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The iLearn App from Integrated Enterprises is an educational app that aims to promote financial literacy to Indian citizens free of cost.

It contains different sections with information regarding financial planning, investments and much more. The app is available for Android devices only as of now and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the features, advantages, as well as how to download and use the Integrated Enterprises iLearn App.

Integrated Enterprises OffersIntegrated Enterprises Offers

About Integrated Enterprises iLearn App

Integrated Enterprises is one of the oldest broking firms in India It was established back in 1974 and has since become one of the top broking companies in India.

The firm is based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. They provide a wide array of services to their clients which include Intraday Trading, Sub Broking Franchises, Initial Public Offering services, NRI services, as well as Demat (Dematerialized) account services. They also provide depository services for the safekeeping of their clients’ assets.

This Integrated Enterprises iLearn app is a not for profit service by Integrated Enterprises. It is a learning app which aims to promote financial literacy in India.

There aren’t any costs associated with the service and people can download the application for free from the Google Play Store on their Android devices. The app contains information about different financial practices ranging from financial planning to investments.

The app has dedicated sections for all kinds of situations that people face in life with guides for Being a student, starting work, getting married, buying a home, as well as having children.

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    Integrated Enterprises Learning App – Top Features

    The iLearn app from Integrated Enterprises is a great learning tool for people who want to be more financially literate. It has a lot of features which can help people to know more about money and finance.

    Some of these features are: –

    Easy Access

    The iLearn learning app presents the information and learning material in a way that is simple and easy to understand. It has separate well labeled sections which can help people find relevant information easily.


    A major step in retention of information is constant testing. If you answer questions regarding something you read, then it is more likely that you will retain it.

    This is why the iLearn app comes will various quizzes to gauge your understanding of the subject. It can also help you know if you’ve understood the material well.


    The Integrated Enterprises Learning App comes with video lessons. They are more interactive and helps the users to understand concepts in an audio visual format. Video lessons can be found in the videos section of the iLearn app.

    These are some of the features of the iLearn app by Integrated Enterprises using which they are helping people understand difficult financial information in an interesting way.

    In the next section, we are going to look at how to get the iLearn application on your Android smartphone.

    How to Set Up Integrated Enterprises iLearn App?

    The iLearn app is only available for Android users. There isn’t an iLearn application for iOS yet. Therefore, it is necessary to have an Android device if you want to install the iLearn app.

    To install the app on your Android device, you should have a minimum android version of 4.0.3. If you have an Android device with Android version 4.0.3 and above, follow these steps to install the iLearn app on your device: –

    1. Open the Google Play Store by selecting the icon from the app drawer.
    2. Now, select the search bar and type in “Integrated Enterprises iLearn”.
    3. From the search results, select the iLearn app which has Integrated Enterprises as the publisher.
    4. Tap the green install button and review the device permissions.
    5. Now the app will start downloading, once the app has finished downloading, open the app by tapping the icon in the app drawer.

    Once the app opens up, you will be presented with details about the iLearn app, go through it and tap continue. Now you will see all of the different sections of the app such as Planning, Life Events, Product, Calculator, Library, Videos, Quiz and more. Go to your preferred section and start learning.

    Advantages of Integrated Enterprises Learning App

    The iLearn learning app from Integrated Enterprises is a good resource for people who want to know more about financial concepts.

    It presents the information in an easy to understand way. There are many advantages of the iLearn app over other learning apps on the Play Store.

    The advantages of Integrated Enterprises iLearn app are: –

    iLearn Library

    The iLearn app has a library with a lot of books from different sources like SEBI, RBI, IRDA, NISM, PFRDA and other financial bodies.

    All of these books are free to read and can be accessed right through the app. You can go through these books on the go without needing to purchase any of them.

    iLearn Calculator

    The iLearn app has a section dedicated to different kinds of financial calculators. There are calculators for almost all kinds of financial requirements like Compound Interest, Savings, Goal Savings, Mortgage, Child Education, Retirement Savings and more.

    The users of iLearn can use these calculators for their financial calculations and planning.

    Life Events

    The iLearn app has a life events section where they have provided tips and financial steps required to take at certain major life events that happen in any person’s life.

    It provides practical financial knowledge to the users instead of just theoretical knowledge. This section includes financial advice for situations like being a student, starting work, getting married, buying a home, as well as having children.

    Integrated Enterprises iLearn App – Conclusion

    The iLearn app by Integrated Enterprises is a well-made app with essential information that every person in a modern society should have. It teaches financial topics in an easy to understand way.

    The app also provides quizzes so the users can assess their knowledge on the subject. The iLearn app is a good free of cost learning application provided by Integrated Enterprises and IFEA.

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