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Lately, how to mine Cryptocurrency has gained a lot of popularity as we see it in the news quite often. We see people are finding their computers compromised by malware and mining.

In some cases, entire botnets are mining. But now you must be wondering what these terms are, so let us tell you, here we are going to discuss in detail about the mining cryptocurrency.

What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

First of all, you need to know that mining cryptocurrency is nothing to do with typical mining when we talk about mining cryptocurrency. 

How to mine CryptocurrencyThere are no axes here for sure. Instead, it is all about winning a Blockchain lottery and to earn some reward in the end. 

No doubt, it is quite common to think about those dark tunnels and what not on hearing the term mine Cryptocurrency. But in reality, the term is relatively easy to understand. 

The act of Cryptocurrency mining is all about trying to determine the hash value by creating a set of values. In online forums, crypto mining is one of the most popular topics. 

Above all, you can say cryptocurrency mining is all about earning Cryptocurrency as a reward for some work that you complete. 

Hence we can say that cryptocurrencies are now entering the mainstream world with a bang as more and more people find it exciting. People are curious to know more about the Blockchain. 

The majority of the people turn up to Cryptocurrency because they feel they can make some money here. 

Additionally, if you are also one of them, then you must learn more about the mining of Cryptocurrency.  But before we move ahead, we shall talk something about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

You need Cryptocurrency to start mining, and all of us by now know that Cryptocurrency is nothing but a type of digital currency. 

There are a plethora of different cryptocurrencies that are available in the world. You can say that Cryptocurrency is the future, and it is here to stay now. One of the most popular Cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin. 

On the other hand, Blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions, and no one can make any changes to it. The concept of hashing is applicable here. 

In simple terms, it is the act of mapping data. You can see all the transactions here on the ledger, even the previous ones. 

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    Things to know about Cryptocurrency Mining

    Basically, Cryptocurrency mining is the process in which transactions are verified between the users and then added to the public ledger, which is Blockchain. 

    You can use the same process for creating new coins in the current circulation supply.

    Additionally, it is one of the key elements which allow cryptocurrencies to work in a decentralized manner in a peer to peer to network. 

    There is no need for third party control here at all. No doubt, Bitcoin is one of the most famous examples of mineable Cryptocurrency. 

    But you need to know that all Cryptocurrencies are not Mineable. The two elements, including Proof of work, and consensus Algorithm, decide the Bitcoin Mining. 

    Through the use of computers, you can gain cryptocurrencies by solving Cryptographic equations. This is all crypto mining is all about. 

    How to mine Cryptocurrency?

    The data blocks get validation and also get added to the ledger. In technical terms, cryptocurrency mining is nothing but a specialized process that uses computers and cryptographic techniques. 

    Basically, the aim is to get a solution to complex financial problems and also record the same in a Blockchain. 

    Here the best part is that all the devices in the network tend to record the data in the public ledger and Blockchain. 

    Above all, through this guide, you need to understand one thing in short, the Cryptocurrency market is an alternative to the typical banking system. 

    The two primary functions of Cryptocurrency mining are adding transactions in the Blockchain and giving new currency. If miners add any new blocks, then they must have Proof of work. 

    The two elements that you need under mining are a computer and a unique program.

    Through this, miners can compete with their peers in solving complex problems. Surely it needs great computer sources. 

    Miners choose to solve a block in regular intervals using cryptographic hash functions. In simple terms, the hash value is a numeric value that identifies data uniquely. 

    Basically, to zero in a hash value, miners use their computers. Whoever cracks it less than the target first is said to mine the block and is eligible to earn the rewards. 

    Once upon a time, only cryptography enthusiasts worked as miners. But now, you can say mining is a lucrative business. 

    Thanks to its popularity and acceleration in value that a plethora of people are now choosing to invest in hardware and warehouses.  

    But before you understand more about mining, it is vital for you to learn some differences between centralized and decentralized systems.

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    Traditional banks mostly use Centralized Systems

    There is a central authority that controls the working of the typical banking structure. It also maintains the ledger of the banks. 

    By this, we mean all the transactions need to go through the central banking system. Additionally, the system is restricted, as not all organizations can connect to the central system directly. 

    Cryptocurrencies use Decentralized Systems

    There is no central authority with cryptocurrencies. Additionally, there is no centralized ledger, also. It is because cryptocurrencies tend to work in a decentralized system. 

    The system is way different than traditional banking as here anyone can connect and participate. Without even going to the central banks, you can do both – send and receive payments. 

    How does Cryptocurrency Mining work?

    In the network, the miner is a node that tends to collect information and also organize the same in the blocks. All the nodes in the network get an update whenever transactions are made. 

    Additionally, they can give them verification. After that, the miner nodes collect all the transactions from the memory pool. Lastly, in a block, the node assembles them. 

    Individually, hashing each transaction is the first step in mining of a block. The miner nodes add a transaction before they start the process, and here they send the mining reward also. 

    You can refer to this transaction as a coinbase transaction. Under this transaction, out of thin air, the coins are created.

    The node records the new transaction in the first block. After hashing all the transactions, the miner arranges them in a Merkle tree. You can also call it a hash tree. 

    They form this tree only after arranging all the transactions in a pair and then hash them. Before hashing once again, the outputs are again organized in pairs. 

    Until the top of the tree, the node continues the process. Root hash is basically the top of the tree. In simple terms, it is a single hash that tends to represent all the hashes previously. 

    A nonce is then formed when the root hash and the previous hash come along. The same is then kept in the block’s header.

    Based on the elements, the block header produces the output, which is then hashed.

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    Cryptocurrency Mining process Continues

    Block hash is the resulting output, and it tends to serve as an identifier of the new block. To get a validation, the output needs to be less than the benchmark target as per the protocol. 

    So you can say that the value of block hash must begin with some amount of zeros. Hashing difficulty is the target value, and the protocol adjusts it regularly. 

    It ensures that the rate remains not only constant but also proportional to the amount of hashing power. 

    The hashing difficulty tends to increase every time new miners come in-network, and also, there is an acceleration in the network. 

    On the flip side, the hashing activity decreases when miners tend to leave the network. It will keep the block activity constant even if the computational power is minimum in the network. 

    The catch here in the mining process is that it allows the miners to keep hashing the head blocker frequently. It is continuous until one in work will broadcast the block. 

    The remaining blocks then verify if the block is valid or no. If the block is correct, then they add the same to their copy and mine the next block. 

    But if there are two miners who broadcast the same block, then the network has no option but to complete with two competing blocks. 

    Based on the block they receive. First, the miners start mining. Until the mining of the next block, the competition continues.

    If the block gets abandoned then you can call it an orphan block or stale block. Hence, the block’s miners get back to mine the chain of the block, which is a winner. 

    Why is Crypto mining is important?

    Thanks to technological developments that people love to use money digitally. Plastic money, including debit cards, credit cards, etc., makes it easy for people to buy online. 

    People don’t prefer getting into the hassle of cash with eCommerce shopping. Some of the reasons why people are getting into Crypto mining are:

    People want more privacy – You just can’t trust the current systems. When it comes to finances, some people tend to have better control.

    People wish to avoid the typical traditional banking system. Some people keep money somewhere hidden.

    Additionally, people can use mining and cryptocurrencies to keep their money away from centralized systems.

    It is exciting – Many people find it interesting to invest in new technology waves.

    Why doesn’t everyone get into Cryptocurrency mining?

    Here are few reasons why it is a difficult process & not everyone can do cryptocurrency mining –

    It is research intensive – Firstly, you need to know Cryptocurrency needs both abundances of resources, including power and electricity.

    It is because mining requires a lot of power to create new blocks. You can generate a new Bitcoin only if you are successful.

    Additionally, post that you can also update the ledger by updating the information.

    It is not budget friendly – Besides having the resources, you also need to remember the costs involved. Gone are the days when people did crypto mining with just a single computer.

    It is essential for you to have tech and another capacity to compete at a different level if you think you have a single chance of winning also.

    In simple terms, we mean you need to have more devices with minimum power. 

    Geographical barriers – In some areas, cryptocurrency mining, is not permissible. It is because all the governments have different viewpoints.

    Types of Cryptocurrency Mining

    Here are various types of cryptocurrency mining process –

    Cloud Mining – Under this, you need to take someone’s machine on rent by paying a specific amount. You can say that a machine is a rigged machine, and the process is mining.

    The rent mainly depends upon an agreed duration. You can transfer all your earnings to your Cryptocurrency wallet that you earn through the rigging machine.

    People who offer facilities tend to have substantial mining provisions, and they are pros at mining.

    It is one of the most popular mining methods because people can quickly get into the mining world.  You can choose any option that is free and paid.

    CPU Mining – Here, you need to use CPU’s to mine processors. No doubt it is a viable option, but many people don’t choose it.

    GPU Mining – It is a well – known process as many people often use GPU rigs for cryptocurrency mining. The method is popular because it is both cost-effective and efficient. 

    How to mine Cryptocurrency? – Conclusion

    Basically, you can use any method based on the money you are willing to shell out.

    In simple terms, you can say Cryptocurrency mining is one of the most notable alternatives to the typical centralized systems. 

    It is not feasible for a plethora of users because it becomes too much for people to shell out extra money for power and computers. 

    No doubt all the investment is worth it because you can cover up all the expenses when you get the hash value as a reward. Well, the one who receives the valid hash first gets the best reward too. 

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