Check out this article for Evolution of Stock Market experience. Did you know that the stock markets are more than 350 years old?

You’ve read it right. Stock markets have been here for more than three and a half centuries – and that adds up to at least four generations.

Angel Broking Stock Market Experience

The concept was the same as it is today – only that the experience of the stock markets has evolved significantly over the years.

In fact, the stock markets as we know and experience them today, are less than a few decades old.

But arguably, the experience of these markets has undergone the biggest changes precisely in these last few years.

It all began with the advent of the internet when the first electronic exchanges were born.

Soon, the tickers were running on everyone’s CRT monitors, and lo and behold, the same tickers were now running on smartphone screens kept inside your pant pockets.

And today, most of the trades in the markets are not even placed by human beings, but instead, by computers.

So what led to this shift? Well, there are hundreds and thousands of factors. But here are a few ways in which this shift has happened.

Trading has gone Digital

Today, no one goes to the stock exchange to place their orders. Everything happens on the screens of your smartphone or your web browser.

What this has also enabled, is the use of cutting-edge digital tools like AI and human-intelligence-based recommenders, that deliver pre-configured trades into your trading terminal.

ARQ Prime by Angel Broking is one such trading tool that recommends the entries and exits in the market based on information from hundreds and thousands of parameters.

This is a major step in Evolution of Stock Market Experience.

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    Then, Trading went Rule-based

    Once the first digital trading systems were born, the smart players in the game were already researching how to make the computers do the same job that humans do on an everyday basis.

    And consequently, the first rule-based trading programs were born. But today, rule-based trading is much more accessible – and it doesn’t exist in the research labs and high-rise buildings of the top tech and finance companies.

    Take Angel Broking’s SmartAPI for instance. It is designed to make rule-based trading accessible to everyone who has some basic knowledge of coding and the stock markets.

    It helps you bring your rule-based trading setup to life by taking care of all the basics through a well-packaged library that feeds market data, executes trades, and helps manage accounts.

    Simultaneously, Epic news apps were born

    If there is one thing that connects stock markets to people, it is information. In other words, news.

    Earlier, those on wall street and other high-net-worth individuals could get to important information faster and therefore had an unfair advantage over people who couldn’t.

    But soon, targeted market news apps were born, that democratized information along the right lines for a fully digital age.

    In this regard, Angel Broking developed a revolutionary application that reinvented how to market news is obtained, experienced, and processed by traders, business owners, and market enthusiasts – namely, SmartBuzz.

    Delivering all the critical market news around any story in a sub-1 minute read in any language, and seamlessly weaving news with performance reports and real-time stock tickers, SmartBuzz combined all the right elements that form the essentials of a great market news app.

    Stock Market is Reaching the Masses

    Until a few years ago, stock markets, trading, and investing were privy to some of the wealthy, affluent, and metropolitan parts of the population.

    But today, people from tier-2 and tier-3 cities and towns are adopting stock markets as a mainstream investment option.

    Access to information and educational material has been a crucial part of this shift. Angel broking’s Smart Money has been at the forefront of this shift.

    Delivering educational content for all levels of familiarity and experience with the stock market, Smart Money personalized learning paths for anyone who wants to trade, invest, or simply learn about how stock markets work!

    And now: The Age of Fintech

    Imagine if you could leverage some of the coolest technologies available in the market and one-up your trading and investment game.

    Well, today, it’s completely possible with apps that let you implement rule-based trading using drag-and-drop interfaces, and AI-based stock market recommendations, signal analyzers, and more.

    And you can make use of all these apps, and learn all about them through Smart Store, brought to you by Angel Broking.

    The first fintech app store in India, Smart Store brings many fintech applications to you in addition to educational content about smarter ways of trading.

    What’s more, you can even talk to the developers of these applications through webinars, and perhaps try your hand at these apps for limited-period trials and discount offers.

    Clearly, the stock markets have evolved by leaps and bounds since we started trading using pen and paper, and by shouting our orders across the trading floors.

    Today, the stock market experience is high-tech, and more and more people are growing comfortable with the idea of exposing their money to the stock markets.

    Evolution of Stock Market Experience – Conclusion

    In this Evolution of Stock Market Experience, Angel Broking has been a central player that has contributed to almost every aspect of this evolution.

    The loyalty of over 40 lakh traders and investors stands to speak about Angel Broking for itself.

    Today, we invite you to become a part of this family – log on to, and see what it feels like to stand at the forefront of change.

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