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Check out Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges & find the list of Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange for trading.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges are like Stock Market exchanges, however, as Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency so are these exchanges.

Cryptocurrency exchanges have the crypto assets listed in them which the traders can trade and the investors can buy, hold and sell for profit.

These exchanges have their charges and facilities which will discuss in this article. The article will cover the top ten cryptocurrency exchanges in the world at present times.

We will also look at the features that must be there in a cryptocurrency exchange to suit your requirements.

  • Firstly, the cryptocurrency exchange needs to be highly secure. There has to be proper protection against hacking and fraud on this platform.
  • Then the charges need to be lesser. This will help the investors and traders to make more profits.
  • The verification process has to be there for safety but it has to be hassle-free.
  • Finally comes the payment options. The payment options must be multiple to facilitate different investors and traders.

Basis of Cryptocurrency Exchange

Ideally, cryptocurrency exchanges are trading platforms where you can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies for different digital currencies. 

You need to use these exchanges if you plan to trade professionally and access fancy trading tools. Additionally, you need to verify your ID and also open an account. 

There are also platforms where you don’t need to give your ID or open an account if you plan to make occasional, straightforward trade. 

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    Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges – List of Top 10 Crypto Exchange

    Here are the list of Top Cryptocurrency Exchange available for Trading –

    Rank Cryptocurreny Exchanges
    1 Binance
    2 Coinbase
    3 Cash App
    4 Gemini
    5 Kraken
    6 iO
    7 Robinhood
    8 CA
    9 COM
    10 Swapzone

    These are the Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Now, lets have a brief understanding of these exchanges & know about their functions.

    Binance – Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

    Binance is the world’s leading crypto exchange with millions of crypto traders and investors. It is one of the global platforms where it offers staking facility to the traders.

    By staking your cryptocurrency on Binance, you can earn interest as well. Then you can get loans against your crypto assets that you are holding on Binance.

    The fees for trading on Binance is only 0.1%.

    Coinbase – Top Cryptocurrency Exchange

    With a 35 million client base, Coinbase is another leading and largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

    Best Cryptocurrency ExchangesIt was established by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam who are some of the richest crypto traders in the present times. The exchange with its huge client base is capturing a huge market cap as well.

    It provides a simple trading arena where you can trade without any complications and you can trade on your own without waiting for other traders to trade.

    On Coinbase Pro, there is a peer to peer trading facility. The user interface is smooth and hassle-free. There are facilities for the vendors to incorporate payment options using Coinbase.

    The fees that Coinbase Pro Exchange charges is 0.5%. The charges for buying with debit or credit card are higher around 4% (including all the charges).

    Cash App – Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange

    On the Cash App exchange, you can buy or sell Bitcoin freely. It only supports Bitcoin at present. There is a peer-to-peer money transfer option on this platform.

    Then there is an option for direct deposit and withdrawal which facilitates the users a lot.

    The exchange charges minimal fees which are disclosed only when the trade order is processed that is at the time of transaction.

    The exchange is having a great UI as well which suits all types of traders whether an expert or a beginner.

    Gemini – Best Crypto Trading Exchange

    If you are looking for a cryptocurrency exchange that has exceptional security measures then Gemini should be your choice.

    It has FDIC protection which secures your funds from any hackers and frauds on the internet. This exchange is having multiple crypto assets for you to invest and trade.

    Then there is the very minimum deposit required. For instance, you can start trading and investing with just 0.00001 Bitcoin which is a great facility for many retail traders.

    Then the fees are nominal as well which is 0.5% as the convenience fee. The transaction fee increases with the increase in the value of the transaction.

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    Kraken – Top Crypto Trading Exchange

    This crypto exchange is one of the veterans in the crypto space. It was founded in the year 2011 and now it is having its presence in many countries.

    This is known for its ample choices amongst the crypto assets. The platform is having high advance features as well as spot trading tools in the crypto space.

    Then there are other technical tools for the traders. It has a Dark Pool order Book option which allows you to see the orders which no other traders can see in the market.

    Then you can stake your crypto assets on Kraken and earn returns. The fee is 0.26% for the Spot trading feature. Then for stablecoins, it is only 0.2%.

    However, there are hardly any other charges for deposits and others.

    io – Top 10 Crypto Trading Exchange

    It is another oldest crypto trading exchange that offers a hassle-free trading facility. There is a margin trading option where you can get high leverage for your trades.

    The crypto assets available on this platform are multiple and you can diversify your investment accordingly.

    The fees that this platform charge is a bit higher than many other platforms. The charges including everything is around 7% which is expensive.

    The trading fees, as well as deposit and withdrawal, are also costly.

    Robinhood – Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    This platform is known for its low fees and simple UI. There is an easy trading facility with loads of features.

    There is instant access to the deposits you have on the platform and your profits. The only charge that you incur on this exchange is the transaction charges.

    There are no deposit, trading, or withdrawal charges. The UI is super intuitive making your trading process easier.

    CA – Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    This has become one of the most popular platforms in recent times for its easy access, simple UI, and customer support.

    The exchange started operating in 2013 and now offering multiple cryptocurrencies for trading. It is suitable for both newbies and experts in the crypto space.

    The exchange has a very quick registration process with KYC verification. Then you can access your deposits quickly as well without much hassle. The fees are pretty lower.

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    COM – Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    It allows you to register without any complications and the process is completely free. Here you can trade more than four hundred of cryptocurrencies.

    There are incentives and returns for the liquidity providers. The fees are generally pretty lower than other exchanges. The exchange supports multiple payment options as well.

    There is round the clock customer support available which is one of the most important features as not many crypto exchanges has customer support for 24/7.

    The security and safety protocols are great.

    Swapzone – Best Crypto Trading Exchanges

    It is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange having ample cryptocurrencies for investing and trading. There are stablecoins as well.

    The fees are lower and offer great rates for trading in the market. It has good customer service support as well.

    Though the exchange is made for the expert traders the newbies can also trade if they spend some time on it.

    Different types of Crypto Exchanges

    Trading Platform – Basically, these are websites where buyers and sellers can connect, and from each transaction, they take a fee. 

    Direct Trading – Under these platforms, traders can provide a natural person to person trading where people from different countries can also exchange their currencies.

    Additionally, these exchanges don’t have any fixed prices, but all the sellers have their own exchange rates.

    Brokers – Anyone can visit these websites to buy cryptocurrencies; here, the broker sets the price. These brokers are similar to foreign exchange dealers.

    Things to consider before Investing in Crypto Exchanges

    Reputation – One of the best ways to find out about the exchange is to search their reviews from both individual users and well-known websites. Additionally, on the forums, you can ask some questions. 

    Trading Fees – The majority of the exchanges must have fee-related information on their sites.

    Hence you must ensure you learn about the deposit and withdrawal fees before joining the exchange. Additionally, the fees mainly depend upon the business you use.

    Payment Methods – Some of the standard payment methods available on exchanges include debit and credit card.

    Well, if you feel the exchange doesn’t have plenty of payment options, then you must not choose the same as it won’t be convenient for you.

    Hence, if you are planning to buy cryptocurrencies with your credit card, then you need to submit your identification.

    On the other hand, the bank wire transfer will take a lot of time as banks tend to be slow. 

    Verification Requirements – The majority of the trading exchanges tend to need verification to make both deposits and withdrawals.

    Additionally, some deposits need you to be anonymous. No doubt verification might sound like a pain, but it is quite essential for protection against scams and money laundering.

    Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges – Conclusion

    If you are looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange then you need to compare each of the exchanges thoroughly and then choose the one right for you.

    There are many exchanges but not all exchange suits your crypto investment requirements. You need to look at the features it provides, then the fees it charges and the security is one of the top concerns.

    So, after checking all these things in the exchanges, you must choose the one suitable for your crypto trading needs.

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