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Wealth management is considered an art and science, so having the right means to accomplish it is a rare sight. Especially for the high net worth individuals, attaining a right mixture of investment options to create a smooth and highly rewarding portfolio is essential. The Ambit PCG or Ambit Private Client Group is meant for the very purpose.

HNIs, in search of investment solutions for their fund will be provided with ample of asset class investment options. Mark the excellent service and products it has belonging to all segments. Special class of investors have special services they are in a watch out for, and Ambit has means to all of them proportionately.

We have in dept, all the aspects of the PCG in this article, across all the subheadings as mentioned.

PMS Offer

Ambit PCG / Ambit Private Client Group Offerings

There are many facets to the Ambit PCG Offerings, and they have personally devised their line of operations. They have managed to extend it to all mediums possible and then took control of all such offering they make, in order to serve their client in the right manner.

  • The company has a pretty strong tie with all the reputed and major banks, which makes it possible for them to provide their solutions offshore, to the NRI as well as the residents of India.
  • They are members with BSE and NSE so; they offer executive services to all sections of the society.
  • This company uses state of the art algorithmic trading platform, and develop unique and innovative ideas to fetch their clients’ aspired results.
  • Speaking of their service suit, they have included small & mid cap shares, access to management meets, road shows, investor roundtables, conferences and access to analysts.
  • They are well equipped with technology integrated tools and platforms. These are offered to the clients for a smooth investment experience.
  • Experts will always be a step away for contact. So, you can consult them with your queries and then make profitable investments.

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    Ambit PCG / Ambit Private Client Group Product Suite

    The aim of providing financial solutions being constant, the company has a perfect blend of products and solutions provided. The Ambit PCG Product Suite is designed to match the divers risk profiles of the clients. Take a quick look on the product suit.


    People invested with Ambit, will be given the choice to invest in mutual funds and third party products. The alongside provided services are discretionary and non discretionary portfolio management services. They also have successful measure for offshore business commencement.

    Fixed income

    Debt instruments are the source for fixed income aspired investors. Ones who are obsessed with the concept of fixed income, can choose to avail for debt instruments such as mutual funds, bonds, debentures and government security.


    There are structured products in this category, which are a blend of risk and reward strategies crafted as per customer need. This segment also includes private equity and real estate. So, you will be served with some real estate opportunities along with equity investment suggestion by experts.

    Advisory and family service

    Aspired portfolio is entirely studied, and experts make themselves well accustomed with it. Following which, they provide comprehensive advice based on all the aspects.

    Lending solutions

    Lending solutions are also extended to their clients, as they managed to add up a few NBPFCs and financial institutions into their list.

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    Why Choose Ambit PCG / Ambit Private Client Group?

    It is their belief which drives them to serve clients with their precise needs for instance. They believe in developing long terms relationships with the clients. For the same, they take understanding client’s personal needs into consideration as the first thing.

    Ambit PCG service is derived to be as customizable as possible. It is because each of the clients has some unique needs they need fulfilled, and having flexible working pattern makes it easily achievable. After heavy and in dept analysis, a financial plan is devised, as per client’s goal.

    Besides, features of Ambit Private Client Group services include efficient asset allocation, sound advice and experts having sound financial markets understanding.

    Ambit PCG / Ambit Private Client Group Annual Report

    Knowing the Ambit PCG Annual Report details is precise and necessary. It is because; PCG services are often linked to heavy investment amounts which require confidence of investments. A sneak peek into the past records tell the obvious, i.e. the company’s ability to handle such high profile clients.

    Ambit released its annual report as well, in the online medium and clients should check out all the mentioned details before investing. Such reports literally have everything one needs to know of the company specifically, including their handling amount and customer base of HNI.

    Ambit PCG / Ambit Private Client Group Performance

    This company has everything well sorted and figured, i.e. in terms of the offering it would make to the clients. This makes their Ambit PCG Performance enhanced and well liked. Moreover, the definite layout of structure is all you need to look out for and you will be able to derive the investment pattern.

    On the other hand, Ambit has managed to acquire a track record of “at par” in terms of the performance. Investors can rely upon this customer, as they already have a strong presence of customer base. Likewise, all such individuals are invested with the company and are earning heavy returns already.

    Benefits of Ambit PCG Services

    We wish to display the benefits of Ambit PCG Services, so you can take your decision in a pretty precise manner. The offerings are not everything, a customer looks upon, and the benefits are meant to be equally scattered towards wide area, including the products and services, alongside feasibility and return.

    • Nevertheless, you can count on the company in a lot of way, as it has a wide range of investment options available for the customers.
    • They have also included a host of advisory services. PCG applicants will have special access to a personal relationship manager, who will look out for the client’s need and design investment options accordingly.
    • Options relating to fixed income and real estate are as well included. All you need to do is, further opt for the said and aspired service and the follow up will be at your disposal immediately.
    • Likewise, portfolio goals of the clients will be achieved through keen and precise offering of research reports.
    • Consequently, well managed customer relationship is developed where the clients are closely monitored and assisted.
    • Technology assistance is another must mention, where client can avail for any product or service they like, from home, using their electronic device.

    Ambit PCG Investment Range

    Product and services range offered are not restricted to one type, and as a result the Ambit PCG Investment Range fluctuates as well. No company follows a fixed investment range for PCG services and this is another varying factor you should take into account.

    However, we would like to give you an idea for an overall basis. Conversely, the investment ranges somewhere between 24 lakhs and above. This is commonly perceived as the PCG investment range, but does not stay constant for all the stock broking houses, just like their brokerage charge differs.

    Ambit PCG / Ambit Private Client Group – Conclusion

    The article was meant to serve you with some insights before you decide on availing for Ambit PCG Services without precise knowledge. We hope to have contributed at least a bit to your investment plans. Nonetheless, Make Ambit a major part of your investment and avail for their services today.

    You high amounted funds need special care, so ensure you are putting them in right hands. Look out for factors such as possibility of growth and then bookmark you business needs to ensure your company provides them all.

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