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Getting involved with the company and the SKI Capital Demat Account is an assurance of steady returns, as the company has a vision of providing services in a way that optimum return is endorsed. Growth being their objective, they have created a world class facility for the investors.

Expansion has been another motive they stick on to, as the company wants to provide every other financial need of the diversified customer base they have. All the wants and needs are well catered by the SKI Capital Trading Account and the demat account combined.

SKI Capital

SKI Capital Demat Account

Primary aim of the company being provision of a spectacular SKI Capital Demat Account, they have packed in a lot of benefits with it. Mentioning most of the good facets, here is our attempt at keeping you aware of what you will find your way with SKI capital:

  • Tons of technology embedded options, making your experience of investment altogether easy and flexible.
  • Integration of all the investment options provided by the company, done in one single demat account. You will be able to invest in equities, derivatives, futures, options, currency and a lot more via demat account.
  • Company maintains a standard cost culture for its customers and makes sure to adhere by it. It is as per the industry standards and reasonable, maintaining transparency as well.
  • The process to get a demat account is easy, and to make it easier, we have discussed the details in brief for the next part of the article.
  • Experts’ advice is easy to obtain as well, thereby eliminating the possibilities of loss, as they offer some great tips and also the great deals as per the present market environment.

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    How to Open an SKI Capital Demat Account?

    Feasibly Open SKI Capital Demat Account with the instruction we put here. This will spare you the hassle of making any kind of mistakes while fulfilling the criteria’s of sign in process.

    1. Turn your eye and cursor on the green button with “Open Demat Account”, to kick start the registration process, where you will be directed to fill your contact details.
    2. This would be easily identified by a customer services representative, who will then make you a call to share the obvious, and share a link to EKYC.
    3. Way to the link, you will encounter a formality, wherein you need to make entries of you Aadhaar number, PAN number and the Date of Birth.
    4. Next encounter will be of entries related to your bank account, i.e. the account number and the IFSC code.
    5. Page will then guide you to upload the proof of the entries, so you need to upload the scanned copies of Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport size photo and also a cancelled cheque.
    6. Time to sign in the declaration, where all the details will appear for the second time to cross check. Do the needful and the sign it via Aadhaar card, and if you lack it, do it in person.
    7. Following all the steps correctly and precisely will lead you a relationship manager to you, who will call you regarding the remaining formalities.
    8. There goes everything you need to do, and you will get your demat account in a day, given you did everything asked of you.

    SKI Capital Demat Account Charges

    SKI Capital Demat Charges
    Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening Charges Rs.200
    Demat AMC Rs.499 per Annum
    Trading AMC Free
    Margin Required Zero Margin
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    Here goes to the SKI Capital Demat Account Charges, let us discuss them all. SKI Capital is a depository participant with both CDSL and NSDL, making the clearance process a lot more feasible. Another great pointer is that the company demands absolutely no Margin maintenance at all.

    Considering the SKI Capital Account Opening Charges, you will have to pay an amount of Rs.200 at the time of opening. You can also convert your physical share electronically, through dematerialization. Opening charge is economical and so, it will be great to get started.

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    SKI Capital AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    Table clearly depicts the SKI Capital AMC and we say anyone who takes a look will be pleased by the company. This goes for the trading AMC especially, because the charge for it is zero, which makes you enjoy the company’s services for free, for a lifetime.

    Pointing out to the demat account charges; it is definitely not economical in nature, as you will have to pay a whooping amount of Rs.499. But, a compromise can be made with the amount as the amount is on per annum basis, the trading charge is waived off, and the margin money to be maintained in zero.

    SKI Capital Trading Account

    Trade your way into profits through the SKI Capital Trading Account, which best goes with a demat account which is explained above. If you manage to get the demat account, trading account along with it would be a great match to monitor your investments and also trade.

    • Benefits are abundant without compromising on technology. This way you shall be assured that you will find ample tool to make each of the transactions with ease.
    • Auto investor will be unlocked if you avail for a trading account, and this way you will be able to invest in mutual funds as well.
    • Free trading account maintenance charge cuts on your expenses list.
    • Backoffice makes it easy for you to keep tabs on each of the activity you perform in whatever platform you use your account in.
    • Modify all the investments you availed for at one place, the trading account.

    SKI Capital Demat Account – Conclusion

    Companies which reached the threshold of excellence are not to meant to be given up on. Same applies for this SKI Capital. Service provided through SKI Capital Demat Account is of high class in nature and the benefits stated are the assurance for the same.

    Speaking of the money spent on the company as expense, it is the least you can provide. The most attractive of all features is the zero margin to be maintained by the customers, wherein clients are not pressurised to keep up a specific sum of money in account.

    Open SKI Capital Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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