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Ring Plus Aqua Limited comes out as a leading automotive component in the industry which has been serving Indian customers for 30 plus years now.  The company not only does have a stronghold on the Indian economy but also has a strong global aura.

Accounting PracticeClean
Financial SolvencyExceed Expectations with the present round of Fundings
Business GrowthOutstanding
Market PositionDominant leader
Overall Rating5 Star

Going briefly at the Ring Plus Aqua Limited, the company was acquired by Raymond’s Group in the year 2005. Raymond’s involvements in the company only lead to a further elevation in the revenue sector. However, Ring Plus Aqua Limited enjoys a complete royal presence in its very parent city Nashik where it was first formed.

Ring Plus Aqua Unlisted Share – Review

Ring Plus Aqua Limited takes care of an entire hierarchy of automotive components.  The company has been repeatedly upgrading its supply with the modern-day pace.

However, taking into note the entire cluster of components which Ring Plus Aqua Limited manufactures, that goes – starter gears, water pump bearings, flex plats, and sheet metal pulleys.

Reg Date1997
SectorAutomotive components
 Sub-SectorPre IPO
Current PriceRs. 400
Total IncomeRs. 211 Cr
Market CapitalNA
Profit after TaxRs. 18 Cr.
Total shares0.78 Cr.

Thus, all in all, when we talk about Ring Plus Aqua Limited pre IPOs we can assume that taking the company’s reputation; its unlisted shares is sure a wealthy affair. The company is making significant changes in its ways of operation which has surely affected their revenue collection as well.

Thus, Ring Plus Aqua Limited’s unlisted share is a strong buy. In this given article we will further discuss why we believe that Ring Plus Aqua Limited worth your investment.

Ring Plus Aqua Unlisted Share – Evaluation

This very sub-division of the article takes the readers into the in-house team of Ring Plus Aqua Limited. We believe that to invest in a company on a long-term basis, it’s very important to be aware of the company’s way of operations.

Intrinsic ValueRs. 818
Total EquityRs. 132 Cr
Total RevenueRs. 211 Cr
Return on Equity14.70%
Face ValueRs. 10
Basic EPS Rs. 23
Dividend YieldNA
Earnings Yield5.80%
P/E RatioNA
Capital Adequacy RatioNA

The company’s management came out as another star in the sky for Ring Plus Aqua Limited. Talking exclusively about the managerial segment of the industry, it’s best to address it as – trusted, competitive and experienced.

Ring Plus Aqua Limited comes out as one of those few companies which believe in following a clean account practice and carry out their operations nobly.

Ring Plus Aqua Limited’s growth factor however steals the show. The company first took roots in Nashik more no different than any other automobile start-up; however, today their growth charts are seen taking peaks. It’s best to say that, Ring Plus Aqua Limited has been keeping their growth as well as profitability factor on priority.

Thus, going through a thorough check on the company’s inside data points it’s very fair to say that Ring Plus Aqua Limited does provide a very promising investment opportunity.

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    About Ring Plus Aqua Limited

    The company first came into the picture in the year 1984, thus in the present date, it has served India and various customers for over 30 plus years. Ring Plus Aqua Limited’s maiden work mainly involved the manufacturing of automotive components; however, the supply has now skyrocketed. The company was soon acquired by a bigger name in the year 2005, that being – The Raymond Group.

    Ring Plus Aqua Limited has reached the highest where they stand today with extreme dedication and over 30 plus years of hard work. To support the previous statement, we must bring to light that the company has around three integrated manufacturing facilities.

    Ring Plus Aqua Limited’s manufacturing facilities are located in Nashik and they deal with gears and bearing divisions.

    Ring Plus Aqua Limited is a known example of those groups of companies that adapted to the current technology with passing time. The company has been very open to new enhancement in terms of technology. It is only fair to say that Ring Plus Aqua Limited has been constantly adopting new technology in manufacturing.

    Ring Plus Aqua Unlisted Share – Products/Services

    Gone are the days when Ring Plus Aqua Limited used to work on small-scale manufacturing, procuring very few components.  The company has a very luxurious array of components, such as – flywheel ring gears, bearings, and sensor rings. Apart from that, Ring Plus Aqua Limited also serves some major big clients which are –

    1. Passenger vehicles – Tata, Volkswagen, GM, HYUNDAI, Volvo, Ford, Lombardini, Fiat, BMW, and Maruti Suzuki.
    2. Commercial vehicles – Ashok Leyland, Eicher, TATA, Swaraj Mazda.
    3. Tractors – JCB, ESCORTS, CNH

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    Ring Plus Aqua Unlisted Share – Current Asset Count

    When we talk about the subject of asset count, we must also bring this in light of the company’s potential to keep maintaining a stable asset count. Ring Plus Aqua Limited proves to be the kind of company that has the kind of experience, well enough to administer a global as well as national supply chain.

    Ring Plus Aqua Limited also has a high peak compared to other companies, that being, being a part of the RAYMOND group. It’s no new fact to anyone that Raymond’s are the leading business players of the country. Thus, Ring Plus Aqua Limited being a part of the Raymond group is defiantly a perk.

    Talking directly about the company’s total income, which is a massive Rs 211 crores with profit after tax being Rs 18 cores.

    Ring Plus Aqua – Planned Investments

    The Ring Plus Aqua Limited was first bought into existence in the year 1984, after which the company was acquired by Raymond’s group in the year 2005. Since the company’s involvement with Raymond’s group, it has been standing on the massive payment of success and profitability.

    However, talking about the company’s funding or investments, it’s considered a matter subjected to be private. The company does not disclose much of the investment plans.  However, it does have service-related tie-ups with big names such as BMW and Lamborghini.

    Ring Plus Aqua – Sector & Revenue Status

    Bringing the discussion exclusively about the asset and revenue status of Ring Plus Aqua Limited, it’s best known that the company is experiencing an increase in the revenue chart.

    The revenue growth of the company has been considerable and appreciable. Counting this year’s revenue, which was around an amount of Rs 211 crores, which is a very significant figure.

    The company is rapidly expanding its supply and the spread of manufacturing units has been rapid too. Thus, it’s to be noted that an increased sales are experienced compared to the last few years.

    There are, however, plenty of future opportunities for Ring Plus Aqua Limited in adjacent industries like aerospace, defense, and agriculture machinery. The company can anytime expand its portfolio and take this business under its umbrella too which in return will be highly profitable without a doubt.

    Ring Plus Aqua – Various Divisions & Subordinate

    The company deals with various divisions and mostly expertise in providing automotive solutions. Ring Plus Aqua Limited provides a very high-quality range of flywheel ring gears, bearings, flex plates as well as sensor rings.

    Apart from these divisions of the automotive services, the company also has three integrated manufacturing facilities.

    Ring Plus Aqua Limited has its main base of operation running in Nashik while however, the market for which is global. The company also has a huge client base in Europe, the USA, South America, Japan, China, South East Asia, and Australia with equivalent sub-ordinates.

    Ring Plus Aqua Pre IPO Industry at a glance  

    When we talk about the Indian automotive industry we are basically talking about an industry that has a strong upholding not just in India but in various continents.

    Taking the example of Ring Plus Aqua Limited itself, the company despite being based in India has supply chains that are spread all over the sphere. Talking about India’s export of automotive components, it has faced a massive increase of CAGR 7.6%. During the year FY16-FY20. The value itself has increased from US $ 10.83 billion in the year 2016, to the US $14.5 billion in the year 2020.

    It is no new fact that India is a renowned global hub for engineering and transport. The nation is booming in these factors, thanks to the busy automotive clusters across the country such as Mumbai-Pune-Nasik-Aurangabad. However, it’s well known that cities such as Bangalore and Delhi have been adding major stars to India’s automotive industry.

    Ring Plus Aqua – Enterprise Potential

    One of the greatest assets to the automotive export industry is the growing technology involvement in the agriculture sector. Companies like Ring Plus Aqua Limited which expertise in providing automotive components can any day merge with agricultural machinery and as well as defense or aerospace. Thus, giving the company an open field of opportunities to grow in and flourish.

    Ring Plus Aqua Unlisted Shares – Overall Counsel


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      Ring Plus Aqua Stocks – Financial Statement

      Going by the financial record of Ring Plus Aqua Limited, we can take a good look at their profit and loss statement.  The revenue from operations has, however, increased compared to the year 2017. Ring Plus Aqua Limited also experienced a slight increase in total expenses.

      Ring Plus Aqua – Company Address

      The current registered office of Ring Plus Aqua is:

      Reg OfficeD-3/4, STICE, At post – Musalgaon, Tal-Sinnar, Dist.
      Nashik – 422112, India
      WebsiteRing Plus Aqua Website Link

      Ring Plus Aqua – Managerial Personnel

      Below are the current key managerial personnel of the company:

      • B K Chaturvedi- Director
      • Shri V. Balasubramanian – Director
      • Shri Parthiv Kilachand – Director
      • Ganesh Kumar Subramanian – Director

      Ring Plus Aqua – Annual Report Links

      Please check the annual report insights for the below given financial years:

      FY 2019-20Ring Plus Aqua Annual Report 2019-20
      FY 2017-18Ring Plus Aqua Annual Report 2017-18
      FY 2016-17Ring Plus Aqua Annual Report 2016-17

      FAQ on Ring Plus Aqua Unlisted Share

      Can I buy Ring Plus Aqua Pre IPO shares?

      You can choose to go get in touch with your stock broker or local bankers regarding Unlisted shares investment. If you are enthusiastic about investing in Ring Plus Aqua shares that are not listed in centralized exchanges, you sure can buy them via other intermediaries.

      Is Ring Plus Aqua Pre-IPO investing good?

      Strategic form of investment alike listed shares investment is crucial. Herein, you need to check for the company financials and keep a frequent check on its news and recent changes. We would also provide you a heads-up on the same by giving you the best price of companies’ unlisted shares. Check Snapshot, Company reputation, Industry Experience, management performance, and more.

      How do I buy Ring Plus Aqua unlisted shares?

      There are multiple ways in which you can take a buying step of Ring Plus Aqua Pre-IPO Stock. Search for the brokers and dealers who deal in the Over-The-Counter market. Get in touch with Top10stockbroker or visit the website to check for the latest Deals. Furthermore, you can Fill-up the contact form with your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

      How do you value Ring Plus Aqua pre-IPO stocks?

      One of the multiple Ring Plus Aqua Pre-IPO Shares valuation methods is finding the FMV or Fair Market Value. You can use the discounted cash flow method or the book value method to encounter a close to the value of the stocks. Furthermore, you can attempt a comparative analysis of the said shares from multiple stock broker’s websites.

      How do I sell Ring Plus Aqua unlisted shares?

      The process and intermediaries to sell Ring Plus Aqua Unlisted Shares is the same as buying. You can get in touch with your financial intermediary and place a sell order request. This will follow up with a price negotiation process, which is time taking, post which an agreement can be reached. This is when the sell order would actually be executed.

      Which is the best platform to buy/sell Ring Plus Aqua unlisted shares?

      We at Top10stockbroker.com provide you the feasibility of buying and selling unlisted shares. It is the perfect hub for dealing in Ring Plus Aqua Unlisted Shares, which lets you connect with the right buyer or seller. As per an in-depth comparison with other websites, you would most likely find low and affordable investment options with us.

      How to sell Ring Plus Aqua unlisted stocks?

      If you are Employees /ex-employees holding the shares, investors/promoters of the Ring Plus Aqua Company,  the stock exchange dealers, or any third party holding the unlisted shares. You can choose our platform to sell the Ring Plus Aqua Unlisted Equity Shares at a price range favorable for you. Negotiation is a part of the process.

      Can an NRI buy Ring Plus Aqua unlisted shares?

      Yes, there is complete relaxation for an NRI for investing in Ring Plus Aqua Unlisted Shares. NRIs can invest in the unlisted shares like resident individuals, but they have to go for a non-repatriable basis. In case of willingness to opt for a repatriable basis, there is a condition of reporting to RBI.

      Why do investors buy unlisted shares?

      Unlisted shares are also referred to as Hidden Gems. It is on account of the profit-making potential they contain since investors become part of the company growth. They can fetch investors exponential returns, without having to comply with SEBI Regulations. Other perks are No STT and lower stockbroking charges.

      Who sells unlisted or Pre-IPO shares?

      Existing shareholders are the perfect medium to buy unlisted shares. They include parties such as Employees, Ex-employees, CEO, Promoters, Private Equity investors, and more. You can get in touch with them and other financial intermediaries through our website Top10stockbroker.com.

      How long one should hold to see gains in unlisted shares?

      The minimum time limit deemed as likely for exponential gains is 3 years. Accordingly, investors must invest in shares for provided permissible limit for the minimum front. For extended returns, investors can wait for the company to actually go public and grow beyond, the saturation point.

      How much ROI to expect from unlisted /Pre-IPO shares?

      The ROI is not stagnant or similar for each company. It differs based on the Line of business, investment period, managerial capability, and the buying price of the shares. Generally, though there is no guarantee of return on investment, 25% p.a. can be deemed as the likely return.

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