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Find out everything about TIO Markets Partner Program or Franchise Models.

A side-hustle is important for all. Besides your existing business and income stream, you should look for an opportunity that contributes to your long-term success.

Luckily it is no longer difficult to find a side-hustle. Simply become TIO Markets Partner and tap into one of the best money-making businesses online.

Best Partner Program Affiliate Program
Revenue Sharing or CPA $300
Second Level commission NA
Commission Withdrawal Instant
Partner Code Activation 3 Days
Affiliate Cookie Tracking Up to 90 days

People are benefiting from this excellent revenue source.

If you have an extended network or you master the art of attracting customers, you’ll undoubtedly find it a fantastic business venture to jump in.

This review gives you a brief outlook of the TIO Markets Partner Program and how it can benefit you.

TIO Markets Partner or Franchise – Overview

Founder / CEO Stefanos Mitsi
Established Year 2018
Publicly Traded Yes
Total Employees 0-50
Regulations FCA
Headquarter UK

In the mainstream, TIO Markets runs partner programs of three kinds, the first is an introducer, and the second is an affiliate program.

TIO markets partner or franchiseThe influencer business model also exists, but we will discuss it in-depth in the article ahead.

In all partner programs, you can find money-making opportunities in a good amount. TIO Markets Partner can access regular payouts at higher rates.

So that you don’t have to deal with any confusion while being an active partner, the broker also makes an in-depth income report available.

This states that the revenue you generate is always transparent to you.

And the best thing is, the process of get-started as a TIO Markets partner also begins from basic sign-up criteria. However, few models want the aspiring partners to submit a few more details.

Nevertheless, you will find it relatively easier to join the TIO Markets partner program. No wonder it is worth knowing more about this highly profitable opportunity.

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    Types of TIO Markets Sub Broker or Partner Program

    Types of Business Models
    Partner Type Affiliate Program Introducer
    Revenue Sharing or CPA $300 Up to 25% + $3 per each registration and up to $150 for account funding
    Cost Associated No Minimal
    Referred Trader’s Deposit – FTD $200 deposit & 5 FX lots traded or equivalent in CFDs Customized
    Code Activation Time 2-3 Days 2-4 Days

    As already quoted in the information above, the TIO Markets Partner model mainly offers three partner programs.

    So it’s time to wrap more information on each partner program we get at the TIO Markets trading platform–

    Affiliate Program

    An affiliate program isn’t a new thing that people aren’t aware of in the digital industry. These two words have been creating a buzz in the market for a long time.

    But not every affiliate program is profitable. In an affiliate program, you promote someone’s product on your business website or social media platform.

    The same thing you do for TIO Markets.

    But you can expect more profits because, unlike other affiliate programs, the commission in affiliate programs in the financial niche is high.

    That’s why you can expect higher payouts at TIO markets. In the whole process of affiliate marketing, you need to send a client through a unique link to TIO Markets website.

    As soon as the person goes one step ahead and makes a decent investment, you make money.

    Introducer Business Model

    In the introducer business model, you connect with your client and encourage them to use the TIO Markets trading platform.

    Unlike affiliate programs, you don’t just direct traffic to the TIO Markets website but take the responsibility of every single client.

    You influence them to take any action on your suggestion. Hence this also builds a high earning potential for partners.

    However, the partner program is advisable for only those experienced at trading and who are good in relationship management.

    Influencer Program

    The influencer program is somewhat similar to TIO Markets Affiliate Program.

    You don’t just promote a post on your website or social media platform but use your social media connection and power to generate an income source from TIO Markets.

    The brand itself brings you special offers if you have a giant audience network and the maximum of them are likely to turn TIO Markets’ users on your recommendation.

    TIO Markets Franchise Revenue Sharing

    Revenue Sharing
    Affiliate Program $300
    Introducer Up to 25% + $3 per each registration and up to $150 for account funding

    TIO Markets Franchise revenue sharing includes both CPA and Hybrid payment models.

    However, the broker mentions that whether you are eligible for a particular revenue-sharing feature or not depends on your geographical location.

    Even though TIO Markets is a globally popular trading platform, the broker still has certain rules and conditions that bind TIO Markets to offer a similar money-making opportunity for all.

    Still, you can readily attract a whopping $300 via TIO Markets Affiliate Program.

    Nevertheless, you need to pass the minimum clients requirement, including investment made by them.

    In the introducer partner program, you can readily capture up to 25% + $3 per registration and up to $150 for account funding by clients.

    You can find revenue sharing offered in a custom range in influencer programs.

    If your social media audience network carries vast potential in turning TIO markets into prospective customers, you can set your price.

    In short, since you act like a marketer, you reserve the right to offer your price to the broker. In most events, the broker itself contacts you.

    Still, have trust issues? Don’t worry; TIO Markets is FCA regulated and has its headquarter in the UK. This gives us a clear indication of the broker’s legitimacy.

    You can undoubtedly find it a trusted trading platform to become a sub-broker for.

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    TIO Markets Partner Cost or Security Deposit

    Partner Cost or Deposit
    Affiliate Program No
    Introducing Business Partner Minimal

    Sadly, TIO Markets Sub Broker doesn’t make any income from just referral or directing trading to TIO Markets website.

    You need to find prospective clients who are genuinely willing to use the TIO Markets trading platform.

    They must submit the minimum deposit amount and execute a trade for the desired price; only then the sub-broker can capture higher payouts.

    However, the minimum deposit condition varies for every partner program.

    To simply put, to generate a decent income from the affiliate program, users need to deposit $200 in their trading account, and 5 FX lots must be traded or equivalent in CFDs.

    But you aren’t bound to comply with any such condition in the introducer model.

    Whatever the amount or minimum deposit a trader submits in their trading account and trades for, you will receive a significant percentage of that amount as a commission.

    It also adds a considerable opportunity because you attract big returns if the trader makes a significant investment.

    TIO Markets Franchise Offers

    Zero Deposit scheme Yes
    Real-Time Commission calculation Yes
    Second Level Commission 10-20%
    Personal Account Managers Provided
    Multiple Payment Systems Available
    Sub-Affiliate system Available

    Unfortunately, TIO Markets Franchise doesn’t include any additional offers or benefits. You only impress yourself with high payouts.

    Apart from that, no special treatment is offered to clients. However, influencers can take the lead when it comes to offers because TIO Markets itself interacts with them.

    Still, the broker doesn’t disappoint its partners. The second level commission of 10% and 20% witnesses it.

    For more information, you can also visit TIO Markets’ official website or contact the support team.

    TIO Markets Sub Broker Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria
    Age 24+
    Business Experience Minimum 1-3 years
    Minimum Qualification  No basic qualification/degree
    Desired Profile Licensed Investment Advisors

    The eligibility criteria that make you a qualified TIO Markets Sub Broker can be a bit heart-breaking, but opportunities still exist.

    The broker looks for licensed investment advisors in the mainstream that have the potential to promote TIO Markets to others.

    In addition, a minimum of 1 to 3 years’ experience can also add a cherry on the top.

    But there’s no need to panic if you aren’t a licensed investment advisor because the broker doesn’t bound you around any qualification requirement.

    To simply put, if you are age 24+ and carry a decent experience in trading and can promote TIO Markets, you are eligible for the program.

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    How to Become a TIO Markets Business Partner?

    The route to join the TIO Markets Partner program is relatively straightforward. You don’t need to bring an extensive list of documents to the desk.

    You don’t need to wait for a month or year to get the response. The overall joining process takes only 2 to 7 days.

    Within this time frame, you are ready to advertise TIO Markets. In most events, it happens on the same day.

    All it takes is your Email ID, phone number, and proof stating your experience or current profession in a similar or desired niche.

    Documents required to Start TIO Markets Franchise

    To qualify for the TIO Markets Franchise program, submit a few documents to proceed. This may include –

    • Your valid ID proof – e.g., Adhaar Card, Voter Card, Driving license, etc.
    • An official residential address proof
    • Your business or work professional license if any

    More documents requirements are revealed by the broker itself.

    Support Provided by TIO Markets Partner Program

    Back Office Support Available 24/5
    Trading Support Yes
    Dealing Support Yes
    Marketing Support Yes
    Multilingual Promotional Materials Yes
    Training Support Yes
    Commission Tracker Provided

    Yes. TIO Markets Partner receives support from TIO Markets when the situation or activity has turned problematic or confusing, and you (as a broker’s partner) seek a prompt resolution.

    But there’s nothing to worry about because the broker provides 24/5 support services. You can get support for all trading, dealing, and marketing activities.

    In addition to that, multilingual support is also offered by the broker to its clients. To simply put, banners, training, print-ready artwork, and logos are offered to partners.

    Benefits of TIO Markets Sub Broker Program

    TIO Markets Sub Broker benefits from partnership program at numerous points-

    • Affiliate marketers can generate a minimum $300 commission, and the maximum is limitless.
    • The minimum earning can start from $3 as well for small traders
    • You can even make income from sub-affiliates when you build a chain of small marketers
    • Second level income can get you 10 to 20% extra payouts
    • Marketing support is available to assist aspiring partners
    • Training is also offered to the aspiring partners
    • Custom commission can also be asked

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    TIO Markets Partner Program – Conclusion

    No wonder we are seeing tons of great opportunities bursting out in the TIO Markets Partner program. The broker leaves no stone unturned in impressing its partners.

    High payouts are setting the best example here because, in addition to that, you can also generate a second-level income.

    The broker itself supports you at numerous verticals ranging from technical support, marketing support to any support you are having an urgency of.

    These entire things represent the TIO Markets partner program the best above all.

    However, we don’t see TIO Markets as that great option at numerous points because apart from higher payouts, you don’t access big prizes or offers.

    Still, the legitimacy and transparency of TIO markets win us.

    TIO Markets Franchise or Sub Broker – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the TIO Markets partner program:

    Does TIO Markets Have an Introducer Model?

    Yes. TIO Markets has an introducer model in which you readily capture up to 25% + $3 per each registration and up to $150 for account funding by clients.

    The business model has a great money-making opportunity for partners who are well-versed in trading concepts and are apt at helping others in the same.

    Do TIO Markets have Multiple Franchise Models?

    Yes. TIO markets have multiple franchise models. In a nutshell, these include the introducer business model, affiliate program, an influencer program.

    Each business model has its line of revenue stream.

    You are offered the highest and lowest commission based on what type of clients you send to the TIO Markets trading platform.

    The referred client that trades for a good amount at TIO Markets may get you a great commission.

    What Is TIO Markets Sub Broker Commission?

    TIO Markets sub-broker commission varies from one business model to another.

    To simply put, the broker gives the highest payouts in an Affiliate program that allows you to capture $300 on the go on each client.

    At the same time, in the introducer business model, you can readily make 25% + $3 per registration and up to $150 for account funding by clients.

    However, custom commission may exist in the influencer program.

    How Much Is TIO Markets Franchise Cost?

    TIO Markets franchise cost is NIL. The broker doesn’t ask its users to submit any security deposit or fee to proceed with the program.

    However, your business investment and marketing or campaigns costs aren’t included because partners bear these expenses, and TIO Markets has no link with that.

    Does TIO Markets Provide Referral Program?

    Yes. TIO Markets provide referral programs, namely affiliate program, introducer program, and influencer program.

    In each program, you refer a client to TIO Markets’ trading platform and expect them to take action.

    Partners make a commission on each action taken by a referred client or investment made by them.

    What Is TIO Markets Referral Revenue Model?

    TIO Markets’ referral revenue model includes directing traffic and potential traders to the TIO Markets trading platform.

    Not just directing clients, but it is to be expected that the referred client makes an investment or submits the minimum deposit amount in their account.

    Is TIO Markets Partner Program Free?

    TIO Markets partner program is free to join.

    All it takes, submit some basic documents, qualify the minimum age criteria and experience requirement, and show proof of your business in a similar niche or any.

    Does TIO Markets Provide Training Assistance?

    Yes. TIO Markets provide training assistance to aspiring partners willing to join the TIO Markets partner program.

    If you have no idea how to get started with TIO Markets, the broker’s team itself guides you on it.

    How To Own TIO Markets Franchise?

    You can own the TIO Markets franchise simply by submitting a few basic documents, e.g., ID Proof, Address Proof, Business Proof, and Bank Details.

    In most events, the broker contacts the influencer and is ready to pay a higher price for an advertisement.

    Does TIO Markets Affiliate Program provide Support?

    Yes, TIO Markets provides support to its sub-broker.

    You can access support across numerous areas, including technical, basic, educational, and marketing support.

    By all means, TIO Markets endeavors to assist its partners.

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