A remarkable stock broking house in the southern part of India is at service for its esteemed clients always.

They have successfully managed to gain a customer base of almost 2 lakh who they have been serving smoothly and efficiently with their value added service granted through Steel City Demat Account.

Their world class services have been expanded across 420 locations, which consist of 70 branches and 350 sub brokers.

They have also managed to successfully expand their services to the remote areas, to make everything a lot more accessible to the people and also made the availability of Steel City Trading Account easy.

Steel City offers

Steel City Demat Account

Get along with the company’s services if you wish to, and if you have a couple of doubts, we want you to read the benefits which are being discussed below.

The Steel City Demat Account does not come with ifs and buts, as in there are diversified services provided by the company.

  • Enjoy the services of the company, all the while sitting at home, through your phones and laptops. Technology has been mixed with the services the company provides, making everything available online for everyone to avail them in a hassle free way.
  • Brokerage charges are quite economic, which makes them affordable for clients who have limited budget as well.
  • You will get the most of the company’s services with one demat account, as it allows investment in almost all the domains such as equities, derivatives, futures, commodity, currency etc.
  • Charges and strict policies are conveyed to the customers in advance, therefore endorsing full transparency.
  • Experts will guide you smoothly, so you can easily invest in profitable investments, without giving it a lot of thoughts.

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    How to Open an Steel City Demat Account?

    You do not need to stay behind in your portfolio management, as this company has plans which would go along with your needs.

    Make it up to the race of investment management and Open Steel City Demat Account. Follow the steps in order to experience a hassle free account creating experience.

    1. The cue of starting the procedure of creating an account is at the end of the page, the “Open a demat account” button which has to be tapped and filled with contact details.
    2. Following will be a call, which would be done by the company’s representative who will enquire about your needs and also share an EKYC link for further process.
    3. Open up the link and the first set of details you need to fill is your identity details, such as Aadhaar number, PAN number and the date of birth.
    4. At the end of identity details, you will be asked to enter the bank details, so fetch in your Account number and the IFSC code, and fill it up accordingly.
    5. This time, you need to give the proof of the details you previously filled in, as in the scanned copies of Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport size photo and a cancelled cheque.
    6. If you did everything right, and dodged the document uploading page, you will be asked to sign the declaration, which is to be done via Aadhaar, or offline otherwise.
    7. When you press submit, all the formalities will be done and a representative will contact you to provide you the end confirmation or fulfill which is left out.

    Finally you will receive your client id & password in a day.

    Steel City Demat Account Charges

    Steel City Demat Charges
    Depository ParticipantCDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening ChargesZero
    Demat AMCRs.300 per Annum
    Trading AMCFree
    Margin RequiredZero Margin
    Dematerialization AvailableYes

    Opting for a company’s service, may or may not require you to spend an amount, basically referred to as an expense.

    It is time we discuss about the Steel City Demat Account Charges, but let us check a couple of things as well. The company is partnered with both CDSL and NSDL, a perk for the investors, and the second perk is availability of dematerialization.

    Good news being mentioned, there is no Steel City Account Opening Charges, yes, the company does not charge a penny from the new account holders, when they choose to avail for the services.

    Also, the second good news is that the company has no margin requirement, and so you are not burdened with the maintenance of a particular amount in your account.

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    Steel City AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    You cannot expect to earn only profits, without having to spend a proportionate amount for the maintenance. Fortunate enough are people who do not have to pay any kind of maintenance fee and all the credits goes out to the policies of the particular stock broking house.

    Taking the concern of the Steel City AMC, we would say you will be fortunate as well, if you opt for it. It is because the company charges absolutely no fee for the trading account, and yes, it does charge for the Demat account which is Rs.300 but, being a per annum fee, it isn’t too much.

    Steel City Trading Account

    We are well aware of the necessity basis a trading account comes with, and so the first thing an equity investor searches for is a trading account. You sure would find the same with the Steel City Trading Account, plus, you will get some other benefits as well.

    • Open a trading account and you will open the possibility of altering all of your investment options, not just one or a couple of them.
    • You will be able to make active orders with the company via the platforms it provides, the trading terminal, app and every other platform, where you will find options such as buy, sell and cancel.
    • Also invest in risk free securities such as mutual funds, where you can easily pool your money and diversify your risk proportionately.
    • Enjoy the free trading account maintenance option provided by the company for lifetime.
    • You will also be able to keep up with your funds, and monitor every single movement of the same, via the backoffice option provided in every other platform.

    Steel City Demat Account – Conclusion

    Significant planning and strategizing has always been the company’s way, which has showed its customers a pathway to success.

    The need to earn returns is real for a lot of customer, and this is yet another company which focuses on its client’s well being rather than making profits.

    This goes without any doubt, that Steel City Demat Account will best accommodate you, as the charges of the company are quite low, with also a zero margin requirement but, provides some substantially remarkable and prominent services.

    Open Steel City Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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