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Best Construction Stocks to Buy – Compare Top 10 Construction Shares to Buy in India

Investors have a wide spectrum of options for Construction Stocks to buy but choosing the right one is very important.

This article will throw light on the ten best Construction Shares to buy in India at present. The construction sector of a developing nation is always a suitable place to invest in it.

It attracts a less amount of market risks as the number of projects in hand is very high. Similarly, the construction domain in India is also attracting a huge amount of investment.

Top 10 Construction Stocks to Buy in India – List of Best Construction Shares to Buy

India is a growing country with a lot of construction works being conducted in different corners of the nation. This is boosting this sector effectively and helping it in earning a huge amount of revenue.

Construction Stocks to buyChoosing the Best Construction Stocks to Buy at this moment can be a difficult task for investors.

This article will come to their rescue and help them with the names of the ten best shares that can be considered easily. These shares yield high profits and are exposed to low market risks.

The Top 10 Construction Stocks are Larsen & Toubro, DilipBuildcon Ltd., NBCC, Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd., NCC, Ahluwalia Contracts, PSP Projects Ltd., Hind Construction Company Ltd., JMC Projects, and Indian Hume Pipe.

These shares are among the chosen ones that are highly preferred by share market experts. Readers will learn various useful details about these companies that will help them in making strategic investment decisions.

Larsen & Toubro Ltd. – Best Construction Shares to buy in India

Larsen & Toubro Ltd. is the largest construction company in India that occupies a major portion of the business.

It is considered as the Best Construction Shares to buy for its huge market capitalization of Rs.128514.43 crores.

This company earns a huge amount of profit annually, and its clients are spread all around the globe.

The 52 weeks low of Larsen & Toubro shares was 661 whereas the 52 weeks high was 1551. This share has caught up with the momentum of the market and is showing satisfied figures every day.

A dividend of 1.53% is yielded by Larsen and Toubro shares, and this adds to the profit count of its stockholders.

DilipBuildcon Ltd. – Top Construction Stocks to buy in India

DilipBuildcon Ltd., shortly known as DBL, was incorporated in 1987 and is a top-notch infrastructure company in the country today.

It has fetched the second position among the Best Construction Stocks to buy with a market worth of Rs.5046.80 crores.

This company has a huge amount of contribution in building roads and bridges in modern India and is expanding its service profile robustly.

The share of this company has recovered from its 52 weeks low steadily and is showing a good market trend currently.

Its lowest price recorded in the past 52 weeks was 190 while the highest price attained was 477. Dilip Build on shares not only helps shareholders earn good returns, but it also yields a dividend of 0.27%.

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NBCC (India) Ltd. – Most Traded Construction Shares in India

The third name in the list of the 10 Most Traded Construction Shares in India is of NBCC (India) Ltd. It is a Government of India-owned enterprise and has a net worth of Rs.4734 crores.

This share has always attracted a large number of investors for its excellent performance in the stock market.

The 52 weeks low of NBCC (India) shares was 14.05, whereas the 52 weeks high was very satisfying with 45.80.

This share yields a dividend of 0.51% that is divided among shareholders according to their holdings.

NBCC is a leading construction company in India, and its credibility goes beyond any questions.

Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd. – Top 10 Construction Stocks to buy

Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd. is an enterprise of the Government of India that looks after the infrastructure-related tasks of Indian Railways.

It sits safely on the fifth position among the Top 10 Construction Stocks to buy and attracts a huge volume of trading every day.

The company has a market capitalization of Rs.4347.27 crores, and this figure is increasing steadily every year. Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd. has many on-going projects, and many are lined-up for the future.

The 52 weeks low-high ratio shows that the share had a low of 10 and a high of 29.30. Investors prefer buying this stock as it is priced very low and is free from severe market risks.

NCC Ltd. – Best Construction Shares in India

The fifth name among the 10 Best Construction Shares to buy is of NCC Ltd, earlier known as Nagarjuna Construction Company Ltd. It was incorporated in 1990 and has shown aggressive growth in the past three decades.

With a large number of projects in hand, this company has the market capitalization of Rs.1908.82 crores at present.

The NCC Ltd. share is priced very low and should be purchased by investors having less capital but wants a huge return.

The 52 weeks low was 15.85, whereas the 52 weeks high climbed up to the price of 71.85. This share yields a dividend of 0.64%, and one can rely on it as a good investment tool.

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Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Ltd. – Top Construction Shares to buy in India

With an impressive working record of more than 50 years, Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Ltd. stands sixth among Top Construction Shares to buy. It is a leading infrastructure company that has been serving a huge client base since 1965.

The company has a market value of Rs.1653.25 crores, and it is growing its service list efficiently.

Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Ltd. has bounced back from its 52 weeks low and has again achieved a strong market position.

The lowest price of this share was 136 while the highest was 370 in the past 52 weeks. This company has many top-grade projects lined for the future, and investing in it at present will help stockholders immensely.

PSP Projects Ltd. – Best Construction Shares to Buy

The seventh name in the list of the 10 Best Construction Shares to Buy is of PSP Projects Ltd. This is a Gujarat-based construction company that offers a wide range of services to clients.

It has the market capitalization of Rs.1501.92 crores and its future looks bright with excellent projects.

The shares of PSP Projects faced 52 weeks low of 232, but it also bounced back to a high of 576.85. Traders can look forward to investing in this share as it has always performed well in the stock market.

A dividend of 1.20% is yielded by this share that is distributed among stockholders according to their holdings.

Hindustan Construction Company Ltd. – Best Construction Stocks to buy

One of the first construction companies in India, Hindustan Construction Company, is still running strong in the business.

It has been considered as one of the Best Construction Stocks in India that has never failed to return a good amount of profit to shareholders.

The net worth of the company is Rs.885.12 crores, and its share price is very low. New investors, who are not confident about this sector, can bank upon this share for favourable outcomes.

The 52 weeks low was 3.60, whereas the 52 weeks high was 13.30. Hindustan Construction Company has numerous subsidiaries, and together they have a high annual turnover.

JMC Projects (India) Ltd. – Top Construction Stocks to buy in India

JMC Projects (India) Ltd. has been offering quality service to its customers and is known for its stronghold over technical knowledge.

It is a presentation of the famous Kalpataru Group and is the ninth position holder among the Top Construction Stocks in India.

With a market capitalization of Rs.863.87 crores, this infrastructure company has made its presence felt in the international market.

Its share had the lowest price of 29.50 in the past 52 weeks whereas the highest price was 128 and this marks its impressive performance. The company shares a dividend of 1.36% with its stockholders.

Indian Hume Pipe Company Ltd. – Construction Stocks to buy

Incorporated in 1962, Indian Hume Pipe Company has served its clients relentlessly and is considered as one of the top Construction Stocks to buy at present.

It holds the tenth position in this list of the best construction companies with a market value of Rs.886.58 crores.

This company has expanded its service portfolio steadily in the past few decades and stayed on par with the present market needs.

The 52 weeks low of Indian Hume Pipe Company shares was 112.30 while the 52 weeks high recorded was 301. This stock yields a dividend of 1.09% that is shared with investors.

Construction Stocks to buy – Conclusion

This article has provided in-depth knowledge about the ten best Construction Shares to buy in India at present. These companies hold the top places in this sector and are growing aggressively.

However, investors should study the real-time market update before choosing one among the most potential Construction Stocks to buy.

This will ensure their investment is safe and assured returns are waiting for them in the future.

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