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Find out everything about T1Markets Partner Program or Franchise Models here. T1Markets is a trading company owned and maintained by General Capital Brokers Limited (GCB).

The trading company is authorized and regulated by the Cypress Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Best Partner Program Affiliate Program
Revenue Sharing or CPA Up to 35%
Second Level commission 10%
Commission Withdrawal Weekly
Partner Code Activation 3 Days
Affiliate Cookie Tracking Up to 30 days

Due to its extensive service towards the investing market, T1Markets has been awarded the title of Most Trusted Broker from the World Financial Awards and also has been awarded the Best Cryptocurrency Broker of 2020 by BrokerCheck.

As a broker follows rules and regulations and due to the regulatory requirements, that trading company offers segregated trading accounts where this stores the company and client fund separately in tier one bank accounts.

T1Markets provides one of the best partnership programs are affiliate programs which are popular among both types of traders that include beginners and expert traders.

T1Markets Partner or Franchise – Overview

Founder / CEO Petr Brazhnikov
Established Year 2020
Publicly Traded No
Total Employees 50-100
Regulations CySEC
Headquarter Cyprus

The company is also known to provide negative balance protection for all its traders so that the entire money is safe.

The maximum leverage received for retail clients is 30:1 and the maximum limited charge for professional clients is 200:1.

T1Markets has developed three types of trading accounts or commission plans which are the silver trading account, gold trading account, and platinum trading income.

These accounts have been exclusively developed keeping in mind the various needs and requirements of various traders.

T1Markets is one of the most innovative and advanced affiliate models which is quite competitive in the market.

T1Markets Partner or FranchiseThese affiliate programs have been developed for different types of partners so you have to carefully go through a couple of affiliate programs offered by T1Markets before selecting the best one.

Whenever you join the partnership program, a professional team will help you go through the entire registration and partnership process and help you learn better ways of earning profit.

The company mainly has developed two types of affiliate programs.

The people who would be joining the affiliate program or the partnership program would be joining the company as partners or affiliates.

Whenever a partner invites or brings in a new trader via his or her reference, then the partner would be getting a percentage of the revenue or a specific commission charge based on the type of partnership program that you are following.

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways of earning more profit.

In this article, we will be talking and discussing the various partnership programs that are affiliate programs that the T1Markets provides.

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    Types of T1Markets Sub Broker or Partner Program

    Types of Business Models
    Partner Type Affiliate Program Introducer
    Revenue Sharing or CPA Up to 35% $800 plus
    Cost Associated Minimal No
    Referred Trader’s Deposit – FTD NA deposits $250 & executed 10 closed trades
    Code Activation Time 2-4 Days 2-4 Days

    Like the other trading companies, T1Markets also provides partnership and affiliate programs for various types of partners.

    The joining cost or the security deposit is quite low and in most cases it is free, thus any person can join the partnership program.

    So if you have decided to join the T1Markets affiliate program then you must go through each of the programs carefully.

    Necessary details, eligibility criteria, and many other details have been added to help you decide.

    So you must go through the entire article, understand the affiliate programs, understand your skillset and then only join the partnership program.

    Affiliate Program

    This affiliate program has been exclusively developed for all the users and people who own or have access to high traffic websites, blogs, pages or who have a higher success or subscriber rate in various websites.

    After opening an affiliate account with the company, the partners can copy the invitation link and share it on these high-traffic websites.

    So, whenever a trader or a client joins via the partner’s invitation link the partner would be receiving an invitation fee based on the type of client he or she has referred.

    Some of the key points of this affiliate program are:

    • The revenue sharing amount or the CPA amount is up to 35% of the entire revenue earned.
    • Minimal or no cost is associated with this partnership program
    • The referred traders deposit or the FTD amount is nil
    • The minimum time required for code activation is about 2 to 4 days.

    Introducing Broker Or IB Partnership

    Introducing a broker or IB partnership is one of the easiest forms of earning money without working much.

    This IB partnership is exclusively for all the partners who have a list of portfolios of various traders that they can regularly refer to the company.

    So, whenever a client or a trader joins the parent company via the partner’s reference, the partner would be receiving a percentage of the revenue whenever the client trades with the company.

    This is one of the easiest forms of passive income as the partner would be receiving revenue lifetime.

    Some of the key points of the Introducing Broker partnership are:

    • The revenue sharing about or the CPA amount is 800 plus dollars
    • No cost is associated with this partnership program
    • The default traders’ deposit or the FTD amount is deposits of $250 that can exceed 10 closed trades.
    • Minimum time required for code activation is 2 to 4 days

    T1Markets Franchise Revenue Sharing

    Revenue Sharing
    Affiliate Program Up to 35%
    Introducer $800 plus

    Whenever a user or a person inquires about the T1 markets affiliate program, the executives at the company will immediately let him know about the revenue sharing model or the cost-sharing model.

    This has the partner decide which affiliate program to opt for.

    The revenue word that has been used In this place means the commission that the partners would be earning after joining the program.

    The profit-making margin increases and depends on the number of businesses or individuals or detailed clients that you introduce to the trading company.

    • For the T1 Markets Affiliate Program, the revenue sharing amount is up to 35% of the entire revenue earned
    • For the Introducing Business Partner or IB program, the revenue sharing amount is $800 plus.

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    T1Markets Partner Cost or Security Deposit

    Partner Cost or Deposit
    Affiliate Program Minimal
    Introducing Business Partner No
    Authorized Partner NA
    White Label Partnership NA

    Some of the popular trading companies charge specific joining fees or security deposits whenever a partner decides to join an affiliate program.

    But, T1 markets on the other hand do not charge any extra charge or a very high charge whenever a partner joins a program.

    The security deposit or the joining cost will vary depending on the type of affiliate program that you are selecting.

    • For T1 markets affiliate program, the low or minimal cost is required as the joining fees
    • For the introducing broker or IB partnership, no security deposit joining fee is charged by the company.

    T1Markets Franchise Offers

    Zero Deposit scheme Yes
    Real-Time Commission calculation Yes
    Second Level Commission Up to 10%
    Personal Account Managers Provided
    Multiple Payment Systems Available
    Sub-Affiliate system NA

    Whenever you start a business, offers and promotions attract more traders.

    Any business that offers proper discounts and promotional offers for the customers, gains popularity in the market.

    Some of the exclusive offers that T1 markets provide for their traders are:

    • All the partners or affiliates are offered zero deposit schemes
    • The partners have access to software that provides real-time commission calculation
    • The second level commission or the sub-broker commission is about 10%.
    • A team of personalized account managers is provided with each partner
    • An exclusive and advanced sub-affiliate system is also available
    • Multiple payment systems and schemes are also available so that the trader or the partners can redeem the revenue at any time via any method.

    T1Markets Sub Broker Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria
    Age 18+ Years
    Business Experience Minimum 1-3 years
    Minimum Qualification  No basic qualification/degree
    Desired Profile Business in Similar Field

    No types of eligibility criteria or rules and regulations have been mentioned by the company on the official website for the sub-broker criteria.

    But, just to be on the priority list of the applicants, you must follow certain criteria:

    • The minimum age required for joining the partnership program is about 18 years
    • Minimum business experience or trading experience that you must have is about 1 to 3 years
    • No minimum qualification or degree is required to join the partnership program
    • But, the desired profiles include businesses in similar fields like smaller trading companies, consultancy firms, retail traders.

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    How to Become a T1Markets Business Partner?

    Till now, everything about the affiliate system or the affiliate program has been discussed. As you have read the entire article, you must have a decision by now.

    So, if you want to join the partnership program provided by T1Markets, you need to follow certain steps which have been mentioned in this section of the article.

    The process of becoming a partner with T1Markets is easy, so please follow the steps that have been mentioned below:

    • In the first step, you must have been told the official website of T1 markets, find the affiliate program tab and then click on join as an affiliate.
    • After clicking, you will be redirected to the application page where some necessary details like name, address, phone number, business type, business registration number, type of trader, affiliate program, will be asked. After filling in all the details click on submit. Remember to fill out all the correct information as this would be necessary for verification.
    • In the next step, an executive from the head office will contact you via phone or email for the EKYC process. This process is necessary for the verification purpose and here you have to upload a scanned copy of an identity card.
    • After the verification process, your partnership account with the company will be opened and the login ID and password will be sent to your email address.
    • Now you can download the application required for partners from the official website. After installing you can log in via the details provided in your email.
    • Here, you will find your invitation link where you can paste its various websites and start earning.

    Documents required to Start T1Markets Franchise

    Some of the documents that are necessary to join the partnership program are:

    • A PAN card is required to link your bank accounts
    • Government-authorized identity card for verification
    • Experience certificate to meet the criteria
    • Educational certificate (to meet the criteria if necessary)
    • Partnership document with the company
    • Scanned passport size photograph for the application
    • Ownership of business proof for verification.

    Support Provided by T1Markets Partner Program

    Back Office Support Available 24/5
    Trading Support Yes
    Dealing Support Yes
    Marketing Support Yes
    Multilingual Promotional Materials Yes
    Training Support Yes
    Commission Tracker Provided

    Various trading firms provide different types of support and benefits for all their partners.

    Some of the exclusive supports provided by T1 markets for its affiliates are:

    • The company provide available support 24×5
    • The company provides trading support
    • T1 markets also provide dealing support
    • The firm also provides marketing support to help in the trading market.
    • Multilingual promotional materials and posters are provided so to attract more and more traders from various parts of the globe
    • Training support is also provided so that the partners can gain better profit
    • A commission tracker software has also been developed so that the partners can track the pending commissions, calculate the commission and transfer them to your account.

    Benefits of T1Markets Sub Broker Program

    Exclusive benefits provided by the T1 market sub-broker program for all its partners are:

    • Even though T1Markets is a new company, it has established itself in the trading market. It is regulated and monitored by CySEC.
    • The affiliate program also supports a sub-broker program where the partners can invite more partners. This is a type of chain program where the primary partners would be receiving 10% of the entire revenue earned by the sub-broker or the secondary partner.
    • Various types of promotional offers and discounts are also provided for the partners.
    • Special posters, banners, and various other videos are provided for the partners so that they can attract more and more traders.
    • The profits margin or the revenue earning margin is higher than some of the other trading companies.

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    T1Markets Partner Program – Conclusion

    Even though the company has recently been developed, T1Markets has established a concrete place in the forex market.

    The company is mainly popular due to its special offers, discounts, trading instruments, and the online trading activities that they provide.

    The commission amount or the revenue amount that the partners earn via the affiliate program is higher than compared to some of the other firms.

    T1Markets is quite popular as the company does not charge any extra amount or the trading is commission-free.

    The traders only need to pay spread charges, swap charges, and other regular fees. The broker has also developed Islamic swap-free accounts for all Muslim traders.

    No extra charges or scrap charges are required whenever using an Islamic staff free account. The company has also developed a demo account or a virtual account that has been loaded with virtual or dummy money.

    With T1Markets the users or the traders are allowed to trade in over 300 financial CFD instruments that cover various assets that include forex, commodities, cryptocurrency, stocks, metals, indices, and many more.

    The broker provides customer service Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    T1Markets Franchise or Sub Broker – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the T1Markets partner program:

    Does T1Markets have an Introducer Model?

    The trading company has developed two types of affiliate programs and affiliate models each having unique features which differ from one another.

    One of the programs is the Introducer Model or the IB model where the traders can earn a percentage of the revenue lifetime.

    Is T1Markets having multiple Franchise models?

    The company has mainly developed two types of franchise models or partnership programs.

    One is the affiliate system or affiliate program and another one is the introducer broker model.

    What is T1Markets Sub Broker Commission?

    T1Markets has also introduced a sub-broker system where the partner can invite another person to join the partnership program.

    This is called the sub-broker partnership and the primary partner would be receiving 10% of the commission and by the later one.

    How much is T1Markets Franchise Cost?

    The franchise cost depends on the type of partnership program that the user is opting for.

    A specific charge which is quite less is charged for the affiliate program while no amount is charged for the IB program.

    Do T1Markets provide Referral Program?

    The company has also developed a referral program which is called the affiliate system.

    In this referral program, the partners can share the invitation link on popular high-traffic websites or blogs.

    Whenever a client joins with the partner’s link, the partner would be receiving a referral bonus.

    What is T1Markets Referral Revenue Model?

    The partners who join the referral model will have the option of sharing an invitation link in popular blogs and websites.

    Whenever a user joins as a client with the partner’s invitation link, the affiliate would be receiving a referral bonus.

    Is the T1Markets Partner Program Free?

    The partner program is not completely free as some cost is associated with one of the partnership programs.

    Whenever a partner decides to join the affiliate program, he or she is required to pay a certain amount which is quite less compared to the other amounts.

    Do T1Markets provide Training Assistance?

    Along with various assistance like trading assistance, dealing assistance, back-office support, the company also provides training support or training assistance to all its affiliates.

    This is necessary so that the partners learn more about the company.

    How to own a T1Markets Franchise?

    The process is quite simple.

    All you have to do is register yourself as a partner with the company from the official website, verify your identity, and your partnership account with T1 markets would be opened instantly.

    Does T1Markets Sub Brokership provide Support?

    Various types of support like training support, trading support, dealing support, customer assistance is provided for all the partners.

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