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We live in a technology-driven world today. Practically everything functions on some of the other forms of technology.

Be it your handheld smartphone, your automatic washing machine, or your automatic gear car.

The main factor behind all of this technology is electronics. This includes all the circuitry that goes into developing technology-driven products.

Consider electronics as the back-end of technology. As technological innovations rise, the scope and demand for electronics also rise.

This has resulted in the establishment of several electronic companies in India. Several of these companies are listed and accessible to the regular investor to invest in and profit from.

In this article, we bring to you details on the best Electronic Stocks to buy.

Know about Electronics Sector in India

India is amongst the largest consumers of electronics in the Asia Pacific region. This can give you an idea of how vast this sector would be in India. India’s share in the global electronics market is 3.6%.

This has grown from just 1.3% in 2012. Furthermore, the size of the electronics sector in India is USD 118 Bn. In this way, it contributes 2.70% to the nation’s GDP.

The Indian electronics sector also has a high value of exports. The value of its exports is USD 11.70Bn. The sector will grow to a value of USD 400 Bn by 2025.

The sector includes the manufacture of mobile phones, consumer electronics, and strategic electronics. It also includes computer hardware, LEDs, and industrial electronics.

Several top electronic companies in India are engaged in this business. Let’s get into the details of the best electronics sector stocks to buy.Best Electronic Stocks in India - List of Top 10 Electronics Sector Stocks to Buy Today

Best Electronic Stocks in India – List of Top 10 Electronics Sector Stocks to Buy Today

Check out the Electronics Share Price & Ranking of Best Electronic Shares to buy Today or Tomorrow or for Long Term –

Market capitalization is a good indicator of the company size and the market value of its share.

Thus, we have used this as the primary aspect to gauge the best electronic shares to buy. Market capitalization is however not the only parameter.

Thus, we have also touched upon other important parameters. These include their recent price performance – 6 months and 1 year period, the oscillation between annual high and low, etc,

We shall now discuss each one of these stocks in greater detail.

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    Olectra Greentech – Best Electric Stocks in India

    Olectra Greentech Ltd is one of the first companies that manufacture electric buses and insulators. 1992 is the establishment year of the company.Olectra Greentech - Best Electric Stocks in India

    Its base is in Hyderabad. Its business portfolio includes electric buses, composite insulators, and amorphous core distribution transformers.

    The company also provides Data Analysis and IT consulting. It is an ISO-9001:2008 certified company.

    It currently manufactures three types of EV buses – K6, K7, and K9. Both NSE and the BSE list this stock.

    Its share price has grown nearly 5 times in the last one years, making it one of the best electric stocks in India.

    It has an annual revenue of over Rs.400 crores.

    Olectra Greentech has a market cap of 67,00.00 crores. Its share price today is more than Rs. 800 today. Several aspects are making it top-ranked in the list of electronic shares to buy.

    Why should you choose Olectra Greentech stocks?

    The company operates in an upcoming electric vehicles sector, that is the future of tomorrow. This is especially so due to rising fuel prices. It is a pioneer in its field of electronic buses.

    It has bagged several long-term government contracts in the recent past for its EV buses. This indicates the success of the company’s products.

    NITI Aayog has mandated the integration of 5500 electric buses. Olectra Greentech is part of this. It is part of India’s extensive power transmission and distribution circuit.

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    Data Patterns – Electronic Stocks in India

    Ranked second in our list of best Electronic Stocks in India is Data Patterns (India) Limited. 1998 is the incorporation year of the company. Its headquarters are in Chennai.Data Patterns - Electronic Stocks in India

    Data Patterns is a defense and aerospace electronics solution company. Its product portfolio is very vast. These include COTS boards, ATE and test systems, and RF and Microwave.

    Further products are Electronic warfare, Cockpit, and Rugged displays, radar and radar subsystems, etc.

    Furthermore, it also provides several services in this specialized field of electronics. Clocking an annual revenue of over Rs.225 crores, it also has a healthy net profit of 94 crores.

    Data Patterns is new to the stock market as it was listed in 2020 via an Initial Public Offer. Its market capitalization stands at nearly Rs.40,00.00 crores. It is trading around Rs.760 today.

    Budgetary allocation on defense increases every year. This means that the demand for this company’s products and services will keep increasing.

    Why should you choose Data Patterns stocks?

    The Ministry of Defence’s target is to increase defense products exports by 5 times by 2025. Data Patterns stand to gain considerably from this.

    India’s space program is also expanding, which is one of the key areas for Data Patterns.

    The Company made an opening profit of ~50% on its listing alone. This shows its potential for investors.

    Centum Electronics – Top Electronics Sector Stocks

    Centum Electronics Limited ranks third in the list of top electronics sector stocks to consider. 1993 is the company incorporation year.Centum Electronics - Top Electronics Sector Stocks

    Centum Electronics is a multinational group with several subsidiaries and branches across the globe. It is a diversified electronics company.

    The sectors it operates in include defense, aerospace, communications, energy, industry, medical, automotive, etc. It operates through 4 business units.

    Centum Adeno Engineering offers electronics engineering services. The Centum strategic electronics manufacturing electronics for the defense and aerospace sector.

    Centum Adetel Transportation Solution developing electronics solutions for railway networks.

    Centum EMS provides high-tech products across sectors. Its annual operating revenue is around Rs. 8174 Mn.

    Centum Electronics lists with a market cap of Rs. 785.30 crores and is trading at a price of Rs.610.

    Why should you choose Centum Electronic Stocks?

    The electricals share price has consistently offered double-digit returns to investors. This shall continue because:

    It is targeting high-growth sectors such as healthcare, EVs, etc for its future business growth. It is capitalizing on the ‘Make in India’ Production Linked Incentives to the electronics sector.

    Centum Electronics is likely to be a key player in industry 4.0 that is inclined towards digitization and automation.

    Hindusthan Urban – Top Electronics Companies in India

    Hindusthan Urban Infrastructure Limited is part of the larger Hindusthan Group. Incorporated in 1959, Hindusthan Urban has a 6-decade legacy.Hindusthan Urban - Top Electronics Companies in India

    This makes it one of the top electronics companies in India.

    The company manufactures overhead conductors and electro-porcelain high tension insulators. It has received several certifications.

    These include ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, BS OHSAS 18001-2007, etc. Its electronics products are manufactured in the power division.

    It has plants located at Khurda and Guwahati. Its domestic clientele includes Alstom, BHEL, Indian Oil, KPTCL, Mahavitaran, Siemens, Tata Steel, etc.

    It also exports its products to more than 40 countries. Its annual revenue is over Rs.360 crores, with a net profit margin of more than 10%.

    Hindusthan Urban’s market capitalization is Rs. 685.30 crores. Its electronics share price is high at Rs.4780.

    Why should you choose Hindustan Urban stocks?

    The company’s stock is a good investment on account of the following:

    It is a small-cap investment company and has consistently been amongst the top performers across the small-cap category.

    It has a high promoter holding which is a good factor.

    Its most recent performance – high RoE and high EPS; indicates that the company is on the path to recovery post the covid pandemic.

    Websol Energy System – Top Electronic Stocks in India

    Websol Energy Systems Limited manufactures photovoltaic crystalline solar cells and their related modules. Its products find application across several sectors.Websol Energy System - Top Electronic Stocks in India

    These sectors include solar plants, remote communication, and rural electrification. Its plant is located in the Falta Special Economic Zone in Falta.

    It has an annual revenue of Rs.1.96 Bn with net earnings of Rs.643 Mn. That is a healthy net profit margin of 32% Which puts it amongst the top Electronic Stocks in India.

    Websol Energy System is a small-cap company with a market cap of Rs.546.40 crores. Its electronic share price is around Rs.150.

    Why should you choose Websol Energy System stocks?

    The reasons that make this company a good buy for investors include:

    Its earnings have increased considerably – 523% in the last year. This was much higher than the industry average of 179.6%

    It is trading at a fairly low P/E ratio of 8, which is considerably lower than the industry average of 23.

    As it promotes a non-conventional, reusable energy sector, it has a bright future

    The government is on a mission to provide electricity to all rural areas. This company’s products are the input products for this purpose.

    Swelect Energy – Top 10 Electronic Stocks in India

    Swelect Energy Systems Limited is in the sixth position in the top 10 Electronic Stocks in India. It was earlier known as Numeric Power Systems Limited.Swelect Energy - Top 10 Electronic Stocks in India

    Its head office is in Chennai. It has been in the industry for 37 years. It manufactures solar PV modules, Solar PCUs, Servo stabilizers, structural and electrical balance systems.

    Its products are used in rooftop installations, solar water pumps, wind energy farms, etc. It has a total of 10,000 installations.

    The company has a manufacturing capacity of 140 MW and an installed base of 175 MW.

    It has received BIS and IMS certifications for its products. The company’s manufacturing plants are located in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

    It has annual revenue of over Rs. 250 crores. A small-cap company, Swelect Energy has a share market cap of Rs.447.20 crores.

    Its electric share price is nearly Rs.300. The company has a very promising outlook, making its share price attractive.

    Why should you choose Swelect Energy stocks?

    • It has consistently recorded year-on-year growth in revenue of more than 20%.
    • It is in an expansion phase and setting up new plants to augment its capacity.
    • The company is a provider to the solar energy and wind energy industry. These renewable energy sectors are the industries of the future, thus Swelect Energy stands to gain.
    • According to fundamental analysis of this share, it has decent long term growth prospects.

    The Company will also benefit from the PLI scheme of the government for Solar Manufacturing.

    Cosmo Ferrites – Best Electronic Stocks to Buy

    Cosmo Ferrites Limited manufactures soft ferrite cores. It has been in this business for more than 30 years. It has an installed capacity of 2400 MT.Cosmo Ferrites - Best Electronic Stocks to Buy

    The company is huge with over 300 employees. It also exports its products to over 50 countries. The company clocks an annual revenue of Rs.720 Mn.

    Its products have wide use. The applications include lighting, EVs, solar, welding, induction, etc.  Its wide use bases make it amongst the best Electronic Stocks to buy.

    Cosmo Ferrites is a small-cap company and currently has a market cap of Rs.438.30 crores. Its share price has seen a whopping gain of over 3000% over the last year.

    Making it one of the highest growing Electronic Shares in India. It is a good buy for investors due to the following:

    Why should you choose Cosmo Ferrites stocks?

    Cosmo Ferrites benefits from the various electronics good manufacturing PLI schemes of the Indian government

    Its major use in the solar and EV industry is another reason for its fast growth. The company has a strong balance sheet that attracts all types of Investors.

    BPL – Best Electronics Companies in India

    British Physical Laboratories (BPL) Limited is primarily a consumer electronics company. 1963 is the establishment year of the company.BPL - Best Electronics Companies in India

    Its head office is located in Bangalore. It has a B2B and a B2C business model. Some of its corporate clientele include Bajaj, Crompton Greaves, Havells, Philips India, etc.

    Its consumer electronics products include ACs, TVs, fans, and various kitchen appliances.

    The company also manufactures several medical electronic devices as well. Its wide range of products makes it amongst the top Electronic Stocks to buy.

    Its annual revenue is Rs.118.5 crores with an extremely high net income of Rs.77 crores.

    BPL has a market cap of Rs. 340.40 crores. Its share price has tripled in the last one year, to today trade at Rs.70.

    The stock of BPL is a good buy for investors as it has good prospects. This is because:

    Why should you choose BPL stocks?

    It has an ever-increasing customer base in a huge country like India. Thus, the Company’s demand will also keep increasing.

    Its business is aligned with the government’s Make in India mission. This is because its manufacturing facilities are all located in India.

    It has come up with India’s first mobile service network, first flat TV, first alkaline battery. Thus, the company is always innovating and coming up with new products.

    These factors make it one of the best electronics companies in India.

    Modern Insulators – Best Electronics Companies in India

    Modern Insulators Limited is an electronics company incorporated in 1985. It manufactures porcelain insulators.Modern Insulators - Best Electronics Companies in India

    The Company is part of the large Modern Group of Industries. Its production plant is located at Abu Road, Rajasthan, and has an installed capacity of 26,000 MT.

    The Company’s product portfolio includes hollow insulators, solid core post insulators, long rod insulators, and railway insulators.

    Its clientele is primarily Central and state utilities, Indian Railways, and OEM companies. Its annual revenue is around Rs.400 crores.

    It also has high exports to over 50 countries, over USD 15mn annually. It has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications making it ranked in the best electronics companies in India.

    Modern Insulators has a market cap of Rs. 333.50 crores. This makes it a company of the small-cap market segment. Its share price is around Rs.70.

    Why should you choose Modern Insulators stocks?

    Let’s look at the reasons that make it one of the best electricals stocks to buy are:

    • The Company has given its shareholders more than 40% returns over the last year.
    • With rapid industrialization in India under the Make in India mission, the insulator industry will see strong demand.
    • The company has excellent cash flow management. This is clear from the annual reports of the company.

    The electrification industry uses insulators. There is tremendous scope for expanding electricity reach in India. This will boost demand for the company’s insulator products.

    Apollo Micro Systems – Top 10 Electronic Shares to Buy

    Apollo Micro Systems Limited is the last on our list of top 10 Electronic Shares to buy. 1985 is the formation year of the company.Apollo Micro Systems - Top 10 Electronic Shares to Buy

    The company’s business is designing and developing custom-built electronics and electro-mechanical solutions.

    Its products and services are applied in the defense, space, aerospace, and homeland security market.

    Apart from the government of India, its clients also include big companies such as Tata Steel, BHEL, NMDC, etc. Its annual revenue is Rs.200 crores with a high net profit of more than Rs.14 crores.

    The Company has a market cap of Rs.302.30 crores. Its share trades at around Rs.159.

    Why should you choose Apollo Micro Systems stocks?

    The Ministry of Defence and DRDO are both continuously expanding their defense and space budget.

    Being this company’s major clientele, the Company stands to gain tremendously and is good for investment.

    The company has given its investors more than 40% share price return in just 6 months.

    SPEL Semiconductor – Electronics Sector Stocks to Buy

    The first company to make it to our honorable mentions list of electronics sector stocks to buy is SPEL Semiconductor Limited.

    The incorporation year of the company is 1984. Its core business is the manufacturing of electronic integrated circuits.

    Its factory is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It has the unique proposition of being India’s first and only semiconductor IC assembly and test facility.

    This gives it a monopolistic spot in this space, making it a good buy for investors.

    It has a market cap of Rs. 298.10 crores. It has proved its might by giving investors a whopping 300%+ return over the last year. Its current share price is around Rs.65.

    Indosolar – Electronics Companies’ Stocks to Buy

    Next in honorable mentions of electronics companies’ stocks to buy is Indosolar Ltd.

    It manufactures photovoltaic cells and solar panels. It has the highest installed capacity for this manufacturing and delivers 450 MW.

    Its products include cells, modules, and various solar solutions.

    Indosolar has a market cap of Rs.246.60 crores. It too has made considerable gains on the stock market in the last year – 265%.

    Its share is reasonably priced at Rs.6.75. It provides its products to the solar energy industry.

    This industry is greatly in the limelight for renewable energy and thus this company is expected to do well in the years to come.

    Surana solar – Electrical Companies Shares to Buy

    One of the more recent companies amongst the electrical companies shares to buy is Surana Solar Ltd. 2006 is its year of incorporation.

    It manufactures solar panels and photovoltaic modules. It sells its products domestically and globally. Also, it has annual revenue of Rs.317.63 Mn and a net profit of Rs.5.57 Mn.

    It has a market cap of just over Rs.200.00 crores. Its share price has grown 3 times over the last one year, today is around Rs.41.

    This Company is a likely beneficiary of an extensive Rs.24,000 crore PLI of the government in solar manufacturing. Thus, it has a bright future for investors.

    Ruttonsha International – Electronics Companies in India

    One of the older electronics companies in India featured in this list is Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd. 1969 is the year of establishment of the company.

    It manufactures semiconductors, devices, and equipment. It is an ISO 9001:2005 certified company.

    Also, it has a long-standing technical collaboration with International Rectifier Corporation in the USA. It has an annual revenue of more than Rs.30 crores.

    The market cap of this company is Rs. 200.00 crores and it is trading at a price of Rs.287.

    The government has recently announced an Rs.76,000 crores plan to boost the semiconductor industry. Ruttonsha and its investors stand to benefit considerably.

    CWD – Electronic Stocks in India

    The last in our list of electronic stocks in India is CWD Limited. This company is a consumer electronics company.

    The Company markets its products under the following brands- Fluance, Nyrius, Electrohome, and Magnasonic.

    It is a small-cap company with a market cap of Rs.141.00 crores. It was recently listed through an IPO in September 2021.

    Also, it has nearly doubled from its IPO price of Rs.180 to trade around Rs.357 today.

    How to identify good Electronic Stocks for trading?

    Now that you have a long list of good Electronic Stocks, you can begin trading in Electronic Stocks. 15 stocks however is a large number of stocks.

    Due to fund restrictions, you may want to choose a few from this extensive list.

    We will list down certain factors that you should assess while finding the right Electronic Stocks for long term investment & for Intraday Trading:

    Industry news – The electronics sector is vast and has several sub-sectors.

    You should study the industry and be up to date with the latest news to know which sub-sector and company can do well.

    Know the share value – The price-earnings ratio can be studied for this. The P/E ratio is a measure of the valuation of the company in comparison to its earnings per share.

    Stocks that have a low PE ratio, especially when compared to the industry can be chosen.

    Know the fundamentals – Study the reported fundamental analysis of the companies. Look out for audit qualifications which can serve as a warning sign.

    Choose companies that have a good track record of revenue and income.

    How to Invest in Electronics Sector Stocks in India?

    To invest in Electronic Stocks there are certain administrative requirements. The main requirement is to have a Demat account and an active trading account.

    This is because listed shares are now only traded in electronic dematerialized form.

    To open a Demat account you need to select a broking house, link an active bank account, and submit your KYC documentation.

    Once this is done an account in your name will be created. Through the provided login username and password, you can begin investing.

    You can also create watchlists, place several types of orders, access research reports and study technical charts through the trading platform of the broking house.

    Top Electronics Companies in India – Conclusion

    The Electronics sector is a booming sector today. This is because it is a provider to the fast-growing technology segment.

    It also provides products to the renewable energy industry such as solar, wind, etc. The government of India is boosting the electronics manufacturing sector on a war footing.

    Thus, this segment has considerable growth potential in the years to come.

    So go ahead and choose from amongst the top electronics companies in India to make a robust and high-growth addition to your investment portfolio.

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