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Find out the list of Best Agriculture Stocks to Buy in India. Calling the Agri sector “important” would be unfair as it is the core of every nation in the world.

Such as being an agricultural country, the maximum contribution to the GDP of India comes from the Agri sector.

Hence, the hunt for the best agriculture stocks to buy never stops in India among investors. People always prioritize companies registering notable growth in the Agri industry.

If you, too, have left on the hunt for a well-paid opportunity and want to invest in some famous agriculture companies in India, read on.

Here is a list of some top Agri stocks you may think about including in your BUY list.

Best Agriculture Stocks in India - List of Top 10 Agriculture Sector Stocks to Buy Today

Know about Agriculture Sector in India

The Agri sector contributes about 17% to the total GDP of India.

Hence, it’s worth knowing the farming sector of the nation better before reaching a BUY decision.

Growth in the Indian Agri sector is soaring with every passing year.

However, the primary reason driving growth in top agriculture companies in India are the upgraded rules in the sector.

Such as taxation chaos, poor supply chain, lack of proper rules, the sector has overcome all those conventional regimes.

International experts predict that India’s Agri sector is likely to increase US$ 24 billion by 2025. In a nutshell, the nation is giving us more agriculture sector stocks to buy and stay profitable.

Best Agriculture Stocks in India – List of Top 10 Agriculture Sector Stocks to Buy Today

Check out the Agriculture Share Price & Ranking of Best Agriculture Shares to buy Today or Tomorrow or for Long Term –

Here’s a quick recap of the famous Agri stocks listed below. Each Stock has a prime role in the Indian economy.

After all, Company behind these stocks is engaged in multiple services that benefit the nation both socially and financially.

But being a savvy investor, we advise you to know the critical parameters before investing in the best agriculture shares in India.

There are certain things that investors should always look out for when it comes to farming shares to buy.

Thus we have tried to cover all these vital things in every Stock that you need to know. So take a look.

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    Advanta – Best Agri Stocks in India

    Advanta Ltd. is one of the largest agrochemical companies in India, establishing its roots deep into the Indian Agri sector.Advanta - Best Agri Stocks in India

    The company gets the spotlight for its one huge feat that makes it top the list of all the best Agri stocks in India shared below.

    After all, Advanta Ltd. is one of the first agri-based firms to set its foot in the global market. To simply put, this agro-giant has grown into a multinational seed company today.

    Crops such as sunflower, rice, corn, mustard, cotton, hybrid seeds, etc., are the few notable seeds categories companies build their specialty in.

    In both domestic and global share markets, Company has done an incredible job.

    Owing to a huge investment made by the Company on research and development, Advanta Ltd has built a strong network worldwide.

    Surprisingly Company doesn’t share decades-old history in the industry as the Company does. The agro-giant made an emergence in the industry in 1994.

    But it is worth noting the Company is a child org. of United Phosphorus Ltd.

    The market capitalization of the Company currently stands at Rs. 8025.525 Crores

    Products or Services

    Here are the essential products and services the agro firm builds a giant empire for itself in the industry.

    • Corn
    • Forage Sorghum
    • Sudangrass
    • Sorghum-Sudangrass
    • Grain Sorghum
    • Plant seeds and hybrid seeds etc.

    Why invest in Advanta Stocks?

    Beyond a doubt, Advanta Ltd has turned into one of the popular agriculture shares to buy in India.

    If you are interested in the agro sector, Advanta Ltd could be a nice alternative you can set higher expectations from.

    The gross sale in the year 2021 reported Rs. 15125.50 Crores with operating profit Rs. 2502.10 crores.

    Besides, the total asset of the Company is worth Rs.20484.00 crores. In a nutshell, Company is profitable.

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    Bombay Burmah Trdg. – Agriculture Stocks in India

    Another big agro-giant building a notable position in the industry is Bombay Burmah Trdg. Company is one of the oldest names to enter the plantation business in 1863.Bombay Burmah Trdg. - Agriculture Stocks in India

    The decades-old trading corporation primarily engaged in tea plantations and coffee plantations on its giant lands.

    However, in addition to the plantation business, Bombay Burmah Trdg also works in Auto Electric Components, dental products, weighing products, and so on.

    The Company’s product can be obtained directly from an e-commerce website. If you possess higher knowledge in the refreshment sector.

    Such as, if you believe that tea companies carry great potential to help you achieve big in the Agri sector.

    Beyond a doubt, Bombay Burmah Trdg is the best Agri share to buy now. The market capitalization of the Company currently stands at Rs. 7926.786 Crores.

    Products or Services

    • Tea, coffee, and other plantation products,
    • Biscuit and dairy products,
    • Weighing products,
    • Auto electric and white goods parts,
    • Horticulture and landscaping services,
    • And multiple healthcare products

    Why invest in Bombay Burmah Trdg. Stocks?

    Buying agriculture stocks in India is a new trend now. After all, when some of the most profitable companies exist in the game, the interest shift is obvious.

    However, talking about the shares of the Company, they are highly liquid.

    Hence, it is more advisable for day traders and swing traders willing to do something great in the Agri sector.

    From 2017 to 2022, Company has registered a 91.15% high in its prices.

    However, the history of the Company also shows that within a year Company rose by 240% high (in between 2017 to 2018.)

    Venkys India – Top Agriculture Sector Stocks

    If you are searching for the top agriculture sector stocks you are a bit familiar with, it could be Venkys India.Venkys India - Top Agriculture Sector Stocks

    The parent company VH group started business in 1971 and later gifted the nation a famous food brand Venkys in 1976 that is popular around the world now.

    The agro-based firm is mainly a poultry processing company and has an ample supply of products in the industry.

    With a combination of activities, Company has built a prestigious spot in the industry.

    The brand builds a global reputation as the majority of its products comprises non-veg categories that are enjoyed a lot in western nations.

    Combining years of expertise and skills, Company has covered a long way to achieve a spot among the large-cap companies.

    Talking about the interest rates, the Company has gained a massive spike in its stock prices since the time it has made its appearance in the market.

    The market capitalization of the Company currently stands at Rs. 3854.577 Crores

    Products or Services

    The Company business is specialized in meat and animals products categories as stated below –

    • Poultry farming and breeding,
    • Chicken meat processing.
    • Company also manufactures poultry feed and animal health products,

    Why invest in Venkys India Stocks?

    The agriculture share price currently values 2598 as of Jan 21, 2022. Beyond a doubt, it is higher than any other stock and may surpass your investment budget too.

    But if your portfolio allows you to buy an expensive stock, go for it. Talking about the returns yield by Company over the past five years, it is totally impressive.

    From Jan 2017 to 2022, the share prices of Venkys have grown by 415.07%. However, somewhere in mid-2017-2018, the stocks have even registered more than 700% growth.

    In a nutshell, you may sometimes capture surprising returns too.

    Kaveri Seed – Top Agriculture Companies in India

    Kaveri Seed is one of the reputed corn companies. But on top of that, Company is also known as India’s largest agro producer and supplier.Kaveri Seed - Top Agriculture Companies in India

    The company also has multiple subsidiaries, primarily Kaveri Microtech, which also does a hundred crores of business in the nation.

    To simply put, Company is engaged in the production and marketing of agri-inputs. Such as seeds of a wide range of crops, cotton pearl millet grain, sorghum paddy.

    In addition to seeds, the Company also focuses on the production of hybrid vegetables, micronutrients, and bioproducts.

    Without a doubt, Company built a great history in the organic sector. And currently, Kaveri Seed enjoys a position among the top agriculture companies in India.

    There are so many good reasons why you should invest in this India’s popular Company. The market capitalization of the Company currently stands at Rs. 3267.179 Crores

    Products or Services

    Here are the key products and services in which Company has been doing a pretty great job

    • Company engages in the production and marketing of agri-inputs
    • Company also produces, processes, and supplies seeds of a broader range of crops
    • Kaveri Seed also engages in hybrid vegetables, bio, and organic products

    Why invest in Kaveri Seed Stocks?

    The agriculture share price is comparatively liquid. Thus, again you have obtained the best pick for day trading or swing trading.

    But more than liquidity, another great thing that draws investors attention to Kaveri Seed is that one share will cost you hardly 500 if you are purchasing at the right time.

    Comparing the past five years’ chart performance, we see the Kaveri Seed share price marking 776.70 all-time (as of May 21, 2021).

    Nath Bio-Genes – Top Farming Stocks in India

    Nath Bio-genes is a multinational company doing business in crores in the farming industry.Nath Bio-Genes - Top Farming Stocks in India

    From domestic nations to international territories, Nath Bio-genes built a remarkable business chain around the world.

    With its advanced infrastructure and high-end capabilities, Company also enters the hybrid seeds and plantation sector.

    Thus, Company is also one of the agri-giants to bring innovative Agri systems to the nation. Nath Bio-genes invests a big portion of its revenue in research and development.

    After all, the Company’s vision is to take the Indian agri-sector to the next level. The agro-giant also assists Indian farmers on the new germination, plantation, and cultivation system.

    Talking about the farming share price, it’s affordable now.

    But don’t delay as the consistent growth of the company witnesses that Nath Bio-genes shares are likely to fetch sky-high returns in the future.

    The market capitalization of the Company currently stands at Rs. 494.769 Crores

    Products or Services

    Here are the key products and services in which Company does business in crores

    • Oil Seeds & Fiber
    • Vegetables
    • Field Crop
    • Plant Nutrition

    Why invest in Nath Bio-Genes Stocks?

    Founded in 1979, Nath Bio-genes is giving us the top farming stocks in India. Nath Bio-genes price reported 265 as of Jan 2022.

    The company builds a BUY opportunity for aspiring investors now.

    If we watch the past performance of the share, we see that on May 11, 2018, the Nath Bio-genes shares hit the target of 558.40.

    No surprise, the Stock carries a vast potential to help you achieve better returns if you are ready to hold your long-term investment horizon.

    HPC Biosciences – Top 10 Agriculture Stocks

    Among the top 10 agriculture stocks, HPC Biosciences is an emerging name.HPC Biosciences - Top 10 Agriculture Stocks

    The company is unlike other agro-giant, as being a new name to enter the industry recently in 2002, it is still in the growth phase.

    If you are searching for affordable penny stocks that allow you to buy multiple shares of a Company at low investment, perhaps HPC Biosciences is for you.

    HPC Bio Ltd engages primarily in the production and marketing of agri-products. Such as rice, wheat, pulses, and vegetables.

    As of 2021, Company’s net revenue was reported to be 22.80 Million out of which the Company generated 11.70 Million in revenue which was 247.42% higher than its previous figures.

    The market capitalization of the Company currently stands at Rs. 422.142 Crores

    Products or Services

    The business activity of HPC Biosciences Ltd. includes the following

    • Producing and marketing agricultural products, e.g., rice, wheat, pulses, and vegetables.

    Why invest in HPC Biosciences Stock?

    The cultivation share price of HPC Bio Ltd. was last reported at 26.45, which is pretty low. However, the yearly range of HPC BIO Ltd stands between 26.45 – 26.45.

    In simple words, Company is still new to the stock exchange you can discover a BUY opportunity.

    However, more information regarding Company is yet to come. So invest only when you are aware of the background of HPC Bio Ltd.

    Raghuvansh Agro – Best Agriculture Stocks to Buy

    The agro-giant primarily engages in the production of materials and products that encourages farmers to grow yield sustainability.Raghuvansh Agro - Best Agriculture Stocks to Buy

    If you are searching for the best agriculture stocks to buy that are affordable and promise maximum profits in the future, perhaps it is Raghuvansh Agro stock.

    The Company aims at fueling growth in farming and dairy products, thus combining the power of technology and finances.

    The Company tries to do a brilliant job in the agri-industry. Dairy-based products of Raghuvansh Agro are very popular.

    And the business stats of the company witnesses that it has been a profitable enterprise if we look at the past performance of the Stock.

    It all started back in 1995 when Company entered the market and covered a long way to build multiple subsidiaries of Raghuvansh Agro that are profitable today.

    The market capitalization of the Company currently stands at Rs. 362.294 Crores

    Products or Services

    Let’s glance at the products and services Raghuvansh Agro offers to its clients –

    • Organic Vegetables
    • Organic Grains & Cereals
    • Cow & Buffalo Milk
    • Dairy Products
    • Vermicompost
    • Organic Wheatgrass
    • Organic Manure
    • Aeroponic Potatoes etc.

    Why invest in Raghuvansh Agro Stocks?

    Investors are looking forward to the best agriculture shares in India that prove them a wise investment strategy. And beyond a doubt, Raghuvansh Agro is one of them.

    The agri-based Stock went 434.33% high over the past few years. The penny stock has now achieved 320.60 per share value (as of Jan 21, 2022).

    Expectations are enduring that the Company may astonish its investors in the future with quality returns.

    Mangalam Global Ent – Top Agriculture Stock to Buy

    Mangalam Global Enterprise Ltd could be the top agriculture stock to buy on the list for you.Mangalam Global Ent - Top Agriculture Stock to Buy

    The agri-based firm has been doing an incredible job in the agro-industry ever since it made an appearance in the Indian financial market in 1942.

    The year between 1951 and 2001 was a game-changing phase for Mangalam Global Enterprise Ltd.

    The company has grown into a global player now. To simply put, the Company successfully achieves thousands of cores valuation to date.

    Hind Prakash Castor Derivatives Private Limited, Mangalam Global (UK) Limited, and Far point Enterprise LLP are all the known subsidiaries of Mangalaram global Ent.

    Beyond a doubt, Company isn’t going anywhere for many years ahead. And by selecting the Stock of the Company, you will not be making any false decision.

    The agro-giant is unlike other companies in the list as its specialties are primarily in exports of plants and livestock. Apart from that, Company also engages in Cotton cultivation.

    The market capitalization of the Company currently stands at Rs. 360.864 Crores

    Products or Services

    Here are the major products and services Mangalam Global Enterprise Ltd. builds a massive empire for itself in the industry –

    • Castor Oil
    • Cotton
    • Domestic trading of Agri products
    • Export trading of Agri products

    Why invest in Mangalam Global Ent Stocks?

    The list of agriculture companies in India is endless, but every Stock that will be investment-worthy isn’t essential at all.

    But you can make a wise decision if you have Mangalam global Ent because the agro Stock has been witnessing substantial growth with every passing year.

    Within five years, the Stock sees a 198.56% uptick in its share prices. Beyond a surprise, investors have enjoyed massive returns in their lifespan.

    Harrisons Malayalam – Best Agriculture Companies in India

    Harrison Malayalam is an Indian agro-business corporation and is also a member of the RPG Group.Harrisons Malayalam - Best Agriculture Companies in India

    The company shares a long history in the Agri sector and has built a massive empire of the consumer.

    Harrison Malayalam builds trust among investors for its large-scale cultivations on its land, which are approx 14,000 ha – 26,000 ha.

    Some of the best agriculture companies in India believe Harrisons Malayalam tough competitors.

    After all, a few reasons make it obvious. The corporation is eminent as India’s largest tea producer.

    Apart from that, Harrisons Malayalam is also one of the largest producers of natural rubber in India.

    The Company also chases the world’s attention towards its plantation tourism. No surprise, Company may promise you game-changing returns if you make a BUY for the long-term.

    The market capitalization of the Company currently stands at Rs. 344.655 Crores

    Products or Services

    Let’s catch a glimpse of the major products and services the Company supplies to domestic and international clients.

    • Tea
    • Rubber
    • Harrisons Tea Extracts
    • Tea Town
    • Harrisons Heritage
    • Exports
    • Consumer products manufacturing

    Why invest in Harrisons Malayalam Stocks?

    Harrisons Malayalam could have been the best Agri stocks to buy in India for specific great reasons.

    After all, Company isn’t new. Being a decades-old history holder in the Agri sector, Harrisons Malayalam has evolved into a trusted company now.

    From 2017 to 2022, investors have enjoyed 122.86% interest which is impressive. The company has maximized investor’s investment in Harrisons Malayalam by multiple folds.

    And once again it seems Company is giving a great opportunity to all investors.

    The company has a strong balance sheet that attracts all types of Investors.

    Bombay Super Hybrid – Top 10 Agriculture Shares to Buy

    Bombay Super Hybrid is one of the popular seeding companies engaged in the processing and supply of quality seeds.Bombay Super Hybrid - Top 10 Agriculture Shares to Buy

    The seeding company is also one of the largest exporters of high-quality cultivation and farming seeds.

    Thus, it builds a notable position among the top 10 agriculture shares to buy.

    Founded in 1983, Bombay Super Hybrid has covered a long mile to achieve so much in the industry.

    If you, too, are searching for an investment-worthy share you can set higher expectancy from, it can be Bombay Super Hybrid.

    After all, with such an impressive performance, the Company enjoys a 38.65% increase in net income and a 42.62% increase in net profit margin in 2021.

    The market capitalization of the Company currently stands at Rs. 320.583 Crores

    Products or Services

    Below we break down a list of products and services by which the Company contributes to the Agri industry

    • Wheat, Maize, BAJRA, Jowar, and Gram
    • Soybean, Black Gram, Green Gram
    • Pigeon Pea (Toor), Peas and Cowpea (Choli)
    • Fenugreek, Groundnut, Sesame and Mustard

    Why invest in Bombay Super Hybrid Stocks?

    Bombay Super Hybrid seed company’s single share value was reported 134.7 on Jan 22, 2021, and as of Jan 21, 2022, it has reached 300.30 per share.

    The company has delivered a 120.60% return to its investors to date. Still, Company is steady with its swing high, making it one of the most impressive Agri shares to buy in India.

    JK Agri Genetics – Agriculture Sector Stocks to Buy

    JK Agri Genetics is one of the famous agricultural seed companies. The company has witnessed a sharp growth in its prices over the past few years.

    And currently, JK Agri gets name recognition among the top agriculture sector stocks to buy in India.

    Talking about the specialties, the Company primarily engages in field crops, cotton, vegetables, fodders crops, and plant nutrients.

    In short, Company targets the Agri market comprehensively through its multiple ranges of products offered.

    The Hyderabad-based firm owns a decades-old history in the Agri sector. Thus you can hear people whispering the name of JK Agri for investments.

    In addition to domestic business, Company does international business on a mass scale. However, over the past five years, JK Agri Genetics Ltd has disappointed investors.

    But once again, Company is all set to take a bullish move, building a BUY opportunity for aspiring investors at its lower low value.

    Eco-Friendly Food – Agriculture Companies Stocks to Buy

    Among the best agriculture companies stocks to buy, Eco-Friendly Food is emerging as a big name in the industry. The company shares notable growth in the Indian Agri sector.

    Moreover, Company is also hooked towards organic farming, vegetable, fruit farming, and e-business.

    All of these with an endeavor to keep the Company profitable. As the name sounds, Company’s USP (Unique Selling Point) covers the agricultural products market.

    However, Eco-Friendly Food Processing Pvt. Ltd.’s share is still a penny stock even though Company has been operational since 1995.

    Organic foods are the future. Thus, the world is looking forward to such companies Like Eco-Friendly Foods.

    Still, we advise you to check out Company’s background and its overall balance sheet because we don’t guarantee whether the Stock is 100% best or not.

    Initiate a BUY if you are long-term investors as Stock isn’t that liquid to consider it best for intraday.

    Shree Ganesh BioTech – Agri Companies’ Shares to Buy

    Shree Ganesh BioTech is another big name in the Agri sector.

    The company offers seed, fertilizer, and other agricultural products and builds a massive supply network of the same around the world.

    The agri-based firm is eminent around the world, particularly for the production, processing, and marketing of high-quality hybrid seeds, which comprise different crops, e.g., corn, cotton, sunflower, and paddy.

    If you are also searching for the top Agri companies’ shares to buy, beyond a doubt, it is Shree Ganesha Biotech you can set high expectancy from.

    After creating a peak in the mid of 2018, leaving its investors enjoying massive returns, Company again builds a BUY opportunity for the aspiring investors.

    Still, all previous investors have achieved 55.63% returns on their investments so far.

    Similarly, despite being lower in prices, Company has still kept its investors profitable for the long-term horizon.

    Himalaya Food International Ltd. – Agriculture Companies in India

    If you are searching for the top agriculture companies in India, it can be Himalaya Food International Ltd. for certain great reasons.

    The company has multiple subsidiaries spread across the nation, each generating consistent income for the parent org. Himalaya Food International Ltd.

    Founded in 1979, Company has done a brilliant job in the Agri sector to date. However, Company isn’t directly involved in the Agri sector.

    Mushroom, Dairy, Potato, Appetizers, and Ethnic Sweets are all the key specialties of Himalaya Food International Ltd.

    The organization has come a long way to build a profitable space for investors. No surprise, you can also discover great opportunities built-in Himalaya Food International Ltd.

    Esteem Bio Organic – Farming Stock in India

    Esteem Bio Organic owns a great spot in the honorable mentions. The company operates in floriculture/horticulture, organic farming, a vegetable, and fruit market.

    Apart from that, Company also serves in an e-business sector and does a business of crores of value in the agricultural products market.

    Beyond a doubt, it is emerging as the bestfarming Stock in India.

    And the best thing is, Esteem Bio Organic Food stock is in the range of all investors looking for penny stocks.

    Market Capitalization of the company stands at Rs. 12.954 crores registering a total revenue of 11.04 Million in the year 2021 which is 26.27% higher than the previous years.

    How To Find Agriculture Stocks For Trading?

    When you do online trading in agriculture stocks, make sure you never forget to mark a few things on the checklist. These include –

    • The first thing that every investor should look for is Unique Selling Points. What makes the firm special? Does it have innovative products? Mark it and go-ahead
    • Secondly, you can check out the Company’s giant network. If it does business above the foreign boundaries or has multiple subsidiaries, it is more likely to put you in high profitability.
    • Thirdly, if Company creates a monopoly in the industry, it is the biggest sign that the Company will soon win the sector.

    How to Invest in Agriculture Sector Stocks in India?

    You can invest in agriculture stocks simply via a trusted broker in India. Such as,

    1. First, find a trusted stockbroker.
    2. Create an account and submit an investable amount in your portfolio
    3. Choose the agricultural Stock and buy a position
    4. Hold for a year or trade shares for a day, week, month
    5. Enjoy profits!

    But make sure you do not forget to conduct a needed amount of market analysis.

    The broker alone sometimes may give you false information, so take the help of news sites and other trusted sources to capture a decent amount of data for the analysis.

    Top Agriculture companies in India – Conclusion

    Ultimately you are now ready with the list of top agriculture companies in India. So prepare your wallet, and give ample space to Agri stocks in your portfolio.

    The Agri sector has the utmost contribution to the Indian economy.

    Thus, mostly agri-based companies are enjoying extraordinary profitability, and some of the famous ones have been cited in the discussion above.

    So, choose and invest to benefit from their best performance.

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