earn the most in the market.

We will discuss the facilities they provide and other aspects as well.

Best Cryptocurrency Broker – List of Top 10 Cryptocurrency Brokers for Investment

Check out the List of Top Cryptocurrency Broker available for buying & selling this virtual currency in the market.

RankCryptocurrency Brokers
7Crypto Rocket
9Interactive Brokers

Here is the list of Top 10 Cryptocurrency Brokers around the world. Now, lets have a detailed understanding of these Best Cryptocurrency Brokers & know which one is suitable for you.

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    OCTAFX – Best Cryptocurrency Broker

    You can set up a cryptocurrency trading account easily with OCTAFX. There are facilities like scalping, EAs, hedging in the crypto market which you can avail with OCTAFX.

    The broker allows you to trade with a very nominal opening balance. There are multiple trading strategies that they offer you to perform while trading.

    There is a negative balance protection facility along with 500:1 huge leverage.

    eToro – Top Cryptocurrency Broker

    One of the most popular social trading platform which provides algorithmic trading as well. It is mainly known for its copy trading feature that it provides to traders and investors.

    This broker is one of the most popular cryptocurrency brokers in the world at present. This broker is having very user-friendly interface of their platform.

    They are also providing mobile applications for hassle-free crypto-trading. This broker charges very reasonable brokerage rate/commission as well.

    IG – Top 10 Cryptocurrency Broker

    This is one of the most trusted brokers in the crypto arena. IG provides multiple crypto assets to trade and invests in.

    There is a professional trading facility available. Even the broker provide mobile trading and education facility as well for crypto enthusiasts.

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    Xtb – Best Cryptocurrency Broker for Investment

    This cryptocurrency broker is known for its customer service and highly advanced trading platform.

    There are more than twenty-five cryptocurrencies that this broker offers for trading and investment.

    The trading platform is an xStation 5 which is an exceptionally advanced trading platform.

    Swissquote – Top Cryptocurrency Broker for Investment

    If you want to trade your cryptocurrencies with Swiss Bank then you can opt for their Swissquote Cryptocurrency trading account.

    They offer a variety of cryptocurrencies to trade and that too at competitive pricing (brokerage rates).

    They offer a wallet facility as well along with the brokerage account. The eTrading account is completely different from the Forex account and the CFD account.

    Gemini – Top 10 Cryptocurrency Broker for Investment

    This is one of the most popular brokers in the crypto space known for its excellent security measures.

    This broker provides multiple crypto assets for trading. There are multiple tools for trading smoothly and research and analysis.

    With the trading platform offered by Gemini, you can trade without any hassle. The brokerage charges are also pretty low.

    Crypto Rocket – Best Cryptocurrency Broker in India

    With this broker, you get to trade directly without any intermediaries. This means there is no market maker in between the trade you perform.

    This reduces the cost of trading on your side. This broker offers 35 cryptocurrency pairs. There is high leverage of 500:1 which is provided by this broker.

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    Voyager – Top Cryptocurrency Broker in India

    If you are looking for a crypto-broker that has multiple exchanges associated with it then Voyager is the place you need to be.

    Here you can access cryptocurrencies from different exchanges, so multiple cryptocurrencies you can avail.

    The broker is trustworthy and reliable and has nominal brokerage charges. However, the charges are not taken as commission which reduces the charges further.

    Interactive Brokers – Top 10 Cryptocurrency Broker in India

    This crypto-broker enables you to buy future contracts of Bitcoin.

    You can invest in Bitcoin Futures without investing in the currency directly can minimize your investment and optimize your profit, if the market goes as per your anticipation as in the stock market.

    You can buy the 5-Bitcoin per contract futures from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange which cost around $15.01.

    This is the commission for each contract. The broker asks for no minimum balance in the account.

    TradeStation – Best Cryptocurrency Broker

    Finally we have TradeStation as our tenth best crypto-broker. With this brokerage house, you can trade in cryptocurrencies directly as well as in crypto-currency futures (Bitcoin futures).

    The commission ranges from 0.25% to 1% of the contract or the trading value.

    The amount you need to keep in the account for trading the cryptocurrencies is nil but for trading futures, you need to keep a certain margin.

    This margin is important as the commission is dependent on the margin in your account as well.

    Best Crypto Currency Broker – Conclusion

    To summaries it all, the top brokers in the cryptocurrency space, provide multiple investment options. The commissions and the brokerage charges are nominal.

    They have a great trading platform for trading smoothly and some of them also offer a future trading facility with Bitcoin as the underlying asset.

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