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Check out Best Bitcoin Apps available for Trading in India & across the world. Find out Top 10 Bitcoin Apps here.

Every day, Bitcoin value is soaring and touching a new high. After a severe crash in 2018, traders had almost lost their entire hopes from Bitcoin when RBI imposed a ban on crypto-currency.

Later, a massive spike in Bitcoin’s value witnessed that Bitcoin is still a highly profitable asset.

Best Bitcoin AppBitcoin has surprised everyone with its rising values and made a strong bounce back in 2020 after Supreme Court took a favorable decision for crypto-currency.

Currently, it is emerging as a mainstream asset drawing traders’ attention from all over the world. 

Even expert traders who actively monitor Bitcoin’s nature share opinion that bitcoin prices are expected to surge exponentially in the upcoming years. 

This also becomes the biggest reason why traders are excited to invest in this era’s popular asset. 

If you are also curious to start your trading journey with Bitcoin, this article will prove extremely helpful to you.

Below, we have aligned ten best Bitcoin apps that every trader must have in their smartphone. 

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Best Bitcoin Apps – List of Top 10 Bitcoin Apps to Invest

Here is the List of Top Bitcoin Apps for buying & selling bitcoin in various exchanges –

Rank Bitcoin Apps
1 Coinbase App
2 Blockchain App
3 Crypto Wake
4 Bitcoin Checker
5 Bitmap
6 ZebPay
7 Bitbns
8 WazirX
9 Binance App
10 Delta App

Since, you now know, which are the Top 10 Bitcoin Apps available, Lets have a detailed understanding of these Apps & then you can finalize a Bitcoin App as per your requirements.

Coinbase App – Best Bitcoin App

Coinbase is an obvious choice when it comes to bitcoin trading. From easy to use features to a quick bank transfer, coinbase is the no.1 option among new traders. 

At coinbase, traders can trade bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and numerous cryptocurrencies through a single interface. The dashboard is user-friendly, and price alert is an added advantage of using this app. 

You can set a targeted price, and the app will send you a pop-up whenever a particular asset hit that price. 

You can also track cryptocurrency prices through the app. Don’t worry; it is a secure app that is operational since 2012. 

Blockchain App – Top Bitcoin App

Blockchain is another sought-after mobile app among crypto traders. Originally, it is a wallet app, but it also allows the trader to trade crypto-currency such as bitcoin, stellar lumens, and ethereum. 

Meanwhile, if you wish to send or receive cryptocurrency, use blockchain. It is the safest app as it comes with a two-step verification security feature. 

The rest of its options are easy to use; you can comfortably use this app even though you are just a beginner. 

The built-in crypto features are meant to augment your skills in crypto trading. It’s no surprise that the app has lots of things to offer you. 

Crypto Wake – Top 10 Bitcoin App

Crypto Wake app isn’t less than a treasure for a pro-level trader. The app offers you a big bunch of information about crypto-currency. 

Apart from that, it comes with media controls, notification, clock date and lock screen kinds of features. The news feed and stats related to cryptocurrency is an added advantage of using this app. 

Altogether, the app is an excellent choice for a bitcoin trader. However, there is a little shortcoming of Crypto Wake; the app can quickly drain your phone battery. 

But it is acceptable because the app is precious itself. The app is free, and you can download it from the Apple store or Google play store. 

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Bitcoin Checker – Best Bitcoin Apps for Investment

Are you willing to strengthen your knowledge regarding crypto-currency? Download this app. The app mainly serves beginners, who are just a fresher in the bitcoin trading world.

Bitcoin checker offers some mind-blowing resources that augment the user’s understanding of bitcoin. So that, throughout this trading journey, they keep performing well. 

The app shares some minor to major details regarding bitcoin with its users from time to time. 

Beginners should try this app, as it has lots of features and advantages that genuinely lift your trading experience. You can download this app from Google play store or Apple store free of cost.

Bitmap – Top Bitcoin Apps for Investment

The bitmap is another popular option on our list. The app is gaining traction for its user-friendly interface and supportive features. 

You can find this app quite similar to a Google Map because it helps you find the stores that accept Bitcoin as a transaction.

So, you can purchase goods and services or withdraw cash against bitcoins. Usually, it isn’t easy to find a place where you can use Bitcoins, but this app makes it easier. 

Simply, download the app and find the best store around you. You can use this app around the world. On a single click, you can find nearer Bitcoin ATM.

ZebPay – Top 10 Bitcoin Apps for Investment

A crypto trader can trade bitcoins across 130+ countries using ZebPay. The app is special because it asks zero trading fees from its users. 

The app also features price alerts, tracking tools, and numerous options that engage users with this app. Apart from bitcoin, you can also trade other crypto assets on your fingers. 

The app is popular enough that within a short time, it has built a huge customer base. Worldwide, more than 3 million customers use this app which is an absolutely surprising fact. 

The fund deposits are instant, and the overall interface is also very cool. You can download this app from Google Play store free of cost. 

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Bitbns – Best Bitcoin App in India

Bitbns is another excellent alternative among traders who often trade in multiple currencies. Traders can invest in 70+ crypto including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Binance Coin, Neo, and so on. 

Apart from that, you can also store funds in a highly secured wallet. Moreover, the payment options are also very smooth. 

Whenever required, you can deposit, withdraw, transfer and trade currency without any problem. 

Till now, the Bitbns has earned 4.1 ratings on Google play store that displays its authenticity. It is no surprise that the app is reliable and easy to download.

WazirX – Top Bitcoin App in India

WazirX is another best trading platform for bitcoin traders. The app is famous for its fast deposits and withdrawals features and meant to serve Indian users only. 

Apart from bitcoin, you can also trade in other digital currency, e.g., Litecoin, Ethereum and Dash.

The app features a live open order book panel that allows the trader to buy and sell assets at the same time. 

Moreover, the user interface is attractive and highly responsive. The app is light, and you can download it free from Google Playstore. 

In a nutshell, it is just a trading app and offers all features that a trader seeks from the best trading platform.

Binance App – Top 10 Bitcoin Apps in India

Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. At Binance, traders can trade 150+ crypto-currencies. Such as Bitcoin, Cardano, Litecoin, Line and Etereum. 

On a single click, you can access a price chart to get an overview of market dynamics. The app also features a price alert option that helps a trader find the best buying and selling spot.

Moreover, the app also comes with a recurring buy option, enabling traders to select a certain crypto-currency ratio for frequent purchasing. 

This modern app is also famous for its advanced features that bring easiness for a busy trader. You can also send or receive bitcoins or any cryptocurrency with your family and friends. 

Delta App – Best Bitcoin App for Investment

For many traders, this app may sound a new thing. But if you are a professional trader who actively search for the best app that brings easiness in your life, this app is for you. 

This portfolio tracker app provides you with comprehensive market data, a detailed watchlist and price alerts. You also get access to 3000 currencies. 

The app supports GDAX, Coinbase, Bittrex kind of exchange platform as well. Though, the app asks you for $8.49 p.m. subscription fee that you can call a significant drawback of the app. 

Still, if you are a professional trader who is ready to spend a little more to boost productiveness in the trading journey, such small fee is always worth it.  

Best Bitcoin App – Conclusion

Even though you are a new bitcoin trader or you are an old trader who often loves trading crypto-currency, it’s no surprise that these apps should be in your smartphone.

These apps ensure easiness and swiftness in a trader’s life. Especially if you are a bitcoin trader, you must have it in your gadget that you carry all-time in your pocket. 

Whether you aspire to get a quick overview of the market, or you wish to determine the best buying and selling price, these apps deliver you absolute convenience. 

Choose the best bitcoin app that meets your crypto-trading requirement from the list and spark your trading journey. 

Few apps are highly recommended for professional users, whereas few options are better for beginners. 

So pick the best option that satisfies your needs. These apps can bring quickness in your action as they transform you into the smartest trading player.  

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