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In this article, we’ve shared a thorough review of Best Bitcoin Wallets. It’s no surprise that Bitcoin is one of the most precious crypto currencies in the world.

That’s why the need for safest place is a very obvious thing, where this precious currency can be stored. 

Best Bitcoin WalletAfter all, it is a digital currency that can easily be stolen by hackers. A modest mistake can easily put you into a big financial crisis. 

Hence, finding the best and the most reliable wallet where Bitcoins can be safely stored come up as the most important thing. 

Suppose you are on the hunt of the best Bitcoin Wallets that ensure your digital wallets’ full security. You want to choose the best option that meets your requirement.

Hence, in this article, we’ve compiled a list of top 10 wallets that you can choose to store your Bitcoins. 

Best Bitcoin Wallets – List of Top 10 Bitcoin Wallets for Storing

Here are the list of Top Bitcoin Wallet available for storing or keeping Bitcoins for any kind of transactions.

Rank Bitcoin Wallets
1 Coinbase
2 Trezor
3 Electrum
4 Wazir X
5 Zebpay
6 Point Pay
7 ZebGo
8 Ledger
9 SoFi
10 Jaxx

Now, lets have a detailed understanding of these Best Bitcoin Wallets & know which one should you opt for your bitcoin storage.

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    Coinbase – Best Bitcoin Wallet

    Newcomers who are looking for the most comfortable wallet where they can trade and hold digital assets would love Coinbase. Thanks to its easy to use features that make it a popular choice. 

    The mobile-based wallet of coinbase lifts the user’s experience. It delivers easiness as the user can seamlessly purchase and sell bitcoins, whether at home or in the workplace. 

    The biometric authentication technology, encrypted in the Coinbase enhances the account safety. You can download the app from Apple Stores and Google PlayStore free of cost. 

    Yes, the app is free. But while making a transaction, Coinbase charges a significant fee. 

    Currently, Coinbase is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. No wonder, it is a trusted platform and verified by many users. 

    Let’s have a quick overview of Coinbase. 

    What we like about Coinbase

    • Easy to use features
    • Huge customer base
    • Biometric Authentication Technology Encrypted

    What we don’t like about Coinbase

    • Transaction fees are high
    • Requires Latest OS

    Trezor – Top Bitcoin Wallet

    Are you searching for the best offline wallet option? Find Trezor- a popular hardware wallet. Trezor deserves to make position among the safest players.

    It is a reliable option where you can store your cryptocurrency offline and use it whenever required. Simply, plug the Trezor into your device and manage your wallet. 

    Apart from that, Trezor also offers a small screen on its hardware top that instantly alerts you whether you are on a secure connection or not. 

    Trezor hardware comes in different models and varying prices. Hence you can pick the best option that meets your requirement. 

    The device also comes to multi-step authentication. Its expensive models offer you more robust features. 

    Altogether, it can be an excellent choice, but may seek additional precaution as you can’t forget your recovery information. Else it can easily put you into big trouble.  

    Let’s have a quick overview of Trezor. 

    What we like about Trezor

    • Colourful touch screen
    • Extremely lightweight hardware
    • Double protection

    What we don’t like about Trezor

    • Complex Setup
    • High Price

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    Electrum – Top 10 Bitcoin Wallet

    One of the oldest players in the market, Electrum is also a great option. It’s no surprise that it can be your reliable bitcoin wallet. 

    Since 2011, Electrum is steadily working with Android, Windows, and Mac type big brands. 

    However, it is a web-based wallet, but recently Electrum has launched its official app that is easy to use and well-liked for its fast transaction features. 

    You can also integrate Electrum with your other hardware solutions, such as Trezor, KeepKey, etc. 

    In terms of security, it’s no surprise that Electrum is the beast. Since its foundation to its current operation, Electrum is a steady performer in the market. 

    Thanks to its advanced security that prevents users from budding online threats. No wonder we liked this platform a lot. 

    Let’s have a quick overview of Electrum. 

    What we like about Electrum

    • The most reliable option
    • Web-based and mobile-based wallet
    • Easy to integrate with other hardware

    What we don’t like about Electrum

    • Complex features

    Wazir X – Best Bitcoin Wallets for Storage

    WazirX can be an all-in-solution for many users, as this crypto exchange also offers you wallet facility. 

    Hence, it is a flexible option for users. WazirX is a web-based and mobile-based wallet where you can store your bitcoins. 

    Active traders can find WazirX the smartest option, as you can easily trade crypto-currency using exchange services offered by WazirX.

    In terms of security, WazirX isn’t less than any top-notch wallet. Before getting access to the WazirX account, users first have to clear two-step authentication. 

    The fees aren’t charged on deposits, but a significant percentage is deducted from the amount at the time of withdrawals. The rest of its features are easy to use.  

    Let’s have a quick overview of WazirX. 

    What we like WazirX

    • Offers both web-based and mobile-based wallet 
    • Exchange service provided along
    • 200+ trading pairs

    What we don’t like about WazirX

    • Limit on withdrawals
    • Withdrawals are chargeable 

    Zebpay – Top Bitcoin Wallets for Storage

    Zebpay offers you both exchange and wallet services. It is another excellent alternative for users who want to manage their cryptocurrency task in one place. 

    You can use Zebpay either on the web or download its official app. Zebpay safeguards your digital assets using HSM (Hardware Security), including some robust security protocol such as Omnitrixx. 

    In terms of charges, Zebpay often irritates its users. Zebpay charges fees on deposits and withdrawals, while no charges are applied on trading. 

    But if you don’t maintain your wallet, you can invite additional fee of 0.0001 BTC. Let’s have a quick overview of Zebpay. 

    What we like about Zebpay

    • Proprietary Omnitrixx security
    • Offers both Exchange and Wallet

    What we don’t like about Zebpay

    • Price option
    • Doesn’t store funds in individual wallet

    Point Pay – Top 10 Bitcoin Wallets for Storage

    PointPay is one of the oldest crypto-wallet in the market; hence the platform has continued to maintain and be the no.1 choice for many. 

    Unlike other crypto-wallets, users can earn daily interest in depositing crypt-currency in PointPay wallet. 

    Apart from that, you can trade cryptocurrencies. At the same time, bank transfers, credit and debit card facilities are also available. 

    You can use PointPay on your Android and iOS devices. Simply download the official PointPay app, and here you go. 

    Moreover, you can also take crypto loans at PointPay, which is a bit unique thing. It can be the primary reason why PointPay is known as a Banking Wallet. 

    Its exclusive feature is quite similar to any banking wallet app. It is no wonder that it is an easy to use option as you don’t have to take extensive time becoming familiar with the PointPay App.  

    Let’s have a quick overview of PointPay.

    What We like about PointPay

    • Generates daily interest
    • Flexible withdrawals option
    • Instant crypto loan

    What We don’t like about PointPay

    • Lacks safety features
    • Not for Professionals

    ZenGo – Best Bitcoin Wallets in India

    Zengo can be the best choice for those people looking for a wallet that doesn’t ask them for a private key. 

    Yes, Zengo is a keyless wallet in which you can store your Bitcoins easily and securely. Its system uses high-tech cryptography that eliminates the need for the private key. 

    Still, it doesn’t impact the security level. Besides storing bitcoins, you can also trade, track and earn crypto-currency at ZenGo, making it an attractive option. 

    Zengo also uses biometric technology so that only real-user can get access to his/her account.  

    The customer support team is very responsive. Another great thing about ZenGo is that your earned Bitcoins are directly transferred to your wallet. 

    You will be managing your account through your mobile using ZenGo Mobile app, making it a user-friendly bitcoin wallet.  

    Let’s have a quick overview of ZenGo.

    What we like about ZenGo

    • Buy, Sell, Track and Hold Crypto-currency
    • Biometric technology
    • 24/7 customer support

    What we don’t like about ZenGo

    Keyless wallets sound a bit unfamiliar

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    Ledger – Top Bitcoin Wallets in India

    Here comes another hardware wallet in our list- the ledger. Officially, the ledger offers two options Leger nano X and Ledger Nano S with varying price level and features. 

    Since the ledger is a hardware wallet, so it can be the safest offline alternative. 

    The Ledger flash drive’s compact size is also a notable feature that is quite durable for its stainless steel structure. 

    Ledger Drive is easy to connect with laptop and mobile for instant access to your crypto-currency. 

    Apart from Bitcoins, you can also store other currencies in the ledger wallet. However, Ledger nano X offers you more features and options in comparison to the Ledger Nano S offers. 

    That’s why, if you want to perform crypto trading at large scale, you can opt Ledger Nano X. 

    Let’s have a quick overview of Ledger. 

    What we like about Ledger

    • A safe offline crypto wallet
    • Easy to use on mobile and desktop
    • Supports multiple currencies

    What we don’t like about Ledger

    • Complex Setup
    • A costly alternative

    SoFi – Top 10 Bitcoin Wallets in India

    You can store bitcoins at SoFi, but make sure you know it isn’t an official exchange or a crypto-wallet.

    In general, it is a financial company or a brokerage platform that offers loans and investing option to the users.

    That’s why it allows you to trade and hold bitcoins, but it can’t be viewed as the safest alternative. 

    Apart from that, it is best for beginners who want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. 

    But professional crypto currency traders should completely avoid using SoFi, especially if they trade huge funds or are looking for the safest wallet. 

    Still, it is best for new crypto traders for its easy to use features. Also, it is a free alternative where you can store bitcoins free of cost. 

    Let’s have a quick overview of SoFi. 

    What we like about SoFi

    • Best for the new Crypto users
    • Free alternative

    What We don’t like about SoFi

    • Primarily a brokerage platform
    • Not a good option for Professionals

    Jaxx – Best Bitcoin Wallet for Storage

    Jaxx is another popular alternative for crypto-users. From easy to use interface to a versatile wallet, everything about Jaxx is excellent. 

    You can store multiple currencies in Jaxx crypto-wallet, and currency exchange option is also available. 

    However, in terms of security, Jaxx can’t be an ideal alternative. Yet people choose Jaxx for its multi-currency offerings. 

    Users can trade up to 80+ currency through a single platform. Hence, it can be the best alternative for new users with a small budget. 

    Professional Bitcoin traders who want to hold a big amount in their wallet should avoid storing crypto-currency in less secured wallets.  

    Let’s have a quick overview of Jaxx. 

    What we like about Jaxx

    • Easy to use features
    • Multiple currency offerings
    • Best for new users with small budget

    What we don’t like about Jaxx

    • Less secured wallet
    • Not recommended for Professionals 

    Best Bitcoin Wallet – Conclusion

    We discussed these bitcoin wallets thoroughly; every wallet is best over another. However, few wallets offer you option for multi-currency trading. 

    Whereas, few options genuinely provide you with a secured wallet in which you can store your Bitcoins.

    Few platforms are easy to understand, whilst a few take extensive time in becoming familiar with the features. 

    Coinbase, Trezor, and Leger are quite complex options; still in terms of security and features, they can live up to your expectations. 

    Few platforms offer you double protection. Meanwhile, if you are looking for an all-in-one solution, then you can find some good options in the article. 

    Most platforms offer you exchange features, such as Jaxx, SoFI and Leger, that offer you the multi-currency trading option, but they aren’t too good in terms of safety. 

    You can also generate income on your stored currency using some great alternatives such as ZenGo and PayPoint. 

    Even though you are searching for the best offline alternative, you can go with Trezor, and in terms of online, you can go with Coinbase.  

    Electrum is one of the oldest crypto-wallet in the market; hence, it can be a reliable alternative. Still, the final decision is up to your choice. 

    We have shared a thorough review of every Bitcoin Wallet. So take the ultimate decision by looking at the features that are your top priority.  

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