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NJ Wealth Office Near Me – Find all NJ Wealth Branch Nearby

Last Updated Date - Oct 15, 2022

The NJ Wealth is committed to a better experience, as they have expanded across the country in a large number. With a total of 4134 NJ Wealth branch and NJ Wealth offices expanded all over the country, they plan to reach out to every client.

The company has been providing them solutions to their problems and issues, reassuring them about their investments first hand. They are making sure that you find a branch near you without any hassle. Rest assured, you will find a solution and the help required.

Branch Type – All Branches
Own Branch 0
Franchise Branch 4134
All Branches 4134

NJ Wealth Offers

Find out NJ Wealth Branch Office – NJ Wealth Branch Locator

With the NJ Wealth branch locator, the search for an NJ Wealth branch near me is made simpler than ever before. All you need to do is put the name of the city and the concerned broker that is NJ Wealth and it will give you the result displaying all the nearby offices and branches.

To have better connections with their clients and to maintain a better relationship with them we help you with our locator. With the locator, you can find the list of offices located in your city.

Search Branch by Broker and City

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    NJ Wealth Head Office / NJ Wealth Registered Office Details

    They are known by NJ India Invest PVT. LTD, as their trade name. Their registered office is in the city of Udhana Surat. They don’t have any corporate office as they run all their work from the NJ Wealth Head Office situated in Udhna Udhyognagar Commercial Complex.

    And, if you wish to contact the NJ Wealth office but cannot reach to a nearby office, you can rely on other mediums like e-mails. Their email address is tejas.soni@njindiainvest.com, you can also reach out to them through their website https://www.njwealth.in/njwealth/.

    They will be more than happy to assist you in any way.

    NJ Wealth Branch Office Details
    Registered Office
    Phones 0261-3985801/0261-3987500/0261-3985901
    Fax 0261-0261-3985800
    Corporate Office
    Address NA
    Phones NA
    Fax NA
    Corporate Email tejas.soni@njindiainvest.com
    Website https://www.njwealth.in/njwealth/

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    NJ Wealth Branch in Top 10 Cities

    As the maximum people who are resident in the metro cities have a lot of workloads and don’t have a lot of spare time to commute far away. For their convenience, we have expanded the company’s branches in these cities. You can easily locate NJ Wealth nearest branch.

    Finding a branch near you with the NJ Wealth branch locator is a cup of tea.

    Mumbai is at the top with the most number of branch offices, with a whopping number of 569. Delhi follows up with the second most number of branch offices present, a total of 197. Other cities like Hyderabad, Ahemdabad, Thane, Pune have some major presence of the firm.

    Branch Office – Top 10 Cities & Metros
    City Branch
    Mumbai 569
    Ahmedabad 174
    Delhi 197
    Thane 179
    Pune 25
    Kolkata 126
    Surat 19
    Bangalore 76
    Hyderabad 122
    Vadodara 9

    NJ Wealth Office in other Top Cities

    Some of the major cities have also seen the widespread presence of the firm. Company makes sure everyone has access to the services from everywhere. Covering all the major cities, Navi Mumbai and Nashik have the most number of branch offices, 73 and 63 respectively.

    The clients have easy access to the NJ Wealth Office as there are 66 branches in Kolhapur. The rest are in Patna, Kanpur, Jodhpur, Lucknow, Howrah, Chandigarh, Ranchi, Dehradun mentioned cities with the most number of branch offices. With the help of the NJ Wealth branch locator, you can locate the nearest branch.

    Branch Office  – Other Major Cities
    City Branch City Branch
    Chennai 47 Bhopal 26
    Jaipur 42 Coimbatore 9
    Rajkot 59 Gandhi Nagar 19
    Indore 47 Aurangabad 58
    Nagpur 4 Ludhiana 31
    Lucknow 7 Faridabad 33
    Nashik 63 Allahabad 28
    24 Parganas 19 Mehsana 26
    Patna 1 Chandigarh 34
    Navi Mumbai 73 Anand 12
    Ghaziabad 27 Ernakulam 6
    Gurgaon 41 Raipur 17
    Jodhpur 16 Thrissur 4
    Howrah 17 Ranchi 31
    Bhavnagar 26 Dehradun 8
    Kanpur 35 Guntur 9
    Jamnagar 44 Jalgaon 1
    Hooghly 15 Junagadh 3
    Kolhapur 66 Noida 16
    Ahmednagar 23 Navsari 23

    Find NJ Wealth Branch in Top 50 Cities

    NJ Wealth Branch Office in States

    With the expanding network of NJ Wealth firm, you can judge a broker’s success through the branches in different states. With the most number of branches in the state of Maharashtra, following next with Gujarat with a whopping number of 871 NJ Wealth Office in India.

    States like Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh have at least 100 NJ Wealth Branch in India. Tamil Nadu has the least number of branches accounting for a total of 7. Other states like Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Kerala have less than 20 branches spread across the states.

    Branch Office – Top 20 States / Major States
    State Branch State Branch
    Maharashtra 1418 Haryana 14
    Gujarat 871 Telangana 129
    West Bengal 255 Kerala 18
    Uttar Pradesh 238 Punjab 119
    Delhi 197 Bihar 13
    Karnataka 115 Orissa 45
    Tamil Nadu 7 Jharkhand 59
    Rajasthan 88 Chhattisgarh 75
    Madhya Pradesh 158 Uttarakhand 13
    Andhra Pradesh 77 Assam 0

    NJ Wealth Branch / NJ Wealth Office – Conclusion

    With this article, we hope you can locate the NJ Wealth Office nearby. There is all the information that would help you find a NJ Wealth Branch near me with the help of the locator.

    With this, you can also search the branch offices from the Pincode, as there are numerous branches that are unique to Pincode as a matter of fact there are 1427 total number of unique Pincode to the branches.

    Branch – Unique Pincodes per City
    Own Branch 0
    Franchise Branch 1427
    All Branches 1427

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