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Best Gas Stocks to Buy – Compare Top 10 Petrol Shares to Buy in India

This article has picked up the names of the 10 Best Gas Stocks to buy that are doing great at present.

The petroleum sector in this country has always been powerful and investors take a lot of interest in it.

This sector yields guaranteed returns and less amount of risk is involved. A large number of companies form an integral part of the gas sector in India.

Thus, investors get a wide spectrum of options of Petrol Shares to buy.

Top 10 Petroleum Stocks to Buy in India – List of Best Gas Shares to Buy

Investors get a lot of options of stocks in this sector but they should always look for the Best Petroleum Stocks to Buy. This will help them earn a huge amount of return and eradicate numerous investment risks.

Gas Stocks to BuyBut choosing the best one from a huge list is not at all easy. They can get a good deal of help from this article as it focuses on those shares that earn assured returns on investment.

The list of the Top 10 Gas Shares includes ONGC, BPCL, Indian Oil Corp, GAIL, Petronet LNG, HPCL, IGL, Adani Gas Ltd., Gujarat Gas Ltd., and GSPL. These companies have a very high market value and currently, their share prices are increasing steadily.

A large number of traders have indulged in buying these stocks as they can foresee a good amount of profit in the future.

Readers should go through all the useful details provided about these stocks in this article for making the wisest investment decision.

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. – Best Gas Shares to buy in India

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. or ONGC is the best-performing share in the gas sector of the nation.

Its market capitalization is Rs. 94729.50 crores and this makes it the first position holder among the 10 Best Petrol Shares to buy.

ONGC is a public sector corporation that offers a wide range of in-house services. This share yields a very high amount of dividends which is 6.64%.

The 52 weeks low was 50 whereas the 52 weeks high of ONGC share was 149.65. Investors new in the business and have limited capital can start with this share.

They can expect to earn a high amount of return in the future by investing a smaller amount.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. – Top Petroleum Stocks to buy in India

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd., shortly known as BPCL is the second public sector company in this list of the Best Gas Stocks to buy. Its net worth is very high and it is Rs. 90598.84 crores at present.

This share has recovered exceptionally from its 52 weeks low and the current graph shows an upward performance. In the past 52 weeks, the lowest value was 252 while the highest value was 549 which is twice the former.

BPCL shares help investors earn an added 5.19% dividend which increases their profit. The company is serving a huge customer base in India and experts believe its shares are highly profitable for investment.

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Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. – Most Traded Petrol Shares in India

IOCL or Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. is the third-largest public sector gas company in India. Its shares are one of the Most Traded Petroleum Shares in India that are exposed to a lower amount of market risks.

The price of each share is very low and an investor can afford a large number of it. Its 52 weeks low-high ratio states that the lower amount was 71.15 whereas the higher amount was 156.

IOCL shares yield a dividend of 5.07% that shareholders are given according to the number of stocks they own.

The net worth of the company is Rs. 78937.72 crores and this figure is increasing steadily.

GAIL (India) Ltd. – Top 10 Gas Stocks to buy

GAIL is the largest state-owned natural gas processing and distributing company in India that is controlled by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

Its share has secured the fourth position in the list of the Top 10 Petroleum Stocks to buy in this country.

The present market capitalization of Gail India is Rs. 43467.66 crores. This share has shown a power-packed performance in the last 52 weeks and came out with flying colors.

The 52 weeks low recorded was 65 whereas the 52 weeks high was 148.75. Inventors not only get good returns from this share but they also earn a dividend of 6.68% which is quite high in the market.

Petronet LNG Ltd. – Best Petrol Shares in India

Petronet LNG Ltd. is the leading LNG receiving and processing company that has been formed as a joint venture by the Indian government.

Its market capitalization is Rs. 35415 crores which explain the reason why its shares are one of the Best Petroleum Shares to buy at the moment.

The 52 weeks low-high ratio shows that the company is recovering steadily from its low. Petronet LNG Ltd. shares suffered a low of 170.40 in the past 52 weeks whereas the high was 299.

The company shares a dividend of 0.53% with its shareholders. The EPS of the stock is Rs. 17.61 and experts recommend investors to make a good amount of investment in this share.

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Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. – Top Gas Shares to buy in India

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. or HPCL is one of the largest service providers of natural gas in the country. Its growing market trend is the reason for its sixth position in the list of the Top Petrol Shares to buy.

At present, HPCL has a net worth of Rs. 30781.22 crores and this figure will grow robustly because the company is expanding its portfolio steadily.

The 52 weeks high of the share was 328.75 whereas the 52 weeks low was recorded to be 150. Inventors earn a very high amount of dividends from this stock which is 9.90% and thus, they can make a good amount of profit.

Indraprastha Gas Ltd. – Best Petroleum Shares to Buy

Indraprastha Gas Ltd. is the seventh name among the 10 Best Petrol Shares to Buy at present. It is one of the leaders in the natural gas sector and supplies natural gas for vehicles and cooking.

Incorporated is 1988, IGL currently has a market capitalization of Rs. 27538.03 crores. The ratio of the 52 weeks low and high of this share shows it has come out of the low phase and caught up with the momentum.

IGL share faced 52 weeks low of 284.05 while the 52 weeks high was 534.20. A dividend of 0.09% is shared by the company with the owners of its shares.

Adani Gas Ltd. – Best Gas Stocks to buy

The eighth name in the list of the 10 Best Gas Stocks in India is of Adani Gas Ltd. It is a subsidiary of the Adani Group and is developing the city gas distribution network in different parts of the country.

The net worth of the company is Rs. 21286.82 crores which attract investors more in buying its shares.

Adani Gas shares are priced moderate and they yield a dividend of 0.13% which makes them a profitable investment tool.

The 52 weeks low was 76.60 whereas the 52 weeks high was 200.85. Investors prefer this share a lot because the company had a bright past and a prospective future.

Gujarat Gas Ltd. – Top Petrol Stocks to buy in India

Gujarat Gas Ltd. has secured the ninth position among the Top Petrol Stocks in India. It is owned by the Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation and has a market worth of Rs. 20176.71 crores.

The company was established in 1980 and is the largest city distributor that covers the whole of Gujarat.

Gujarat Gas Ltd. shares have come across the 52 weeks low efficiently and currently, it has a higher trend.

The 52 weeks low-high ratio shows that the lower value was 166 while the higher value was 334.40. Shareholders get a dividend of 0.43% from this stock which is divided according to their holdings.

GSPL – Petroleum Stocks to buy

The final name in this list of Top 10 Petroleum Stocks to buy in India is of Gujarat State Petronet Ltd. It is a 1998-established company that provides oil and natural gas across the whole state of Gujarat.

The market capitalization of the company is Rs. 11226.46 crores. This share faced a low of 146.15 in the past 52 weeks where the high in the same span was 263.80.

A large number of Gujarat State Petronet Ltd. shares are traded every day and investors earn a huge amount of return on investment.

This state-owned company of Gujarat shares a dividend of 1.01% with stockholders which increase the amount of profit they have earned.

Best Gas Stocks to Buy – Conclusion

This article has nicely explained the names of the Top 10 Petroleum Shares to buy in India.

Various important details related to these stocks are shared above that include market capitalization, dividend percentage shared, 52 weeks low-high ratio, etc.

Readers will find it easy to choose the best Gas Stocks to buy if they go through all the names carefully.

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