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Gold and silver holds immense value and has so for centuries. Its ornamental value is the major source of this. Owning jewellery – be it silver, gold, diamonds or other gems is a matter of pride for Indians.

Though the taste and designs of jewellery may change with each passing generation, its demand in some form or the other is permanent. This makes the gems and jewellery sector always in demand and very lucrative.

Just as there is jeweller – big or small at every nook and corner in the country; there are several listed jewellery companies in India as well.

You can certainly add some glitz and sheen to your portfolio by investing in the stocks of these companies. In this article, we shall provide all the information you need to identify the best jewellery stocks to buy.

Know about the Jewellery Sector in India

India has a flourishing jewellery sector. The Indian jewellery sector is amongst the largest in the world.

It alone contributes approximately 7.50% to the country’s GDP. It has a good level of exports as well and thus earns foreign exchange for the country as well.

Its exports make up 14% of India’s merchandise exports. The Indian jewellery sector includes gold, silver, diamond jewellery. Furthermore, it also includes gemstones and precious and semi-precious stones jewellery.

The wholesale arm of the jewellery sector is engaged in the export of jewellery as well as providing pieces to the retail sector.

The retail sector operates in the online and offline segments. This sector enlists top jewellery companies in India. Several of these companies are listed and thus feature in our list of top Jewellery sector stocks to buy.Top 10 Jewellery companies in India

Top 10 Jewellery companies in India

Check out the Gems and Jewellery Share Price & Ranking of Best Gems and Jewellery Shares to buy Today or Tomorrow or for Long Term –

We have identified and shortlisted stocks of the jewellery sector based on their market capitalization, we have ranked and listed the best jewellery shares in India.

The listed jewellery company includes companies from the large, mid and small-cap segments. Thus, we have used market capitalisation as the basis for the ranking of jewellery shares to buy.

Market capitalisation indicates the value and size of each company. It is derived by multiplying the share price of the company stock by the number of its shares outstanding in the market.

We have also listed other important parameters for the reference of our investors. These parameters include – trading price, 52 weeks high and low, price growth over 6 months and 1 year period.

We shall now discuss each one of these stocks in greater detail.

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    Titan – Best Jewellery Stocks in India

    Titan Company Limited is a part of the famous Tata Group of companies. It began as a joint venture with TIDCO in 1984. Its corporate office is located in Bangalore.Titan - Best Jewellery Stocks in India

    It began its jewellery business in 1994. Titan manufactures and sells jewellery and accessories. Its flagship jewellery brand is called Tanishq.

    It also has a brand called Mia and Caratlane under which it markets its affordable range of jewellery. The company has both an offline and online presence.

    It has 1909 stores across the country. stock. Its annual revenue is Rs. 21,200 crores, 80% of this coming from its jewellery business.

    Thus, making it amongst the largest and best jewellery stocks in India. It has an annual revenue of over Rs.400 crores.

    Titan India is a large-cap company with a high market cap of Rs.23,57,96.00 crores. It is trading at a  share price today of more than Rs. 2653. Several other factors make Titan the top-ranked amongst Jewellery shares to buy.

    Why to invest in Titan Stocks?

    The Gems and Jewellery Stocks to buy a branch of the company has made a significant growth of 37% in its revenue over the last year. The Company in fact consistently annual reports double-digit growth each year.

    It is on a massive store expansion plan – looking to increase its jewellery store presence across the country. Titan is amongst the most sought-after jewellery brands.

    It caters to both high-end jewellery through its brand Tanishq as well affordable jewellery through Mia and Caratlane.

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    Rajesh Exports – Jewellery Stocks in India

    At the second spot in the list of best Jewellery stocks in India is Rajesh Exports Limited. 1 February 1995 is its incorporation date.Rajesh Exports - Jewellery Stocks in India

    Its headquarters are in Bangalore, Karnataka. The Company manufactures and sells gold and diamond jewellery. It has its presence in India and overseas.

    It has the world’s largest gold refinery at Balerna, Switzerland. The Company also has the world’s largest jewellery manufacturing centre in Bangalore. 35% of the world’s gold production is processed by Rajesh Exports alone.

    The company has LBMA certification for its gold products. AS its name suggests, its core business focus is exports of gold and jewellery.

    It is the largest exporter of gold from India. The Company’s market capitalization stands at over Rs.2,45,00.00 crores. Its share price is around Rs.830.

    Why to invest in Rajesh Exports Stocks?

    • It is a big name in gold jewellery, placed at 7th position on the Fortune India 500 list in 2020
    • It has a considerable global market share. This gives it a pole position where gold and its exports are concerned
    • It has recently received a high value of gold exports order
    • It has the world’s lowest cost of gold production – can have a considerable profit margin.

    Has a consistent record of 100% dividend pay-out over the last 10 years.

    Kalyan Jeweller – Top Jewellery Sector Stocks

    Kalyan Jewellers India Limited is one of the oldest, family-run jewellery businesses. It is ranked third in our list of top jewellery sector stocks to invest in. Its history dates back to the early 1900s.Kalyan Jeweller - Top Jewellery Sector Stocks

    It manufactures and sells gold and diamond jewellery. It does this through its 137 retail stores. These stores are spread across India and the Middle East. It also sells its jewellery offline through its online e-commerce store.

    Its jewellery is marketed under several brands. Some of the popular brands are Candere,  Mudhra, Nimah, Anokhi, Rang, Ziah etc.

    Its products include everything from small rings and earrings to large jewellery sets in a gold, platinum, diamond as well as precious and semi-precious gemstones.

    It has an annual turnover of more than Rs.7000 crores. It is a profitable business with profits of nearly Rs. 200 crores annually. Kalyan Jewellers has a market cap of Rs.72,20.60 crores.

    It was recently listed on the stock exchange through an IPO in March 2021. Its jewellery share price is currently trading around the Rs.70 level.

    Why to invest in Kalyan Jeweller Stocks?

    Kalyan Jeweller is one of the most trusted jewellery brands in the country and the middle east countries

    • It sells only BIS hallmarked jewellery, making it a sought over jewellery seller amongst the common Indian trader.
    • It is expanding its Gems and Jewellery Stocks to buy business focus to diamonds and gemstones. This line of business has scope for higher profits

    Post covid, more weightage is laid on the organised gold markets. Kalyan Jewellers stands to gain from this.

    Goldiam International – Top Jewellery Companies in India.

    Goldiam International has a rich history of more than 20 years, making it one of the top jewellery companies in India. Its expertise is in crafting diamond jewellery.Goldiam International - Top Jewellery Companies in India.

    It is a fully integrated Original Equipment Manufacturer for global retailers. This means that the company is the backend of a lot of overseas leading brands in countries such as the US, Europe etc.

    Its annual revenue is nearly Rs.200 crores. It nets a handsome profit of around Rs.25 crores on this annual revenue.

    Goldiam International’s market capitalization is Rs. 19,70.40 crores. Its jewellery share price is currently around Rs.900. Investing in the shares of Goldiam International is a good choice for investors.

    Why to invest in Goldiam International Stocks?

    The government has made the ‘gems and jewellery’ sector a focus of its export promotion measures. Since Goldiam’s main business is export, it stands to benefit from this considerably

    • Import duties on gold and gems have been reduced by the government. This will help exports earn higher profits
    • It has delivered RoE of more than 13% making it attractive for investors

    Its share price return is substantially higher than its peers in the small-cap investment.

    Thangamayil Jewellers – Top Diamond Stocks in India

    Thangamayil Jewellery Limited is a south based jewellery retailer. It has been in this business for more than 6 decades, being established in 1947.Thangamayil Jewellers - Top Diamond Stocks in India

    The Company runs several stores all across Tamil Nadu with a total square footage of over 40,000 square feet. It markets its jewellery under brands that include Subiksham, Sayonee, trendy, lite magic, Punnagai and Zilara.

    The Company also offers attractive customer-friendly schemes such as Super Gold, Smart Gold Man, Digi Gold, Future Plus etc.

    These make it a favourite amongst consumers making it one of the top diamond stocks in India. Its annual revenue is Rs. 23.05 Bn with a net income of Rs.598.95 Mn.

    Thangamayil Jewellers is a small-cap company with a market cap of Rs.18,61.10 crores. Its diamond share price is high at around Rs.1350.

    Why to invest in Thangamayil Jewellery Stocks?

    Its share price of nearly 125% in the last year has exceeded the return of the Indian Speciality Retail Industry as well as of the Indian market overall

    • It has a monopolistic leading position in the south of the country

    It caters to a growing local jewellery market that is growing considerably with a growing customer base.

    Renaissance Global – Top 10 Jewellery Stocks

    Renaissance Global ranks at the sixth position in the top 10 jewellery stocks in India. The Company is a specialty jewellery manufacturing company.Renaissance Global - Top 10 Jewellery Stocks

    It has been in this business for 25 years. It has a B2B business model wherein it manufactures luxury jewellery for several high-end retail clients.

    They are the licensees for two leading global brands – Hallmark and Disney. Several of its clients include retailers such as Fred Meyer, Helzberg Diamonds, Joyallukas, Malabar, Macy’s etc.

    It has 8 production units in Mumbai, Bhavnagar and Dubai. These are spread over 1,66,000 square feet. Apart from its 150 designers it also employs 2900 skilled workers.

    It has four subsidiary companies globally – in the USA, London, Bangladesh and Dubai. Its annual revenue exceeds Rs.2000 crores, netting more than Rs. 100 crores annually.

    A small-cap company, Renaissance Global has a market cap of Rs.18,20.60 crores. Its gems share price is nearly Rs.956.

    Why to invest in Renaissance Global Stocks?

    It has a unique USP of being able to generate more than 1000 unique designs each month

    • A considerable part of its business comes from exports. India’s export demand for Gems and Jewellery stocks to buy is on the rise

    The majority of its business comes from diamonds and gemstones, which is a high-profit business for investment.

    Asian Star Co – Best Jewellery Stocks to Buy

    Asian Star Company Limited has predominantly engaged in manufacturing and diamond and gem-studded jewellery.Asian Star Co - Best Jewellery Stocks to Buy

    1971 is the establishment year of the country. Asian Star has integrated the entire process of diamond jewellery -right from sourcing rough raw products to manufacturing to marketing final products.

    It largely exports its products to global retailers. It also has a presence across the world. The locations include Antwerp, Bangkok, Chicago, Dubai and Singapore. Its manufacturing unit is located in Surat in a 1,00,000 sq. ft unit.

    The Company’s products and processes have ISO 9001:2015 certification making it one of the best jewellery stocks to buy. It has an annual revenue of Rs.1687 crores with a profit of over Rs.60 crores.

    Asian Star Co has a market cap of Rs.14,40.60 crores.  Its share trades around Rs.900. jewellery shares in India.

    Why to invest in Asian Star Co Stocks?

    It is a good buy for investors due to the following:

    • Its share is available at an attractive valuation as it trades at a P/E ratio of 14.3. This is much lower than the industry PE of 22.3
    • It saw a whopping increase in earnings of over 150% over the last year

    Its main market is the exports of diamonds and gemstones. This is the most profitable arm of a jewellery business.

    PC Jeweller – Jewellery Companies in India

    PC Jeweller Limited is one of the newer jewellery companies in India. 2005 is the establishment year of the company.PC Jeweller - Jewellery Companies in India

    Its founders are Padam Chand Gupta and Balram Garg who began with one store in Karol Bagh, Delhi. PC Jeweller is an offline and online jewellery retailer.

    Today it has over 84 stores in 70 cities in India. The company employs more than 1500 employees. It makes gold, diamond, silver and other gemstone jewellery.

    Its annual revenue is Rs.873 crores with a net income of Rs.44 crores. PC Jeweller has a market cap of Rs. 12,72.80 crores. Its share price is Rs.27.

    Why to invest in PC Jeweller Stocks?

    The reasons that make it amongst the top jewellery stocks to buy are:

    • PC Jewellers is amongst the fastest growing Gems and Jewellery stocks to buy retailers in the country today
    • PC Jewellers is a favourite amongst the younger generation which is an increasing customer base
    • It has recently also introduced the concept of digital gold to investors

    Trading at a price of just Rs.27, it is a fairly undervalued stock with tremendous price return potential.

    Tribhovandas Bhimji – Best Jewellery Companies in India

    Tribhovandas Bhimji is amongst the oldest and best Gems and Jewellery stocks to buy companies in India. It has been in existence for over 156 years. Its business expertise lies in producing 100% BIS hallmarked gold jewellery.Tribhovandas Bhimji - Best Jewellery Companies in India

    Its headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Today it is present in 29 cities with 41 retail stores.

    It has annual revenue of Rs.16.93 Bn with net earnings of Rs.469.69 Mn. Tribhovandas Bhimji is a small-cap company with a market cap of Rs. 533.90 crores. Its share price is around Rs.80.

    Why to invest in Tribhovandas Bhimji Stocks?

    • It is the first jeweller in India to offer a buyback guarantee. This makes it a trusted brand amongst customers
    • Its earnings have grown by more than 300% in just the last financial year
    • The company has a strong balance sheet that attracts all types of Investors.

    It has a PE ratio of 11.6 which is considerably lower than its industry average. This means that it is undervalued and can grow in value for its investors.

    Suashish Diamonds – Top 10 Jewellery Shares to Buy

    Rounding up our list of top 10 jewellery shares to buy is Suashish Diamonds Limited. 1960 is the formation year of the company. It was founded by the Goenka family in Mumbai.Suashish Diamonds - Top 10 Jewellery Shares to Buy

    As its name suggests, its core business is the manufacture and sale of diamond jewellery. It uses proprietary laser technology to ensure superior craftsmanship of its diamond jewellery.

    It only focuses on natural diamonds through ethical sourcing practices. For diamond jewellery, it has a design database of over 70,000 designs.

    The Company has a market cap of Rs.492.10 crores. Its share price at around Rs.237.

    Why to invest in Suashish Diamonds Stocks?

    The factors that make it amongst top Gems and Jewellery stocks to buy shares are:

    • It has seen a growth of more than 65% in its net profits. This is amongst the highest in its industry

    It operates in the lucrative and fast-growing diamond segment.

    Radhika Jewels – Jewellery Sector Stocks to Buy

    The first company in our honourable mentions list of jewellery sector stocks to buy is Radhika Jewels Limited. It is a relatively new company, incorporated in 2008.

    Its forte includes gold, diamond and Kundan jewellery. Its speciality lies in speciality pieces such as temple jewellery, jadau,  Kundan Meena and pacchi.

    It has a market cap of Rs. 359.90 crores. It has proved itself to investors by growing 837% in the last year. Its share price now trades around Rs.150.

    It is a new generation jewellery brand giving it a promising outlook in the years to come.

    Starlineps Enter – Jewellery Companies’ Stocks to Buy

    Starlineps Enterprises Limited is also amongst the newest of jewellery companies’ stocks to buy. 2011 is its year of incorporation.

    Its core business is the supply of precious stones and crafting gemstone jewellery. It relies on and supports local artisans for its precious stone business. Its business is primarily wholesale. It has annual revenue of Rs. 176 Mn.

    Starlineps has a market cap of 336.90 crores. Its share is reasonably priced at Rs.77.  It has a unique line of business focusing on gemstones and precious stones. Having amassed significant experience in this, it has a bright future.

    SM Gold – Jewellery Companies Shares to Buy

    Next in the list of honorable mentions of jewellery companies shares to buy is SM Gold Ltd. It is a very new company incorporated in 2017.

    The Company’s headquarters is in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Its USP lies in the manufacture and sale of mangal sutra jewellery.

    Promoter Priyank Shah has more than 25 years of experience in this business. Its annual revenue is Rs.514 Mn. It has a market cap of Rs.265.00 crores.

    Its share price has grown nearly 10 times over the last year, today trading at around Rs.264. Its earnings have grown by 170% in the last year due to its unique one product focus.

    Thus, this company has good growth potential for investors in the coming years.

    Moksh Ornaments – Jewellery Companies in India

    Moksh Ornaments Limited is a family run jewellery business. Its expertise lies in crafting exquisitely carved jewellery. Its main products include bangles and malas.

    Some of the unique bangles it makes are a temple, marwadi, Bombay, rasrawa, gajra etc. Its headquarters is in Mumbai. It has an annual revenue of Rs.337 crores.

    Being a wholesaler, it has renowned retail clients. These include PNG, Joyallukas, Neelkanth, Ranka Jewellers etc. This makes it a stable and promising company amongst the jewellery companies in India.

    It has a market capitalization of Rs. 230.40 crores and its share price are around Rs.43.

    Uday Jewellery – Diamond Stocks in India

    The last on our list of diamond stocks in India is Uday Jewellery LimitedThis company is a manufacturer, exporter and distributor of cz and colour stone studded jewellery. 1999 is the year of incorporation of the company.

    Its annual revenue is Rs.94 crores with a net profit of nearly 10 crores. Its market cap stands at Rs. 213.10 crores and its shares trade at a price of Rs.96.

    Its USP lies in providing affordable Gems and Jewellery stocks to buy for the rising and aspirational middle class.

    How to identify good jewellery stocks for trading?

    We have shortlisted an extensive list of gem and jewellery stocks to help you begin to trade in jewellery stocks. Yet you may find yourself wanting to select only a few from this list. This is important as you may have fund restrictions.

    Furthermore, you may want to diversify your investments amongst other sectors as well. Thus, there are certain factors you should consider and analyse while selecting jewellery stocks:

    Understand its business – The jewellery sector has several lines of business – wholesale and retail, domestic sale and export. Furthermore, it also involves gold, diamond, silver, gems etc.

    Understanding the business of each company and matching it with your outlook or your investor interest is important.

    Check the financials – Investors must analyse the financial strength and fundamental analysis of the company. Checking its revenue growth, its profitability, and its debt position is important.

    You must also check the audit report of each company for any qualified information.

    P/E ratio – The price at which a share is available is important. By checking the P/E ratio and comparing it to its industry average you can gauge whether a share is overvalued or undervalued.

    Be up to date with industry news – Make sure to keep track of industry news so that you know which opportunities to look out for in this sector.

    How to invest in jewellery sector stocks?

    Just shortlisting stocks is not the only requirement, there are certain logistical requirements as well to invest in jewellery stocks.

    You need to shortlist a broker or a financial services company with whom you want to trade and hold your portfolio of stocks.

    By submitting KYC documentation, you must open a Demat account and activate a trading account. This also requires an active bank account that must be linked to this Demat account.

    Once this is done, your selected broker will share login credentials. By keying in these login credentials, you will get access to the trading platform.

    This can be accessed either on a desktop or through a mobile trading app. From here you can create investing watchlists, place orders and track your portfolio.

    Top Jewellery Companies in India – Conclusion

    The jewellery sector is very important in the Indian industry landscape. It is one of the oldest sectors in the industry. Yet it is continuously growing. The rise of the middle class in increasing the customer base for this sector.

    Compulsory hallmarking of jewellery also make this sector more organised building trust amongst customers and investors. The government is also introducing several export promotion measures to boost this industry.

    All these factors contribute to the growth of the top jewellery companies in India. Thus, you can invest in top listings of this sector to add glitz and shine to your portfolio.

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