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In a power move, Angel Broking has decided to now go by the name Angel One.

This new name is meant to signify their move to more expansive offerings such that the brand name better reflects each of their services.

Angel One seeks to successfully cater to the new breed of investors that make up the Indian financial landscape.

This name has fused their core to each of their ambitions which seek to move beyond being perceived as a broking house alone.

Instead, they presently offer a wide variety of trading tools ranging from equity and currency to commodities and F&O trading.

They are key players within the worlds of mutual funds, insurance, and loans as well.


Communication Strategies

In a bid to better reach out to its consumers, Angel One chose to rebrand its communication strategies. This occurred by altering the perception of what Angel One would be synonymous with.

They made use of imagery that showcased the brand as one that is innovative and contemporary and that seeks to empower its patrons.

Angel One took stock of the vast number of gen-Z and millennials who now populate their consumer base and chose to make the Angel brand resonate with them.

This meant that they made use of seamless brand architecture and added a number of business extensions as and when they added them to their portfolio.

The new Angel One logo has a vibrant touch to it with the use of the color orange and the dynamic interplay of narrow and wide fonts that are in line with its rebranding campaign

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    Quality Services on Offer

    Providing clients with the ability to avail services at zero brokerage fees adds to one of many reasons why Angel One has enjoyed lasting popularity.

    Clients can create accounts with ease and the entire process is complete in a decent time frame making for an enjoyable experience.

    Their robo advisory platform – ARQ Prime further adds to Angel One’s appeal.

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    The Power of One

    The move from  Angel Broking to Angel One was done to highlight the strength of the Angel community.

    The platform is meant to be understood as the sole requirement for all financial needs regardless of the level of financial literacy an investor might have.

    As Angel One’s team has conveyed, the brand is meant to address the needs of a wide range of customers who may have just begun their financial journey and are novices as well as those who are traders and investors who have specific strategies in mind.

    Rebranding Films on YouTube

    In their move to rebrand themselves, Angel One has released a number of rebranding films on YouTube.

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