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Check out the list of Best Bitcoin Broker for Investment. Know about these Top 10 Bitcoin Brokers here in detail.

Bitcoin broker is a licensed platform from where you can start trading in your desired digital asset.

Best Bitcoin BrokerIf you are searching for the best bitcoin brokers, then below, we have listed the ten best platforms where you must check in to begin trading.

In the world of Crypto-currency, bitcoin has continued to reserve a top position. After a decade, bitcoin is still reaching a new high.

Every day bitcoin is surprising traders with its consistent growth and remarkable profit-generating qualities.

Bitcoin made its first high in 2010, then 2017, and now after 3 years, bitcoin prices have peaked in the midst of 2020.

It’s no surprise that opportunities are thriving in bitcoin, and the expectations are also booming.

If you are also planning to enter into crypto-trading and start investing in Bitcoin, then you must start your journey by selecting a reliable broker.

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Best Bitcoin Brokers – List of Top 10 Bitcoin Brokers for Investment

Here is the list of Top Bitcoin Brokers available for buying & selling bitcoins in the cryptocurrency market –

Rank Bitcoin Brokers
1 eToro
2 Swissquote
3 Coinbase
4 IG
5 City Index
6 Ava Trade
8 Coinmama
10 Crypto Rocket

Now, you know that these are the Top 10 Bitcoin Brokers available for trading. Lets have a detailed review of these 10 brokers & find out which is most suitable as per your requirement.

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    eToro – Best Bitcoin Broker

    eToro is an amazing crypto-currency trading app that comes with a copy trading feature as well. If you are just a beginner, you can copy the selected individual’s position and generate profits.

    The features are easy to use, commission and fee structure is also reasonable. Some essential tools for research and trading amp your trading experience with eToro.

    Apart from that, eToro also shares educational content for its users.

    Swissquote – Top Bitcoin Broker

    Swissquote is a globally used broker. At Swissquote, traders can get access to multiple assets, which is an added advantage.

    Meanwhile, if you want to diversify your investment, you get all the assistance in one place.

    However, it is a premium broker, which means in comparison to other brokers, you spend more on Swissquote account opening.

    But it is a fair deal because your account is held with a Swiss bank, representing it as a reliable option. Research and educational tools are available on the platform.

    Coinbase – Top 10 Bitcoin Broker

    Coinbase is a popular alternative for bitcoin trading. The 30 million huge customer base in over 100+ countries witnesses that it is a reliable option.

    Apart from trading, Coinbase also offers you a wide array of services. The in-built coinbase walled is an additional offering. Also, you can trade in multiple crypto-currencies using this all-in-solution.

    For example- you can trade Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and so on.

    The fees are comparatively lower, and the customer support team is also very responsive. It’s no surprise that Bitcoin trading is an excellent choice.

    IG – Best Bitcoin Brokers for Investment

    IG is another reliable online broker. The platform is authorized by the top-tier regulators that display its authenticity.

    You trade in cryptocurrency through CFDs, and the overall commission and fee structure is relatively lower. In terms of functionality, IG is superb and delivers a smooth performance.

    Educational contents are available in abundant amounts. The research and helping tools are also available. Flawless mobile trading experience is another notable point of IG.

    City Index – Top Bitcoin Brokers for Investment

    City Index is a safe and reliable option because Tier-1 jurisdictions regulate it. For Crypto trading (e.g., bitcoin trading), it appears to be the safest option.

    If we talk about the fees and commission structure, it is comparatively higher, making it a costly broker. Yet, in terms of tools and overall user experience, the platform earns 9 out of 10.

    You can use city index through both web-based and mobile-based platforms. Educational content is written, and virtual format proves City Index an impressive online broker.

    AvaTrade – Top 10 Bitcoin Brokers for Investment

    AvaTrade is an excellent online broker having a remarkable presence in the global market. At AvaTrade, you can choose the best instruments from multiple tradable assets.

    The copy trading and mobile trading features make AvaTrade a popular option. The educational content that AvaTrade offers to its users is also superb.

    Beginners can learn lots of things from the comprehensive video tutorials and articles to lift their trading experiences with AvaTrade.

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    XTB – Best Bitcoin Broker in India

    XTB is a reliable broker that seizes the attention with its multiple tradable-assets offerings. The commission and fee structure also varies at XTB.

    Users can choose between standard and pro accounts. Each account meets the specific needs of the users.

    If we talk about additional offerings such as educational and research tool, it is a superb option, no doubt.

    XTB provides you access to some fantastic trading strategies that lift your knowledge and skills in its premium content. XTB also has its official trading app for mobile users.

    Coinmama – Top Bitcoin Broker in India

    Coinmama is an Israel-based broker that currently serves more than 2million customers in 188+ countries.

    At Coinmama, you can trade almost any type of crypto-currency (e.g., bitcoin or ethereum).

    The simple interface and fast transactions are some notable points of this Coinmama.

    However, in terms of fees, Coinmama seems to be an expensive option. The rest of its features are also not too bad.

    HYCM – Top 10 Bitcoin Broker in India

    The tradable instruments are comparatively less at HYCM, but thankfully, the platform allows you to trade crypto-currency. The commission and fee structure are fair.

    Through video content, HYCM provides you latest updates on the market. Using the tools and instruments accessible at the HYCM interface, you can observe effectiveness in your trading style.

    HYCM offers you everything that transforms you from beginner to professional through its premium courses and educational videos to written content.

    Crypto Rocket – Best Bitcoin Brokers

    Operational since 2018, Crypto Rocket is a new name in the crypto-trading market. But it deserves in this list because the platform is getting a positive response.

    At Crypto-rocket, you can trade forex, crypto-currencies, stock, and much more. But in terms of fees, it can be an expensive deal.

    Apart from that, the features are great. But we can’t consider it the safest option for crypto-trading, especially if you are trading a big amount.

    Apart from that, Crypto Rocket is readily accessible on both mobile and web-based platforms.

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    How to identify Best Bitcoin Broker for Investmet?

    Let’s have a look at the things that you must consider before finalizing an online bitcoin broker before you check-in for a trading account –

    Ease of Use

    Whether you are a beginner or a professional trader, the best bitcoin broker always cares for its users. The platform must be user-friendly so that users can trade flawlessly.

    Remember, you aren’t just investing capital but investing time as well. Trading is all about how you make a decision and secure a profitable position within a particular time-frame.

    So make sure the platform is easy to use by all means.

    Price or Brokerage

    Price is another critical factor that you can’t regret, for sure. Check the commission and fee structure.
    How much the broker charge?

    If the platform is too expensive, then, of course, you must leave it. Moreover, don’t forget to check the hidden charges; they can easily put a burden on your entire budget.


    Make sure that the platform is reliable. When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, this point becomes more critical.

    Crypto-trading is deemed as one of the most sensitive trading. Your purchased assets are digital.

    Hence, any online threat can easily bite a big chunk of your digital wealth. But a licensed and well-established platform shields your investment from all sides.


    No one put all eggs in one basket. After all, it has been the long-lived rule of trading and has been followed and recommended by expert traders.

    So make sure you scout the varieties of trading instruments in your selected online broker. Even within crypto-currencies, you can find hundreds of great options except bitcoin.

    More tradable assets mean you can diversify your portfolio and bring a strategic game into play.

    Educational Contents

    Educational contents are another most popular feature being provided in today’s advanced bitcoin broker.

    However, many trading platforms use educational content to fulfill their clickbait objectives. But there are few reliable alternatives where only authentic and accurate information is shared.

    Educational contents can be in the video, written, or course format. It can be a free offer by the broker, or you may have to spend some additional amount to get access.

    Additional Features

    Additional features stand for helpful tools and instruments or anything new that genuinely boost your trading experience.

    You must explore these additional features; maybe they make the particular trading platform special.
    Such as- tools and instruments can boost your trading strategies.

    Whatever the tactics you employ, get more power through these tools and additional features.

    Best Bitcoin Broker – Conclusion

    Now you can come up with a well-informed decision and feel confident about your trading. All the brokers stated above are some of the best findings.

    You can choose anyone from them that meets your trading-specific needs. Few brokers feature multi-asset offerings, whereas few allow you to trade in crypt-currencies only.

    But make sure that you consider all the essential points stated above, so you don’t have to experience any problem in the future.

    Not all online brokers are reliable. Few only seize your attention with their attractive features and offers. But we hope this article has cleared your entire doubts.

    We have reviewed every bitcoin broker so you make the best decision and come up with a reliable option only.

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