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DBFS Securities Limited is a non-banking financial corporation and is one of the first broking houses of India. Capitalists ready to explore trade market, get all the details in this article regarding DBFS Securities Limited Charges and DBFS Securities Limited Demat Charges.

Listed below are Brokerage, Transaction, Account Opening Charges and other charges levied on trade services offered by firm. Moreover, Company serves customer centric services and aims to present most efficient offers beneficial to clients of every genre, Corporate or retailer.

It’s a wise choice to invest in equities currencies and Commodities in contemporary times, as these are potential resources to achieve financial goals.

Dbfs Securities offers

DBFS Securities Brokerage Charges

DBFS deals in new tech platform of broking and do stocks broking in traditional way through 150 branches. Below are DBFS Securities Limited Brokerage Charges demonstrated in the stats.

Brokerage Charges
Equity Delivery 0.33%
Equity Intraday 0.03%
Equity Futures 0.03%
Equity Options Rs.33 per Lot
Currency Futures 0.03%
Currency Options Rs.33 per Lot
Commodity 0.03%
Flat Monthly Fees, if any NA
Brokerage Calculator Dbfs Securities Brokerage Calculator

Company is the domain of trading for investors and is expert with its services. Starting the discussion, charges imposed on Equity Delivery are 0.33 percent and DBFS brokerage charges imposed on Equity Intraday are 0.03 percent.

Alike Intraday, brokerage charges company set on Equity Futures are 0.03 percent. Talking of Equity Options, Brokerage charges applicable are Rs 330 per lot. To make any agreement in Currency Futures, charges involved are 0.03 percent and in case of currency options charges levied are Rs 33 per lot.

Moving ahead to commodities, DBFS brokerage charges for commodities purchase or sale are 0.03 percent. Zero flat monthly fee is there.

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    DBFS Securities Account Opening Charges

    Get the detailed of DBFS Securities account opening charges:

    Account Opening Charges
    Trading Charges [One Time] Free
    Trading AMC [Yearly] Free
    Demat Charges [One Time] Rs.230
    Demat AMC [Yearly] Rs.333 per Annum
    Margin Money Minimum Rs.5,000

    Corporation levies zero charges on Trading account and for Demat Account opening charges levied are Rs 230 for one time.

    Moreover, Trading AMC is free and Account maintenance charges in case of Demat are Rs 333 per annum. Margin money charges levied by firm are Rs 5000 minimum.

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    DBFS Securities Transaction Charges

    Get detailed table of DBFS Securities transaction charges:

    Transaction Charges 
    Equity Delivery 0.00%
    Equity Intraday 0.00%
    Equity Futures 0.00%
    Equity Options 0.00%
    Currency Futures 0.00%
    Currency Options 0.06%
    Commodity 0.00%

    When any sale or purchase is done in Equity Delivery, then transaction charges imposed are 0.00295 percent for single transaction. Continuing the discussion, transaction charges levied by company on Equity Intraday and Equity Futures are 0.00300 percent.

    Focusing on Equity Options, transaction charges applicable on Equity Options are 0.00323 percent and on Currency futures charges imposed are 0.00240 percent per transaction.

    Moving on to Currency options, charges imposed by firm are 0.0570 percent for each settlement. Along with that transaction tariff on commodities are 0.00295 percent.

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    DBFS Securities Securities Other Charges

    Elaborating DBFS Securities Limited Charges. These are other charges imposed on buying and selling of commodities. Some of them are fixed and some varies company to company.

    Other Charges
    SEBI Turnover Charges 0.0002% of Total Turnover
    STT 0.0126% of Total Turnover
    Stamp Duty 0.002% – 0.004% – Depends on State
    GST 18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)
    Margin Funding Charges 18% + GST
    Reactivation Charges Rs.50 per Segment
    Account Closure Charges Nil
    Dematerialization Charges Rs.45

    SEBI charges are fixed in market and are 0.0002 percent of total turnover involved in deal

    whereas STT charges applicable are 0.0126 percent of total turnover. Furthermore,

    Stamp Duty applicable on any trade is 0.002 percent to 0.004 percent. It may vary depending on the state.

    Goods and services tax levied are 18 percent of brokerage and transaction charges altogether. Charges decided on margin funding are 18 percent plus GST.

    Furthermore, NIL is the account closure charges. For reactivation of services, charges levied are Rs 50 per segment and for dematerialization of securities it is Rs 45.

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