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Through this article, we present to you, the list of Best Unlisted Shares in India. You can check out the most worthy and the most attractive shares in the market.

Investors who invest in unlisted shares, refer to these shares as ‘hidden gems. The reason being the growth potential of these shares.

However, it depends on your stock picking skills, whether you are choosing the ‘hidden gem’ or not.

Best Unlisted Shares in India - List of Top 10 Unlisted Stocks to buy

Top 10 Unlisted Shares to Buy – Best Unlisted Share in India

Here is the list of Top Unlisted Shares for Investment –

Rank Brokers
1 HDB Financial Services Limited
2 Motilal Oswal Home Finance
3 Reliance Retail Limited
4 HDFC Securities Limited
5 Hero Fincorp
6 Religare Health Care
7 Kurlon Enterprise Limited
9 Fino Playtech Limited
10 Indian Commodity Exchange Limited

There are few things you need to look at before investing in unlisted shares. Let’s discuss each one of them before going through the top ten unlisted shares’ details.

Past Performance: To evaluate the future performance of the share and the company you need to dig into the past reports and results.

You need to check how the company has been performing in the past few years especially. Its growth over the past years in terms of production, revenue generation, profit, and other aspects.

Company Details: This is the second thing you need to consider after checking the past performance.

Company details like directors, management, and administration and their decision-making skills.

Another thing you must consider is that whether the company is reputed or not. If the company is well-known then the risk factor automatically decreases.

This is because the company is known for its products or services and has a loyal customer base, so the chances of winding up are less.

Future forecast: Finally, you need to anticipate or forecast the future growth of the company. You need to analyze its past and present performance like it is mentioned above.

From the data and information collected, you need to analyze how it can grow in the coming days.

Depending on the anticipation of the growth potential of the firms, you must choose the unlisted stocks.

Now let us see the top ten unlisted stocks and evaluate them on the above-mentioned factors.

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    HDB Financial Services – Best Unlisted Shares to buy

    HDB Financial Services Limited showcased a stellar performance in the past years.

    The EPS of the company has doubled in just four years from 2015-16 to 2018-19. It was Rs.7.64 in 2015-16 and 2018-19 it was Rs. 14.71.

    However, it dropped a little in the past financial year 2019-20 to Rs. 12.78. The total revenue of the company has grown over these years from Rs. 3302.02 crores to Rs. 10756.47 crores.

    It is a well-known financial service company which offers multiple financial products and services.

    With a very strong portfolio of products, this company is one of the most sought-after companies in the financial industry in India. It has very strong fundamentals as well.

    It has a very good corporate governance structure as well. The massive growth in revenue within only five years suggests the growth potential of the firm.

    It has been paying dividends to its shareholders as well over the past years except for the previous financial year due to Covid-19.

    Motilal Oswal Home Finance – Top Unlisted Share to buy

    Motilal Oswal is a name that everybody especially in the stock market knows very well. This company is a subsidiary of Motilal Oswal which is specifically dealing in home finance.

    Motilal Oswal Home Fin. Ltd. was started just a few years back in 2016 and since then it has portrayed good revenue growth over these years.

    However, due to the Covid-19 breakout, the business got a little down in 2019-2020. The revenue grew from Rs. 570.78 crores to Rs. 670.75 crores in just one year from 2016-17 to 2017-18 respectively.

    In the past two financial years, it decreased a bit especially owing to external factors. The EPS went down in the negatives in 2018-19 but recovered in 2019-20 amidst the pandemic as well.

    The prospect of the company can be anticipated by the money injection by promoters worth Rs. 200 crores in this company.

    This is going to bring a lot of opportunities as well. The firm has a premium market capitalization and sound management as well.

    Reliance Retail – Top 10 Unlisted Shares to Buy

    Reliance Retail Limited witnessed a major rise in their sales in 2018-19 and onwards. The profit before tax also increased massively from Rs. 1981.51 crores to Rs. 4979.67 crores in 2018-19.

    Similarly, the profit after tax increased from Rs. 1330.82 crores to Rs. 3254.41 crores in just one year. The Basic EPS tripled itself from Rs. 2.5 to Rs. 6.12 in one year.

    So, you can understand the massive growth this firm has showcased in a short span of time. It is a company which is an initiative of Reliance group.

    It reached millions of customers within a very short time and touched their lives. This company has also captured the market and has a major market share in this segment.

    In the last quarter of FY 2020, the EBITDA rose by 33% and the revenue grew up by 4.2%. Reliance Retail limited might get the Jio-Facebook deal as well which can be a major boost for the company.

    Apart from these, there are other ventures where the firm is focusing on and this can bring great value to it and thus the investors as well.

    HDFC Securities – Best Unlisted Share in India

    HDFC Securities Limited has been a renowned financial service in the industry. It has a major market capitalization.

    The past performance of the firm show-cases an increase in growth in every aspect like revenue which grew from Rs. 553.20 crores to Rs. 862.26 crores in 4 years.

    Even when the other companies struggled to hold on to their growth amidst the pandemic, HDFC Securities not only held on to it but its revenue and profit margins grew in 2019-20 as well.

    The EPS (Basic) also increased Rs. 139.45 in 2016-17 to Rs. 245.86 in 2019-20. The firm disbursed revenue in 2019-20 as well and the dividend per share was Rs. 135 which is a major signal for its positive growth.

    Having great fundamentals and strong management, this firm has huge potential and if you are looking for regular income from your investment, then it can be one of the best choices.

    Hero Fincorp – Top Unlisted Share in India

    Hero Fincorp is one of the top financial service companies which grew and doubled its revenue over the last few years.

    In 2016-17, it had an income of Rs. 1332.70 crores which grew to Rs. 2518.47 crores in 2018-19, that is just 2 financial years.

    The EPS also grew from Rs. 15.24 to Rs. 23.78. The firm has been rated with ‘AA+’ by ICRA and CRISIL for its NCD and also for a bank loan and debt servicing.

    The firm is known for its excellent services. It has a very good team and management who are prudent at their tasks.

    Hero Fincorp also has one of the lowest NPAs compared to other NBFCs and banks as well.

    The company has multiple products to offer which is why it has a good reach as well. All these indicate the good prospects of the firm.

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    Religare Health Care – Top 10 Unlisted Shares in India

    Religare Health Care or Religare Health Insurance Company Limited is a firm which is ruling the insurance market for decades.

    It is a well-known firm and thus investing in its unlisted shares is not too risky. The past performance justifies the same.

    The firm made Rs. 116518 crores as revenue in 2018-19 which is a massive growth from Rs. 16638 crores in 2014-15.

    It is more than 7 times growth which is massive. From an operating loss of Rs. 10469 crores it now churns out profit around Rs. 6170 crores in last recorded in 2018-19.

    The EPS grew from a negative of Rs. 3.45 to positive Rs. 0.87. The exponential growth of the firm suggests that it is going to stay and rule the market in the upcoming years.

    It has one of the oldest and popular insurance products in the country as well.

    Kurlon Enterprise – Best Unlisted Stocks to Buy

    Kurlon is a brand being established in the year 1962 and it has been ruling the share markets since then. The recent past performance of the firm suggests that it has grown significantly over the years.

    The total revenue of the firm grew from Rs. 1036.57 crores to Rs. 1124.21 crores. The EPS grew from Rs. 27.09 to Rs. 30.23 in 2016-17 to 2017-18 but then fell to Rs. 20.69 in 2018-19.

    It has acquired Spring Air which gave it a boost. It is a premium segment and thus the market capitalization of the firm has increased further.

    If we observe the financial information we have on the platter, we can anticipate that the prospect of this firm is bright. It has some major plans for the future and making this a world-known brand.

    UTI AMC – Top Unlisted Stocks to Buy

    UTI AMC Limited is a mutual fund company. Well, UTI is a popular financial service firm that is known by almost every citizen of this country.

    The past performance of the firm suggests that the total revenue has gone up to Rs. 1008.25 crores in 2 years in 2018-19 from the previous Rs. 853.20 crores in 2016-17.

    The EPS also increased from Rs. 22.94 to Rs. 27.48 in 2018-19. The stakeholders of this firm are SBI, LIC, Bank of Baroda, PNB, T.Rowe Price International Limited, and others.

    Fino Playtech – Top 10 Unlisted Stocks to Buy

    Fino Playtech is a financial service provider whose parent company is Fino Payments Bank. It has showcased great performance in the last few years.

    Its income rose from Rs. 335.64 crores to Rs. 547.39 crores. Though the profit, both before and after-tax is still in the negatives the losses are getting minimized.

    In the 2020-21 financial year, the firm has performed better. Its management is also performing well and making the company known across the industry. It is looking for private placement and additional funds.

    There is the provision of converting into small finance banks from the current structure of payments banks only.

    This can boost the firm in the future and give value addition to the unlisted shares of the firm.

    Indian Commodity Exchange – Best Unlimited Stocks in India

    Indian Commodity Exchange Limited is a national organization where other commodities are being traded.

    However, there are unlisted shares of this organization as well which are open for purchase. By the past performance, we can say that the firm is trying to cope up with its different avenues.

    It has multiple services to offer and with the rise in commodity trading, it holds good potential in the future as well.

    The face value of its share is Rs. 5 with a lot size of 1000 shares. The income of this organization has been around Rs. 15 crores with ups and downs.

    The EPS has been in the negative for quite some time as the profit was in the negatives.

    However, this firm is trying to increase its reach and introduce new products and services to capture the market.

    Best Unlisted Shares in India – Conclusion

    Investing in unlisted shares requires precision and the right analysis. You need to pick the right stock to get the benefit of investing in unlisted shares.

    You must look at all the avenues of the company and its stocks before you invest your money in it.

    Apart from the points mentioned above, you can also look at the detailed fundamentals of the company and then wisely choose the one you want to invest your money into.

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