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Check out everything about BlueBerry Markets Partner Program or Franchise Models. If one is in the forex market, then one of the most attractive options for them is to establish a business.

Becoming a Blueberry Markets Affiliate is one’s best bet if one wishes to be busy. Traders can also start a franchise.

But before moving forward with any decision, traders need to understand basic details about the partner program.

Best Partner Program Affiliate Program
Revenue Sharing or CPA 30-40%
Second Level commission 5-10%
Commission Withdrawal Weekly
Partner Code Activation 2-3 Days
Affiliate Cookie Tracking Up to 60 days

The platform allows users to trade with various tools.

Furthermore, the main aim of the partner program is to help traders earn additional income based on their trades.

Above all, the broker offers Support to traders, which makes trading easy and exciting for traders.

BlueBerry Markets Partner or Franchise – Overview

Founder / CEO Dean Hyde
Established Year 2015
Publicly Traded No
Total Employees 100+
Regulations ASIC
Headquarter  Australia

The best part about becoming a Blueberry markets partner is that traders get a chance to earn additional revenue.

Blueberry Markets Partner or FranchiseIf traders want to transform their careers, then they must go for the partner program without a doubt.

The Blueberry market offers three partner models, including affiliate program, introducer broker, and influencer model.

Ideally, the traders can choose any of the agendas as per their needs and budget. The broker offers excellent Support and features which allow traders to grow.

Furthermore, the main aim here is to provide the right business plan as the forex market is among the hype. The program is profitable and attractive at the same time.

Lastly, the broker offers all the vital help that traders need to become Blueberry markets partners.

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    Types of BlueBerry Markets Sub Broker or Partner Program

    Types of Business Models
    Partner Type Affiliate Program Introducer
    Revenue Sharing or CPA 30-40% $ 800
    Cost Associated Minimal Minimal
    Referred Trader’s Deposit – FTD NA deposits $500 & executed 10 closed trades
    Code Activation Time 2-3 Days 2-3 Days

    The Blueberry Markets is quite prominent because of the rewards that traders avail themselves of.

    There are three partner programs available here.

    Undoubtedly, traders can choose any of the programs, but they need to explore all the terms and conditions.

    Introducer broker is likely to be an industry term for individuals or organizations who can earn some commission by referring clients to the broker.

    One can quickly become an introducer broker if one has an existing portfolio of clients.

    Blueberry Markets affiliate program

    Under this, a third-party marketer makes money by referring clients to the broker.

    Once the clients sign up for the account, the Blueberry markets partner can earn a commission. one can become an affiliate if they want to refer their client to the broker.

    Lastly, the trader can get a flexible program.

    Influencer program

    An influencer can use their social media channels to refer various clients to the broker.

    The traders can choose the influencer program if they wish to monetize their growing social media presence.

    BlueBerry Markets Franchise Revenue Sharing

    Revenue Sharing
    Affiliate Program 30-40%
    Introducer $ 800

    When traders open a partner account here, they can learn more about revenue sharing and other conditions.

    Furthermore, revenue sharing is all about the commission which partners can earn.

    There is a good chance of making some profit, but it all depends on the business they do.

    The revenue sharing for the introducer model is $800.

    On the flip side, the revenue sharing is 30 to 40% for the Blueberry markets program.

    The rewards tend to vary from model to model so they can check all conditions before investing. Furthermore, some bonuses are also available for clients.

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    BlueBerry Markets Partner Cost or Security Deposit

    Partner Cost or Deposit
    Affiliate Program Minimal
    Introducing Business Partner Minimal

    They need to pay some security deposit to get started with the Blueberry Markets affiliate program.

    For the introducer model, traders need to pay $500 as a deposit.

    While for the affiliate program, they need to check the deposit amount while opening the account.

    Ideally, the security deposit is the amount that traders need to pay to avail the partner program.

    After that, the partners can earn on the basis of the rewards they make.

    Additionally, the broker decides the revenue based on the trades.

    When traders choose to become a partner, they can learn more about the security deposit. It is likely to be a mutual agreement.

    BlueBerry Markets Franchise Offers

    Zero Deposit scheme Yes
    Real-Time Commission calculation Yes
    Second Level Commission 10-15%
    Personal Account Managers Not Provided
    Multiple Payment Systems Available
    Sub-Affiliate system NA

    The Blueberry Markets franchise promises several offers to the traders.

    Some of the offers available include a zero deposit scheme, a real-time commission calculator, etc.

    Furthermore, the traders can also avail multiple payment systems.

    Lastly, the second level commission applicable here is 10 to 15%.

    These offers make trading more interesting for the partners and keep them hooked to the broker.

    BlueBerry Markets Sub Broker Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria
    Age 26+
    Business Experience Minimum 1-3 years
    Minimum Qualification  No basic qualification/degree
    Desired Profile Finance portals/Influencers

    There aren’t any strict terms and conditions applicable here to join the Blueberry Markets Franchise, but there are some mandatory guidelines that all traders need to align with.

    Traders need to be at least 26 years old to become a partner here. Even though no essential qualification is required, one to three years of experience in the same field is mandatory.

    The broker prefers traders from finance portals.

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    How to Become a BlueBerry Markets Business Partner?

    It is pretty easy to become a Blueberry Markets sub-broker. However, the traders need to follow some steps here.

    Step by step process of becoming a partner:

    • The traders need to visit the broker’s official site and click on the option to become a partner.
    • Then traders will see a popup form on their screen. Once traders fill the state, the broker will connect with them.
    • Besides submitting the form, the traders also need to submit some vital documents and personal details.
    • On the registration page, traders need to fill in the details pertaining to various proofs, including residence and contact.
    • Traders need to ensure that they submit accurate information. Furthermore, it is vital for them to present their company’s VAT ID. The details are compulsory for all the traders.
    • The traders can complete the process in few minutes.
    • The broker will allow the partner details once the account is approved.
    • Lastly, traders can start trading once they get their partner account.

    Documents required to Start BlueBerry Markets Franchise

    The traders need to submit several documents to become Blueberry Market’s partner.

    So they need to ensure that they have all the documents ready for the verification process.

    When traders keep their ids handy, they can complete the account opening process in no time.

    Vital documents include:

    • Experience certificates
    • Photographs
    • Documents of partnership
    • Ownership of business proof
    • PAN Card
    • Government ID and Residence proof
    • Education certificates or degree

    Support Provided by BlueBerry Markets Partner Program

    Back Office Support Available 24/7
    Trading Support Yes
    Dealing Support Yes
    Marketing Support No
    Multilingual Promotional Materials Yes
    Training Support No
    Commission Tracker Provided

    When it comes to becoming a Blueberry Markets sub-broker, the company offers plenty of Support.

    The Support mainly includes back-office Support that is available 24*7. Besides that, trading and dealing Support is also available to the traders.

    The broker also offers Multilingual Promotional Materials.

    The best of all is that traders can keep track of their commission with the unique Commission Tracker.

    Brokers mainly aim to help the traders to earn some extra income.

    Benefits of BlueBerry Markets Sub Broker Program

    • Traders can earn extra income.
    • They don’t need to stress as the payments are pretty timely.
    • Transparent and real-time tracking of the deals.
    • Excellent marketing strategy available.

    The registration process is quick and straightforward.

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    BlueBerry Markets Partner Program – Conclusion

    The traders need to know some basics of the partner program before choosing to become a partner here. One can explore all the models here before choosing one.

    The traders need to consider reviewing the rewards and charges to strike a perfect balance as the broker offers a lot of support, so it has gained a lot of prominences.

    Above all, traders can make excellent returns here as they have a perfect opportunity to become business partners.

    While it comes to choosing a business model, the traders need to consider the pros and cons.

    Above all, they need to select a business model as per their needs and budget.

    BlueBerry Markets Franchise or Sub Broker – FAQs

    Here are some major FAQs on BlueBerry Markets Affiliate Program or Sub Brokership –

    Do Blueberry Markets have an Introducer Model?

    Yes, the blueberry markets offer an introducer model. Besides the introducer model, the broker also provides affiliate and influencer programs.

    No matter what model one chooses, they can avail themselves of the chance to earn some extra income.

    The current partners are pretty happy being a partner here so that one can choose the broker without a doubt.

    Do Blueberry markets have multiple Franchise models?

    Yes, the blueberry market offers multiple franchise models. There are at least three models available here, including affiliate program, influencer model, and introducer program.

    While choosing a program, the traders need to check all the terms and conditions, including price, to make the most of it.

    What is Blueberry Markets Sub Broker Commission?

    The commission tends to vary from one model to another. Therefore, traders need to check the commission before choosing any program.

    How much does Blueberry markets Franchise Cost?

    The traders need to pay some security deposit or franchise cost to become a blueberry markets partner. The franchise cost is different for all accounts.

    Ideally, under the introducer business program, the security deposit is $ 500. Above all, there are no hidden charges applicable, so traders don’t need to stress.

    Do Blueberry Markets have Referral Program?

    All the programs available here are referral programs. To make some extra income, the traders need to refer the program to various clients.

    All they need to do is have good social networking skills. Additionally, traders need to consider the multiple charges if they want to make maximum profit.

    What is Blueberry Markets Referral Model Revenue Model?

    The revenue is different for almost all the models. For example, if traders choose an affiliate program, the income available is 30 to 40%.

    On the flip side, if traders choose an introducer broker, the revenue available is $800. Traders can check the payment while opening an account here as it is likely to change with time.

    Is Blueberry Markets Partner Program Free?

    The blueberry Markets aren’t free as the traders need to pay some security deposit while becoming a partner here.

    The broker discloses the security deposit while traders open an account here. Traders can explore all the programs then choose one.

    Do Blueberry markets provide Training Assistance?

    Yes, the Blueberry markets offer training assistance to the traders. The training assistance is quite vital for new traders as they can get some market confidence here.

    Besides that, traders can also avail themselves of back-office support 24*7.

    How to own Blueberry Markets Franchise?

    It is pretty simple to own the blueberry Markets franchise. The traders need to follow some simple steps.

    Besides, that traders need to submit some vital documents which prove their identity. It is essential for their KYC process.

    The registration is mandatory as traders can avail of their login credentials once they complete the process.

    Does Blueberry Affiliate Program provide Support?

    Yes, the Blueberry affiliate program offers excellent Support to traders. The traders can easily trade on the platform thanks to the Support.

    The Support includes back-office Support that is available 24*7 besides that commission tracker and dealing Support.

    Additionally, the broker offers training assistance. The Support available here makes all the difference.

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