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In this article we are going to cover 5Paisa product and services. 5Paisa is one of the leading stock broker companies that has been offering comprehensive trading product & services to traders and investors for several years.

So, if you like to trade with 5Paisa and don’t know about its product and services, then you have come to the right place. Choose from wide range of products and services that 5Paisa offering.


5Paisa Services

Below mentioned table provides you information about 5Paisa services:

Demat Services Y
Trading Services Y
3 in 1 Account N
Intraday Services Y
IPO Services Y
Stock Recommendations N
Robo Advisory Y
Trading Institution N
Trading Exposure Upto 15x
Virtual Trading N
NRI Services N
Investment Banking N
Debt Funding N
Issue Management Y
Depository Services Y

5Paisa Products & Services

5Paisa  demat service

This service enables traders to conveniently buy/sell shares without any paper work.

5Paisa Trading service

Now traders or investors can trade and invest in the stock market with unique identification number hassle- free.

5Paisa IPO service

IPO means Initial partial Investment. With the help of this service individuals a company becomes a public traded company by offering shares.

5 pais Intraday service

Avail the advantage of  Intraday services, in which traders and investors can buy/sell products within a same day.

5Paisa Robo Advisory service

5Paisa Robo advisory tool provides you automatic portfolio management service that minimize the risk of investment  and diverse the portfolio.

Here we have listed some other services that provided by the 5Paisa:

  • No, while trading with 5Paisa you will not get any stock recommendations.
  • There is no 3-in 1 account included in the services.
  • No, 5Paisa is not giving you the benefits of  PMS and trading institution services.
  • Yes, you can get the trading exposure upto 15 x from 5Paisa.
  • No, 5Paisa is not giving services like virtual trading, investment banking, and debt funding.
  • No, 5Paisa is not providing trading services to NRI.
  • Yes, while trading with 5Paisa you can take the advantages of depository services and issue management.

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    5Paisa Products

    This table gives you the information regarding 5Paisa products.

    Equity Trading Y
    Commodity Trading Y
    Currency Trading Y
    Options Y
    Futures Y
    Mutual Funds Y
    Forex N
    Banking N
    SIP Y
    Insurance Y
    NPS N
    eLocker N
    Fixed Deposits / Bonds N
    Loans N
    E-Trade Y

    5Paisa equity trading

    It allows traders to trade in equity market online. By utilizing this product customers can buy/sell of company’s stock through NSE/BSE.

     5Paisa Commodity trading

    It enables customers to trade in commodity through online platform. It is an exciting and sophisticated type of investments, which focuses on purchasing and trading commodities like silver, gold, wheat, rich and so forth.

    5Paisa Futures & options trading 

    In future trading individuals can buy/sell any underlying security at pre-defined rate. While in options trading individuals have a right to receive delivery or payment of an underlying on a specific date.

    5Paisa Mutual Fund

     5Paisa is allowing customers to invest in mutual fund. Continuing with the innovation 5Paisa has  become reportedly largest mutual fund distributors.

    5Paisa E trade Product

    With the help of this product individuals can control their investment and financial future.

    5Paisa SIP

    It is offering systematic investment plan, which means traders  can create wealth by investing sums of money every month.

    5Paisa Life Insurance

    Yes life insurance product offered by the 5Paisa, which provides final coverage to the policy holder for a specific period of time.

    Below mentioned products are not offered by the 5Paisa: 

    • No forex trading, which simply means 5Paisa is not giving you the opportunity to buy/sell currencies.
    • 5Paisa is not providing banking solutions to their customers.
    • No e-locker, fixed deposits/ bond and loans types of products are offered by the 5Paisa.

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