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In this article we are going to discuss about one of the basic but an effective feature provided by the Sharekhan and i.e. Sharekhan Dial & Trade.

At the very beginning people had to scream at the exchange floor to place an order, after a while we got telephonic trade option where we just had to call our broker and place an order.

Well, today we have internet but still sometimes the gut says otherwise for those who wish a person should handle their trade. A lot of brokers provide such facility, in this article we are going to discuss the reasons to choose Sharekhan Dial & Trade service.

Sharekhan Offers & Complaints

About Sharekhan Dial & Trade

Sharekhan is one of the most prominent and well-known stock brokers in India. Its customer base might be less compared to those of the banks like ICICI and HDFC which provide such services.

This trading platform provides a lot of facilities and the users can choose from fundamental and technical ways to trade. The portfolio is well maintained and gets updated as per your trades.

One of the traditional ways to get the order placed is via call that is commonly known as Call & Trade. This feature works seamlessly throughout the market hours and even helps the user by providing consultancy based on the variety of stocks they are interested in.

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    Sharekhan Call & Trade – Top Features

    This particular feature comes in handy in lots of cases such as the internet connection is not proper or the accessibility to other platforms are not available in certain circumstances.

    Especially when you really wish to talk it out. Here are some features:

    Sharekhan Research & Advice

    The users can benefit from the advice given by the experts in all trade segments. Users just need to choose the right segment. The advisory is really good but the same cannot be said about trader’s luck.

    Sharekhan Guidance

    The users will be guided through the ongoing trends in various segments and simultaneously the advisory will be given. This is an important feature as sometimes a profitable remains unseen in other sectors or industries which could have been fruitful.

    Safe & Sound

    The security feature is really helpful as they have developed an infrastructure where all the calls are recorded and stored for security purposes.

    No Limits

    Here is something that might have caused slight hurdles, there might have been a limit to the orders that can be placed in one call but no! At Sharekhan there is no such limitation, hence you are good to go.


    Sharekhan’s offices are spread throughout the country and hence in case of any requirements they can be reached.

    How to Set Up Sharekhan Dial and Trade?

    In order to access this feature, users need to follow a very simple process:

    1. Dial the contact number
    2. Enter phone ID for customer verification
    3. Enter T-pin for security verification
    4. Choose the respective segment

    After this small process users will be directed to an operator on the other end who will guide them through the process. This facility is available for user given they provide the correct ID and T-pin. This feature is available in particular period of the day depending on the segment chosen.

    Here is the list of timings:

    Equities & Derivatives: 8:30 AM TO 4:30 PM

    Currency: 9:00 AM TO 5:00 PM

    Commdities: 9:00 AM TO 11:30 PM.

    In order to contact the broker, following are the numbers:

    022-25752300 /022-25752900

    Local Number: 022-33054900

    Commodity: 022-25753800

    It is easy to trade using this facility and the work gets done without any hurdle.

    How to Set-up a Call to Access this Facility?

    The process to set up a call is quite simple, one just needs to follow these procedures:

    • The users are required to call from their registered mobile number for security protocols.
    • Users are supposed to provide their id.
    • Users are also required to provide a t-pin that is unique for all users.
    • Then choose the segment in which trade has to be made.
    • Talk to the operator or the experts on the other end.

    Once you are on line with the person on the other side then you will be provided with all the facilities as mentioned above.

    Advantages of Sharekhan Dial & Trade

    This support portal is a crucial service. Since Sharekhan is a full service broker, it becomes mandatory for it to provide such services without any trouble to the user.

    In fact, there are other discount brokers which do provide such services but the only possible thing you can do on the call is either buy or sell, i.e. you can just place an order. There will be no tips or explanations that will be given to you regarding the current market trend.

    In order to get an advice on stocks you will have to reach out to the so called “hot shots” advisory firms which are not worth the time and fees if you are not looking to make million rupee calls. It is always good to have a broker that will help you through the journey in the market.

    The advantage of Sharekhan Dial and Trade is that you get trading advice and explanations on the call while placing trades. It is a useful service if you have to place orders on the go and don’t have the time or the resources to research about the shares or to place the orders.

    Sharekhan Dial & Trade Conclusion

    There are a lot of brokers out there who are willing to provide this facility but the maintenance of the same is a tedious task and Sharekhan has done it very well.

    The advisory is good but let’s be clear on this matter, the experts can only predict the market they cannot be 100% sure about the call position and about other matters altogether. Apart from that the overall service is really good and as a trader you are going to love it.

    Get Free Access to Sharekhan Dial & Trade – Open Demat Account Now!

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