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Last Updated Date - Oct 15, 2022

This read up is oriented to serve as your informative medium of the Karvy Office, a branch which has taken the stock market y storm since its inception. Visiting a Karvy Branch for a personalised experience can be a plan of action as well, apart from the rate of digitalization taking place.

The number on the branch units of the company are – 1 of its own branch, and 1554 for its franchises. So, the total numbers of operating units of the company are 1555.

Branch Type – All Branches
Own Branch 1
Franchise Branch 1554
All Branches 1555

Karvy Offers

Find out Karvy Branch Office – Karvy Branch Locator

Visiting a Karvy Office Near Me will give you a profound experience, as with greater human contact comes greater degree of satisfaction. Try out our seamless tool, the Karvy Branch Locator which contributes to the job of searching for a branch nearby.

Try your hands on this easy tool, which requires you to select a city from the provided list. Now, you need to select the broker you want to search for, which will take you to the result straight away.

Search Branch by Broker and City

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    Karvy Head Office / Karvy Registered Office Details

    As we know the company has one self owned branch, from which it carries out its activities, it solely is the Karvy head office as well as the registered office. This Karvy office is situated in a prime location, FINANCIAL DISTRICT, GACHIBOWLI, HYDRABAD precisely.

    Trade mark used by the company is KARVY STOCK BROKING LTD. The provided table has the information on the office telephone lines as well as the email id. You can feel free to get in touch with the company, through the same.

    Karvy Branch Office Details
    Registered Office
    Phones 040-23312454/040-23320251
    Fax 040-040-23311968
    Corporate Office
    Phones 040-33211500
    Fax 040-33218029
    Corporate Email compliance.ksbl@karvy.com
    Website https://www.karvy.com/

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    Karvy Branch in Top 10 Cities

    Let us sneak onto the list of top 10 cities, and check if there is an availability of Karvy Nearest Branch. As per the study through our Karvy Branch Locator, all the cities have a fine share of sub offices present in its province, to serve all the customers, or in other words the traders.

    The highest digits can be seen in Mumbai, which has 88 branches. Then, Hyderabad has the second largest number of offices, i.e. 76. Surat on the other hand, has the branches number in single digit, i.e. 8 which is probably the lowest on the list.

    Branch Office – Top 10 Cities & Metros
    City Branch
    Mumbai 88
    Ahmedabad 25
    Delhi 63
    Thane 44
    Pune 52
    Kolkata 17
    Surat 8
    Bangalore 25
    Hyderabad 76
    Vadodara 13

    Karvy Office in other Top Cities

    This section goes out for a major fraction of the country, and they ones who are excluded from the top tier cities list. Other cities where people will be bound to find a Karvy Office near me are provided in the table of next 40 cities. Search of the city you belong from and then the availability of Karvy Office.

    The availability number is given right beside the name of the city, and they are visually clear to find. For a quick peak, Lucknow has highest branches i.e. 38, whereas Raipur has no branch.

    Branch Office  – Other Major Cities
    City Branch City Branch
    Chennai 21 Bhopal 5
    Jaipur 16 Coimbatore 17
    Rajkot 11 Gandhi Nagar 2
    Indore 23 Aurangabad 6
    Nagpur 22 Ludhiana 7
    Lucknow 38 Faridabad 1
    Nashik 7 Allahabad 8
    24 Parganas 6 Mehsana 3
    Patna 5 Chandigarh 5
    Navi Mumbai 5 Anand 3
    Ghaziabad 21 Ernakulam 1
    Gurgaon 11 Raipur 0
    Jodhpur 1 Thrissur 3
    Howrah 2 Ranchi 5
    Bhavnagar 3 Dehradun 2
    Kanpur 1 Guntur 9
    Jamnagar 4 Jalgaon 4
    Hooghly 6 Junagadh 3
    Kolhapur 6 Noida 5
    Ahmednagar 5 Navsari 2

    Find Karvy Branch in Top 50 Cities

    Karvy Branch Office in States

    We now wish to share with you, the state wise analysis of the Karvy Office in India. The study of Karvy Branch in India in state wise section can also help you make the decision of choosing the stock broker as; it states the extreme and nil demand for the broker in the particular place.

    Good news is, the broker is present in almost all the top 20 states, however, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh have the great demand for it.

    Branch Office – Top 20 States / Major States
    State Branch State Branch
    Maharashtra 288 Haryana 41
    Gujarat 97 Telangana 9
    West Bengal 59 Kerala 44
    Uttar Pradesh 219 Punjab 53
    Delhi 63 Bihar 44
    Karnataka 6 Orissa 51
    Tamil Nadu 11 Jharkhand 5
    Rajasthan 3 Chhattisgarh 9
    Madhya Pradesh 65 Uttarakhand 31
    Andhra Pradesh 86 Assam 29

    Karvy Branch / Karvy Office – Conclusion

    In order to know a Karvy Branch Near me, we recommend you try your hand at the tool we offer. It would be your ultimate time saver. So, for the final check, let us go through the number of pincodes to which the company has expanded its products and services.

    Well, 1127 is the total number of possibilities you have, to find a Karvy Office Nearby. Out of the total list, 1 pincode has the company’s own branch and the rest are its franchise unit’s location.

    Branch – Unique Pincodes per City
    Own Branch 1
    Franchise Branch 1126
    All Branches 1127

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