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Here in this article, you will find an overview of SMC Global Securities unlisted shares / Pre IPO shares. Check their future valuation and as well as SMC Global Securities Limited’s current stand value in the market to help you make your decision on the company’s pre IPO stock trading.

Management Trustworthy
Accounting Practice Clean
Profitability Outstanding
Financial Solvency Exceed Expectations with the present round of Fundings
Business Growth Outstanding
Valuation Overvalued
Market Position Dominant leader
Overall Rating 5 Star
Recommendation Buy

When talking about unlisted shares we are directly or indirectly referring to that segment of a company that to a level is undocumented and hard to get a grasp on. It’s well understood in the investment industry that pre IPO shares can be a few of those segments which require an extra detail of information, given their subsets or holders are the company workers or say the information in a way is confidential.

All in all, if you are looking to get a fitting insight at the pre IPO stock valuation of the company.  Thus, get ready to dive into SMC Global Securities’ unlisted share capital gain through this article where we talk about every corner of the venture meaning to highlight the best of information.

SMC Global Securities Unlisted Share – Review

The company’s substantial management determines a lot about its future, which directly affects the unlisted share capital gain.  Talking about SMC Global Securities’ management status or say the administration welfare that happens inside the industry, which directly runs various co-ordinates of the venture has been nothing but trustworthy and pretty reliant on various factors.

Reg Date 19th Dec 1994
ISIN INE103C01036
Sector Financial Services
 Sub-Sector Broking Service
Current Price Rs.85
Total Income Rs. 784.13 Cr.
Market Capital Rs. 908.42 Cr
Profit after Tax Rs. 23.86 Cr.
Total shares 11.31 Cr.

However, coming on the subject of the business practice or say ethical commencement of the various account practices, SMC Global Securities has come out to be a transparent and clean venture. The company also has taken into note a promising business growth with keeping their valuation in the market at the top of the charts

SMC Global Securities Unlisted Share – Evaluation

Coming to the direct focal point when we speak about the pre-IPO shares and their gain, the profitability or the end yield is the main purpose for which the trading even happens in the first place.

Intrinsic Value Rs. 26.35
Total Equity Rs. 683.09 Cr
Total Revenue Rs. 784.13 Cr.
Return on Equity 3.49%
CFO Rs. 805.06 Cr.
Face Value Rs.2
Basic EPS  Rs.2.11
Dividend Yield 0.28
D/E 0.26
Earnings Yield 2.48%
P/E Ratio 40.28
EBITDA Rs. 124.27 Cr.
EV / EBITDA 7.31
Capital Adequacy Ratio NA

The pre IPO stock trading directly determines an individual’s total profitability and advancement structure from the trade.

Taking into note the profitability segment into consideration, SMC Global Securities not just have very promising future data representing nothing but growth and meeting expectations but also largely speaks about the fruitful trade

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    About SMC Global Securities Limited

    SMC Global Securities have their headquarters in the capital of our country, thus the influence the company has over the stock industry is quite reputable.

    The company came into action in the year 1994 with their base of operation being Delhi. While SMC Global Securities deals with a variety of financial services they thus come out to be more successful given they undertake a variety of clients.

    The service which a company offers makes them who they are in the public eye, and thus the same goes for SMC Global Securities. The company takes into note a wide range of services that starts from retail brokerage of equity to commodities to currency.

    While these three which are mentioned previously has been the hero services which are offered by the company. However, SMC Global Securities also sees services such as – derivatives, online trading, investment banking, depository serves, and as well as clearing services.

    The IPOs and mutual funds are however counted as the most mainstream service but the company does offer attractive benefits in these services as well.

    Having a various set of customers/services under one umbrella promote diversity which directly encourages multiplicity, enabling growth and hence a good capital gain on unlisted share.

    Their record of having around 1.8 million-plus clients all over the world. The company has offices throughout India, with offices in Dubai, thus showcasing a global standing that way.

    What else can be a subject of the maze is how the company has grown so much in just 20 years of its establishment. They have a broad footprint across 600 plus cities in India which is backed up by an employee base of 400 plus with around 3000 plus talented sub-brokers and around 10k distributors.

    SMC Global Unlisted Share – Products

    SMC Global Securities is one of those ventures which deal with around a million-plus client which are spread all over the globe. The company’s customer base consists of clients ranging from working class to billionaire households, thus it then is known that the company works on an extreme versatility.  SMC Global Securities’ secret to serving more than 1.8 crore distinctive clients and managing more than 62000 plus SIP in various schemes of mutual funds has been their dedication towards the work and their interest in the client benefit.

    SMC Global Securities is known for introducing new schemes now and then. Owning to that the company newly came up with something new which is extensively used to see the trend of the market. The company’s in-house experts came up with the idea to start discount broking services for the customers which in the future can benefit the company.

    SMC Global Unlisted Share – Services

    However, the business segment of the company is more versatile and is divided into various segments of its own. The entire idea to divide the services into segments is to not only provide the most refined services to the clients but also to ease the process of the service offering.

    • Trade and delivery

    The trade a delivery segment has been the most common or says the most happening segment of the company. SMC Global Securities has been proving these services since the time of their establishment; hence they mark all of these as their trademark service. The services that come under this section can be distinguished as – Equity, Commodity, various brokerages such as currency and insurance, distribution of financial assets, research.

    • Financing

    One of the crucial services which SMC Global Securities undertakes is the loan against the property; the company makes the whole process not just easy but also quick for the client. Other services that can be embarked under financing are – loan against securities which comes in the same hierarchy as of loan against property, medical financing, and the most important IPO financing. Also helps the clients with personal loans as well, the interest rates for which vary from situation to situation.

    • Advisory

    Advisory marks as few of the crucial services as he gives the new clients security to fall back on the company when it comes to the financial grounds they aren’t aware of or are new to.

    SMC Global Securities undertakes advisory on the portfolio as well as wealth management for individuals who might need it. The mortgage loan advisory is the most common and popular, its specialization in real estate solutions to investors, corporations, and real estate owners across the country.

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    SMC Global Securities Unlisted Share – Current Asset Count

    The total turnover of a company is formed by taking into record a variety of factors.  SMC Global Securities mainly have three working points of the company which directly contribute to the company’s asset count.

    Counting the – Trading and distribution, advisory services, financing activities, which together form the total asset under SMC Global Securities. Trading and distribution account for a total of 85% of the company’s turnover while the 4.31% if from advisory and trade and delivery forms a good 10.69% of total turnover.

    However, eyeing the company’s equity value which comes around Rs 683.09 crores while the total income is around Rs 784.13 plus crores. Now, coming straight to the topic at hand, the company has around Rs 3,000 plus crores as an asset under management.

    SMC Global Securities – Planned Investments

    SMC Global Securities has been one of those emerging companies which now globally have an impact. Thanks to its 1.8 million-plus client base, the company has been expanding its roots in various directions.

    However, when it comes to the planned investments of the company, SMC Global Securities is very strict about the same and chooses to remain silent about that.

    The company keeps its planned investments under confidentiality and hence, it’s therefore not possible to have any information about the same. However, the past investments of the company can be eyed only on their official website or by contacting their customer or client executives.

    SMC Global Securities – Sector & Revenue Status

    Companies like SMC Global Securities have been mostly now encouraged by the various government initiatives. The revenue status of the company is however is very independent but in a way is also positively affected by various newly introduced government norms.

    Referring towards the company’s revenue status, it should be of no surprise to anyone that, a venture that offers services to around 1.8 plus million clients deals in millions.

    SMC Global Securities have offices in India and as well as in UAE, the total revenue of the company very easily touch a multi-million figure.  Adding to the situation, the government initiatives have been nothing but only more helpful, which also takes into note the simplification of the IPO process, which makes things more easy and quick for companies like SMC Global Securities.

    While apart from the fact that a simplified IPO process quickens the process for many serve holders, it also makes it easy for foreign investors to access the Indian bond market. With which the government also backed up the industries by approving 100 percent FDI for insurance intermediaries.

    This way, the investment sector can be opened and welcoming to 74% FDI from the current 49 percent.

    SMC Global Securities – Various Divisions & Subordinate

    The SMC Global Securities have a specific class of sub-ordinates which the company takes note of while managing their clients and offering services.  The company is strategically is divided into three sub-ordinates which are – 1. Trading 2. Financing 3.  Advisory.

    While all the following segments serve different purposes, they in a way contribute and form one single segment which is known as – Business segment.

    SMC Global Pre IPO Industry at a glance  

    As the Indian population is largely choosing a better life form of living and is largely expanding their horizons. Gone are the days where investments and funds were seen as something that involves a tremendous amount of risk or something that isn’t for common men.

    The broking industry has received massive growth in the past five years where not just the wealthy personals but also the common Indian working-class population has also been showcasing their interest in investments.

    Given that, the industry is all ready to adopt a gradual shift from the years-long transaction-based model to a service or free-based model. This is real is more welcoming to people to participate and invest in the industry.

    When we talk in detail about our stock broking industry, it is not fair to not mention the years between 2009 to 2019, where the industry experienced the largest change and as well as technological advancement.

    The era being the era of technology, it’s impossible to not take into account various apps and websites that have given users the luxury to trade with one click at the comfort of their home. Technological advancements as such have been very beneficial to companies like SMC Global Securities.

    Thus, its however very safe to say that the stock market industry which at present is at a capacity of around 5%-6% Indians participating and introduced to the investment industry, is set for a major take off in the future which in return is nothing but a profit statement for big giants like SMC Global Securities.

    SMC Global Securities Unlisted – Enterprise Potential

    SMC Global Securities has been in the public eye as one of the most powerful industries for quite some time now. Apart from the fact that the revenue build-up of the company largely attracted a number of customers, which then formed the company’s multi-million customer family for which the SMC Global Securities is famous.

    SMC Global Securities also embarks a great reputation globally and nationally, owning to various awards the company has received.  SMC Global Securities was granted with the corporate broker of the year in the year 2019 and also was granted the most upright award that being – a company of the year by zee business awards 2018.

    Apart from the various titles the company has been awarded, few other things that strongly speak about the company’s grip in the market are their growth. The company has been experiencing an increase in its asset count by a CAGR of 19.97% from 2016 to 2019. The significant changes in the revenue can also be taken into note by considering the increase of the year 2016 to 2019 which was by 21.20%.

    The ROEC ratio, which accounts for the company’s financial ratio which can be taken in a note in accessing the company’s profit margin and capital efficiency also plays an important role in accounting for the company’s potency. SMC Global Securities has a ROCE ratio of 12.16% while the industry average ratio is 6.03%. Thus, the company here stands in profit.

    SMC Securities Unlisted Shares – Overall Counsel

    Productivity – high

    In service Effectiveness – positive

    Operating Margin –highest of all

    Overall Turnover Margin –better than the current market average

    Assets Competence Proportion – Exceptionally positive

    Gross NPA and Net NPA – Incredible

    Aggregate Revenue – Very Positive

    Operating Turnover –superior

    Profit after Tax – Cheering

    Book Value –Stands up to the expectations

    Competitive Peers and Their Valuation – Affirmative

    P/B Ratio – noticeable

    EV / EBITDA – Gainful

    ROE – Exponentially well

    ROA – on a positive side

    Capital Adequacy Ratio – First-class

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      SMC Global Securities Unlisted Stocks – Financial Statement

      In order to embark the company’s financial standing, we present our readers with the company’s balance sheet as well as profit and loss statements plus the cash flow statement. The purpose of which however remains to deliver at most transparency to the clients and readers.

      Balance sheet 

      1. The company experienced an utter PE ratio, compared to the previous years. Taking into note the industry average vs the SMC Global Securities’ ratio. The company’s ratio is around 40.28% while the industry average is around 26.48%
      2. The balance sheet of the company exclusively talks about the ROCE ratio, which is a PowerPoint in determining the profit scenario of any particular business.

      Profit and Loss Statement

      1. SMC Global Securities’ higher sales growth directly points towards the company’s increasing graph leading to profit growth.
      2. The growth rate of SMC Global Securities is around 13.67% while the industry average is only 4.51%.

      Cash Flow 

      1. SMC Global Securities’ has been orienting more towards expanding their business which has lead the company’s investing activities to go in the negative, give the company has invested in lease assets.

      SMC Global Securities – Company Address

      The current registered office of SMC Global Securities is:

      Reg Office 11/6-B, Shanti Chamber, Pusa Road New Delhi-110005
      Website SMC Global Securities Website Link

      SMC Global Securities – Managerial Personnel

      Below are the current key managerial personnel of the company:

      • Mr. Subhash Chand Aggarwal, Chairman & Managing Director
      • Mr. Mahesh C Gupta, Vice Chairman & Managing Director

      SMC Global Securities – Annual Report Links

      Please check the annual report insights for the below given financial years:

      FY 2020-21 SMC Global Securities Annual Report 2020-21
      FY 2016-17 SMC Global Securities Annual Report 2016-17


      SMC Global Unlisted or Pre IPO Share

      FAQ on SMC Global Securities Unlisted Share

      Can I buy SMC Global Securities Pre IPO shares?

      You can choose to go get in touch with your stock broker or local bankers regarding Unlisted shares investment. If you are enthusiastic about investing in SMC Global Securities shares that are not listed in centralized exchanges, you sure can buy them via other intermediaries.

      Is SMC Global Securities Pre-IPO investing good?

      Strategic form of investment alike listed shares investment is crucial. Herein, you need to check for the company’s financials and keep a frequent check on its news and recent changes. We would also provide you a heads-up on the same by giving you the best price of companies’ unlisted shares. Check Snapshot, Company reputation, Industry Experience, management performance, and more.

      How do I buy SMC Global Securities unlisted shares?

      There are multiple ways in which you can take a buying step of SMC Global Securities Pre-IPO Stock. Search for the brokers and dealers who deal in the Over-The-Counter market. Get in touch with Top10stockbroker or visit the website to check for the latest Deals. Furthermore, you can Fill-up the contact form with your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

      How do you value SMC Global Securities pre-IPO stocks?

      One of the multiple SMC Global Securities Pre-IPO Shares valuation methods is finding the FMV or Fair Market Value. You can use the discounted cash flow method or the book value method to encounter a close to the value of the stocks. Furthermore, you can attempt a comparative analysis of the said shares from multiple stock broker’s websites.

      How do I sell SMC Global Securities unlisted shares?

      The process and intermediaries to sell SMC Global Securities Unlisted Shares is the same as buying. You can get in touch with your financial intermediary and place a sell order request. This will follow up with a price negotiation process, which is time taking, post which an agreement can be reached. This is when the sell order would actually be executed.

      Which is the best platform to buy/sell SMC Global Securities unlisted shares?

      We at Top10stockbroker.com provide you the feasibility of buying and selling unlisted shares. It is the perfect hub for dealing in SMC Global Securities Unlisted Shares, which lets you connect with the right buyer or seller. As per an in-depth comparison with other websites, you would most likely find low and affordable investment options with us.

      How to sell SMC Global Securities unlisted stocks?

      If you are Employees /ex-employees holding the shares, investors/promoters of the SMC Global Securities Company,  the stock exchange dealers, or any third party holding the unlisted shares. You can choose our platform to sell the SMC Global Securities Unlisted Equity Shares at a price range favorable for you. Negotiation is a part of the process.

      Can an NRI buy SMC Global Securities unlisted shares?

      Yes, there is complete relaxation for an NRI for investing in SMC Global Securities Unlisted Shares. NRIs can invest in the unlisted shares like resident individuals, but they have to go for a non-repatriable basis. In the case of willingness to opt for a repatriable basis, there is a condition of reporting to RBI.

      Why do investors buy unlisted shares?

      Unlisted shares are also referred to as Hidden Gems. It is on account of the profit-making potential they contain since investors become part of the company growth. They can fetch investors exponential returns, without having to comply with SEBI Regulations. Other perks are No STT and lower stockbroking charges.

      Who sells unlisted or Pre-IPO shares?

      Existing shareholders are the perfect medium to buy unlisted shares. They include parties such as Employees, Ex-employees, CEO, Promoters, Private Equity investors, and more. You can get in touch with them and other financial intermediaries through our website Top10stockbroker.com.

      How long one should hold to see gains in unlisted shares?

      The minimum time limit deemed as likely for exponential gains is 3 years. Accordingly, investors must invest in shares for provided permissible limit for the minimum front. For extended returns, investors can wait for the company to actually go public and grow beyond, the saturation point.

      How much ROI to expect from unlisted /Pre-IPO shares?

      The ROI is not stagnant or similar for each company. It differs on the basis of Line of business, investment period, managerial capability, and the buying price of the shares. Generally, though there is no guarantee of return on investment, 25% p.a. can be deemed as the likely return.

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