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A trader needs to find the perfect hospitality stock. If they do not find the perfect stock, they will lose money. This can happen if they end up buying the wrong stocks.

There are many hospitality Companies in India where you can invest your money. These investments will give you good returns. If you want to find some good hospitality stocks, you have to do market research.

You will have to analyze how the stocks have performed before. This will help you find out if it is safe to invest in that stock. This article will give you information about the best Hospitality Stocks to buy.

Know about Hospitality Sector in India

There are two parts to the hospitality sector of India. One of them is Chain Hotels, and the other is Independent hotels.

Among these are Service Apartments, Budget and Economy Hotels, and many more.

The hospitality sector has been growing in the past years. In the coming years, the hospitality sector will grow even more.

India has a rich culture and heritage, which attracts many tourists from all around the world.

The young people of India want to tour the country. Therefore, the hospitality sector in India is showing healthy growth.Best Hospitality Shares in India - List of Top 10 Hospitality Sector Stocks to Buy Today

Best Hospitality Shares in India – List of Top 10 Hospitality Sector Stocks to Buy Today

Check out the Hospitality Share Price & Ranking of Best Hospitality Shares to buy Today or Tomorrow or for Long Term –

The names of the best Hospitality Shares in India and their details are given in the table above. We will analyze those details to understand which one is at the top and why?

IRCTC is at the top of the list. It is one of the top hotel shares to buy. This stock is safe to buy as the government owns it. The price of this stock is also relatively cheap for young investors.

The second on the list is an Indian hotel which is an outstanding stock. This company has a diverse portfolio which reduces the risk factor.

This stock will grow after the pandemic. The third on the list is EIH under the Oberoi group. This stock has a good scope of rising in the coming ten days. Besides, this stock is cheap compared to other hospitality stocks in India.

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    IRCTC – India’s Best Tour & Travel Stocks

    The complete form of IRCTC is the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. It is owned by Indian Railways, the Ministry of Railways, Government of India. On September 27, 1999, the IRCTC was established.IRCTC - India's Best Tour & Travel Stocks

    It was opened as a public sector undertaking. The Government of India would own IRCTC through the Indian Railways.

    IRCTC is the only company that provides services to the Indian Railways. It was classed as a Miniratna public corporation in May 2008.

    This allowed a certain level of financial autonomy. In 2019 IRCTC was listed on the National Stock Exchange. This reduced the Government of India’s holding to 87%. The leftover shares were being publicly traded.

    In December 2020, the government gave away another 20% of their holdings by reducing it to 67%. IRCTC stocks have become one of India’s best Tour & Travel Stocks. IRCTC has a massive list of services, that is-

    Online ticketing – This is one of the best services offered by them. This has enabled rail ticket booking through its website and mobile phone apps. It has also started a loyalty program called Shubh Yatra.

    Through this passengers can get discounts.

    Mobile Catering Business – IRCTC manages the entire on-board catering services of Indian Railways in trains. Example – Rajdhani trains, Shatabdi train, etc.

    Static Catering Business – IRCTC also has various stationary catering units of Railways. This includes Refreshment rooms, Jan Ahaars and Cell Kitchens.

    Their goal is to serve healthy dishes at reasonable prices.

    Why invest in IRCTC stocks?

    • The price of this stock is quite affordable. Thus it is one of the best Hospitality Shares to Buy for young investors.
    • All the segments had massive growth in comparison to last year.

    IRCTC enjoys a strong monopoly over catering services on trains and railway stations.

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    Indian Hotel – Best Hospitality Stocks in India

    The (IHCL) is one of India’s largest Indian hospitality companies. They manage various hotels, resorts, jungle safaris, palaces, spas, and in-flight catering services.Indian Hotel - Best Hospitality Stocks in India

    Jamsetji Tata founded the Indian Hotel in 1868. Its headquarters is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They have more than 196 hotels in 80 locations across four continents and 12 countries. This includes over 20,000 rooms and 25,000 employees.

    Their first hotel – The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, Maharashtra, opened in 1903. Besides that, IHCL launched its hospitality brand, Ginger Hotels, in 2004. This was followed by the launch of The Gateway Hotels and Resorts.

    They also operate TajSATS Air Catering Ltd with Singapore Airport Terminal Services. Along with that, they are one of the best hospitality Stocks in India.

    Indian Hotels provides a lot of services and owns many famous brands. These are-

    TajSATS – TajSATS is India’s leading airline caterer. They ensure hygienic food production and handling and serve various types of food.

    Taj Holidays – They have various options like – romantic hideaways, Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Goa- Family Getaways, Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur- Royal Experiences, etc.

    Jiva – Jiva is a collection of 42 spas that target Wellness seekers.

    Why invest in Indian Hotel stocks?

    • The price of the stocks is low. This is good for young investors.
    • The stock is going to remain positive in the coming weeks.
    • They are the best Tour & Travel Shares to buy for medium and long-term investment.
    • Indian hotels have a diverse portfolio which reduces the risk factor.

    After the pandemic is over, they would jump back with huge profits.

    EIH – Top Hospitality Sector Stocks

    Late Shri. Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi started the Oberoi Group in 1934. EIH Limited ( East India Hotels) is listed under The Oberoi Group. EIH Limited was opened in May 1949 as a public limited.EIH - Top Hospitality Sector Stocks

    Further, in 1956, the company’s equity shares were listed on the Bombay stock exchange. It has now become one of the top Hospitality Sector Stocks.

    This year, they also took the Maharajas’ palace in Srinagar, Kashmir, on lease. Then they modified it into the Oberoi hotel. In the year 1957, EIH started its flight services.

    During the year 1960, they started operations in Oberoi towers Mumbai.

    During the 1970s, they opened a printing press in Delhi. The year 1986 is essential as they entered into a 10-year contract. The contract was with the International Airports Authority of India.

    This meant that they could operate all snacks bars and restaurants at the Mumbai airport. EIH Limited owns many famous brands, which are –

    Oberoi Hotels & Resorts – They own 20 hotels and three cruises under Oberoi hotels. These hotels are spread across 7 countries which include Indonesia and Egypt.

    Trident Hotels – Under Trident hotels, they own ten hotels. These hotels are spread across nine cities of India. The cities include Jaipur, Gurgaon, and Mumbai.

    Other businesses include:

    • The Oberoi Vrinda which is a cruiser in Kerala
    • Avis India is a car rental business.
    • EIH Aviation offers air charter services
    • EIH Press is a printing press.
    • Oberoi Airport Service.

    Why invest in EIH stocks?

    • Compared to other tour & Travel Share Prices, EIH shares are very affordable.
    • According to predictions, the stock might rise in the coming ten days.
    • Holding EIH stocks is a better option at present.

    The past annual report has come out positive. The future looks positive too.

    Easy Trip Planners – Top Hospitality Companies in India

    Easy Trip Planners Ltd was started in 2008 by the Pitti Brothers. The headquarters of this company is in New Delhi, Delhi, India.Easy Trip Planners - Top Hospitality Companies in India

    Easy Trip Planners is one of the Top Hospitality Companies in India. They are famous for giving the best travel deals.

    They offer a  great range of travel-related services. Besides, they offer products for end-to-end travel solutions. This includes airline tickets, hotels and holiday packages, rail tickets, and many more. Besides that, they also provide value-added services.

    This includes travel insurance, visa processing, and tickets for activities and attractions. Moreover, they have a qualified team of 477 well-trained staff for smooth functioning.

    These people are contributing to the company’s constant growth. The companies various products and services are-

    Flight Status – You can get information on the flight status of an airline. They provide the latest updates and changes happening in their schedule. This is possible through a real-time flight tracker.

    Hotel Booking – You can reserve a hotel in advance at their website. Through their website, you can compare the best deals on hotels.

    Trains – Easy Trip Planners make train ticket booking easy. They have tied up with IRCTC, and their customers can book train tickets at their website.

    Bus – There are various options like Volvo buses, luxury buses available on their website. You can book them for travel purposes.

    Why invest in Easy Trip Planners stocks?

    • The price of the share is on the affordable side. Thus it’s share price is reasonable.
    • Its revenue grew at a CAGR of 19 per cent from FY18 to FY20
    • Easy Trip Planners has been profitable since its incorporation

    Easy Trip is the online travel agency that recorded a positive average RoE and RoCE.

    Burger King India – Top Restaurant Stocks in India

    The Burger King Brand was founded in 1954 in the United States. They hold a portfolio of fast-food brands.Burger King India - Top Restaurant Stocks in India

    These brands include BURGER KING, POPEYES, and TIM HORTONS. They are the second-largest fast-food burger brand globally.

    This is based on the total number of restaurants. Burger King India Ltd was established as ‘Burger King India Private Limited’.

    This was done under the Companies Act, 1956, in Mumbai. Later on, the company became a public limited company. The word private was removed from the name of the company.

    Then a fresh certificate of incorporation dated September 25, 2019, was issued by the RoC. This recorded the company’s name as Burger King India Limited.

    Burger King is among the fastest international QSR chains in India. The master franchise enables them to grow business in India.

    As a result, they also have one of the top Restaurant Stocks in India.

    Why invest in Burger King stocks?

    • The stocks are very cheap in comparison to other restaurant share price
    • The shares are expected to rise as per the solid Q1 FY22 results.
    • This share has given strong results despite the second wave of COVID-19.
    • The company has reported 289% Year on Year (YoY) sales growth.
    • Burger King Stock predictions say that the stock prices will rise in the next few months.

    This stock is perfect for holding for the long term.

    Barbeque-Nation – Top 10 Hospitality Stocks

    Barbeque Nation is one of the top-notch casual dining chains in India. It was opened in 2006. At present, they own and operate 150 outlets in India.Barbeque-Nation - Top 10 Hospitality Stocks

    They also have five outlets in the UAE, one outlet in Malaysia, and one in Oman. This company was founded based on the idea of “over the table barbeque”.

    This means that the tables will have live grills put in them. So the customers will grill their own barbecues right at their tables.

    The Barbeque Nation was ranked 13th by Economic Times under the “Great Places to Work” survey for 2019. They were also ranked among the top ten employers within the Indian retail industry for 2019.

    Along with that, they were ranked 14th among the best large workplaces in Asia. In addition, their stocks are among the top 10 Hospitality Stocks.

    Why invest in Barbeque Nation stocks?

    • The price of the stock is in the mid-range. Thus it is a reasonable hotel Share Price for young and old investors.
    • The Operating Cash Flows have been positive for the past four years.
    • The valuations of Barbeque Nation look attractive on comparing EV/Cash generation.

    They have colossal revenue growth and strong cash flow generations.

    Chalet Hotels – Best Hospitality Stocks to Buy

    Chalet Hotel is a part of the K Raheja Corp Group, founded in 1956 by Chandru Raheja. The K Raheja Corp is a property developer in India. This group owns commercial and residential projects and malls.Chalet Hotels - Best Hospitality Stocks to Buy

    They also own hospitality across many cities in India. The brands owned by them include Mindspace, Commerzone, and Shoppers Stop. They also have the best Hospitality Stocks to buy in India.

    Chalet Hotels Limited owns, develops, and operates high-end hotels. These hotels are spread across metro cities in India. These cities include Mumbai city Region, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Pune.

    The company portfolio has seven operational hotels across mainstream and luxury segments. Along with that, they are also developing more under the hospitality segment.

    The new developments include 170 keys in Hyderabad and 88 keys in Pune. Besides, they are also developing 1.4 mn sq ft in the commercial part in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

    This company focuses on sustainable growth right from the pre-development stage. Chalet hotels have won various awards for their work culture.

    They have got the 40th Rank in APAC (Small & Medium workplaces in Asia 2021). They own many brands in metro cities.

    Why invest in Chalet Hotel stocks?

    • The price of their stocks is relatively low. This is great compared to other hospitality Shares in India.
    • This stock is suitable for long-term investment if you want good returns in the future.
    • They have chances of good growth after the pandemic is over.
    • The stock has scaled an amazing 52-week high recently.
    • Chalet Hotel Share Forecast suggests that it has very good future potential.

    This is the best time to hold this stock.

    Lemon Tree Hotels – Top Hotel Stocks to Buy

    Lemon Tree Hotel was opened in 2002 by Patu Keshwani. It is among the top Hotel Companies in India. They opened their first hotel in May 2004 with 49 rooms. In the year 2018, Lemon tree hotels went public.Lemon Tree Hotels - Top Hotel Stocks to Buy

    This meant that they were listed on the National Stock exchange of India. Lemon tree owns 84 hotels, with 8300 rooms in 52 cities of India.

    This hotel chain is the largest in the mid-priced hotel sector. It is also the 3rd most significant controlling interest in owned and leased rooms. According to the Horwath Report, they got this ranking on June 30, 2017.

    Further in the year 2019, they acquired Berggruen Hotels Private Limited. The enterprise was then valued at ₹ 605 crores. During the time of acquisition,  Berggruen Hotels had 936 rooms.

    They also managed 975 rooms under the ‘Keys’ brand in 21 cities across India. Their hotels are spread across 54 cities in India.

    Why invest in Lemon Tree Hotel stocks?

    • The price of the stock is very affordable. Thus it is one of the Top Hotel Stocks to buy.
    • The revenue at the company grew two times YoY in 2QFY22.
    • As soon as the international travel demand increases, the share market will revive.

    After the pandemic is over, the company will grow.

    Mahindra Holidays – Top-Notch Hospitality Companies in India

    In 1996, Club Mahindra Holidays was opened. At first, it was named Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Limited. Later on, in 1998, the company’s status was changed to public limited.Mahindra Holidays - Top-Notch Hospitality Companies in India

    This year the company also opened its first resort at Munnar. Their next resort was opened in 1999 in Goa. Currently, the company has more than 100 resorts.

    Among these, 66 resorts are in India, and the others are outside India. It is one of the top-notch Hospitality Companies in India.

    It is a part of the famous Mahindra group. This company provides holidays on a timeshare basis. The Mahindra Holiday is a part of the Leisure and Hospitality sector of the Mahindra Group.

    Mahindra Group itself is a US$19 billion multinational company. They have employed  2 lakh people across 100 countries in the world.

    Why invest in Mahindra Holidays stocks?

    • This share is among the most affordable Resort Stocks to buy.
    • This stock has grown a lot even among the covid pandemic
    • It will grow more in the future as per predictions.
    • According to Mahindra Holidays Stock Prediction, it is expected to provide decent returns.

    Domestic brokerage HDFC Securities has given this stock the top rank.

    Ind Tourism Dev Corp – Tour & Travel Shares to Buy

    In 1966 the India Tourism Development Corporation was started. This company is a hospitality, retail, and education company. The owner of this company is the Government of India, under the Ministry of Tourism.Ind Tourism Dev Corp - Tour & Travel Shares to Buy

    This company runs hotels and restaurants at various places for tourists. They also provide transport facilities. Along with that, they produce, distribute and sell tourist publicity literature.

    Besides, they provide entertainment and duty-free shopping facilities to tourists. Recently they have tried out some new ventures. This includes Full-Fledged Money Changer (FFMC) services.

    At present, ITDC has a network of – three Ashok Group of Hotels,  one Joint Venture Hotel, 1 Restaurant, and 5 ATT Units. They also own 15 Duty-Free Shops at Seaports and one Sound & Light Show.

    ITDC also manages catering services at Western Court and  Vigyan Bhawan. Besides giving catering services in Hyderabad House and Parliament House. Their shares are among the top 10 Hospitality Shares to buy.

    Why invest in Ind Tourism Dev Corp stocks?

    • This hospitality stock falls among the most affordable Tour & Travel Shares to buy. Thus it is a good investment for young investors.
    • You can invest in hospitality stock for a long-term hold.
    • The stock has been growing recently.

    The stock will give good returns in the short term and long term as per predictions.

    Thomas Cook (India) – Hospitality Sector Stocks to Buy

    Thomas Cook (India) Ltd. is an Indian travel agency. The headquarters of this agency is located in Mumbai. They provide travel services which include Foreign Exchange, International and Domestic Holidays.

    It also includes Visa, Passport, Travel Insurance, and MICE. Thomas Cook started this company in 1881. Thomas Cook started a lot of new things. This includes the world’s package tour and the first pre-paid hotel coupon.

    In 1881 they started their business in India. This company made its first public issue in February 1983. Then they began their operations in Mauritius and Sri Lanka.

    Why invest in Thomas Cook stocks?

    • The price of this stock is very affordable. Thus it is a good hospitality Sector Stocks to buy.
    • It is a perfect stock for long-term investment.

    You can accumulate this stock for future multibagger gains.

    Sterling Holiday Resorts – Hospitality Companies Stocks to Buy

    Sterling Holiday Resorts Limited was opened to fulfill a dream. This dream was to make holidays an essential part of the Indian consumer lifestyle.

    This company has provided many holidays to various destinations. The company has been present for 30 years. They have upgraded their resorts to the best standards in the past few years.

    They have also expanded the destination network. Besides that, they have invested in human capital and technology.

    The reason is to stay ahead in the evolving market. Since 2014 Sterling has been a 100% independent subsidiary of Thomas Cook India Limited.

    Why invest in Sterling Holiday Resort stocks?

    • The price of this stock is relatively low. This is one of the best Hospitality Companies Stocks to buy for investment.
    • This stock has shown some growth recently.
    • The price of this stock will rise in the upcoming weeks.

    You can hold this stock for long-term for great returns.

    Wonderla Holidays – Top Hotel Companies in India

    Kochouseph started the flagship amusement water theme park in 2000. It was formed under the name Veegaland in Kochi. The cost for making this park was Rs 75 crore INR. This idea of a water Park was very successful.

    Thus Kochouseph opened another amusement park in Bengaluru. The cost for constructing this park was 105 crore INR.

    The park’s name was Wonderla, and it was spread over an area of 82 acres. The next amusement park was Wonderla Hyderabad.

    Wonderla is the biggest chain of amusement parks in India. The three amusement parks are located in Kochi, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.

    They have plans on opening the fourth amusement park in Chennai. They own amusement parks and resorts in many Indian cities.

    Why invest in Wonderla Holidays stock?

    • This is an affordable stock for investors to make good gains.
    • This hospitality stock to buy has the potential to give high returns.
    • The company has a strong Profit & Loss Statement which attracts all types of Investors.

    The stock price will grow once the pandemic is over.

    Cafe Coffee Day – Hospitality Companies in India

    Coffee Day is the parent company of the coffee day group. They own Cafe Coffee Day, which sells the most famous coffee in India. In 1996 they opened their first Cafe Coffee Day outlet.

    This outlet was located in Bengaluru. Through this, they wanted to give out the vision that coffee was more than a beverage. Coffee brought together experts, budding coffee drinkers, and friends.

    Their subsidiary Coffee Day global limited has the most Coffee outlets in India. These Cafe outlets are spread across more than 200 cities. Their portfolio includes technology Parks & SEZs, and Logistics.

    Besides that, they have Investments, Financial Services, and Hospitality. This has made them one of the best hospitality companies in India. They have also won various awards. These include –

    “Best Coffee Bar” from Times of India in 2007 “Coolest Café” by users of burrp.com in 2008

    Why invest in Cafe Coffee Day stocks?

    • This stock is relatively cheap. This makes it great for young investors.
    • There are chances of upward movement of the stock.

    The stock might hit three digits in the following months.

    EIH Associated Hotel – Hotel Stocks in India

    The company was opened on March 21, 1983. This company was started under the name of Pleasant Hotel. Later the name was changed to Oberoi associated hotels Limited.

    Further, the name was again changed to EIH associated hotels Limited. The founder of EIH associated hotels Limited is Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi.

    The executive chairman of this company is Mr. P.R.S. Oberoi. In 1997, EAHL started operations on its second hotel. The name of the hotel was ‘The Oberoi Rajvilas’.

    This hotel is located in Jaipur. EAHL company wishes to maintain the highest standards and morals. They believe in teamwork and mutual trust. The primary policy is to put the customer first, the company second, and the self last.

    Why invest in EIH stocks?

    • The price of this stock is on the cheaper side. Thus this is one of the best hotel Stocks in India.
    • This hospitality stock to buy might go up in the upcoming weeks.
    • It is perfect for long-term investments.

    This stock will give good returns after the pandemic is over.

    How to find a Hospitality Stock for Trading?

    Finding a perfect stock is very necessary for investors. If the investors invest in the wrong stock, they will face a considerable loss. Thus trade-in Hospitality Stocks need enormous research.

    Some points on how to find a good hospitality stock are-

    • Look if the company is growing. It does not matter if the company prices have gone down recently. The company’s growth matters.
    • Check the growth of the other companies in the same market. Then compare their development to find out who is doing better.
    • Keep checking the debt to equity ratio of the company.
    • Check the PE ratio so that you can understand their market value.
    • If the company is paying out dividends, it will be more stable.
    • Strong leaders make a company stable and long-lasting. Thus check the leadership of the company you want to invest in.

    If the company has been stable for a long time, then the company is suitable for investing.

    How to Invest in Hospitality Sectors Stocks?

    Here is a step-by-step process on how to invest in Hospitality Stocks?

    • First, open a Demat Account and a Trading Account. To do so, choose a broker and open an account with them.
    • Then download a trading app or open a trading browser. Online platforms are perfect for trading stocks. All stocks are available on online platforms.
    • After you have opened the platform, you have to set up your account. This will ensure smooth trading.
    • Then create a market watchlist on the platform. After that, set up alerts. This will help you get notified about price moves. If the price changes, you will get alerts.

    Finally, conduct research and analyze the market. This will help you find out the best hospitality stocks in the market.

    Top Hospitality Companies in India – Conclusion

    We have discussed the top Hospitality companies in India. Along with that, we have also talked about their share prices and why to invest in them.

    Now it’s your turn to research the market. You must avoid instructions from others. Analyze the market yourself. Avoid following trends. Good luck on the investing journey!

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