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The transition towards online trading platforms has taken the world by storm. People have developed a side-gig to generate a consistent income.

In the midst, a new money-making opportunity has also evolved, such as the TriumphFX Partner program brought to you by an industry-leading trading platform.

Best Partner ProgramAffiliate Program
Revenue Sharing or CPA$25 Commission per Lot on Clients
Second Level commissionUp to 10%
Commission WithdrawalMonthly Pay
Partner Code Activation3 Days
Affiliate Cookie TrackingUp to 30 days

The program helps you build a long-term income stream on the go.

You can have a unique advantage by joining this partner program tailored to the different interests and needs of aspiring people willing to join. Read on to get more information about the program.

TriumphFX Partner or Franchise – Overview

Founder / CEOJoel Benedict
Established Year2010
Publicly TradedYes
Total Employees0-50

Triumph-FX Partner program can propel your dream of making more in your life.

TriumphFX Partner or FranchiseWith high-paying commissions, guaranteed payouts, and a team of savvy marketers, TriumphFX gives you a dream-come-true feeling once you join the program.

But we don’t want you to get yourself lost in the daydreams that might be taking you far away from reality.

It isn’t easy as it sounds to make even a single penny via the TriumphFX business model.

You need to understand the criteria of conditions first that if you fail to pass, you may end up with a zero balance in your affiliate account.

Still, you can set some higher expectations from the business model designed and run by TriumphFX, particularly because TriumphFX is a well-regulated trading platform, operational since 2010.

One of the top regulators, CySEC, gives licensing to the trading platform allowing it to provide trading services around the world. Hence it is a 100% reliable pick.

The broker has a giant audience network which is a significant perk to the partners. But, how? We will know it in the discussion ahead.

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    Types of TriumphFX Sub Broker or Partner Program

    Types of Business Models
    Partner TypeAffiliate ProgramIntroducerWhite Label Partnership
    Revenue Sharing or CPA$25 Commission per Lot on Clients$25 Commission per Lot on ClientsUp to 65.2%
    Cost AssociatedMinimalMinimalLow Startup Cost
    Referred Trader’s Deposit – FTDNANANot Required
    Code Activation Time3 Days3 Days2-4 Days

    TriumphFX Partner is exposed to several franchise business models tailored to meet the unique requirements of every single client. These business models are as follows-

    Affiliate Program

    An affiliate program is undoubtedly the quickest way to make money online, so it is one of the most popular business programs at TriumphFX.

    However, the minimum payouts are fairly less. Still, it is easy to earn in the affiliate program.

    You direct traffic to the TriumphFX website and make a commission if a few individuals submit a minimum deposit amount or execute a trade online at TriumphFX.

    Introducer Business Model

    Introducer business model is similar to the affiliate program because you are expected to bring a client to the TriumphFX trading platform. But there is a difference in both business models.

    As an introducer, you enter into an agreement and take responsibility for your client.

    You focus on the customer-relationship building so that they last for long at the TriumphFX trading platform.

    However, earning potential is high in the business model compared to an affiliate program.

    White Label Partnership Program

    Both TriumphFX Affiliate Program and the introducer program can be the best suiting franchise business model for standard marketers and financial influencers.

    But white label partnership program is advisable to aspiring partners that are willing to put special marketing efforts into the partnership or want to tie up with the company for certain marketing goals against certain payrolls.

    TriumphFX Franchise Revenue Sharing

    Revenue Sharing
    Affiliate Program$25 Commission per Lot on Clients
    Introducer$25 Commission per Lot on Clients
    Authorized PartnerUp to 65.2%

    Let’s talk about the TriumphFX Franchise revenue sharing ratio.

    How much you earn per client and how each partnership program brings you different payouts, we’ll be discussing below.

    Starting with TriumphFX Affiliate Program, we see that the broker offers a $25 commission per lot on clients.

    To simply put, if a client purchases even a single lot to trade at TriumphFX, you make a commission since you have directed them to their trading platform.

    On the flip side, we see that the introducer partner program also offers you a $25 commission per lot on the client.

    White label partnership is the only business model which may help you fetch up to 65.2% commission on the go.

    However, investment capital requirement isn’t a matter of fear in the affiliate and introducer business model, but it is in the white label partnership program.

    In the WLP program, sub-brokers or franchise partners are required to pay low startup costs.

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    TriumphFX Partner Cost or Security Deposit

    Partner Cost or Deposit
    Affiliate ProgramMinimal
    Introducing Business PartnerMinimal
    Authorized PartnerLow Startup Cost

    It’s time to break down an important discussion on TriumphFX Sub Broker partner cost as it has been an unlikely subject that pulls people back from joining the partner program.

    In mostly partnership programs, you aren’t asked to submit even a single penny as a minimum or security deposit.

    But in TriumphFX, you need to comply with the condition. The broker accepts security deposits from its partners, which is a significant drawback in our view.

    You may even be required to pay a processing fee.

    However, more information isn’t available regarding the same, but it’s worth taking a careful step if you are planning to become a sub-broker for TriumphFX.

    TriumphFX Franchise Offers

    Zero Deposit schemeYes
    Real-Time Commission calculationYes
    Second Level CommissionUp to 10%
    Personal Account ManagersProvided
    Multiple Payment SystemsAvailable
    Sub-Affiliate systemAvailable

    TriumphFX Franchise partners can access several great offers in addition to their existing payrolls.

    To simply put, each sub-broker at TriumphFX can reap the benefit of real-time commission insights.

    One can also fetch a second-level commission up to 10% per client, depending on if you are achieving the targets and driving more leads to the broker.

    Personal account manager support is also available in each franchise business model so that you can learn to lead the game of affiliate and partnership programs.

    You can even make a sub-affiliate commission and withdraw the funds via multiple payment options the broker makes available.

    TriumphFX Sub Broker Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria
    Age22+ Years
    Business ExperienceMinimum 1-3 years
    Minimum Qualification No basic qualification/degree
    Desired ProfileFinance portals / EA Vendors/Developers

    Unfortunately, not every person is eligible to earn the tag of TriumphFX Sub Broker.

    It takes a few documents and eligibility criteria to pass to ensure you can keep drawing high revenue from the partnership programs.

    So let’s have a look at what this eligibility criteria states –

    • Aspiring partner must age 22+ years.
    • Minimum 1 to 3 years of experience in a similar niche or business is essential.
    • No degree or qualification is asked, except for some basics
    • The most desired areas of profiles are Finance portals / EA Vendors/Developers

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    How to Become a TriumphFX Business Partner?

    You can become TriumphFX Partner in no time, all it takes is passing a few basic eligibility tests, submitting the necessary documents, and you are good to go.

    Make sure even a single error, mistake, or ignorance can be a stumbling block in the journey.

    The process to get started with the TriumphFX business partner program begins with the basic sign-up process.

    Give your email address, submit your phone number and address at TriumphFX affiliate/introducer/white label partnership business page.

    Submit the asked documents and get a unique referral income you will generate commission through.

    Each moment a client clicks on this link and visits the TriumphFX website to join, you make a commission.

    You can paste this link on any workable website or social media platform.

    Documents required to Start TriumphFX Franchise

    To join TriumphFX Franchise, you need to submit a few basic documents that are as follows –

    • ID proof, e.g., Adhaar Card, Voter ID card, or any Legal and government-issued ID card
    • Address proof, e.g., any legal address proof
    • Tax Details and business details are also asked

    Support Provided by TriumphFX Partner Program

    Back Office SupportAvailable 24/7
    Trading SupportYes
    Dealing SupportYes
    Marketing SupportYes
    Multilingual Promotional MaterialsYes
    Training SupportYes
    Commission TrackerProvided

    TriumphFX Partners aren’t alone in this journey. The brokers themselves, with a team of expert managers, assist traders across numerous verticals.

    To simply put, you can access –

    • Back office support that is available 24×7 hours in your assistance
    • Trading support to sort out technical or trading issues
    • Payment related problems solved at dealing support
    • Marketing support helps you promote TriumphFX and capture higher returns
    • Training support makes a partner prepare for every situation and condition
    • Commission tracker allows you to keep a track record of your earnings from each referred client

    Benefits of TriumphFX Sub Broker Program

    Let’s discuss the key benefits of TriumphFX Sub Broker access before we conclude –

    • TriumphFX is a globally renowned trading platform, CySEC regulated, and you will never be facing any issues in making people aware of the broker’s legitimacy.
    • A multi-tier support system builds a convenient environment for traders
    • You can fetch a minimum $25 commission
    • No limit on maximum commission
    • White label partnership program can attract 65.2% commission
    • Minimum documentation and eligibility hassles
    • The second level commission is 10%
    • You can even generate income via Sub-affiliates

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    TriumphFX Partner Program – Conclusion

    The discussion above clearly describes the ups and downs linked with the franchise business model run by TriumphFX.

    TriumphFX Partner can access several big benefits upon signing up for the partnership deed.

    The broker gets regulation from CySEC – which is one of the most trusted regulators across the world.

    Income via sub-affiliates and second-level commission adds the cherry on the top since you will be earning apart from your existing revenue source.

    Existing TriumphFX users may receive the special advantage of joining the Partnership program by TriumphFX.

    TriumphFX Franchise or Sub Broker – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the TriumphFX partner program:

    Does TriumphFX Have an Introducer Model?

    Yes. TriumphFX has an introducer model that brings you a significant opportunity to fetch up to $25 in one shot.

    Simply send a client to the TriumphFX trading platform and make a consistent income stream.

    Second-level commission can get you 10% more income if you attract more customers at the TriumphFX trading platform.

    Sub-affiliates are a different topic, which builds another income source for you.

    Does TriumphFX have Multiple Franchise Models?

    Yes. TriumphFX has multiple franchise models, namely Affiliate program, introducer, and white label partnership program.

    Each program provides you access to a significant money-making opportunity.

    However, the minimum amount you can make in every franchise program starts from $25 and may go higher up to 65.2% commission.

    However, there’s no limit to the upper payrolls, so earning potential is endless at TriumphFX.

    What Is TriumphFX Sub Broker Commission?

    TriumphFX sub-broker commission starts from $25 per lot on the client in an affiliate program, and the same commission structure is followed in the introducer business model.

    The white label partnership program allows you to fetch up to 65% commission (conditions are applicable).

    10% second level commission and income from sub-broker is a whole different topic that benefits partners once they cross the minimum trading requirements.

    How Much Is TriumphFX Franchise Cost?

    TriumphFX franchise cost is a bit of an uncertain topic. The broker doesn’t charge any fee against its partnership program on every trading platform.

    Still, you need to submit a minimum security deposit to qualify as a TriumphFX partner.

    Does TriumphFX Provide Referral Program?

    Yes. TriumphFX follows a standard referral program in which partners are expected to bring a client on the TriumphFX trading platform through their different social and community networks.

    Each referral program occupies a unique earning potential and opportunity for traders.

    You can’t leave unnoticed to give this significant opportunity but must endeavor to give it a prompt try if you can drive traffic on the TriumphFX trading platform.

    What Is TriumphFX Referral Revenue Model?

    TriumphFX referral Revenue model includes directing traffic to the TriumphFX trading platform and generating a consistent income.

    However, the potential of income from each partner program varies significantly, but one thing is very certain that you never make a commission by just sending a client.

    Indeed, the commission is generated if a client submits a minimum deposit amount and trades for at least one lot in the TriumphFX trading account.

    Is TriumphFX Partner Program Free?

    No. Not every TriumphFX partner program is free. The broker asks you to make an initial deposit or submit a security deposit in your account to proceed.

    The condition is mandatory in the white label partnership program, but whether or not the fees exist, you need to explore the TriumphFX website for a better idea.

    Does TriumphFX Provide Training Assistance?

    Yes. TriumphFX provides training assistance to aspiring partners.

    You can get training assistance across numerous verticals, ranging from starting with TriumphFX to generating loyal and genuine customers for the platform.

    The broker even assists you at stages further on how to take your earning potential from a few dollars to thousands of dollars per month.

    Apart from that, promotional materials are also provided to the partners.

    How To Own TriumphFX Franchise?

    You can own the TriumphFX franchise simply by giving the broker a few basic details and passing the standard eligibility test.

    Before you enter, it’s worth noting that the terms and conditions for each partner program vary.

    In many business models, you are asked to submit a security deposit. Hence, it may prove a bit costly.

    So enter with a serious intention.

    Does TriumphFX Affiliate Program Provide Support?

    Yes. TriumphFX provides multi-level support to its partners.

    Whether you are dealing with a technical issue, an issue with clients, payment or fees, or anything, you simply need to connect with the concerned support center of TriumphFX, and soon resolution is provided.

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