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Best Stock Broker in Hyderabad – Compare Top 10 Stock Brokers in Hyderabad

Last Updated Date - Nov 19, 2022

Hyderabad has grown to become one of the most important cities contributing to the Indian stock broking industry. This brings us to the importance of this article. We created this to educate you on the best stock broker in Hyderabad. In fact, we’ve narrowed down the list to top 10 stock broker in Hyderabad.Open Demat Account - Offers

List of Top 10 Stock Brokers in Hyderabad

This is the list of best stock brokers in Hyderabad we’ve managed to procure.

The list is based on the maximum output a broker generates in several values. The list even bases the ranking over the market share owned by these brokers.

Sharekhan leads the list with most capital and market share. Zerodha is on the second followed by Angel Broking. Karvy is on the 4th position, followed by Motilal Oswal, Geojit Finance, Kotak Securities and ICICI Direct. The last two positions are held by JM Financial and KIFS Trade Capital.

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    Rank 1 – Sharekhan – Number 1 Stock Broker in Hyderabad

    Brand Name Sharekhan
    Phones 022-61281700 / 022-61150000
    Fax 022-67481899
    Corporate Email namita.godbole@sharekhan.com
    Branch Offices Sharekhan Branch Office
    Branches in City Sharekhan Branch Office in Hyderabad
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    SHarekhan has been active in India since 2000. It holds the 5th largest market share within the country. However, it is the undisputed champion in Hyderabad. It has an establishment of more than 18 offices across the city.

    Although, it has only one corporate office and, the address to it is: Plot No.1012,Devidayal Compound, Kanjur Village Road,Near Crompton & Greaves Ltd., Kanjur Marg (East), Mumbai-400042.

    You may even reach them out over phone on 022-61281700 / 022-61150000. In fact, they even have contact establishments for Fax users. If you’re one of them, you may reach them at 022-67481899.

    Being the pioneers of online trading and broking activities, they grant online assistance as well. So, you may contact them over their email: namita.godbole@sharekhan.com for any kind of grievance redressals.

    Rank 2 – Zerodha – Top Share Broker in Hyderabad

    Brand Name Zerodha
    Phones 080-40402020
    Fax NA
    Corporate Email info@zerodha.com
    Branch Offices Zerodha Branch Office
    Branches in City Zerodha Branch Office in Hyderabad
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    Zerodha is one of the leading financial advisors in India. They have been around for merely a decade. However, this has not stopped them from taking the industry with utmost surprise. They champion the cause of online trading and investment in India today. Perhaps, that’s what made them worth $1 billion in this very year!

    They serve across the domains of currencies & commodities, retail broking, institutional broking and even mutual funds. They operate from the Bangalore based headquarter. However, they’ve managed to secure the 2nd position in terms of market share within Hyderabad.

    Their corporate office is located at #153/154, 4th Cross, Dollars Colony, Opp. Clarence Public School, J.P.Nagar 4th Phase, Bengaluru-560078 and, their official number is 080-40402020. They do not have a fax outreach option available at the moment. However, you may contact them over email on info@zerodha.com.

    Rank 3 – Angel Broking – Best Share Broker in Hyderabad

    Brand Name Angel Broking
    Phones 022-39413940/5338/022-39415662/68/69/70
    Fax 022-28358811
    Corporate Email compliance@angelbroking.com
    Branch Offices Angel Broking Branch Office
    Branches in City Angel Broking Branch Office in Hyderabad
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    Angel Broking has a long history of financial advisory and brokerage. They were established in the year 1987. With an experience of 30+ years, and, operating licences from BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX, they’ve managed to mesmerise their customers over the years.

    They’ve even procured the position of 3rd best share broker in Hyderabad. They grant financial advisory and depository services. Moreover, they broker deals across stock trading, intraday and mutual funds. They even allow certain extended services.

    These range from portfolio management to personal loans and insurances. They have their corporate office in Ackruti Star, 5th Floor Central Road, Midc Marol Andheri (East) Mumbai-400093. The numbers; 022-39413940/5338/022-39415662/68/69/70 can be used to reach them over phone.

    They even provide support over fax and, you may reach them out at 022-28358811 for this purpose. Moreover, if you still can’t get a hold of them, you may always use their email compliance@angelbroking.com to connect!

    Rank 4 – Karvy – Share Broker in Hyderabad

    Brand Name Karvy
    Phones 040-33211500
    Fax 040-33218029
    Corporate Email compliance.ksbl@karvy.com
    Branch Offices Karvy Branch Office
    Branches in City
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    Karvy Corporate goes way long in the Indian sub continent. They started off catering to their clients in the early 1980s. In fact, this has made them a favourite for a lot of people. They’ve managed to procure the operational licences from some of India’s best financial trade associations.

    We’re referring to NSE, BSE and more. Furthermore, they even have their offices extended into the world market. They have establishments in countries like USA, Bahrain, Dubai, Malaysia and Philippines.

    In India, they have their corporate office located in ‘Karvy Millennium’, Plot No. 31, Nanakramguda, Financial District, Gachibowli, Hydrabad-500032. Their telephone and fax numbers are 040-33211500 and 040-33218029 respectively.

    Moreover, they even respond to online queries over their email at compliance.ksbl@karvy.com. It is safe to say that they are the 4th best share broker in Hyderabad!

    Rank 5 – Motilal Oswal – Top 10 Stock Broker in Hyderabad

    Brand Name Motilal Oswal
    Phones 022-30801000/022-30801001/022-30801048
    Fax 022-28449002
    Corporate Email neeraj.agarwal@motilaloswal.com
    Branch Offices Motilal Oswal Branch Office
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    Motilal Oswal is an iconic name within the Indian stock broking industry. They’ve existed in this market for more than 3 decades. This provides them with an extraordinary sense of progressiveness.

    They’ve even collaborated with some of the best banking corporations in the country. Their tie ups with SBI and PNB in 2006 and 2007 are remarkable examples in this matter.

    With over 10 national and international awards and an experience of 3 decades, they currently hold the 5th position in the list of top 10 stock brokers in Hyderabad. You may reach them out through either of the following:

    • Their corporate office: Palm Spring Centre, 2nd Floor, Palm Court Complex, New Link Road, Malad (West), Mumbai-400064
    • Their corporate phone numbers: 022-30801000/022-30801001/022-30801048
    • Fax: 022-28449002, or;
    • Their email: neeraj.agarwal@motilaloswal.com.

    Rank 6 – Geojit Finance – Best Stock Broker in Hyderabad

    Brand Name Geojit Finance
    Corporate Address 11TH FLOOR, 34/659-P, CIVIL LINE ROAD PADIVATTOM KOCHI-682024
    Phones 0484-2901000
    Fax 0484-2405618
    Corporate Email liju_johnson@geojit.com
    Branch Offices Geojit Finance Branch Office
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    Geojit Finance is a brilliant representative of a well matured stock broker in India. They started off during 1987 with a single office premises. They’ve come a long way since then. In fact, they’re regarded as the 6th best stock broker in Hyderabad now.

    Furthermore, they were the first to facilitate commodity futures trading in gold, pepper, cardamom and silver in India. They typically serve trading across equities, securities, derivatives, mutual funds, and general insurances. Given that they work closely with NSE and BSE, they are rather rusted brand in the industry.

    Anyway, you may reach them out at their corporate office. The address to it is: 11th Floor, 34/659-P, Civil Line Road Padivattom Kochi-682024. They even respond over phone at 0484-2901000 and through fax at 0484-2405618.

    In any case, you cannot get to them through any of the above methods, there’s always a fourth way. We’re referring to their official email address. You may email them at liju_johnson@geojit.com.

    Rank 7 – Kotak Securities – Best Demat Broker in Hyderabad

    Brand Name Kotak Securities
    Phones 022-42856825 / 022-42858214
    Fax 022-67256753
    Corporate Email ks.compliance@kotak.com
    Branch Offices Kotak Securities Branch Office
    Branches in City
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    Kotak Securities is the 7th best Demat broker in Hyderabad in our list. The broker is obviously a part of the famous Kotak Mahindra banking corporation. The broker is known for their out of the box approach towards financial advisory and management.

    In fact, this millennial behaviour has got them a lot of credit in recent times. They were considered as the fastest growing broker at a time as well.

    Their present corporate office is located in Kotak Infiniti, Building No.21,8th Floor Infinity Park,Off Western Express Highway General A.K.Vaidya Marg,Malad (East) Mumbai-400097.

    Their clients may even reach out to them over phone through 022-42856825 / 022-42858214. In fact, the grievances can even be presented to them over fax at 022-67256753 or on email at ks.compliance@kotak.com.

    Rank 8 – ICICI Direct – Top Demat Broker in Hyderabad

    Brand Name ICICI Direct
    Phones 022-40701320 / 022-40701125 / 022-40701000/1125
    Fax 022-40701022
    Corporate Email compliance@icicisecurities.com
    Branch Offices ICICI Direct Branch Office
    Branches in City
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    ICICI Direct is yet another broker backed by a huge banking corporation. However, there’s a difference between them and Kotak Securities. Unlike Kotak Securities, they’ve existed in this industry for more than 2 decades.

    They even facilitate trades throughout Equity, Currency, Options, Futures, Mutual Funds, Forex, SIPs and even insurance. They even provide extensive portfolio management services to their HNI clients!

    Their corporate office is situated in Shree Sawan Knowledge Park,Ground Floor, Plot No.D507,Ttc Ind. Area Midc,Turbhe Navi Mumbai-400705. They have their official phone numbers registered at 022-40701320 / 022-40701125 / 022-40701000/1125.

    However, their fax is registered to 022-40701022. Furthermore, their clients may even reach out by emailing them at compliance@icicisecurities.com.

    Rank 9 – JM Financial – Stock Market Broker in Hyderabad

    Brand Name JM Financial
    Phones 022-67617400
    Fax 022-67250001
    Corporate Email manish.sabu@jmfl.com
    Branch Offices JM Financial Branch Office
    Branches in City
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    JM Financial is not much popular as a broker throughout India. However, they’re listed amongst the top stock market brokers in Hyderabad. The company was established by Nimesh Kampani in 1973. It’s managed to maintain a low profile all these years.

    However, that’s not hindered its growth or revenue stream in any way! Even today, they continue to work rather closely with NSE, BSE and more and, their list of services include trade facilitation across Equity, Commodity, Currency, Options and more.

    They continue to manage all operations from their corporate office in 5th Floor, Cnergy, Appasaheb Marathe Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai-400025. Their office responds to call on 022-67617400 and faxes on 022-67250001. They even provide support over email manish.sabu@jmfl.com.

    Rank 10 – KIFS Trade Capital – Share Market Broker Hyderabad

    Brand Name KIFS Trade Capital
    Phones 079-26420592/94/079-30000320-22/0-9909930692
    Fax 079-26403717
    Corporate Email kifspl@yahoo.com
    Branch Offices KIFS Trade Branch Office
    Branches in City
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    The last name on this list is KIFS Trade Capital. It is currently positioned as the 10th top share market broker in Hyderabad. It began its operations in the year 1995, post establishment in Mumbai. Kushal Khandwala was the one to style this corporation as we know it today.

    Today, it works in close collaboration with NSE, USE, BSE, MCX, ACE and NCDEX. It even provides depository services on behalf of NSDL. You may find their corporate office hoisted in B-81, Pariseema Complex, C. G. Road, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad-380006.

    The office responds to all call on 079-26420592/94/079-30000320-22/0-9909930692. It even responds to the faxes over 079-26403717. You may further reach out to them over their email on kifspl@yahoo.com.

    Stock Broker in Hyderabad – Conclusion

    This concludes our review of top stock brokers in Hyderabad. We hope you find this article helpful. We even hope that you choose the broker for all your financial advisory and investments wisely.

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