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High return and the low-risk combination have always been the most desired thing for stock market investment. Sadly, it isn’t possible. Without putting a chunk of your investment capital at risk, you can’t expect sky-high returns.

Still, you can lessen the fear of losing by selecting the right company and an industry up-n-running throughout the year. Such as, you can opt for the best packaging stocks to buy as it is one of the well-paying sectors today.

Maybe you had ignored the potential of Packaging companies in India before due to some false theories. But after this list of top 10 packaging giants, you are likely to change your mind.

What do these companies bring to you? Take a look.

Know About Packaging Sector in India

If you want to double your investment within a few months, consider top packaging companies in India. The Indian packaging sector carries the vast potential to meet your investment goals.

Packaging Industry Association of India (PIAI) claims that India’s packaging industry is growing at a CAGR of 22% to 25%.

Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) adds more volume by claiming a 200% increase in packaging consumption by the nation.

No surprise, India is giving birth to some of the best attractive packaging sector stocks to buy. After all, the major credit goes to packaging companies to spike the demand of this specific sector.Top 10 Packaging Companies In India

Top 10 Packaging Companies In India

Check out the Packaging Share Price & Ranking of Best Packaging Shares to buy Today or Tomorrow or for Long Term –

Here’s a quick recap of India’s ten best packaging shares in India that match your investment profile. All these companies carry a unique domain in the industry, making them a popular choice for investors.

Few companies have amazed investors with their performance in the past. So read on; perhaps you may also discover the best packaging share suiting your money-making goals.

Make sure you do not forget a few essential things in the rush of finding the best package shares to buy. The popularity of packaging shares is enduring, but certain things are worth considering before taking a plunge.

What are these? We’ll try to discuss. But before, let’s briefly explore every packaging company.

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    Uflex – Best Packing Stocks in India

    Uflex is a famous name for being the best packing stocks in India. After all, the company earns the title of being India’s largest flexible packaging firm.Uflex - Best Packing Stocks in India

    The globally famous company has turned into a favorite packaging solution for many clients worldwide. The company has covered an impressive journey so far.

    Uflex entered the market in 1983, and after winning the domestic packaging industry, built an international client base within the first few years of its growth.

    Beyond a doubt, the company positions itself among the leading players by delivering unrivaled packaging solutions to numerous brands and products in the world.

    However, in addition to its polymer and plastic packaging, company Uflex also contributes to environmental, social, and sustainability practices.

    Combining all such good traits, Uflex emerges as the most popular name in the packaging sector.

    Products or Services

    These are the essential products and services Uflex has done business in billions so far.

    • Packaging films
    • Chemicals
    • Cylinders
    • Flexible Packaging
    • Holography
    • Aseptic Liquid Packaging

    Why invest in Uflex Stocks?

    There are tons of packaging shares to buy out there. But being a savvy investor, you should make the best pick because today, the packaging industry is diverse and has evolved a lot more than ever before.

    Still, you will not make any silly mistake by investing in Uflex. Besides its own company, the NSE-listed firm also has multiple subsidiaries available in the market.

    Comparing the past five years’ performance with a big green zone, we see just a calm bullish phase which is a good sign. The company’s share has yielded an 86.92% return so far.

    And if you were among those intelligent investors who made BUY for the company’s shares at the lower low formed on April 3, 2020, you might have earned a 267.2% return.

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    TCPL Packaging – Best Packing Shares to Buy

    TCPL packaging is a few big names in the packaging industry hooked on sustainable packaging solutions. Set up in 1987, the company is one of the leading players in the paper board packaging industry.TCPL Packaging - Best Packing Shares to Buy

    With an annual turnover of $100million, the firm establishes a broad business line worldwide.

    The company has achieved so much that in the list of the best packing shares to buy, TCPL packaging is now the top choice for investors.

    The company has become a standalone manufacturer in paper board packaging with state-of-the-art machinery. And that is also not in India alone but around the world.

    This publicly listed company is proud to have more than 1800 employees working around the clock to make TCPL packaging shine bright.

    Products or Services

    These are the primary product packaging categories in which the company manufactures its products in the mainstream.

    • Folding Cartons
    • Specialty/gift packaging
    • Flexible Packaging

    Why invest in TCPL Packaging Stocks?

    Packaging stocks in India are on the boom. The industry is forming an exciting environment for all aspiring investors searching for some more significant opportunities to take a plunge.

    TCPL packaging also tops their list of likes. In 2021, the company generated revenue of 2.53 Billion, 3.24% higher than the previous year.

    The company’s net income also floats at 106.03 Million, nearly 0.99% higher than the previous year. However, it can be a result of the 2020 global pandemic that led to a significant drop in its share.

    But there’s nothing to panic about as the company again reached similar price levels as it was five years back in 2017. This indicates that buyers are still interested in TCPL packaging and are willing to increase its prices.

    GKP Printing & Pack – Top Packaging Sector Stocks

    GKP Printing & Packaging Ltd. firm is one of the top-rate companies in the packaging sector. Among the top packaging sector stocks, the company swiftly gains an edge for its cardboard box packaging services.GKP Printing & Pack - Top Packaging Sector Stocks

    Unlike other companies, GKP provides services to big enterprises, mainly logistics, export, and import companies. Be it garments, engineering, confectionery, liquor, toys, Pharma, and so on.

    This multinational firm caters to multiple industries around the world.

    The India-based firm appeared in 1994 and has achieved massive success so far if you are also on the hunt for a unique company that serves multiple industries. Without a doubt, GKP Printing & Packaging Ltd. can be your best pick.

    Products or Services

    Here’s a quick glimpse of the products and services the firm is growing famous for in the mainstream

    • Coloured Corrugated Boxes
    • Corrugated Packaging Boxes
    • Corrugated Paper Box
    • Customized Corrugated Box
    • Printed Corrugated Box

    Why invest in GKP Printing & Pack Stocks?

    The GKP Print & Pack Ltd. Firm has a tie-up with multiple brands globally. The company has a prime supporting role in other companies’ growth. Thus, it is one of the best picks from investment vision.

    However, the packing share price has set a peak after a sharp recession in 2020. Comparing the company’s past three years’ performance, we see that the share has gotten a 699.17% hike in its prices.

    As of January 28, 2022, the company’s share price is valued at Rs. 154. The print and packaging firm is in green if we look at the revenue and net income numbers.

    Scandent Imaging – Top Packaging Companies in India

    One of the premium names in this list – Scandent Imaging, can never go wrong when it comes to selecting top packaging companies in India.Scandent Imaging - Top Packaging Companies in India

    The company stepped into the market in 1982 as a partnering firm in Pharma. Later on, the limited firm became a publicly listed company in India in Sept 1994.

    The company presently manufactures pharma-specific packaging materials and supplies its products to many big brands in the Pharma sector. The Pharma industry itself is one of the most significant contributors to the economy.

    Meanwhile, the company’s significance comes to light because it is one of the largest suppliers to the pharmaceutical sector.

    Combining the power of two different sectors, Scandent Imaging Ltd. positions itself among the profitable firms.

    Products or Services

    These are the primary products and services the company primarily does its business in

    • Packaging material for the pharma industry
    • Packaging boxes, wraps, and so on

    Why invest in Scandent Imaging Stock?

    It’s worth spotting an ideal packaging share price before you invest there. To simply put, Scandent Imaging Ltd. has been making tons of high and low formations over the past few years.

    Thereby it becomes a smart choice for day traders. But if you want to hold this stock for a long-term horizon, wait for the Scandent Imaging share price to drop below 20 or 15.

    The company’s prices are currently at their lifetime high as of January 28, 2022, at 23.85. Else, your investment may take too much time to get you returns.

    Radha Madhav Corp. – Top Package Stocks in India

    Radha Madhav Corp. is a multi-product packaging service provider. The limited corporation is rapidly growing, building its network to international clients in the last few years.Radha Madhav Corp. - Top Package Stocks in India

    Among the top package stocks in India, the company enjoys a popular position. It is primarily because Radha Madhav Corp is a polymer and chemical packaging company, which is high on demand.

    The company equips cost-effective solutions, which help other brands and companies secure a significant margin. Also, the company’s packaging services are centric on the product’s specifications.

    They are customized to meet the value and quality property of the products that users demand.

    Products or Services

    Radha Madhav Corp. delivers industry-specific packaging solutions that are as follows –

    • FMCG industry
    • Spices
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Dairy Products
    • Food & Breweries
    • Oil, Sugar, Salt & Seeds
    • Chemical
    • The textile industry, Glass and Steel

    Why invest in Radha Madhav Corp. Stocks?

    Stock market can be a reasonably has investment risk deal. The burst of cold and hot emotions may make it harder for you to reach a great decision.

    But if you have an outstanding stock in your portfolio, you may set some reasonable expectancy. Such as RMC Limited, which has again built an excellent BUY opportunity for investors.

    The package share price has built a lifetime low, floating at a 3.40 price level.

    While the past values of the company share witnesses that RMCL has even touched the target of 40, which is the lifetime high the share ever made in history.

    Anuroop Packaging – Top 10 Packaging Stocks

    The specialist in the Manufacturing of Corrugated Boxes – Anuroop Packaging, is growing popular among investors.Anuroop Packaging - Top 10 Packaging Stocks

    With a stringent focus on quality and affordability, the company sets the highest standard in the packaging industry. Ply Boxes are trendy. Anuroop Packaging primarily caters to the logistics sector.

    The company has an extensive supply network spread across the domestic and international region. The India-based firm entered the packaging industry in 1995 and, to date, has turned into a multinational corporation.

    Combining sustainability, affordability, and enhanced usability in products, Anuroop Packaging for long has been trying to achieve maximum sales.

    And when it comes down to the top 10 packaging stocks, Anuroop Packaging builds a notable image for itself.

    Products or Services

    Below we break down a list of major products that Anuroop Packaging manufacturers.

    • Corrugated Sheets
    • Kraft Rolls
    • Corrugated Liners
    • Corrugated Boxes

    Why invest in Anuroop Packaging Stocks?

    To emphasize this packaging and wrapping share price better, you can focus on its product range. Usually, plastic and other packaging companies are watched with doubtful eyes.

    Since Anuroop Packaging Ltd. designs sustainable products that don’t adversely impact the environment. Recently the company has built a BUY opportunity for investors as of January 28, 2022, and has created a low at 16.25.

    From 2021 to 2022, a bullish trend is apparent; you may go for it. The company has a good cash flow statement.

    Rajeshwari Cans – Best Packaging Stocks to Buy

    Providing quality packaging solutions at a competitive price sets Rajeshwari Cans apart from others. At present, the firm is surfacing as the best packaging stocks to buy for specific good reasons.Rajeshwari Cans - Best Packaging Stocks to Buy

    The primary one is the firm is flourishing well in the small business territory. Young brands or startups are the first targeted customer of the company.

    After all, the corporation has been supplying the best packers and packing services at a cheap price small businesses search for.

    Manufacturing printed containers for various sizes is the primary specialty of the company. The firm primarily provides metal-based packaging solutions to customers that are sustainable and reusable.

    However, when the company has set its foot in the market is not known. But it is a BSE registered firm.

    Products or Services

    Rajeshwari Cans primarily does business in cans packaging. These are as follows.

    • Customizable tin containers for small product
    • MS Drums between 5 Kgs to 30 Kgs.

    Why invest in Rajeshwari Cans Stock?

    Regarding packaging shares in India, our first preferences are the publicly listed company. But it seems that Rajeshwari Cans Ltd. is a new corporation.

    The company isn’t NSE listed yet; still, you can trade and invest for the share via S&P BSE SME IPO.

    Still, the market cap of Rajeshwari Cans Ltd. is around Rs. 11.489 Crore may give us a quick hint into the company’s size. You can become an early investor for the Cans company and expect higher profits ahead.

    Synthiko Foils – Top Packaging Stocks to Buy

    Synthiko Foils Ltd. carries the vast potential to become your favorite pick. The company is the producer, supplier, and exporter of packaging foils.Synthiko Foils - Top Packaging Stocks to Buy

    In 1984, the company launched its services in the market for the first time and currently positions itself among the top packaging stocks to buy. The company develops and uses top-grade aluminum in its packaging solutions.

    Real estate, construction, and other industrial projects are the key market areas for the company it primarily supplies its products to.

    In short, the company establishes its network with large-scale businesses, thus enjoying a profitable position for itself in the industry it operates in.

    If you are looking for the best investment choice where your money stays safe, it is Synthiko Foils Ltd.

    Products or Services

    Let’s take a look at the products and services of Synthiko Foils Ltd.

    • Lidding Foil
    • Alu Alu Foils
    • Two-Ply And Three Ply Laminates,
    • Blister Foil
    • Aluminum Foil Lids
    • Printed Aluminum Foil
    • Laminated Aluminum Foil

    Why invest in Synthiko Foils stocks?

    Synthiko Foils Ltd. is one of the best option from the list of top packaging companies in India. The share is an investment-worthy alternative, as the company’s net income for the year 2022 shows it.

    The company made 3.29 Million for 2022, which went almost 36.17% higher than before. Investors who have joined Synthiko Foils Ltd. back in 2017 have earned 294.22% return so far as of Jan 2022.

    Company prices fluctuate in desired low and high formations, with no false overbought and oversold. Thereby it can be a great selection you can trust in the long-term investment.

    Texplast Industries – Best Packaging Companies in India

    Texplast Industries Ltd. is one of the rapidly growing packaging firms. The company has been swiftly gaining an edge due to its dynamic workflows.Texplast Industries - Best Packaging Companies in India

    Combining sustainable techniques and fast-paced approaches, the company has come a long way in winning people’s hearts.

    Beyond a surprise, the company carries all good qualities in positioning itself among the best packaging companies in India. PP Woven Sacks, Block Bottom Valve Sacks, Flexible Packaging, Non-Woven, Masks & PPE are the primary specialties of the company.

    However, more information related to the company’s history isn’t known. Still, Texplast Industries Ltd.’s services are the critical reason deriving investors’ attention towards this packaging giant.

    Large manufacturing units & business line and high-demand products it manufactures gives the company a solid foundation. Without a doubt, you may make a safe investment decision by investing in the company’s share.

    Products or Services

    • Pp Woven Sacks
    • Laminated & Un-laminated, Kf94 Masks
    • Flexible Packaging, Pictured: Wax Paper Wrappers
    • Laminates, Tea Pouches, White Paper Pouches, Water & Oil Proof
    • Non-Woven Vest Bags, Plain 3d Bags, Custom 3d Bags
    • Block Bottom Valve Sacks, For Cement & Minerals
    • Box Bottom Shopping Bags
    • Custom Options Available
    • Kn95 Masks, Cloth Masks, Coveralls
    • Surgical Gowns, Scrubs
    • 3-Ply Disposable Masks And Much More

    Why invest in Texplast Industries stocks?

    If you have been searching for a more excellent alternative that promises you great returns in the future, beyond a surprise, it is Texplast Industries Ltd.’s share that comes to the rescue.

    At present, it is one of the best packing stocks to buy because the company isn’t just engaged in the production of packaging, but it also shares a solid base in the bags and pharma sector.

    The company’s share price starts from 17.05 as of January 28, 2022, giving us an idea that the company falls into the penny stocks category.

    According to fundamental analysis of this share, it has decent long term growth prospects.

    Ess Dee Aluminum – Top 10 Packaging Shares to Buy

    Ess Dee Aluminum company is one of the top-rated firms and a well-known name in the packaging industry. Among the list of top 10 packaging shares to buy, Ess Dee Aluminum positions itself for its global footprints.Ess Dee Aluminum - Top 10 Packaging Shares to Buy

    After all, this Indian-based firm is a multinational corporation now. Set up in 1936, the company is proud of itself for being a parent organization of multiple subsidiaries worldwide.

    The company is engaged in the production of multi-category packaging solutions. In short, it offers a comprehensive packaging solution to cater to each unique company’s dynamic packaging needs.

    Altogether, it deserves to build a notable spot on the list.

    Products or Services

    These are the primary packaging products categories the company deals in on a large scale.

    • HOLISTIC, INVASIVE, IGNITE, and much more

    Why invest in Ess Dee Aluminum stocks?

    The deserving name can never fail to get into the limelight when it comes to the best packing shares to buy. The packaging giant offers a comprehensive packaging solution to customers around the world.

    Beyond a doubt, it gives us a quick hint into its overall profile. In addition to its packaging solution, the company also engages in integrated business that derives revenue for the firm.

    The Stock Exchange – NSE and the BSE-listed company, currently falls into the Penny stocks categories, allowing it to get maximum shares at less price in the portfolio.

    Panther Ind Prod – Packaging Sector Stocks to Buy

    Panther Industrial Products Ltd is a publicly listed company. In 1987, the company gave the nation one of the best packaging sector stocks to buy now.

    Perhaps you may recognize this company with its former name Bhor Wavelock Industries Limited. The limited firm does business in the packaging and containers industry.

    In short, the company makes containers and packaging material and supplies to other businesses. At present, the company’s headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

    The NSE, a BSE-listed firm, has some cheapest shares to offer. However, you may become an early investor in the company as there is less awareness of the Panther Industrial Products shares in the market.

    RAS Propack (Amalgamated) – Packaging Company’s Stock to Buy

    RAS PROPACK LAMIPACK LTD. (AMALGAMATED) is a BSE-listed firm. But if you prefer NSE shares, you can wait for a month or year. The company isn’t an NSE listed yet.

    Still, investors are showing more interest in this packaging company’s stock to buy for some good reasons. The company primarily manufactures rubber products.

    In addition to that, the company also does business partially in the packaging area. The BSE-listed firm has a tie-up with multiple brands for whom it produces and supplies packaging products.

    The most striking part is that the company is a small-cap stock, and if you are searching for a company that accepts you as an equity partner, perhaps RAS PROPACK LAMIPACK LTD. could be the best option to tap in.

    Maniyar Plast-O-Cont – Packing Companies’ Shares to Buy

    From the list of top packing companies’ shares to buy, Maniyar Plast-O-Cont is emerging as an attractive name in the industry.

    If you are on the hunt for the best penny stock that carries the vast potential to give you solid returns in the future, it is Maniyar Plast-O-cont.

    The packaging company deals in multiple packaging solutions. Similarly, being an NSE and BSE-listed firm, it drags more traction in the investment market.

    However, another thing worth noticing about the company is that it is a newly listed firm in the public market. Thus, you may obtain the company’s share at a reasonably low price.

    Gilt Pack – Packaging Companies in India

    Gilt Pack Ltd. firm is another good name in our honorable mentions. The company is BSE listed, and sooner NSE may also give space to this one of the booming packaging companies in India.

    The company provides packaging solutions to food-based businesses. For numerous brands in the market, the company has been doing packaging work for many decades.

    For 2021, the company’s profits went in green, almost 22.81% higher than the previous year.

    However, the company is absent on NSE for now, but sooner or later, you may be able to trade and invest in the company’s shares.

    Purity Flex Pack – Package Stocks in India

    A company that provides flexible and affordable packaging solutions to the industry can never fail to gain a competitive edge in the market.

    Like Purity Flex Pack, which gives us one of the best package stocks in India for its rapidly growing performance in the industry.

    The company primarily manufactures Multi-layer adhesive laminates rolls and other types of laminate rolls.

    In addition, standard pouch, specialty pouch bags, and other packaging solutions are a few extra specialties of the company. Set up in 1988, the company achieved a lot to date in its lifetime.

    Manufacturing printed and attractive products are at the company’s core. That’s why the company is growing popular in the packaging sector.

    You may make a great deal by investing in the company’s shares in the public market.

    How to identify good Packaging Stocks For Trading?

    It is hard to tell whether a stock is investment-worthy or not. Because whether it is a plastic share or a packaging share, opinions will always stay twofold for each share.

    The stock market is unpredictable, and the thing that may help you make a wiser investment in your observation of a company. If you are up to trade in packaging stocks, you must figure out the past performance of the share.

    Moreover, it should not be building an overbought or oversold scenario.

    If the company shares suddenly get into the green zone after a sharp drop, that means the company has a solid base of investors ready to hold and support the prices.

    On the other hand, if the company is falling year after year but at a slow rate, the company shares can be a bit risky in the future.

    The ideal share to buy for the trader is the share that makes a bullish trend in lower and higher phases so that you buy at a low and make more when the company shares achieve a high.

    The company’s profitability, income, and liabilities need to be figured out as well.

    How To Invest In Packaging Sectors Stocks?

    If you want to invest in packaging stocks, consider looking into certain things that may obstruct you on the way. Firstly, your stock exchange or stockbroker is the prime party you will be connecting with to invest the desired share.

    Buy a few shares of the company and include them in your portfolio. Also, don’t hesitate to diversify your investment because savvy investors never miss this point.

    Choose another industry rather than packaging one when diversifying your portfolio. But do remember not to buy packaging sector stocks at a higher price point.

    Wait for the company to make a lower low or buy when the company is bearish. Still, if you aren’t an investment expert, consider seeking help from experts.

    Top Packaging Companies in India – Conclusion

    So these are the top packaging companies in India. Each share has a unique value proposition. All these companies target either a specific industry or do business in multiples.

    Hence, the ultimate decision is up to you. Keep watching the company’s prices and rising and falling revenue/income figures. In the end, you will surely hit the jackpot.

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