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Sri Shirdi Capital have well constructed values, signified with the letters that make up the company’s name, Shirdi. They have been providing services through Sri Shirdi Capital Demat Account from the year 2000.

The strong client base which trusts the services of the company and avail for the Sri Shirdi Capital Trading Account alongside the demat account is extended across the state of Andhra Pradesh, and also the neighboring states i.e. Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka and also Maharashtra.

Read this article to further gain the insights about this particular stock broking house.

Sri Shirdi Capital offers

Sri Shirdi Capital Demat Account

Implication of having Sri Shirdi Capital Demat Account is filled with benefits. It would be a great choice if you go for this company and choose to invest using its medium.

You are subject to a lot of them, but we will discuss of some of the major benefits which are necessary for an individual to know.

  • Technology embedded features puts up in a spot where accessing everything becomes easy and you may do it from anywhere, and choose to open an account or invest through your smart phone.
  • Company believes in safeguarding the interest of its clients by building trust in means of transparency. Each and every detail will be conveyed to you, nothing stays hidden.
  • Fair brokerage rates can be witnessed.
  • Signing in process is absolutely seamless.
  • Experts always keep releasing information on trending stocks and investment options to help their clients earn good returns.
  • Invest in a number of option, altogether through the demat account.

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    How to Open an Sri Shirdi Capital Demat Account?

    There lay some exclusive set of perks when you Open Sri Shirdi Capital Demat Account, as discussed above. If you feel convinced enough, you can go ahead and file for registration through the below mentioned steps:

    1. Start by clicking on the “Open Demat Account” button which is featured at the end of the page, and enter the details asked of you appropriately.
    2. You will receive a call in no time from a representative of the company, who will then forward a link for you to fill it up, it is EKYC link.
    3. Turn to link and enter in the details of identity such as Aadhaar number, PAN number and the date of birth.
    4. At the end of these details, you will find spaces to enter your bank details, which include the account number and the IFSC code.
    5. Before you struggle further, we want you to keep scanned copies of Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport size photo and a cancelled cheque in advance so the process does not seem hectic for you.
    6. A small preview of the filled in details will be visible for you to cross check, do the needful and then sign the form for the last thing, which is to be done electronically, but with the use of Aadhaar card. If you lack it, you will have to do it in person and then submit.
    7. When you submit, an executive, who receives you application will check everything and then will call you up to inform you of the process standing, and also clarify the remaining formalities.
    8. You are likely to get your account in a day if you follow the procedure precisely.

    Sri Shirdi Capital Demat Account Charges

    Sri Shirdi Capital Demat Charges
    Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening Charges Rs.510
    Demat AMC Free
    Trading AMC Free
    Margin Required Minimum Rs.5,100
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    After discussing the benefits, it is also necessary to discuss about the Sri Shirdi Capital Demat Account Charges.

    It is because while the time you hold the account, you will be entitled to pay some set of charges. It is a recurring charge and almost all the trading companies ask for it.

    So, if you wish to open an account with Sri Shirdi Capital, you will have to pay a Sri Shirdi Capital Account Opening Charges of Rs.510.

    This is basically above par, as we consider economic price to range somewhere around Rs.250. But, being a one-time charge, you may choose to make an exception to pay it.

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    Sri Shirdi Capital AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    Maintenance charge is not negotiable and neither can it be ignored if the company does levy a charge for the use of trading and demat accounts. Coming back to the Sri Shirdi Capital AMC, you are sure to enjoy working with them and investing with them as the demat account has no AMC.

    Apart from the demat account, the trading account is as well free of any kind of AMC. This is great, as after the paid opening fee, you will not have to contribute any part of your profits to the company in the form of account maintenance fee.

    Sri Shirdi Capital Trading Account

    Experiencing seamless trading is the dream of traders, the experienced ones, however for the newbie’s a good start with trading always leave a good impact. All the objectives are rounded up by the Sri Shirdi Capital Trading Account and all of them end at providing great services to the clients.

    • Investment options, not one, but lots can all be altered in one trading account as per your interest.
    • Getting a demat account make it easy for you to also get a following trading account, wherein you can trade in lot of investment options.
    • The trading maintenance charge is absolutely free to enjoy.
    • Order placement is always a few touches away, in both the website and the app platform.
    • Follow up on your investments and activities in order to know how well or bad your strategies are working and where your money goes.
    • Mutual funds are as well provided for investment via trading account.

    Sri Shirdi Capital Demat Account – Conclusion

    Management of the Sri Shirdi Capital Demat Account is bang on and there is no denying it. Everything about the company seems so fair and rightful that investors will never have the sense of being exploited ever, all the while they do business with the company.

    Expenses are as well economical and great in a view where customer’s interest is held. The minimum margin requirement is as well economic, though you might feel the opening charges are slightly on the higher end, but given, no AMC for both demat and trading account, it can be coped up with.

    Open Sri Shirdi Capital Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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