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There’s no denying that the stock market is rewarding. But if you want to make the right choice for the long run, it becomes essential to put the right stock in your basket.

Thus, explore the market when you decide to try your hands on the best investment. Such as this time, we bring you the best equipment stocks to buy in India.

After all, the insane growth of some popular equipment companies in India is insisting us for a BUY in this particular market niche.

At a minimized risk, stocks in this market can get you superior returns. So delay no more.

If you are also on the best stock hunt, perhaps they are available in the equipment sector this time. Let’s explore some of the best equipment stocks.

Top 10 Equipment Companies in India

Know about Equipment Sector in India

The equipment sector in India is one of the well-flourishing segments of the Indian market. However, a major credit should go to the top equipment companies in India that continue to take this sector to a whole new height.

Few companies in India are touching the international boundaries leaving many good hopes for investors to expose to a great earning potential.

IBEF forecast that the growth of electrical equipment may reach Rs. 500,000 crore by the end of 2022.

The sector is growing year on year as the equipment sector owns the world’s most giant consumer base to date. Thus become a lucky investor by knowing the best equipment sector stocks to buy.

Top 10 Equipment Companies in India

Check out the Equipment Share Price & Ranking of Best Equipment Shares to buy Today or Tomorrow or for Long Term –

Let’s jump straight to get a quick glimpse of the best equipment shares in India covered in this list of top 10. Each share has a unique summary to back its strength in the market.

Few shares are popular for their extensive market coverage. While others are popular for their unique product launches that can bang on the market anytime, leaving many investors into great profits.

Many of these belong to the best tools shares to buy. So delay no more. Get your eyes on the summary of each share which will get you strong returns.

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    Havells India – Best Equipment Stocks in India

    Havells India is an obvious choice for shortlisting the best equipment stocks in India. The limited company set its foot in the market for the first time in 1958 and, to date, has earned a multi-crore valuation.Havells India - Best Equipment Stocks in India

    The company has entered multi-tier technical equipment, tools, and gadgets sectors. Still, the company earns great fame for its kitchen appliances.

    To date, the company has a team of 5700+ employees, giving their best to keep this decades-old company shine on the top in the equipment industry. Currently, Havells is emerging with lots of opportunities for investors.

    Many investors believe it is a perfect equipment share to buy this year as the company is branching out to build solid footprints in the consumer electronics market.

    The market capitalization of the company is Rs. 85023.70 crores

    Products or Services – Let’s catch a quick glimpse of the products Havells primarily deals in. Before, it’s worth noting that the company manufactures consumer electronics and serves other industries. The company produces and supplies-

    • Consumer electronic – Fans, AC, Lightening, Water Heater, Air Cooler, Water Purifier, Personal Grooming, Sollar, Pumps, and Switches
    • Industrial Electronic – Professional Lighting, Solar, Heavy Duty Fans, Motors, Cables, Power Quality Solutions

    Why invest in the Havells India Stocks?

    Havells printed 3.06 billion net income last year, which, even though it is 12.66% lower than its previous year, still gives us a great figure.

    This is particularly because the company has its revenue or total sales stream higher by 15.40% than the previous years.

    It is an indication that Havells is still a popular choice in the electronic consumer market. Since more people are buying Havells products, the share price of the consumer electronics giant is rising rapidly.

    After creating the lowest low at 459.35 on May 22, 2020, the company has registered an incredible growth of 220.43%.

    The lifetime height of the company’s share was set at 1471.90 on September 17, 2021.

    Havells India Stock predictions say that the stock prices will rise in the next few months.

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    Siemens – Best Equipment Shares to Buy

    Siemens India is a child firm of a German-based famous automation company – Siemens. The firm is NSE listed and is emerging as the best equipment shares to buy. The company is deeply rooted in automation.Siemens - Best Equipment Shares to Buy

    Be it technology for healthcare, finance, and other industries. Siemens India serves multiple industries. The company’s growth and stability in the market are marked by its parent organization.

    Parent organization – Siemens set its foot in the German market in 1847. Later on, the company entered the market in 1867 and soon became publicly listed at the NSE stock exchange.

    The company has a strong footprint in the technology sector.

    And not just that, across India’s industrial, infrastructural and digital transformation, the company has contributed a lot to the nation. Without a doubt, by choosing Siemens, you are likely to play a safe game.

    The market capitalization of the company is Rs. 82365.20 crores

    Products or Services – 

    • Building Technologies
    • Industrial Automation
    • Energy
    • Drive Technology
    • Financing
    • Healthcare
    • Software
    • Mobility
    • Services
    • Consumer Products

    Why invest in this Stock?

    It becomes vital to invest in stocks like Siemens equipment stocks in India when searching for a safe alternative. The German-born company generated 35.05 Billion in revenue in 2021 alone.

    More than 8600+ employees are actively working for Siemens, giving us an idea of the company’s stability in the sector. However, it is a great alternative for intraday traders if we talk about the share.

    Company’s prices move in a flow, creating lots of ups and downs on the chart. Despite the global pandemic, Siemens company share prices standstill.

    Despite that, the company still achieves an impressive growth of 138% from the worldwide pandemic to date. Once again, the share is creating a BUY opportunity by entering a bearish trend.

    ABB India – Equipment Share Price

    ABB India is one of the top-rated engineering services companies in the nation. It is hard to ignore ABB India among the top equipment sector stocks. The company strengthens its portfolio through its high-end innovations.ABB India - Equipment Share Price

    It is hard to outline a specific category because the company produces multiple products at its manufacturing units spread across the nation.

    But it is worth noting that ABB isn’t an Indian-born corporation. The company belongs to a Swiss multinational corporation. In short, the parent organization of ABB India is a Switzerland-based company – ABB.

    However, it should not be a bad sign because the company’s global network indicates that it may prove to be the safest asset you can set higher expectations from. The market capitalization of the company is Rs. 49578.00 crores.

    Products or Services – If we talk about the products, the list is never-ending because the company produces products in a large variety. Therefore, we have shortlisted the product categories manufactured by ABB India sector-wise.

    • Industrial technology
    • Products for customers in utilities,
    • Products for transportation and infrastructure.

    Why invest in the ABB India Stocks?

    Over the past five years, the share that has multiplied people’s investment by 84.70% can’t be left unnoticed. ABB India is currently one of the most profitable firms.

    The company’s revenue stream went in green when the company reported revenue up by 10.31%. Net income generated by the company in the former year (2021) was also 48.53% than its previous year.

    However, investors forecast that this upswing in the company’s profitability might have been driven by a magical rise in the company’s share prices.

    To simply put, from May 22, 2020, to January 21, 2022, ABB India Share prices have grown by 212%. And if you are a day trader, perhaps short selling could get you great returns.

    Or, if you want to hold the share for the long-term, wait for the equipment share price to create a lower low.

    ABB India Share Forecast suggests that it has very good future potential.

    CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd – Top Equipment Companies in India

    This season, you should keep your eyes on the top equipment companies in India like CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd because opportunities are flourishing.CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd - Top Equipment Companies in India

    In short, CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd. are reputed names in the equipment and technology sector.

    Founded in 1878, CG Power and Industrial Solutions Limited have come a long way in building its repo among the top multinational companies in India.

    Formerly, the company earned fame by the name Crompton Greaves Limited that later on reconstructed as CG Power and Industrial Solutions in 2016.

    The Mumbai-based firm deals in a wide variety of equipment and tools and is growing popular in the mainstream for its tech-driven creations. The market capitalization of the company is Rs.26002.70 crores.

    Products or Services – These are the popular products and services in which the company does crores business.

    • T&D Systems / Engineering Solutions
    • Protection, Control & Automation
    • Transformers & Reactors
    • Switchgear Products
    • Traction Motors / Alternators / Control Electrics
    • Instrument Transformers
    • Services for Power Systems
    • Transformer & Switchgear Components
    • Industrial Systems
    • Generators / Alternators AC & DC
    • FHP / Commercial Motors
    • Stampings & Laminations

    Why invest in the CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd Stocks?

    If we look at its share price, it rises exponentially after forming a lower low in the entire June of 2020.

    But right after the end of July, the company shows steep growth in its share prices. From July 10, 2020, to January 7, 2022, prices of CG Power and Inds. Solutions Ltd. has grown by 2043.55%, which is insane.

    The company’s net income and revenue in 2021 are also in green, giving us a solid reason to jump into this one of the best equipment shares this time. However, prices of shares are currently at their peak.

    Till then, you can wait for the price to drop from its high. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

    Suzlon Energy – Top Tools Stocks in India

    Suzlon Energy is another perfect deserver in our list of top tools stocks in India. The company earns fame for being a multinational wind turbine manufacturer in India.Suzlon Energy - Top Tools Stocks in India

    Originally, Suzlon was a Pune-based firm that also earned the title of the world’s fifth-largest turbine supplier. Without a doubt, Suzlon energy has multiple titles engaged with its identity in the market.

    Set up in 1995, the turbine supplier has grown into an internationally recognized firm. Surprisingly, this giant company still falls into the penny stock category.

    It lights up an excellent opportunity as the company allows you to add more stocks to your portfolio at a low price. The market capitalization of the company is Rs. 10790.30 crores.

    Products or Services – These are popular products and services Suzlon Energy is known for-

    Products Include –

    • S120 Wind Turbine Generator
    • S111 Wind Turbine Generator
    • S128 Wind Turbine Generator
    • Classic Fleet etc.

    Services include –

    • Operations & Maintenance Services
    • Optimisation & Digitalisation
    • Value-Added Services & Products etc.

    Why invest in the Suzlon Energy Stocks?

    As of Dec 2021, the company revenue was reported at 15.97 billion with a net income of 376.90 million. The revenue and income figures have considerably skyrocketed over the last few years.

    Still, the share is yet to enter into the bigger stocks category. You can still buy a Suzlon Energy share at Rs. 10. Tools share price is gradually rising.

    If you are also searching for a stock that yields safe returns in the future, perhaps Suzlon could be the best fit for you. But make sure that no stock is safe until you have some adjustments ready to tackle a challenge firmly.

    Hitachi Energy India – Top 10 Equipment Stocks

    Hitachi Energy India, formerly ABB Power Products & Systems India, is a child company of ABB India Corporation.Hitachi Energy India - Top 10 Equipment Stocks

    Despite being a subsidiary of a multinational company, Hitachi Energy India establishes itself among the top 10 equipment stocks.

    Even though the name Hitachi Energy India Ltd is new to us, the reality is that the company has been operational since 1949. The NSE listed corporation manufactures products in multi-range.

    Apart from that, the company also engages in providing services to clients. Altogether, Hitachi Energy India could be a suitable alternative if you search for an investable company with a broad market reach.

    In a nutshell, its offerings are diverse and focus on catering to every sector differently with its innovation-powered solutions.

    The market capitalization of the company is Rs. 10479.20 crores.

    Products or Services – Let’s explore the major products and services offered by Hitachi Energy India.

    Products Include –

    • Cable Accessories
    • Capacitors and Filters
    • Communication Networks
    • Cooling Systems
    • Energy Planning & Trading
    • Energy Storage
    • High Voltage Switchgear & Breakers

    Services Include –

    • Install & Commission
    • Train & Develop
    • Assess & Advise
    • Maintain & Sustain
    • Upgrade & Replace

    Why invest in the Hitachi Energy India Stocks?

    The stock’s performance in the past, the forecast investors, have made about the price- you should strive to cover every needed component.

    For example, if we watch the revenue and net income history of Hitachi Energy India, green figures are visible on the chart. The company’s revenue and net income are 8.99% and 12.91% higher than before 2021.

    And if you were among those investors who had included Hitachi Energy India Ltd. into their portfolio as of April 24, 2020, when it was a penny stock, you might have hit the jackpot.

    Because currently, the price per share of Hitachi Energy India Ltd has risen by 18,707.95% to date. You may take it as motivation too.

    V-Guard Inds. – Best Equipment Stocks to Buy

    V-guard Inds. is a Kochi-based company that primarily engages in manufacturing major electrical appliances. In the year 2017-2018, the company’s turnover was reported around Rs. 23.21 billion.V-Guard Inds. - Best Equipment Stocks to Buy

    However, the year 2020 was a turning point for the company when its turnover fell drastically.

    But again, the company has made a bounce back in the market and has achieved 9.68 billion in revenue, reported by the end of 2021.

    This one of the well-flourishing equipment shares in India is doing a great job in the Indian stock market, and we can’t regret it. Set up in 1977, the company emerges as a major electrical appliance manufacturer today.

    Stabilizers, electric pumps, and motors are the famous product category that V-Guard Inds. Manufactures at its multiple production units spread across the country.

    The market capitalization of the company is Rs. 9509.80 crores.

    Products or Services – These are the identified products or services for V-Guard Inds.

    • Voltage Stabilizers
    • Kitchen Appliances
    • Inverter, Dups, Solar Power Systems & Inverter Batteries
    • Electric, Solar & Heat Pump Water Heaters
    • Wires & Cables
    • Fans
    • Pumps
    • Modular Switches
    • Domestic Switch Gears
    • Air Coolers
    • Water Purifier
    • Water Purifier

    Why invest in the V-guard Inds Stocks?

    It takes a great deal of thought when searching for the best equipment stocks to buy. And if you are searching for a more suitable stock for intraday or swing trades, you may love going with V-Guard Industries Ltd.

    After all, the prices of V-Guard shares aren’t stable. They fluctuate a lot while creating multiple highs and lows within a day or week.

    Investing in V-Guard Industries Ltd can be inherently risky if you unknowingly make a bid at a higher high.

    Share’s supply zone is between 200 to 260 targets, while targets between 160 and 200 are the major demand zone of the Stock.

    GE T&D India – Equipment Companies in India

    GE T&D India is one of the fastest-growing equipment companies in India. The company is a subsidiary of Grid Equipment Private Ltd. and is known for its multiple businesses in the industry.GE T&D India - Equipment Companies in India

    Particularly, in the healthcare and renewable energy sector, the company’s equipment is used in the mainstream. From 2017 to 2021, the company’s revenue figures stay between 30 Billion to 40 Billion.

    The market capitalization of the company is Rs. 3368.20 crores.

    Products or Services – Below, we break down a series of services offered by GE T&D India

    • Additive
    • Aviation
    • Digital
    • Healthcare
    • Power
    • Renewable Energy
    • Research
    • Licensing

    Why invest in the GE T&D Stocks?

    But it seems that the global pandemic had a severe impact on its share price. From 2018 to 2022, the company’s share prices have fallen by 65.37%. But it could be a great BUY opportunity.

    After all, such stocks have witnessed a striking jump in prices. It can be one of the top equipment stocks to buy as all the higher levels that share achieved formerly are impressive.

    The market capitalization of the company is Rs. 3368.20 crores.

    According to GE T&D Stock Prediction, it is expected to provide decent returns.

    Apar Industries Ltd. – Best Equipment Companies in India

    The share can never drop from your likings. Apart from Industries Ltd. The company establishes itself across international boundaries.Apar Industries Ltd. - Best Equipment Companies in India

    Among the best equipment companies in India, you might have heard the name of Apar Industries Ltd a dozen times.

    After all, the company owns a specialty in Oils, cable, conductors, and other automotive equipment. Comparing the revenue figures, the ltd firm keeps its annual revenue stream up from the 60 Billion benchmarks.

    In 2021, the company’s revenue was reported somewhere around 63.88 billion. In simple words, the company is going nowhere in the future. After all, such a well-built revenue stream is evidencing it all.

    Products or Services – Apar Industries Ltd. is famous for the given series of products and services.

    • Speciality Oils
    • Conductors
    • Cables
    • Lubricants
    • Polymers
    • Specialty Automotive

    Why invest in the Apar Industries Ltd Stocks?

    Apar Industries Ltd carves a unique identity for itself when it comes to the talk of the top equipment stocks to buy. The company has a unique product offering that sets it apart from other companies.

    Being deeply rooted in almost every industry, higher highs are visible in the company’s share prices for long term investment.

    After a sharp decline, the company’s shares picked up a steep growth from March 27, 2020, to January 28, 2022. The company’s share price rose by 215.74% within two years. The market capitalization of the company is Rs. 2932.70 crores.

    Inox Wind – Equipment Shares to Buy

    Let’s talk about the last option in this list of top 10 types of equipment shares to buy – the Inox Wind. The limited firm is famous for its wind turbine generator manufacturing.Inox Wind - Equipment Shares to Buy

    The company shares a vital role across site acquisition, infrastructure development, wind resource assessments, and multiple other areas.

    The company is grounded in the wind turbine sector from manufacturing to maintenance and evaluation.

    And being NSE listed, it invites aspiring investors to come and join the company by becoming a contributor to its success and enjoying returns.

    Products or Services – Let’s catch a glimpse of the major products and services in which Inox Wind Ltd. succeeds.

    Products –

    • Inox DF 93.3, Inox DF 100 & Inox DF 113

    Services –

    • Infrastructure, operations maintenance

    Why invest in the Inox Wind Stocks?

    If you are looking for some of the top equipment shares to buy, there’s no denying that Inox Wind Ltd. may prove to be the best choice.

    The company’s revenue fluctuates between 10 billion and 20 billion per annum. But the good thing is that no sudden highs or falls are visible.

    Share prices gradually grow and drop, giving ample time for investors to make a decision. Such as the price of Inox Wind Ltd. as of February 16, 2022, is bullish.

    Thus, BUY opportunities are visible. If it stays to the same level and consolidates considerably, consider some precautions.

    The market capitalization of the company is Rs. 2920.40 crores.

    The company has strong balance sheet which attracts all types of Investors.

    Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd – Equipment Sector Stocks to Buy

    Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd is a rising name in the equipment category. The company is proving to be the best equipment sector stock to buy for day traders because of its fluctuating price patterns.

    Over the last few years, the company’s share prices have created multiple swing highs and lows.

    To sum up the backdrop of the company, Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd is originally a child firm of Energy Grid Automation Transformers and Switchgears India Limited.

    The company was set up in 2011 and has achieved too much so far. If we talk about the company’s production line, SEI Ltd primarily deals in electronic equipment.

    In simple words, the company supplies Transformers, Power Transformers, Switchgears, Voltage Switchgear, Protection Relays, and much more.

    The organization’s engineered, and automation approaches derive popularity for its products.

    Be it home, data center, building, industry, or infrastructure, on the whole, the company serves multi-purpose electronic solutions to almost every market.

    Voltamp Transformers – Equipment Companies Stocks to Buy

    Voltamp Transformers is also an excellent spot earner in our honorable mentions. The company entered the Indian market in 1963 and has built a name for itself as the top transformers producer in the nation.

    To date, the company has supplied lakhs of transformers and electrical equipment to the nation. Thus, not alone in India, but the company is famous worldwide.

    That’s why you should consider Voltamp Transformers if you are looking for the best equipment companies stocks to buy. The firm builds a prestigious spot in the industry.

    The company is a major contributor to India’s electronic sector. In a nutshell, you can feel free to invest in Voltamp as it is proving to be a popular share.

    Market Cap of the firm stands at Rs. 19.11 Billion, which is incredibly huge. Let’s sum up the revenue and profits the company yields by the end of 2021.

    The company generated $ 3.15 billion in revenue in 2021, which was 79.2% higher than in previous years. However, the company’s net income was fairly low than in former years. Still, the company stays profitable.

    Igarashi Motors – Equipment Company’s Shares to Buy

    Perhaps you may get what you desire from the market by including Igarashi Motors in your portfolio.

    It has become a perfect equipment company’s shares to buy as it has been rooted in almost every industrial area for a long time. In 1992, the India-based firm was known for its DC Motors.

    The company designs and builds quality motors to suit the requirements of factories and industries. Apart from that, the company also engages in the design and production line of automotive equipment.

    To simply put, the company has a tie-up with multiple firms around the nation and globe. It acts as a third-party supplier that builds a reputed name for its quality manufacturing.

    However, after the global pandemic, a steep decline in the company’s share value is visible. But it could be a great BUY opportunity as shares are likely to make their lifetime low.

    At the same time, the company’s revenue figures are still in the green.

    TD Power Systems – Equipment Companies in India

    When searching for top equipment companies in India, jump straight to TD Power Systems. The firm enjoys a profitable position in the equipment sector for certain great reasons.

    TD Power System is a private firm. Set up in 1999, the India-based firm has achieved the title of a multinational firm. The company manufactures generators and supplies in more than 72 countries as it has a broad business network.

    Apart from that, the company also has its services partners in 19 countries, each catering to the diverse requirements of the industry.

    Designing and building quality generators are the company’s specialty in the mainstream. But apart from that, the company also engages in the supply of generator-specific equipment.

    Honda India Power – Tools Stocks in India

    Honda companies are an ever-popular brand in Asia, and it no denies it. For a long time, the company has been serving the nation with its broad range of products.

    Popular products for which the company captures popularity include tillers, brush cutters, lawnmowers, water pumps, generators, and general-purpose engines.

    The company is famous for the manufacturing of the given products. In short, most products are targeted at the agro sector.

    If we talk about the prices of this one of the best tools stocks in India, some striking figures are visible in our eyes.

    How To Find Equipment Stocks For Trading?

    It is hard to find the best trade-in equipment stocks when the market is crowded with multiple options. But don’t panic, as we are here for your rescue.

    When trading equipment stocks, make sure you make a bid on a highly volatile asset. High volatility helps you determine an excellent share price with an exact entry price and exit point pattern.

    When you are trading daily, the point is worth keeping in mind. The company’s revenue and income figure should be evaluated at the same time to make a clear pattern about your investment in stocks.

    How To Invest In Equipment Sectors Stocks?

    When you are up to invest in equipment stocks, you are likely to face multiple challenges coming on the way.

    But one thing is obvious that investment in equipment stocks may get you a good amount of returns if you add the best asset to your portfolio.

    Because it is an ever-green sector and contributes to multiple industries in the sector. Still, certain things are worth keeping in mind when investing in equipment stocks.

    The year 2020 drew a steep fall in almost every Stock, but the market has greatly recovered within one year.

    Few companies have even watched the sharpest surge in their share prices. But make sure it could be a consequence of an exponential rise in share’s demand.

    So trade as per the company’s performance and its current price value.

    Top Equipment Companies in India – Conclusion

    When you search for top equipment companies in India, look no further. Take a look at this list of the top 10 shares covered in the article above. Equipment plus technology jointly are becoming the backbone of every industry.

    Thus, by investing in these shares, you are contributing to the strength of every industry. In a nutshell, your investment will always be rewarding.

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