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If you are looking for a share broker who deals in unlisted shares, this article is for you. Here is a list of Best Unlisted Share Brokers in India.

Investing in Pre IPO shares requires an intermediary. This is why it is known as over-the-counter investment or trading.

Here the intermediary plays an important role in the investment process of unlisted shares. They buy the unlisted shares from the company, selling those shares.

Then they sell those shares to the investors who are interested in buying unlisted stocks. In this process, they keep a certain percentage of the selling price or charge commission.

Best Unlisted Share Broker in India - List of Top 10 Unlisted Share Brokers

Top 10 Unlisted Share Brokers – Best Unlisted Share Broker in India

Check out the list of Top Unlisted Brokers here –

Rank Brokers
1 Unlisted Zone
2 Unlisted Deal
3 Arms Securities
4 Planify
5 3 Deal
6 Abhishek Securities
7 Zeva Astras
8 Enrich Advisors
9 Babli Investments
10 OTC Capital

So, here is the list of Best Unlisted Stock Brokers in India. You can now check a detailed information about these brokers & know which Unlisted Share Broker in best for you.

Unlisted Zone – Best Unlisted Share Broker

In our list, the first brokerage house dealing in unlisted stocks is Unlisted Zone. This brokerage house is one of the first in India.

They do not just sell the unlisted shares but they analyze them first and then only offer them to the investors. Unlisted Zone is known for its reliability as a brand. It facilitates safe transaction and does it quickly as well.

Then, there are no hidden charges fees for investing through this broker. The broker provides great customer services as well.

It is in the business for more than 3 decades with more than three thousand clients from across the globe. This broker also provides on-demand financial analysis services to clients.

Unlisted Deal – Top Unlisted Share Broker

This brokerage house is having its branches across the country and deals in unlisted stocks from every branch. It was founded by Chartered Accountant Harshil Shah.

The main service of this firm is to deal in unlisted, delisted, pre-IPO shares. The firm is client-centric and provides multiple solutions for investment purposes in this market.

Their customer experience has been unparallel throughout all these years. They help you dig deeper in the market and find the hidden gems for investment.

The process of investment and dealing in unlisted stocks is very transparent. The process takes not much time and it is very smooth without much hassle.

They also help you diversify your portfolio and monitor and track the portfolio from time to time and submit the report.

Arms Securities – Top 10 Unlisted Share Brokers

With the experience of 30 years in the unlisted stock market, it is one of the premier brokerage houses in this field.

It has dealt in pre-IPO shares of DLF, L&T Infotech, LUX industries, and many such big brands.

With more than thousands of high net worth clients and over forty-four thousand retail clients, it is one of the biggest brokerage houses in the unlisted stock market space.

They generally have multiple stocks with them for the investors interested in buying unlisted stocks. They are present in over fifteen states of India.

Their transaction process is super fast and hassle-free. They charge reasonably and everything is clear and transparent.

Arms Securities provides the facility of Block deals as well as private equity.

This brokerage house also helps the unaware investors to make their investment portfolios liquid and more profitable.

Planify – Best Unlisted Share Broker in India

It is one of the most popular brokers for dealing in unlisted shares in India.

It is a fintech company that started with the idea of delivering the facilities for the investors who want to deal in unlisted, pre-IPO, or other similar stocks.

This is also the first even marketplace in India for private equity. Planify offers unlisted stock deals to both residents and NRIs.

While the minimum investment for a resident Indian is Rs. 25000, the same is Rs. 1 lakh for an NRI.

There are no hidden charges that this broker charges and thus everything is done with clarity. The process of investing with Planify is very simple, all you need to do is to –

  • Pick up the stock you want to invest in
  • Do your KYC
  • Make the payment for the transaction
  • Provide your Demat account details.
  • Your shares will be sent to your Demat account in a maximum of three business days.

3 Deal – Top Unlisted Share Broker in India

It is a part of 3A Financial Services Ltd. which is headed by Mr. Ajay Rathod and Mr. Rajan Manubhai. It was started as a subsidiary in 1999.

With around thirty years of experience, this firm is one of the major players in the unlisted stock market.

You can deal in unlisted, delisted, rare stocks, and other similar stocks in the share market with this brokerage house.

3 Deal provides ultimate security and at the same time great hassle-free transaction facilities.

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Abhishek Securities – Top 10 Unlisted Share Brokers in India

It is one of the oldest brokerage houses for unlisted and pre-IPO deals. It is in the market for over two decades. They have more than ten thousand retail clients for unlisted stocks.

You can invest in some of the most popular unlisted stocks of India through Abhishek Securities.

They help you plan your investment strategy, find the right unlisted stock and then help you invest in the same.

Zeva Astras – Best Unlisted Stock Broker

It is a wealth management company which is run by Basavaraj Puttappa where he wants to make the investment process simpler for the Indians.

As a wealth management company it doesn’t just deal in the unlisted stocks, but carefully pick the stocks for you as per your investment profile.

They also do financial analysis and risk analysis for understating which stock will suit your portfolio.

This broker is one of the most technologically advanced wealth management companies dealing in unlisted stocks’ space.

They help the clients to track the stocks whose market value is rising. They also help in optimizing the profits from unlisted stocks and make the most of the opportunities available in the market.

Enrich Advisors – Top Unlisted Stock Broker

It is a Mumbai-based broker that deals in Pre-IPO stocks, unlisted stocks, and also in delisted stocks. They have, to date, transacted over Rs.500 Crores in these shares with multiple clients.

They have a very timely delivery system for the stocks that they deal in, and they do not charge unreasonably from the clients. Also, they do not have any hidden charges as well.

They also ensure the safety of the transactions. The best part about this broker is that they make use of the technology in the unlisted stock market space. It is headed by Mr. Altaf Siddiqui.

Babli Investments – Top 10 Unlisted Stock Brokers

This is a financial service firm that also deals in unlisted stocks and delisted ones as well. They make sure the prices of the unlisted shares are pretty reasonable on their site.

This helps the investors buy those shares at a lower level. They also select the stocks after thorough scrutiny and fundamental analysis.

The process of buying the shares from Babli Investment is pretty simple where you need to just –

  • Open a Demat account
  • Submit the PAN, AADHAAR number to the dealer
  • Choose the share you want to purchase
  • Transfer the money for the number of shares you want to purchase in the bank account of Babli Investment.
  • This brokerage house is known for providing great returns to the investors from the unlisted shares.

OTC Capital – Best Pre IPO Stock Broker

OTC Capital is one of the few brokers in India that provide the facility to trade unlisted shares in a live market. All the details of the shares are present over the trading platform they offer – OTCSTOX.

The broker is known for providing more liquidity for the unlisted share deals. They have a very transparent policy for investing in unlisted shares and no hidden charges.

You can check the live market depth which is quite a unique feature for unlisted shares. The bid/ask spread is also lower with this broker, so you can reap more opportunities.

The whole process of investing in unlisted shares is quite simple with OTC Capital. You can invest in the unlisted share market from Monday to Saturday from 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening.

They only charge the higher of 0.75% of the transaction or Rs.200 per transaction. Moreover, they don’t have any minimum lot size which you have to buy.

Best Unlisted Share Brokers – Conclusion

Brokers are an integral part of the unlisted share market. You need to get in touch with the broker to purchase the unlisted shares as well as sell them.

So, finding the right brokerage house for your unlisted shares investment is crucial. You can go through all the brokers mentioned above and then compare each of their services with their charges.

You need to find and choose one broker that will not only help you deal in unlisted shares but guide you along the process as well.

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